A Reminder of the Efficacy of Chloroquine in Treating Coronavirus

Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture. Favorable inhibition of virus spread was observed when the cells were either treated with chloroquine prior to or after SARS CoV infection. In addition, the indirect immunofluorescence assay described herein represents a simple and rapid method for screening SARS-CoV antiviral compounds.

I want you now to think about the massive propaganda attack launched on physicians and President Trump who recommended the use of Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid. When Hydroxychloroquine was used early on in the Covid infection, Doctors around the world reported outcomes consistent with the findings of this research. 

What shocks and disgusts me is that this research was carried out by scientists at the CDC. Why then did the CDC ignore these findings and ridicule anyone who dared suggest there was a cheap, readily available, effective treatment for Covid. Those physicians, pundits and politicians who pushed the lie that Chloroquine had no role to play in fighting Covid have blood on their hands. 

This really is a story of corruption. Compromised Doctors like Anthony Fauci pushed largely useless vaccines whose main purpose was to enrich pharmaceutical companies and those political insiders who got the heads up to invest in those companies.

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  1. warren s says:

    If knowledge is power, would ignorance be … powerless? Curious how this important knowledge for an effective treatment was suppressed by the powerful. It certainly is frightening when i consider that hundreds of thousands of people’s live might have been preserved instead of dying …

  2. Babeltuap says:

    When the US Government mandates anything there is an extremely high probability it is not in your best interests but for good measure, look for the warning signs. Were masks not recommended? Check. Did they keep the borders wide open the entire time? Check. Did they proclaim super spreader event at conservative gatherings and not for the left? Check. Did they bond out criminals burning and looting as swiftly as possible? Check. Did they harm small businesses with restrictive measures and let big ones operate without them? Check.

  3. Deap says:

    VOX was already to claim these were Trump’s worst Covid statements — in March 13, 2020 – when we had barely just begun this long nightmare of Democrat Covid command and control.

    Democrats refuse to let go of “covid” until it is politically expedient for them to do so —like before the 2022 elections — and yes, it will be a miracle – “covid” will be gone, just like magic, just like Trump promised (hoped) in March 2020:


    How well have these attacks on Trump aged? Even VOX back-peddles a tiny bit in a later addendum.

    Covid management was certainly not Trump’s finest hour at all – but the organized attacks by his political foes from day one were calculated to do him in no matter which way he took it.

    Trump was cutting CDC budget and CDC came back after Trump with fire and brimstone vengence. Trump touched the third rail – cutting government funding.

    • English Outsider says:

      I read those attacks you linked to, Deap. Thought, just part of the let’s get Trump industry.

      It ignores the fact that the original WHO advice was wrong. It ignores the fact that in the EU and the UK as well that advice was followed for far too long. It ignores the fact that Trump was the first to break with that advice – and then was called racist because he’d done so. It ignores the fact that the handling of the pandemic was the epidemiologist’s call and not that of the politicians, in the States as in Europe.

      I didn’t take notes when I watched the White House press conferences just before the lifting of lockdown. I do recollect that Trump was proposing much the same measures as I saw some experts recommending in England at the time. Testing and tracing, the imposition of small scale local lockdowns when necessary.

      A sensible response? With the benefit of hindsight maybe, maybe not. I don’t know. It wasn’t out of the way at the time. But given the hysteria of that time his opponents would have torn him to shreds had he as much as said hello.

      What I do know is that in England I saw experts impressed with Operation Warp Speed. And there Trump was in his element, pushing it along. All that seems to be forgotten now.

      I’d guess he wasn’t well served by his medical team, as I’d guess he was not well served by his generals. I was dismayed by much of his foreign policy. But while all deplored his defects they took good care to take no advantage of his qualities. The ultimate failure of the Trump presidency was not his failure. This was America, lodged in its last chance saloon and resolutely evading the hope he offered of escaping it.

      • Deap says:

        Never forget Trump was facing impeachment hearings over a benign Ukraine phone call during the exact same time Nancy Pelosi and Team Democrat Deep State was rolling out the anti-Trump covid hysteria in Jan-March 2020.

        Great plan, Pelosi. Tie Trump up with impeachment and then claim Trump botched an early or effective response to “covid” -which in fact was a 100% gift to Democrats at every turn.

        Early 2020 Pelosi led impeachment over a phone call where Trump was exploring Hunter Biden’s role in Ukraine and the role of Crowdstrike in Russia-gate – two other Democrat third rails Trump was not afraid to touch.

        Little did we know at that time the full range of corruption found on the Hunter Biden abandoned computer files . And the sinister role of Crowdstrike in Russiagate has yet to be fully exposed.

        Durham, what have you?

  4. Sam says:

    Isn’t it interesting that from Trump’s Warp Speed and billions handed to Moderna and Pfizer the emphasis was always vaccine? Not prophylactics or therapeutics.

    Trump put Fauci on Center Stage. While he tweeted Wuhan virus, he never launched an independent investigation of the origins.

    The masking with no evidence it does anything for an aerosol virus. The mandate for a mRNA spike protein shot or else discrimination as in an apartheid state. The change of the definition of a vaccine to label the Pfizer and Moderna product as a vaccine. And the worst of all lockdowns that discriminated against the working class and small businesses which has been a prime factor in the supply chain disruptions and even more importantly the confinement of people by government edict making them subjects not free people.

