CNN producer John Griffin is charged with sex crimes over a year later in an almost bare bones indictment

By Robert Willmann

Last Friday, 10 December 2021, a man named John Griffin was arrested for sex crimes. News reports described him as a producer for the CNN television network, and that the court case originated in the State of Vermont and the offenses involved young girls. He lived in Stamford, Connecticut and appeared in federal court in New Haven, Connecticut by video conference for an initial appearance. He remained in custody and by court order will be transferred to the federal district court in Vermont. His arraignment hearing, at which he will be formally informed about the charges and will enter an initial plea, is presently set for Tuesday, 15 December 2021, at 11:00 a.m. in Burlington, Vermont [1].

The indictment contains just barely enough of the manner and means by which the alleged offenses were committed to support a charge, and does not have nearly the detail seen in other federal cases. Some federal indictments read like entries in a short story competition.

The three charges are based on Title 18, U.S. Code, section 2422(b), about a person who “persuades, induces, entices, or coerces any individual who has not attained the age of 18 years, to engage in prostitution or any sexual activity for which any person can be charged with a criminal offense, or attempts to do so ….” [2] The first two counts allege that Griffin “attempted to” do this in chat sessions using the Google Hangouts computer program. The first count alleges the communications were with the purported father of a 14-year-old daughter and included Griffin claiming that he had “sexually trained girls as young as 7 years old”, and contained his description of what some of the “training” would be. The exchanges were between 7 and 13 April 2020. The second count concerns communications between 12 and 13 June 2020 with a person purported to be the mother of a 16-year-old daughter, in which Griffin suggested that the mother and daughter take a trip to his “Ludlow, Vermont ski house for sexual training”.

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7 Responses to CNN producer John Griffin is charged with sex crimes over a year later in an almost bare bones indictment

  1. akaPatience says:

    I’ve always ignored or dismissed the pedophile ring theory, aka “Pizzagate”. But now I have to admit I wonder if there isn’t something to it. This miscreant Griffin; the mystery that continues to shroud Epstein/Maxwell motives and doings; the child-sniffing POTUS and his daughter’s diary that memorialized inappropriate touching and showering with her father when she was young — PLUS his reprobate son whose laptop revealed inappropriate behavior with his underage niece — there’s a common thread of pedophilia that runs through it ALL. When added to Epstein’s suspicious death while in custody; the studied MSM avoidance of obvious Biden family bad behavior (not to mention their corruption); the FBI’s shameful foot-dragging of the pedophiliac gymnastic team physician case; and now the gaping holes in the Griffin indictment document as Mr. Willmann outlined, AND the relatively long-term and heretofore secrecy about Griffin’s case certainly makes one wonder what on earth is going on and who’s orchestrating what seems to be a cover-up?

    IF there is indeed some sort of pedophile group of “elites”:

    WHO are they?
    WHAT did they do?
    WHERE did they do it?
    WHEN did they do it?
    WHY have they avoided justice?

    • Fred says:


      What we have with Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is another Comey Coverup to protect the powerful clients of Epstein. What we have here is an exposure of yet another powerful group of child groomers. What stories was CNN’s pedo-producer working on while the FBI was sitting on evidence during the election.

      • blue peacock says:

        The coverup is running full steam. Note that none of the “evidence” presented at the trial is available to the public. The question that needs to be asked is who assigned Ms. Comey the coverup job? And who is paying the judge to hide all the evidence?

  2. Kemal says:

    Nothing new here. The Children of God group provided Hollywood with such seasoned performers as Rose McGowan and the Phoenix Phamily. Collateral damage such as the founder’s adopted kid going on a rampage on the woman he and his mother had sexual relations with are merely incidental. Like other hippie communes with documented sexual training, such as the Wavy Gravy commune or Manson Family (Angela Lansbury’s 13 yr old rolled with that happy crew) no one was prosecuted for sex crimes. It seems obvious with the level of protection given that these groups are modern day seraglios, provided a minor league development system for Hollywood as well as the Epstein crowd. It would seem that the more things change, the more they stay the same. The ruling class would like nothing more than to live as a late Ottoman potentate. Squash the peasants and leave no personal vice untried.

  3. Claudius says:

    The indictment is bare bones because nothing is going to happen to this guy. He is an Ivy League, posh private school member of the urban elite. As such he automatically held by his class to be morally and socially superior to the rest of the population. If his superiority is challenged, that of the group is challenged.
    The elite cannot allow this. The non urban population must be suppressed and looted so that the urban areas can continue on course.
    The graft must be funded, the outsized government employee pay and pension schemes continued and the bloated bureaucracies maintained in filthy, corrupt cities that cannot create the wealth needed to support themselves. Otherwise the elites would have to pay more for their urban life; the restaurants, clubs, servants, posh housing, all of it.
    In my youth the major city near us made things. Locomotives, trucks, steel, ships nd petroleum products. The elite managed the great companies that did these things but they were not seen as morally superior. Failure and corruption resulted in shunning. Stuart Saunders and his wife were forced out of clubs and socially cut upon the Penn Central bankruptcy.
    Rightly so, but no more.

  4. John Credulous says:

    Linh Dinh, coincidentally writes about the same thing:

    “You think Epstein was just an independent, fun loving pimp who happened to own an island?!

    If you think you’ve got some kinky skeletons in your laughably puny closet, just consider these big boys, with an outsized lust for everything, not just power. They want to screw the unspeakable.

    A friend of mine had a career in media in NYC. As he climbed up the ladder, he would be invited to parties where underaged sex was offered, with drugs to lubricate guests towards this abuse. What’s the point of reaching the top if you don’t win special prizes? It didn’t stop at old men screwing 16-year-olds. Children were also available. All this happened in handsome Midtown brownstones.

    Once you’ve crossed the line, with videos to prove it, you’re theirs for life. This explains the behavior of countless politicians.”

  5. PRC90 says:

    There would have been much recorded material, because no one concerned would have allowed the liquid gold to flow uselessly into the abyss. The Maxwell trial spectacle distracts from this, and one does wonder if it will ever be pursued.
    Where the stuff went to and who used it for what purposes is currently very much Sub Rosa, like Angela Merkel’s doubtlessly interesting but totally ignored STASI file.

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