An anniversary celebration of unmitigated evil

“CCP Chairman Mao Zedong, in 1958, initiated the “Great Leap Forward,” which Rubio labeled as a “harebrained plan to rapidly industrialize the Chinese economy.”

At that time, Mao brought millions of laborers into work communes, and after the economy was collectivized, China suffered the worst famine in history, and at least 45 million people died “with starvation so widespread that many resorted to cannibalism,” Rubio continued. 

The CCP also incarcerated at least 8 million to 9 million people into gulags during the famine, and at least 3 million of them died of starvation and disease. 

The party has also pushed to destroy ethnic culture, with genocide in Xinjiang continuing to this day. 

Mao, after the famine ended in 1962, kept in power for more than a decade through his “Cultural Revolution, during which victims accused of disloyalty to the party were harshly punished in the nation’s streets, and 2 million people were eventually killed, wrote Rubio. 

“Victims were forced to stand in the burning sun, or sometimes kneel on broken glass,” he said. “People were mutilated, branded with hot irons, doused in gasoline and immolated, and buried alive. The mobs forced husband to turn against wife, brother against sister and parent against child.”

Comment: An old joke calls a “Cuba Libre,” “La Mentira” because Cuba no esta libre. This is even more true of China which is enslaved by the enormous evil of communism. pl

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  1. Happy says:

    This is Warren Buffet’s partner Charlie Munger.

    “The Communists did the right thing…And, and I wish we had a, I don’t want the, all of the Chinese system, but I certainly would like to have the financial part of it in my own country.”

    • akaPatience says:

      I watched that interview last night. Those remarks envying China’s authoritarianism, made so offhandedly, were eye-opening and further proof of just how far unprincipled, unchecked greed and corruption have overtaken our elites and ruling class. Thus has it always been I suppose, but the Communist Chinese are out to ruin the Land of the Free – buying off our politicians, insinuating themselves into our economy, stealing our intellectual property, employing slave labor which undercuts American workers, and INFECTING our governance and daily lives with soul-sucking, poisonous repression and control.

      Munger and Buffett are without question shrewd value investors – but evidently feel their billions STILL aren’t enough!!! They apparently envy authoritarian government for its ability to eliminate the unsavoriness of competition. What Americans! Those two guys, sitting next to each other yucking it up, reminded me of Scrooge and Marley, or Mortimer and Randolph Duke in the film Trading Places – two wealthy jerks who cheerfully ruined the life of a family member in order to win a one dollar bet.

  2. Barbara Ann says:

    What the WEF has planned for us may make Mao’s Great Leap Forward look benign by comparison. This is the looming unmitigated evil of our present time and needs to be fought with everything we can muster.

    Klaus Schwab and his cronies most certainly have enslavement on their minds too. Their PR people wisely chose not to try and sell that concept directly – and so we have the post pandemic “New Normal”. This, we are endlessly told, is the best we can hope for and must accept. Two simple words to banish centuries of hard-fought freedoms from the many weak minds who cannot see this for what it is; manufactured consent for the permanent loss of hitherto cherished liberties.

    The parallels between China’s cultural revolution and the equivalent currently sweeping across America (wokeism) have been highlighted here before. The destruction of America as a cultural idea is clearly essential to the Resetists’ plans for their Neo-feudal global technocratic government. So is wokeism a tool of the WEF cabal? It is hard to say, but as the logical endpoint of the woke revolution is nothing short of comprehensive thought control it is easy to see its attractiveness to serve the needs of their plan.

    As for collectivization, while at first sight the WEF’s “You will own nothing..” seems to mirror Marx’ view on property ownership, the WEF invert Communism when it comes to the state. All significant private business interests are to be concentrated among a chosen few technocrat oligarchs who are the state in their model. Fascism seems to be the closer analogue for Herr Schwab’s New World Order.

    We may laugh at the audacity of such a harebrained scheme, but as is clear from the resources at their disposal and sheer number of politicians seemingly bought into the agenda, I think it would be wise to treat the threat as very real until it has been comprehensively defeated.

    I’ll end, if I may, with a quote by Archbishop Viganò in his May 31 speech entitled “The Great Reset: The Latest Great Lie” in which he describes the real goal of the Great Reset:

    “ spread infernal chaos, in which everything that civilization has painstakingly constructed over the course of millennia under the inspiration of Grace is overturned and perverted, corrupted and cancelled.”


  3. Christian J. Chuba says:

    The first 50yrs were pretty rough but the second 50yrs were actually quite mitigated.