    The mask is off. The number of authoritarians running our major institutions is staggering. But what is even more staggering is the complicity of the majority in support of another bout of totalitarianism like they never learned anything from the 20th century.

    • Larry Johnson says:

      In Trump’s defense, he made the mistake of trusting the CDC and Fauci to be honest medical professionals. And don’t forget the vitriol hurled at Trump when he did suggest therapeutics as an alternative. He was accused falsely of recommending people inject bleach. My brother-in-law, a retired Cardiologist, knew Fauci from previous visits to Nebraska, and initially defended his bullshit. Now, he is shocked by Fauci’s behavior. Fundamentally dishonest.

      • Sam says:


        Hindsight is 20/20. However after the Russia Collusion hoax coup attempt, Trump should have known better. Especially if he had known of how Fauci kissed Hillary’s ass in his email to Cheryl Mills after Hillary’s Benghazi testimony.

        IMO, Trump not launching an independent investigation into the origins was not excusable since his own instinct was that it was a leak from Wuhan. All in all it reinforced my conviction that he was weak.

        • Larry Johnson says:

          You are entitled to your opinion. He brought in experts. He had no background in medical affairs, especially epidemics. As you noted, with 20/20 hindsight we’re all geniuses.

        • Fred says:


          Trump was weak! I’m sure Hilary woulda done better. Jeb!, Cruz and all the rest are still available to RINO like the best of them in 2024.

          • Sam says:

            If a coup attempt was made on Hillary she would likely have been much more ruthless on the perpetrators. Trump’s response was weak and his non-defense of the J6ers in the slammer demonstrates he’s got no balls. Yeah, and packing his Administration with Deep State and neocons and expecting a different result?

            But go ahead and compare him to RINOs.

          • Fred says:


            “If a coup attempt … Trump’s response was weak and his non-defense of the J6ers in the slammer demonstrates he’s got no balls.”

            You think J6 was a coup? That’s beyond laughable. Remind me of who the House Speaker was the first two years Trump was in office? Remind me of who all the alternatives for executive positions were supposed to be? Were they going to get confirmed or character assasinated by the press first? Are they all dead or are they available in 2025? The world has changed and thanks to Trump those who are willing to look can see how corrupt the swamp really is.

          • Sam says:


            You think J6 was a coup?

            I never said that. What I said was that Trump has thrown the J6ers under the bus. He hasn’t come out to defend them, while many are in jail with no charges. Just like he threw Flynn under the bus. He fired him and let him twist in the wind on his own. This is how he’s treated those that supported him.

            He had all authority to declassify the key documents and communications that would have blown up Russia Collusion including Mueller/Weissman. All that was required was his signature. Devin Nunes gave him the list and implored him to do that. But..who did he listen to? His nominee at DOJ Rod Rosenstein who appointed Mueller and even committed perjury in signing a false FISA application. That IMO showed weakness and lack of courage.

            Yeah, many who defend him say but what could he really do? How could he fight the bureaucracy? He would have been impeached. Which happened anyway. Twice.

            Compare to DeSantis.

            “What are we on, like day 700 of 15 days to slow the spread? The fact of the matter is—I think we’ve learned—you give these people an inch, they will never let go, they are going to take a mile, they are going to restrict…we cannot accept that.”


            He thumbed his nose at the covid fearmongers and opened Florida a year and a half ago. He’s going after the wokesters attempting to ruin kids education in Florida. That’s showing not only guts but actually getting it done.

          • Fred says:


            DeSantis didn’t open Florida until after it was apparent that Covid wasn’t going to be Smallpox like or have a death rate as promoted by the experts, who at the time were not thought to be corrupt. Trump delegated his authority on declassification to Barr. He hasn’t come out and defended the J6 people? Why should he do anything more than make the public statements he has? Will it make any difference to the conduct of the current administration if he did?

            “Rosenstein who … committed perjury in signing a false FISA application.”

            At what point in time did you know Rosenstein committed perjury, before he was appointed or after?

          • Sam says:


            Trump delegated his authority on declassification to Barr.

            Yup. Courageous.

  5. Sam says:

    The CIA once released a guide on how to sabotage an organization, and I can’t shake the feeling that we’re voluntarily implementing these tactics today


    Fascinating. It appears all our institutions are run this way now.

  6. MapleLeaf says:

    This was certainly a big gift to Pharma. I don’t doubt that the vaccines have some efficacy, but they were designed not to stop transmission. They were designed to provide some level of protection for severe symptoms while ensuring that distribution would be complicated and boosters would be continuously needed.

    If they had intended to stop transmission, they would have developed at the same time a nasal application to build up neutralizing antibodies in the mucous membranes. They didn’t do that. They knew exactly the limitations of the method they were employing and continued anyways, forcing vaccine passports on entire nations, passports that play what role exactly, when the vaccine recipients continue to spread the virus?

    The only way the vaccine would have stopped COVID in a significant degree, would have been if it (some variety of it) was widely distributed across the world. The EU and USA meddling ensured that cheaper, accessible varieties weren’t widely utilized or available (e.g. Sputnik).

    It has again been about control and profit, in the hands of the “enlightened” few. The world is too complex for “leaders”, who function more as deceivers. We have witnessed the logic of the “rule based order” in the domain of health. Politics and privilege appropriating science and leading to unnecessary deaths and suffering by suppressing alternative, low-cost means of saving peoples lives from COVID and other pathogens.

