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“California is no Garden of Eden. It is now a woke basketcase whose rich and poor are fleeing alike”

” … basketcase Britain seems to be preferable to California. It’s not just Clegg: Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, owned by Facebook parent group Meta, and the firm’s chief marketing officer Alex Schultz, have also chosen to relocate to Britain. Clegg, … Continue reading

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“Pro-Russian officials ‘assassinated’ in Kherson ahead of Ukraine offensive”

“Ukrainian partisans appear to have launched a campaign of assassinations of pro-Russian officials in occupied Kherson ahead of a planned offensive to recapture the region. On Saturday, Vitaly Gur, the Moscow-installed deputy head of the town of Nova Kakhovka, near Kherson, was … Continue reading

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“China’s military exercises are an intel bonanza — for all sides”

“China’s massing of ships, aircraft and missiles near Taiwan is giving the U.S. a never-before-seen glimpse of how Beijing might launch a military campaign against the island. But China is also learning plenty of lessons that could eventually prove more … Continue reading

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New York, Washington? Send them to …

C’mon man! They need to go to Wilmington, Delaware (70,000 inhabitants) and Rehoboth Beach (1100 permanent residents) where Joe and Dr. Jill have their beach house. pl

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“Pentagon denies DC’s request …”

“Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has turned down a request from Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) to deploy the National Guard to help with migrants being bussed into the city from Texas and Arizona, a defense official told The Hill. … Continue reading

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“China is too weak to invade Taiwan successfully” Con Coughlin

” …. despite the vast sums the Chinese Communist Party has spent developing its forces, the country is still playing catch-up in terms of acquiring the strength to challenge America’s military supremacy. The development of China’s two new aircraft carriers … Continue reading

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KPLO (Korean Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter)

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Attack from an exercise posture.

It has long been a traditional ploy or ruse de guerre for a country to launch a major offensive from the positions achieved in an “exercise.” The key indicator would be if we see China sortie its major amphibious assets … Continue reading

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Atlas V 421 | SBIRS GEO-6

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IMO probability of Chinese invasion of Taiwan is now over 50%

Nancy may have been seeking commercial advantage for Pauly in the semi-conductor arena, but the people of Taiwan are likely to pay for that. The Chinese are mightily offended in their nationalist fervor and unlikely to back away any time … Continue reading

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