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“The bridle, the bit and the stirrup …”

““Some military inventions had cascading effects on cultural and social evolution,” explains Turchin, who conducted the data analyses in this study. “The invention of bit and bridle, for instance, made it easier to control horses, which led to advances in … Continue reading

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Fauci is a dog torturer. May God curse him and turn his face from him.

“CANDACE Owens compared Dr. Anthony Fauci to a notorious Nazi doctor in a shocking tweet Monday after outrage over his alleged funding of sick experiments on puppies. Candace was referring to recent criticism of Dr. Fauci for allegedly funding experiments where … Continue reading

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Biden told little kids that “one of his jobs” is to not answer press questions.

“President Joe Biden jokingly told a group of elementary school students on Monday that one of his jobs as president is to “avoid” answering reporters’ questions. As he finished remarks in a classroom in New Jersey’s East End Elementary, Biden stopped … Continue reading

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“Ken Cuccinelli predicts Glenn Youngkin win, Republican sweep of Virginia election”

“Former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli expressed his optimism GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin will win the gubernatorial race, praising his “positive agenda” shortly before the November 3 election. Cuccinelli appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Monday to discuss the race predicting it to be a “Republican sweep” … Continue reading

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Holiday for me

Taking the day off. Entertain each other. pl

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Breakfast at “The Loveless Café” in Nashville, Tennessee This is what a real Southern breakfast looks like; country ham (good and salty), redeye gravy, eggs (aigs), grits or potatoes, biscuits. If you love the South, cry “Glory!” (Brother Dave Gardner reference).  2,238 total views

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Ariane launch today  805 total views

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Ziegler is a lying son of a bitch

“The superintendent for Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) sent an email alerting the school board of an alleged assault on the same day as the one that has captured national headlines. “The purpose of this email is to provide you with information regarding an … Continue reading

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“Zogby Poll: Nearly 30% Skipping Meals Because of High Prices.”

“Nearly 3 in 10 people say the increased cost of food, sparked by inflation, has forced them or their families to skip meals, according to a new Zogby Poll. Here are how the poll results break down: 29.3% say they or their families … Continue reading

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How far south and west did the Vikings fare?

“The Vikings sailed great distances in their iconic longships. To the west, they established settlements in Iceland, Greenland, and eventually a base at L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, Canada. However, it has remained unclear when this first transatlantic activity took place. … Continue reading

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