    Here in Canada, you can see how seriously the government takes protecting workers/citizens, when two years into a pandemic, they can’t even come up with long-term, meaningful support (i.e. paid sick leave) to help people stay at home to recover from whatever illness they have, instead of passing it on to coworkers/transit users, etc. No real push for improving air quality in cities, buildings, on public transport. Just a bunch of short term, high cost band-aids that ensure the Big Pharma approach to public health continues. That when the next airborne pathogen arises, the same sorts of events will happen early on, and another golden egg laid for Pharma.

    • Deap says:

      Vaccines “sterilize” a disease. If it only helps prevent symptoms, it is a therapeutic.

      No matter how much CDC tried to change the definition of a vaccine and refused to even consider any “covid” therapeutics.

      (Vaca – cow pox – vaccine)

  7. LG says:

    I have been in the children’s vaccine business now for more than two decades. My current duty station, a country in southeast asia looked around to shop for vaccines in mid 2020. The Gates foundation folks and world bank and other drug dealers were ready to offer multi million dollar loans to buy American made vaccines, at a cost that is several times the country’s entire health budget.

    Luckily, the leadership is too wise, they took the small volumes of free vaccines they got from the US, Russia and bought the bulk of much more affordable and effective chinese vaccines (sinopharm). I too received the same late last year.
    Live attenuated or killed vaccine viruses are the safest, what you see is what you get.

    As regards ivermictin and hydroxychloroquine the doctors here in India, used these extensively while covid was raging this April and May. They went against official lines and saved countless lives. Very effective if administered early on when infection sets in.

    • TH says:


      I had heard (from someone in China) that the Chinese jabs were not especially effective… but at least they didn’t cause _grave harm_ as the US jabs do.

      Personally, I’m not worried about the virus. I’m worried about the hysteria that governments have deliberately created (with their media propagandists), to push the “vaxx passport” system (which will surely morph into a mandatory “global digital ID” with all kinds of incredibly sensitive personal information).

      We already see “western” governments grossly abusing citizens who don’t wish to submit to unlawful mandates. (AUS and NZ the worst of the lot, Europe close behind, and various US state / city / local entities taking notes on the “best” ways to be grotesque authoritarians.)

      I suppose if it was a choice between “get jabbed” or die (can’t buy food or have a job), I’d get a jab … but the question I’d have is, are the Chinese jabs being accepted globally? (eg: for entrance into the US…. not that I’d want to live there anymore if it got that bad.)

      • Deap says:

        I believe the EU accepts the Sinopharm and Sinovax as proof for required covid protection; but neither on the valid US list. Not clear where these Chinese brands stand on any recommended follow-up boosters.

        Also, I understand these Chinese forms both use an attenuated form of virus for their covid injections, which has always been the standard definition when called a vaccine; not this novel GMO experimental stuff now peddled by Fauci which is not a traditional vaccine. But Sinopharm and Sinovax are.

        **Please correct me if I am wrong – I am flying on my collective memory here as both a traveler always watching to see where and how the doors will be open, and an anti-vaxx non-participant in any of the current approved US offerings.

        I might reconsider use of a tradition attenuated virus injection, if and when my desire for travel forces me to do so; but at this time I could not get back into the US, so this choice remains moot.

        Bottomline: Sinovax and Sinopharm appear good for travel to an expanded number of areas including the EU; but you can’t come back to the US – unless you try the more informal no-vaxx open border crossings into Texas, AZ, CA or NM.

  8. Jim says:

    It is essential to state the fact that from Mike Pence on down, most of them betrayed Trump in one form or another, big and small. Not to recognize this is impudent.

    His presidency demonstrated: the title at this time is for all intents meaningless.

    His presidency in retrospect for me was less a failure of bureaucracy, which it obviously was, and more: ascendance of Law of the Jungle.

    Anything goes. Survival of the fittest. Chaos. Utter Chaos.

    That flickering candle, dimmer and dimmer in my lifetime, now extinguished. Out.

    The Light of Reason and with it centuries of slow progress, including scientific methods advancing, all interrupted. All gone.

    There is no guarantee the Light will come back on.

    Once it’s out, where’s the roadmap to light it anew? There is none. And this is darkest realization for me.

    With lights out, it is a return to Nature, ‘Law’ of the Jungle.

    Except it’s not a return; rather, a falling forward. A Nature with all vestiges of “the light still on” only confusing us more, including false hopes of “reason will return and save us from this darkness.”

    And it may; but there is no guarantee of this, and I see nothing on horizon of this phoenix rising, not now, not tomorrow, maybe someday, years, decades, centuries, and maybe never.

    Larry is 100% spot on: Efficacy of Chloroquine in Treating Coronavirus, all this well known, and documented at the beginning. Ditto Ivermectin.

    How ‘did it’ happen that: this was all ignored?


    Its use blocked for the masses; by the most powerful institutions and actors in contemporary western civilization?

    The answers is straightforward and simple:
    The Powerful ‘did it’, end of story. The Law of the Jungle.

    Our path is blocked. Our sky is raining and our path is blocked. [From line in a Qabanni poem, Reading of the Cup. [Kariat el-Fingan]]

    We are chasing a filament of smoke – that “has no address. Who has no address, my son.”

