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What is Russia’s Near Term Objective in Ukraine?

Watching the unfolding Russian offensive in Ukraine and the cities/regions they are targeting here is what I see as their short-term military objective–take control of the Dnieper River and secure the eastern half (the Russian speaking half) of Ukraine. There … Continue reading

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Yes, The AZOV Battalion is a Nazi Sympathizer

The Atlantic Council and many of its members are busy trying to re-write history and whitewash the AZOV Battalion (fellows from Western Ukraine who have been attacking Russian speaking Ukrainians in the Donbass during the last 8 years) as just … Continue reading

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Will the Economic Sanctions on Russia Backfire?

Biden and the European allies are putting on a brave face and claiming their really socking it to Russia, but this celebration is likely to be shortlived. The recent actions by Biden are likely to set in motion disruptions in … Continue reading

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What is Really Going on Ukraine? An Alternative Scenario

The Western media is filled with stories of the brave Ukrainian people rising up to fight the evil Russians and the Russians are paying a terrible toll, or so we are told. But if you step back and look at … Continue reading

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A Look Back–How Long Did it Take the Nazis to Capture Ukraine?

We are at the dawn of day four of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and I have heard many media news readers and pundits suggesting things are going badly for the Russians and the operation is bogged down. This led me … Continue reading

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Putin is an Authoritarian Nationalist but Not a Communist

My purpose in writing this piece is not to paint Vladimir Putin as a saint. He is not. But some seem content to describe him as the devil incarnate. He is not that either. I think he is an unabashed, … Continue reading

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Are You Willing to Die for Ukraine?

This simple and profound question is the fundamental issue when it comes to deciding how to respond to Putin’s declaration of war in Ukraine. All of the usual suspects in terms of bloviating politicians and frenzied pundits are filling the … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Dr. Stephen Cohen and Avoiding War With Russia

The late Stephen  F. Cohen’s final book, War with Russia?: From Putin & Ukraine to Trump & Russiagate, is prophetic and more relevant than ever. If you have not read it, buy it asap and devour it. I cringe at … Continue reading

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Putin Tells Biden and the West to Pound Sand

Putin is not going to “invade” Ukraine. Nope. But Russia now is prepared to fight on behalf of two independent Republics who ask for Putin’s help. Putin signed an agreement with the leaders of Donetsh and Luhansk respectively about 11 … Continue reading

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Information Warfare–Russia to Invade Ukraine is a Manufactured Lie

The current fearmongering about a supposedly imminent Russian invasion of the Ukraine is a clumsy but convincing piece of propaganda. Remember how the media helped beat the drum to justify a needless, costly war with Iraq in 2003? This is … Continue reading

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