    It was not marked by outward aggression but I’m certain that Rubio would say that they were too busy eating their own and are about to turn on us. That we must stop the Uyghur genocide as he heroically assists killing 400,000+ Yemenis (aka Iranian proxies, when you commit genocide, always say Iranian proxies, never mention they were born in those countries or even that they were born).

    We should always be prepared to defend ourselves, protect our economy and our vital sectors. I have always favored that. But we are mobilizing to treat China like Iran; to impose a full economic blockade. That is an act of aggression. We are just killing off the next biggest guy to maintain our supremacy but we will make our obsession with power sound noble. Rubio and others would grind up the Constitution and snort it if they could.

    • Fred says:

      How many died just this past year from China’s germ warfare program, 3 or 4 million?

      “But we are mobilizing to treat China like Iran; to impose a full economic blockade.”
      Who has suggested “we” “impose a full economic blockade”? Sounds like a strawman argument to me.
      Meanwhile tankman – like the last half decade of the Cultural Revolution, like China’s invasion of Vietnam, like China’s forced abortion policy – “actually quite mitigated.” – by being erased from the cultural memory.

      • Christian J. Chuba says:

        – China is a totalitarian state, just noting that the 2nd 50yrs was an order of magnitude less bloody than the first 50yrs. Tiananmen sq was not the cultural revolution.

        – border skirmish. They came blazing and left within a month.
        Between then and now, we did that to Grenada, Panama, Iraq twice, and I’ll leave out most of our bombing campaigns except for Serbia and Libya.

        ‘full economic blockade / strawman’
        Demonize then destroy. That is our modus operandi. Accuse them of Germ warfare, genocide, aggression, then use all of our assets to stop them. We already have some sanctions in place, we are trying to rally the EU to block trade like 5G. We will continue to add more, not less. We arrested a Chinese CEO in Canada. Senators are demanding legal action in U.S. courts (like we did to Iran), cancelling Chinese owned treasury debt.

        We weaponize our dollar and Treasure Dept all of the time like we are doing to Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran. So if China unleashed germ warfare that killed 5m then they are worse than Iran.
        BTW not saying we will succeed, just saying that this IS our playbook.
        New topic: economic blockade
        In practical terms, it better work. If we go for the kill shot and miss and they win then they will take revenge on us. If we avoid(ed) going after them then we could have become like the U.K. and had a reasonable coexistence. Just calling out what is at stake by going Cold War.

        • Fred says:

          The cultural revolution didn’t end until the mid 70s, well with in your arbitrary boundaries. You are making lots of excuses for a dictatorial regime.

      • Sam says:

        “How many died just this past year from China’s germ warfare program, 3 or 4 million?“

        Funded, aided & abetted by Tony Fauci at the helm of the US NIAID. That’s why we’ll never get to the bottom of it. Remember any attack on Fauci is an attack on science. How long has he been running the show on health research? From advising Ronnie Reagan to MAGA Trump. Dubya even awarded him the Presidential Medal of Honor.

        • Fred says:

          China conducted the research, failed in basic laboratory safety standards, purposely sent tens of thousands of people out of Wuhan province to international destinations, lied repeatedly about the virus and effective health measures, and engaged in a massive propaganda campaign globally to shift blame. By all means blame America, everybody else does.

  4. mccommie says:

    aaaahhhh so.the commies again.just like in the good old days.


  5. blue peacock says:

    The CCP’s century is something to behold. They have managed to hold on to power as the sole political authority in a fractious society with many competing interests. Totalitarianism has worked for them.

    While they have murdered tens of millions of their own people and suppressed any dissent harshly in their exercise of power, one has to give credit where credit is due. That is the CCP very successfully hoodwinked the West and in particular the US. Deng Xiaoping got Bill Clinton to grant them MFN and brought them into WTO as part of the GATT deal at the behest of Bob Rubin and the Wall St crowd with overwhelming support of both Republicans and Democrats. Despite warnings. A prescient one being Sir James Goldsmith.

    A close friend worked for a major US company and visited China in the late 80s several times exploring business opportunities. The sales pitch the Chinese had was simple. We have a billion+ population and an emerging economy of future consumers, if you want access to this market you have to setup manufacturing by transferring your technology. Most western companies seduced by this opportunity did just that in joint-ventures required by the Chinese. Wall St and in particular PE firms to maximize their financial returns LBO’d US companies, shut down domestic manufacturing and transferred to China and other low wage countries. The labor arbitrage that Jimmy Goldsmith warned about.

    Over the past several decades the US has transferred to China around $300 billion annually through our trade deficit. That’s several trillion dollars. Then add in FDI of an additional several trillions. We essentially dismantled our industrial base and re-built a more modern version in China. Voluntarily. Devastating the working class in the industrial heartland and concentrating wealth in the financial speculation & executive managerial class. This was done through policies supported by both political parties and the leadership of the governmental bureaucracy.