    A woman, whom your heart loves, my son, may become life . . .
    But your sky is raining
    and your path is blocked . . .

    But your sky is raining and your path is blocked . . .

    The beloved of your heart, my son, is sleeping in an observed castle . . .

    He who enters her chamber . . .
    He who seeks her in marriage . . .
    He who approaches the fence of her garden . . .
    He who tries to untie her braids . . .
    Does not exist my son . . .

    He does not exist, my son . . .

    You will look for her, my son, in every place . . .
    And will ask the sea waves about her,
    and the shells of the shores . . .
    And you will cross seas and seas . . .
    And your tears are going to flow into rivers . . .
    And your grief will grow into trees . . .

    And you will come back one day, my son,
    heart broken . . .

    And you will know,
    after your life has passed,
    that you were chasing a filament of smoke,

    A filament of smoke . . .

    Australia, Germany, Austria, people being hunted like animals by agents of the powerful; arrested, beaten, jailed, for refusing covid shots. And we all know this makes no sense, and it’s happening: law of the jungle.

    There is no law in the jungle, only power and brute force.

    As this awareness grows [be sure all attempts at this awareness also being blocked], Nature may one day give us what she always has: a way of life to live and thrive and flourish – potentially.

    • Deap says:

      Ever been part of a homeowners association? They prove democracy is not a viable form of government.

      Though if doing nothing, squabbling and hobbling government is a worthy goal, then democracy is a good form of government. Small government is almost as good as ineffective large government. Be it a republic like a large homeowners group, or the US, or a direct democracy like a small homeowners group.

      No, we all can’t get along. The sooner we accept this, the better. Clusters of like-minded people with shared values transcend any other artificially imposed form of governance. Early America was primarily WASP-valued. It worked. Until any founding shared values started to fray – Civil War, non-European migration, open borders – large post WWII government corruptions

      Which is probably why Norway works so well. Small country, little land for urban development, long dark nights, and lonely past lives at sea, and most live far apart from each other even in urban settings. But they do share a good set of prudent values. A lot to love when it comes to Lutheran austerity. And separate but equal lives.

      • JohninMK says:

        That used to be the case but now all the cities, especially Oslo, have very large immigrant populations.

    • Sudhi says:

      Thank you Jim, for your wonderful poem, and for your efforts to bring light in these times of darkness, by enlightening us about the true state of affairs regarding the current plandemic

      “Do not go gentle into that good night”

      by Dylan Thomas – 1914-1953

      Do not go gentle into that good night,
      Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
      Because their words had forked no lightning they
      Do not go gentle into that good night.

      Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
      Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
      And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
      Do not go gentle into that good night.

      Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
      Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      And you, my father, there on the sad height,
      Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
      Do not go gentle into that good night.
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      • Barbara Ann says:


        I have been waiting for an appropriate occasion to reproduce Dylan Thomas’ magnificent poem myself and you beat me to it. This context, in response to Jim’s bleak yet realistic comment, is a good a context as any.

        • Sudhi says:

          These are troubled times when even the brave and the strong are beginning to lose hope. Dylan Thomas’ magnificent poem urges us to never give up, and fight till the very end.

          There may be a thousand lights, shining with brightness,
          But if one does not wish to see, there is only darkness !

          Under the present circumstances all we can do is pray and seek guidance, inner strength, and never give in to forces of darkness. This ultimately is a spiritual battle, which must be won for the sake of all humanity.
          A poem –

          When the gods of darkness contemplated war
          The army of night were defeated at the border

          An unquenchable thirst did such waves bring
          When beholding bubbles at the oceans origin

          The howls of the stones battered by waves
          With stormy waters which lashed and raved

          Gradually did the seasons scatter
          The mighty ramparts could hardly matter

          What use to contemplate arms so grave
          When destiny only favours the brave

          • Barbara Ann says:


            “This ultimately is a spiritual battle, which must be won for the sake of all humanity”


  9. Deap says:

    Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump’s SOTU address in full public view. That was the dog-whistle to unleash the hounds of covid hell on election year Trump.

    She used “covid” to destroy each and everyone of Trump’s achievements listed in his SOTU address. Use his address as a “covid” destruction check list. Fact.

    Nancy Pelosi knew what she was doing and threw in an Election Year January 2020 impeachment on totally false charges over a Ukraine phone call, just to make sure she had Trump off-balance when “covid” first started appearing on our shores.

    It now also becomes apparent Gates-funded Yahoo News just might have been behind The Great Toilet Paper Hoax spreading fear and hysteria about “something” that had not yet happened in the US. Australian claimed Yahoo News was fanning their own “covid-toilet paper” hysteria which soon spread to the US via Big Tech Media instant networking.

    “Covid” was and remains a deep malaise of the Age of Disinformation more than anything else.

  10. Deap says:

    LJ hydroxychloroquine commentary also posted on Gateway Pundit – great deal of support in the response comments to his article:


  11. Persona Non Grata says:

    I self-administer Chloroquine in gin-and-tonics. Works perfectly.

  12. Jim says:

    Looks like the enemies of the people, also known as Big Media, are so worried about Bobby Kennedy’s new book, “The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health” — that after an entire month of radio silence, they are on the attack.

    The Associated Press pissed their pants and did a lot of #2, in a scathing, extremely long hit piece today.

