Conference on Torture at Catholic University Today

17 I was invited some time ago to be a panelist today at the Columbus Law School at CUA in Washington.  The conference will address Catholic morality and torture.  Because of this commitment I will be unable to post today.  pl

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  1. JohnH says:

    Are the panelists really prepared to discuss the Spanish Inquisition?
    Or is this conference only about the latest incarnation of Catholic morality regarding torture?

  2. 505th PIR says:

    Ah yes, sitting in Church for long sermons as a child acutely aware that I was missing Monster Theater on TV….Torture

  3. Patrick Lang says:

    In your honor the moderator once again apologized for the Spanish Inquisition. I though you were smarter than that, but, one never knows.
    505th PIR
    This was held in the moot court room of the Columbus Law School.
    I am surprised at the display of arrogance in you two. I had thought better of you. pl

  4. charlottemom says:

    Interesting. Please let me know your impressions. I’ve seen the Vatican’s statement on war and conflict, but cannot recall much said at the pulpit level on this aspect of the modern “War on Terror.”
    The church I attend has been transitioning from a “moderate” church filled with cafeteria Catholics (I admit I fall in this category) to more traditionally conservative with Latin masses offered. This election cycle, the priests spoke out very clearly and forcefully about the evils of abortion but other issues on the “spectrum of life” were ignored. So again, I’m interested in hearing about your experiences.

  5. Patrick Lang says:

    This was pretty much a reprise of the Fordham meeting on torture. There is a recording of it somewhere on a CUA website. pl

  6. johnf says:

    >Interesting. Please let me know your impressions. I’ve seen the Vatican’s statement on war and conflict, but cannot recall much said at the pulpit level on this aspect of the modern “War on Terror.”
    In Britain in my fairly solidly working class Irish congregation – with various English middle class and African and Portuguese thrown in – we were given substantial addresses from the priest on the wrongness of the Iraq War, and have been fairly regularly brought up to date on the iniquities of torture – and abortion.

  7. rjj says:

    I have been wondering if 16th-17th century English C of E gentry felt the need to be considerate of their very good RC neighbors’ very real anxieties when it came to using terms such as agents of the Pope, Romish, Jesuitical, etc.

  8. mike says:

    The emblem is fascinating. Not the motto as I can bull my way thru that with high school latin learned 50 years ago. The crescent moon in the upper left quadrant is the item that piques my interest. It appears Turkic rather than something out of Rome.
    For us laymen and non-alumni could you tell us the meaning or significance of that crescent moon?

  9. Fred says:

    This is the only thing up yet:
    I attended a similarly organized panel discussion on business ethics at Notre Dame during my MBA program – it was by far one of the more useful and enlightening programs I’ve been too. BTW Dr. Steinfels of Fordham was very response to some inquiries I made regarding the prior event held there. I am certain CU (my sister’s alma mater) will be also.

  10. mike says:

    Colonel –
    I found a very short write-up titled “How did we let this happen” about your panel.
    Agree with your comments and also with Ms Steinfels comment re: Hollywood/TV complicity. Therre was nothing in the article on Steve Colecchi’s thoughts on the subject.
    But alas, could not find a writeup or video of panel 3 with General Taguba and interrogator Casteel. Were you able to sit in on that panel or to get a transcript?

  11. Patrick Lang says:

    The problem with participating in things like this is that someone always seems to misquote you.
    I DID NOT say that the US had trained people to torture, quite the opposite. The torturers at these various prisoners taight each other inspired by “24,” the SERE schools and their fertile imaginations.
    What I DID say was that once you train soldiers to kill, you must make sure that they are kept under tight discipline to ensure that their worst demons of their natures do not take charge. The Bush Administration deliberately removed the restrictions and legal inhibitions against bad behavior.
    That is what I said. I am mightily irritated at being mis-represented. pl

  12. FredS says:

    I agree with your post 100%, and actually had to re-read their posting as it was extremely cursory and as you point out inaccurate. I was hoping that CU would update their site with an actual transcript or video like Fordham did.

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