    The CCP to their credit, borrowed money mostly domestically and built the most modern infrastructure in the world today. The scale of their infrastructure investment & construction is unprecedented in the history of the world economy over the past 2 centuries.

    Now they are in the catbird’s seat as far as consumer & intermediate goods supply chain is concerned. A shut-down of that supply chain will collapse the goods economy in the US, the West in general as well as around the world.

    Our politics and governmental & corporate leadership failed our national interest. The CCP despite their authoritarianism did not fail the national interests of China. They have bought decision makers & influencers in the West at the highest levels across business, academia, think-tanks, and politics. We have no such influence among the CCP cadres.

    From a military perspective we have MAD. Any military conflict that escalates will mean nuclear annihilation. Let’s face it MAD exists among the US, Russia & China. So effectively that element of strategic power is neutralized.

    The only domain of competition is economic and the CCP have the US over a barrel. There’s no sign that the American people care enough to change our domestic trajectory. The Party of Davos is in firm control of all levers of power. When Russia and China directly challenge our military interventions, it will be clear to all that US global hegemony is over. What will be the implications domestically as that realization comes to Joe Public?

  6. Deap says:

    I watched the Great Leap Forward Part Two between two longer visits across China – 1998 and 2008. And then two shorter visit a few years ago, when huge strains were already appearing after that very remarkable 1998-2008 Great Leap.

    Sheer volume of peoples who had “leapt” in this country alone defy any prospect of sane long-term management of this new cultural shift and massive population dislocation.

    It is hard to even generalize when those who needed to leap number well over one billion. While perhaps only 10-20% did the superb leaping into the fiscal stratosphere, that does make that special group the same size as the US in total. Except we are not all 100% new millionaires. A vast human experiment best observed over time and at great distance.

    Is the Great Burnout Backwards next for China? A lot will now depend on our own buying habits and sober execution of global realpolitik. And there always teetering social structure.

    China’s dynastic history for 5000 years of often dazzling history and extraordinary achievement, always falls. And then always does re-start again – are they repeating their past history yet again. 5000 years of cultural survival is remarkable in its own right which means we will never get too deep into the Chinese psyche –ever. They are made of much different cellular memories. Not sure how that impacts the Chinese today, but I assume it does.

    One one of our trips there was a debate over who to honor on some important anniversary (can’t remember which one now) in Tiennamin Square – Mao was falling out of favor as more openness revealed his past crimes, so they chose Sun Yat Sen as the “founder” of this new post dynastic China to honor for that anniversary.

    There were also fire extinguishers at each small guard station spot in this huge cement paved gathering place – when I asked what could possibly burn down in this vast sterile spot, I was informed it was to put out the people who came to set themselves on fire in protest.

    Those are my two vignettes about the Glorious Cultural Revolution to share.

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Fire extinguishers “ put out the people who came to set themselves on fire in protest.”

      I’m lost for words.

  7. Walter says:

    I have spent a lot of time in China over the last 15 years. I do not see any evil. The people seem very happy and free and have a very high standard of living.. and I mostly visit the poorest province Ghuizou… which is the most ethnically diverse and the ethnic people there seem happy to me.. the Han love to go up in the mountains for holiday and visit these mountain tribes with their exotic cultures. When I was in Yunan province, close to the Tibetsn border, I asked a taxi cab driver if the Buddhists were persecuted and he laughed and pointed to a monastery on the very street we were driving on and then I asked what about the Muslims and he laughed and he pointed to a huge Mosque… Rubio and their ilk make lots of money off war and the MIC. Warmongering is part of their business model. There is no money in peace. The Chinese r about making money and spending time with family. Of course I only see what I see and it could be a humongous horror show of evil somewhere outside of Guizhou province… but I doubt it.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      Thanks for sharing your on the ground experience. It is clear that Buddhism and even Islam with Chinese characteristics are to some extent tolerated by the CPC. The counter argument goes as follows:

      “As for the right to follow Tibetan Buddhism freely, monasteries are subject to monitoring and control by the Communist Party and monks and nuns are feared and often persecuted by the Chinese regime. Any Tibetan possessing an image of the Dalai Lama risks imprisonment.”

      Have you visited any of the provinces where, until quite recently, Tibetan Buddhist monks still felt compelled to self-immolate?

  8. Jose says:

    Marco says a lot but, does so little it is hard to take him serious.

    Once I was told the “Demonstration Effect” would force China into becoming a democracy as the Chinese people became richer, now I worry we will soon become more like China as we become poorer.

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