    Their “review” of his book is only a small set in the AP narrative, which, it’s worth noting: the AP says zero about Public Menace #1 Fauci’s role in the apparent AIDS mass murder operation, disguised as “finding a vaccine” to cure who knows what, a generation ago.

    Most of AP is a slash and burn of Kennedy, — only missing are out right temper tantrums from AP hair brains writing it.

    The AP and et al. are totally RIP SH*T Kennedy has good relations with what the AP with great detestation deem the political right — worth reading for this comic relief alone.

    There is even a photo in story of Kennedy with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn — the AP Blowing Dog Whistles.

    A couple of quick snippets/teases [note, Kennedy created Children’s Health Defense]:

    [[Since January, Children’s Health Defense’s COVID-19 vaccine-related posts were shared more frequently on Twitter than links to vaccine content on mainstream sites including CNN, Fox News, NPR and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to Indiana University’s Observatory on Social Media, which tracks COVID-19 vaccine-related content on Twitter. In some weeks, it found, CHD COVID-19 vaccine content was shared more often than that of The New York Times and The Washington Post.]]

    My favorite: [[health risks posed by the vaccine are far lower than the risks posed by the virus.]]

    What an implicit and explicit admission, however unintended, and however intended as being very very clever — this has Vaccine Failure and Vaccine Danger written all over it.

    Why do they even have to say: health risks posed by the vaccine are far lower than the risks posed by the virus? To ask the question is to answer it.



    It is perfectly obvious AP is begging for Kennedy to be completely blocked on all platforms. All they have left is raw coercion.

    There are too many dead bodies after covid shot, sterilized women, permanently injured and maimed, lives destroyed, to cancel Kennedy — the horror of covid shots — those skeletons can no longer fit in any closet anymore.

    News Tip to AP: The Tsunamis are coming, rolling in, . . . The Furies. . . Tisiphone, Avenger of Murderers . . . .

    • Deap says:

      To RFKJr’s credit – he saw this all coming and is prepared to respond.

      Biggest problem with attacking his work is RFKJr asks all the right questions, and questions cannot be attacked or rebutted. Instead they can now be asked by everyone, and “they” have no answers.

      Which means they will froth and bluster even louder for all to see – the king has no clothes. And no one wants to see a Naked Elf or Bill Gates in the buff.

      • Jim says:

        That AP story is a disaster.

        The closest those buffoons came to any reporting on after covid shot deaths was quoting a reference to #deaths occurring way back in January 2021!

        Don’t laugh: AP referenced someone’s Facebook posting, who is linking to the Kennedy created Children’s Health Defense website, to arrive at that “claimed” number!

        According to AP, this Facebook user “linked to a January Children’s Health Defense article that claimed 329 deaths following the COVID-19 shot had been reported to VAERS, a federal vaccine safety surveillance system that has been misused by anti-vaccine activists.”

        This is the only AP reference to after covid shots death in 3,500 floundering words.

        Did AP wish to create impression of only 329 after covid shot deaths, since first shot administered Dec. 14, 2020? I have no other explanation. It’s clever to cite January data to make it appear deaths are low.

        Claiming status as news organization, the AP made no effort to examine any of the “claimed 329 deaths following the COVID-19 shot had been reported to VAERS.”

        Actual news organizations verify facts — especially, as in this death count, the point of AP was a number, 329, they allege is in dispute.

        Nowhere in 3,500 words [which is nearly 100 column inches in a newspaper] does AP indicate it made any effort, in this regard.

        Bizarre, as hit piece was to challenge Kennedy on facts.

        Alternatively, AP could have done a two minute search on VAERS [the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System].

        To determine how many deaths occurred by January 2021.

        VAERS shows 1,794 after covid shot deaths occurred by then.

        A serious reporter would have reported this death count; and then inquired of the CDC: why is it that back in January the CDC/VAERS only had reported 329 deaths after covid shot.

        The fictitious genuine reporter would have gotten a response to the effect, from CDC: we are doing the best we can, and not all VAERS reports can always be processed on time, and blah blah blah.

        And so, unwittingly, the AP is shining a light on the fact, only 329 deaths had been reported at that time — which means the CDC, at that time: was reporting 18% of after covid shot deaths; while hiding 82% of them, back in February.

        AP missed this “fact check”.

        But did not miss stating: “VAERS, a federal vaccine safety surveillance system that has been misused by anti-vaccine activists.”

        That AP quote contain hyperlink to May 7, 2021 AP story, titled: “EXPLAINER: How activists target CDC vaccine tracking system By BEATRICE DUPUY”

        This AP “news” story quotes the CDC’s insufferable Dr. Tom Shimabukuro — that’s the man caught red-handed lying in a New England Journal of Medicine paper about the percentage of miscarriages after covid shots. [Larry has written about Shimabukuro’s slapdash on this particular item]

        Dr. S had claimed in NEJM about 12% miscarried, based on the CDC V-SAFE data.

        In fact the data published in NEJM by Dr. S. actually showed 82% had spontaneous abortions.

        The May 7 AP story says: [[Considering that many early vaccinations went to people in their 80s and 90s with chronic health problems, coincidental deaths afterward weren’t surprising, Shimabukuro said.

        Soon after, online posts targeted pregnant women — who had been left out of clinical trials — to falsely claim that large numbers of women were experiencing miscarriages from the vaccine, but the reality was that vaccines were deemed safe during pregnancy.]]


