Biden Goes Full Schizophrenic

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I have referenced the bizarre fantasy of Alice In Wonderland in previous posts about Crazy Joe Biden and his precipitous fall into the depths of dementia, but today took the cake. We have entered a lunatic asylum not envisioned by Lewis Carroll. For starters, Joe Biden wants to re-impose a mask mandate on vaccinated Americans in order to protect them from Covid while flinging open the border with Mexico and allowing hundreds of thousands of Covid infected, non-vaccinated illegals to enter the United States and then be shipped to states other than Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

Got it? Biden claims he’s scared to death of the spread of the Delta variant of Covid and wants to limit the freedom of American citizens who are vaccinated and, according to science, are protected against that virus while giving the greenlight to infected foreigners to flood states, especially states governed by Republican. Joe Biden is attacking America in the name of what?

There is no humor in this act of depravity. It is deadly seriuos. It is one more reminder that Joe Biden does not care about the safety and security of the American people. He now is nothing more than a bumbling puppet being used to implement an agenda that is designed to destroy this Republic.

This does not even constitute the most egregious double standard celebrated by Biden and his henchmen. His criminal son, Hunter, has the green-light to consort with people working for the benefit of the Chinese. Hunter gets to sell his mediocre artwork for astronomical prices that is brokered by his “agent”, Georges Bergès, who proclaimed publicly that he wants to be ‘the lead guy in China‘ on finding and collecting Chinese art.

None of the Trump progeny attempted any business deal like this. If they had is there any one with a functioning brain who believes they would be allowed to do so without widespread condemnation? Hell no.

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  1. Babeltuap says:

    Father and Son. Cat Stevens slightly modified.

  2. Ghost_Ship says:

    “American citizens who are vaccinated and, according to science, are protected against that virus ”
    No, they’re not. The evidence shows that even those who have been double vaccinated can still be infected, but those who have been double vaccinated will on average suffer far less severe symptoms, and be less likely to be hospitalised and/or die. If you can be infected, then you can infect others, including those who have not been vaccinated who are more likely to suffer severe symptoms and be hospitalised and/or die.
    The science will continue to change as COVID-19 is studied more but thanks to modern technology studies can be done on the fly. For instance, the UK COVID daily summary seems to show quite clearly the impact of vaccination.
    Unfortunately it doesn’t currently show the different hospitalisation and death rates for the vaccinated and unvaccinated but a senior British medical advisor has reported that 60% of those recently admitted to hospital were unvaccinated in a population where over 80% had received a single vaccination and about 70% had received two vaccinations.

    • BrotherJoe says:

      Do you know what PCR cycle threshold they are using for testing? Are they using the (high false positive) 40-cycle count for the unvaccinated and the (lower false positive) 28-cycle count for the vaccinated, or are they using the same for both?
      I read somewhere that here in the US they were using different counts, depending on your vaccination status, but I can’t recall where I read it.

    • Fred says:

      Let us know how many smallpox boosters shots humanity has had to have on a semi-annual basis since that vaccine was introduced.

      “The science will continue to change”
      That is sophistry in action. More information might be gained, but science does not change because more data became available. Speaking of data, the UK data you linked to doesn’t show age of death or other “comorbidities” so they are just lumping it all in as Covid Vax/unvaxed. That is political fearmongering in the service of a Vax Apartheid state.

  3. LeaNder says:

    You may recall I worked in the art field, thus find this interesting: summaries:

    Hunter Biden to Meet With Art Buyers – It’s customary for artists to attend the opening of their own shows… but what about when the artist is the son of the U.S. president? Ethics hounds are up in arms that Hunter Biden will attend the vernissage for his Bergès Gallery show in New York, where he will presumably socialize with potential buyers. The gallery previously arranged an agreement with the White House that the its owner, Georges Bergès, would keep the identity of the final buyers a secret from the public and the artist in order to guard against anyone trying to buy political influence. (CBS)

    Not sure how that is supposed to work satisfactorily for everyone concerned. 😉

    Donald Trump Weighs in on Hunter Biden Art Controversy – Former U.S. president Donald Trump is fanning the flames over Hunter Biden’s controversial decision to sell his artwork. Trump echoed concerns that buyers could potentially buy the First Son’s art in efforts to court influence at the White House. At a Turning Point USA rally on Friday, Trump ranted: “What about Hunter Biden getting a half a million dollars for painting—and he never painted before—could you imagine if my kids did that?” It was, he added, “a bribe.” (Real Clear Politics)

    Neither had George Zimmerman ever sold a painting before. Still his American flag apparently was sold on Ebay for 100.000 dollar.

  4. TV says:

    Everybody who reads this website knows that Joe dementia is a career corrupt fool.
    He got elected by uninformed dimwits (the “mean tweets” crowd), America-haters and corrupt election officials and courts.
    The biggest concern is:
    What future does a nation have when the media, academia, a major political party and a significant part of the population essentially despise the country?
    AKAIK there is no previous example of this in history.

  5. Fred says:


    A historical anecdote:

    1794 – Maximilien Robespierre and Louis Antoine de Saint-Just are executed by guillotine in Paris, France during the French Revolution,victims of the bloodbath they helped bring about.

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