        Here we have Dr. S lying about his own data on pregnancies, & the AP using his lie to claim the shots are safe?

        Journalism Failure and Vaccine Failure in the same sentence.

        And not to beat a dead horse:
        if zero pregnant women were in the mRNA covid shot trials,
        then on what basis is “the reality was that vaccines were deemed safe during pregnancy”?

        The Man on the Moon would immediately ask: why is Kennedy being smeared and vilified by Big Media/Tech for pointing out lies and deceptions, while BigMedia/Tech lie and deceive the public and attempt to destroy the likes of Kennedy for exposing this corruption?

        Highest # of after covid sh0t deaths happen within two days, with the most # deaths same day as shot, VAERS data indicates.

        0 days until death, by age category, and death counts:
        6-17 years 5
        18-29 years 43
        30-39 years 58
        40-49 years 79
        50-59 years 164
        60-64 years 131
        65-79 years 631
        80+ years 795
        Unknown 600
        Total 2,506

        1 day
        6-17 years 4
        18-29 years 30
        30-39 years 46
        40-49 years 74
        50-59 years 156
        60-64 years 117
        65-79 years 502
        80+ years 654
        Unknown 793
        Total 2,376

        2 days
        6-17 years 2
        18-29 years 15
        30-39 years 12
        40-49 years 35
        50-59 years 60
        60-64 years 63
        65-79 years 233
        80+ years 306
        Unknown 423
        Total 1,149


  13. Sam says:

    Moderna’s chief medical officer has warned that the Delta and Omicron variants of COVID-19 could combine to create a ‘monster’ virus.


    There’s no conflict of interest in this statement of hyperbole by Moderna.

    Then there’s this Joe Rogan interview.

    Joe Rogan & Peter McCullough

    “They realized that in order to get people enthusiastic about taking this vaccine the way to do that was to not have a protocol for treatment”


    It should be evident to everyone there was no push for therapeutics. It was Vaxx to Infinity Uber Alles. Pfizer has generated $50 billion from the vax. What’s not to like about that especially if the gravy train can keep going.

  14. Deap says:

    From the AP hit piece on RFKJr’s book ‘The Real Dr Fauci” and not a single intentionally disjointed and disingenuously qualified statement they make is backed by verifiable science:

    …..More than 200 million Americans have been given a COVID-19 vaccine, and serious side effects are extremely rare, according to government safety tracking.

    That tracking and testing in tens of thousands of people has shown that the vaccines are safe and effective at reducing the risk of serious disease and death and that any health risks posed by the vaccine are far lower than the risks posed by the virus.”

    NB: 200 million given the shot and they claim they tracked only “tens of thousands” of them? That is not even lying with statistics – that is intentionally and reckless disinformation.

    Consider the enormity of the CDC budget, its bloated and moribund staffing, it funding in cahoots with BigPharm, and its alleged public health mission. This makes this one quoted statement by AP fail every criteria of good journalism and sinks this hit piece into being totally an uncritical arm of government propaganda.

  15. Sam says:

    Editor of @TheLancet admits at UK Parliament that US-China politics directly influenced the publication of a 2020 letter vilifying the #LabLeak theory as #conspiracy.
    In other words: It was an US/CCP #PR-Campaign via the icons of the @OneHealthUCD Virologists-Cartel.


    The Peter Daszak orchestrated letter in the Lancet labeling lab leak as conspiracy theory was always political. It came immediately after the conference call Fauci had with Daszak, Farrar, et al. It was latched on by Big Tech and Corporate Media to cancel dissenting voices and to prevent any transparent investigation into the origins. Of course neither the Trump or Biden administrations showed any inclination to get to the bottom of it for the precise reason IMO because they did not want any accounting of the engineering of this man-made virus.

  16. Sam says:

    Omicron ‘is here, it’s spreading and it’s going to increase’: Masked Biden says unvaccinated are looking at a ‘winter of severe illness and death’, tells Americans to get boosted and issues stark warning over new variant during meeting with Fauci


    Fauci warns Omicron cases are DOUBLING every three days: Experts say it’s just the tip of the iceberg and US will be hit with ‘perfect storm’ of new variant, Delta AND seasonal flu that will overwhelm hospitals


    Another bout of hysterical fearmongering by Team Fauci.

    The reality in South Africa is a bit different.

    Look at COVID cases vs deaths from COVID in South Africa where Omicron is the dominant strain. Granted, deaths are a lagging indicator, but, as you can see, they didn’t lag much in previous infectious spikes. Omicron could be the mild version that gives us all natural immunity.


    And this from the head of the South African medical association who informed the world about Xi aka Omicron.

    ’The majority of your people are going to get Omicron… Do they need to panic? No, please don’t.’

    Dr Angelique Coetzee, Head of South Africa’s Medical Association, believes the Omicron Covid variant ‘can help us’ out of the pandemic.


    Fauci, Biden, Big Pharma, Big Tech and Corporate Media. The gift that keeps giving!

    • English Outsider says:

      The consensus so far is that Omicron’s mild. On whether that’ll be the case in the West, and how mild – none are nailing their colours to the mast on that yet.

      As far as the UK goes:-

      1. If it does prove to be mild then even a low level of serious cases, given the rapid spread that characterises Omicron, could still strain the UK health service. That’s usually at full stretch in the winter anyway and this winter there’s a massive backlog of serious non-Covid illnesses to start clearing up as well.

      So it looks as if HMG is pushing NPI as far as it dares to try to reduce cases piling up too fast. A difficult judgement for HMG since there’s now considerable resistance to such measures and many no longer take much notice of them.

      2. If Omicron does turn out to be worse than expected then such measures are certainly needed to reduce cases piling up to an unmanageable extent.

      As backstop for either case boosters are now being pushed hard.

      My own view, and I stress it’s a personal view since I’ve heard no medical professionals expressing it, is that HMG is aware that NPI measures are no longer as effective as they were because more and more of us are ignoring them. But that they’re piling on the drama a little bit in order to get boosters taken up and in order to encourage as many of the elderly or vulnerable as possible to take precautions.

      As far as I can see, in your country and on the European continent there’s too much bullshit being talked about compulsory or semi-compulsory vaccination. That’s no way to tackle a pandemic because it’s big government forcing instead of advising or persuading. I was most unimpressed by your President saying, if I remember accurately, that he was “running out of patience”.

      This demonisation of the unvaccinated is regrettable. There’s a spectrum of risk with infectious diseases and the pandemic is not sufficiently at the high end of risk to justify emergency authoritarian measures.

      I and my family have had both jabs and have had the booster or will get it soon. Those were personal decisions based on what most medics say and certainly not based on what the politicians say. If others make a different personal decision that’s their affair. It’s something of a gamble either way and we won’t know for a while who’s backed the right horse.

      • Sam says:


        Why do you think the proponents of lockdowns, vax mandates, and natural origin went to such great extent to take down and personally vilify those who were equally credentialed with dissenting viewpoints? Isn’t the essence of science to question orthodoxy? Why not debate in the open? What were they afraid of?

        In new FOIA email dump, NIH Director Collins emailed Fauci to urge a “quick and devastating” propaganda takedown of the Great Barrington Declaration, in which @MartinKulldorff @DrJBhattacharya and @SunetraGupta urged an end to COVID lockdowns and mandates.


        We cannot stop the spread of COVID, but we CAN end the pandemic: Protect the old and vulnerable, forget lockdowns – and learn to live with the virus, writes Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Stanford University School of Medicine professor


        • blue peacock says:


          You raise a critical point. Why are the public health & the political authorities so authoritarian? Why are they afraid to publicly debate the pros & cons of their policies with expert epidemiologists who dissent with their approach? Isn’t that how the public can be better informed and make better decisions for themselves?

          Martin Kulldorf is a top epidemiologist at Harvard who was an advisor to NIH until he publicly disagreed with Fauci & Collins. Sunetra Gupta from Oxford had a great reputation and was well known as an expert. She has been attacked mercilessly in the UK because she dissented from the hysterical response. Jay Battacharya from Stanford again is well known and has a great reputation and teaches at the Stanford medical school which is a top school in the US. These are not “fringe epidemiologists” as Collins labeled them.

          This attack on dissent with the full power of government and a fully coopted media, should raise alarm bells to Defcon 1 levels. This is extremely unusual and betrays an ulterior motive and the shakiness of their policies.

          • Sam says:


            I think it is pretty obvious. A detailed public scrutiny of their policies would show that it had nothing to do with public health. Above all they remain desperate to obfuscate their complicity in the engineering of this man-made virus.

            That’s why they felt compelled to personally attack those with serious credibility who proposed alternative policies that conformed to Public Health 101. Which is to ensure limiting overall system-wide harm. Not just limiting one disease, which they haven’t in this case considering the high rate of vaxxed population and the current response to the new variant in so many countries particularly in Europe.

            So now I know what it feels like to be the subject of a propaganda attack by my own government. Discussion and engagement would have been a better path.


        • English Outsider says:

          Sam – agree there was something of a heretic hunt around. How progs operate in other fields so I suppose it comes natural in this.

          Ideally I’d go 100% with “Protect the old and vulnerable, forget lockdowns.” But I don’t think that would have worked unless the spread had been caught very early. It was a particularly difficult disease to detect in time because of the asymptomatic period.

          Lockdown or not, I believe some economic damage was inevitable. The old and vulnerable would have isolated in any case. Some already were before lockdown. Warren Buffet would have sold out of airlines whatever the politicians did.

          As far as England is concerned Dr. Bhattacharya perhaps does not allow sufficiently for the fact that there was a failure dating back over a decade to ensure facilities, staff or indeed plans for such a pandemic were in place.

          Given that, it was either let it rip and overload the health services, or fumble around as we did.

          • blue peacock says:

            English Outsider

            Overwhelming hospitals has always been a red herring. Hospital capacity is designed to operate at 90% utilization or else they’re unprofitable. Even before covid the most profitable hospitals always ran their utilization at close to full. So it comes down to adding surge capacity quickly. This was demonstrated in Summer 2020 across the country. The most reported example being the Jarvits Center which was stood up in weeks. Note however that not a single bed there was used. Recall the hysteria from the NY state authorities prior to that about the calamity of covid spread. The question you ought to ask is why hasn’t there been any serious effort to add such surge capacity if the situation is as dire as the covidians claim? Why have the only policies been authoritarian? Why double down on policies that have demonstrated to be ineffective?

            The lockdown proponents have not laid out any tangible evidence to demonstrate that it is effective and better than other measures. On the other hand there is substantial evidence of the massive collateral damage from lockdown. If the proponents were truly interested in promulgating the most effective policies they wouldn’t resort to using the power of government authority and their huge funding of researchers as well as collude with corporate media to vilify experts who had other policy prescriptions. They would instead have placed their policies and the others policies to real scientific scrutiny. We have evidence from states that didn’t lockdown as much. Florida opened fully by September 2020 for example. Sweden basically never locked down or had mask mandates including in schools. Deaths per 100K in NY is 300 compared to 289 for Florida as of December 15, 2021. If lockdown was effective NY should have much lower deaths especially considering that Florida has more seniors as a ratio to overall population. If this was about informing the public, instead of canceling dissenting viewpoints Fauci & Collins would have had a round-table debate with Kulldorf, Gupta & Battacharya with each team presenting their evidence and making their arguments. Instead they resorted to propaganda tactics and personal attacks.

            Jaw-dropping exchange between Spectator Editor Fraser Nelson and Graham Medley—chair of COVID modeling for UK Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE)—in which Medley admits outcomes not requiring restrictions are systematically omitted from SAGE’s models.


            The above from your own country. Do you think the approach taken was in the best interests of everyone or did it serve some specific purpose?


            More humans between 18 – 45 died last year of fentanyl overdoses than COVID, car accidents, breast cancer + suicide.

            CHINA is the primary source of fentanyl.

            It’s impact is even worse than the Sacklers + Oxy.

            via DEA intel report


            Why not the same hysterical response to fentanyl deaths which last year was even greater than covid? Why do you think there was no real inquiry & debate into the most effective measures taking into consideration the overall harms? Why keep doubling down on authoritarianism?

  17. Jim says:

    It’s a personal choice whether or not to accept the always tenuous light of reason flickering; and premise proverbial candle has gone out.

    It’s a frame of reference: to try and make sense of what’s happening, to shine some perspective on this, for lack of a better phrase, this ongoing criminal operation styling itself as public health ‘based on scientific’ methods; it’s no more than a heuristic. [The propaganda for this criminal and sophisticated are against us, to be fair, is based on many psychology and the like tracts on how to brainwash and deceive and practice deception on an entire population. This is military grade propaganda]

    Scientific methods everywhere — when talking about covid — everywhere one looks: are interrupted, are absent, — and yet: claims continuously made that that is science — and this, ascribed to them, without evidence of it.

    And this is not just NEJM and Lancet, caught outright lying; these aren’t outliers, rather, eye of the storm, manifold indicators of science interrupted.

    Just about every “research” paper I have reviewed, from likes of above, in these nearly two long years of perfidy contain Junk Science.

    As the Godfather famously said: How did it ever get to be like this?

    Combine Junk Science with Junk Journalism, and the awful awful awful consequence is: we’re on our own.

    Combine this with Big Medicine and Big Government drug pushers wanting to make us all covid-shot Junkies!

    What happened to all the sensible and fairly recent efforts to reduce obesity, to live healthy life styles, to take as few drugs as possible and try ones best to use natural remedies?

    One might have expected that after massive proliferation of lawsuits against Big Medicine’s drug pushing of Oxy and other addictive, destructive, suicide-inducing dangerous anti-pain narcotics, our civilization would have continued on a path towards healthy lifestyles that include eschewing drugs when at all possible.

    This fact alone fully indicts the efforts past two years, viz. covid shots etc., as silver bullets. Never mind, for the moment, the now ubiquitous bullying and coercion and so on and so forth, and unspeakable carnage from shots.

    “How We Conducted This Study”, The Commonwealth Fund blares, to make grandiose, and speculative assertions, to wit: “If no one had been vaccinated, daily deaths from COVID-19 could have jumped to as high as 21,000 per day — nearly 5.2 times the level of the record peak of more than 4,000 deaths per day recorded in January 2021”

    Out of thin air, really? [and never mind fact more deaths with the shots available this year].

    “To evaluate the impact of the vaccination program in the United States, the researchers expanded their age-stratified, agent-based model of COVID-19 to include waning of naturally acquired or vaccine- elicited immunity, as well as booster vaccination,” Commonwealth says.


    Waning of naturally acquired immunity — this is grotesque statement. This assumption underpins this research. More Junk Science.

    The Commonwealth Fund board of directors include Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D., “an internationally recognized authority in medicine and public health, currently serves as foreign secretary, National Academy of Medicine. She is also president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science,” is her bio on the fund’s website.

    She sits on Bill Gates Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Committee.



    We need less stooges prancing around and funding and vouching for Junk Science, and less MDs and scientists aiding and abetting all of this.

    Ya, we need to drain THIS SWAMP!

  18. Deap says:

    Flu shots are recommended every year, with the full admission they are not very effective and only contain last years flu viruses, not the up coming flu viruses.

    50% protection at best; and probably zero protection against what will be coming that flu season. Yet they get sold every year as protection.

    Every year there are new “variants” of the flu virus and every year we are told to get flu shots knowing they will have zero to no impact on the newest strains of flu.

    How is this any different from the promised protection of this new covid “Franken-shots” which don’t even pretend to have any known viral products in them – just computer generated mock-ups of what they think is part of this current “covid” flu strain.

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