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Colin Powell and the Great Man Syndrome – Re-published 18 October 2021 on the occasion of Powell’s death.

My closest adviser (wife) coined the phrase, “The Great Man Syndrome.”  (GMS)  She has the habit of watching the great or semi-great for signs of the appearance of this often fatal malady.  The disease is characterized by imagined indispensability and … Continue reading

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National Journal Blog, 13 April, 2009

This week's question addresses the issue of whether or not there should be a "Truth and Justice" commission to investigate the issue of US government torture of prisoners.  pl

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Sink the Pyrates (and their mansions)

"…history shows that a military response can be successful, such as actions taken by the United States and other nations against pirates along the northern African coast in the two Barbary wars. "That, for 200 years, has been a deterrent … Continue reading

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Odierno should remember who is CinC.

"The US commander was confident that the overall timetable for the US pullout would be met. But he added that US combat troops might have to stay beyond June 30 in Mosul and Baqubah, where al-Qaeda retains an active presence. … Continue reading

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Tell me who the enemy is this time.

I was busy the last few days, but the chatter on the news got me to wondering about the "background" thinking with regard to what we are preparing to do in Afghanistan. In Iraq we blundered around for several years more … Continue reading

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The “Death” of the Two State Solution?

I am busy today (as I was yesterday).  To give you something to contemplate, I offer this interesting essay on the above subject.  pl Download Sp-inbar

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John Gunther Dean and the non-lobby.

"Dean's memoir, to be published in May for the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training Memoir Series by New Academia Publishing under its Vellum imprint, has been read and approved for publication by the State Department with only very minor … Continue reading

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The Obama/Saudi king bow

"American etiquette expert Gloria Starr, who has met the King's wife and hosted two of their daughters in her finishing schools, told there was nothing wrong with Mr Obama's display of deference. "I think it was a sign of … Continue reading

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Feltman, Geagea and company

"And I am convinced that, given Lebanese talent and brains, populist rhetoric that cultivates hatred and builds on resentment will not blind people forever to the fact that they are being used:  used in an Iranian-Syrian conspiracy to undermine Lebanon's … Continue reading

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Americans and British Royalty

Why?  Why do Americans care about the House of Windsor or Saxe-Coburg or Hanover or whatever? The "antic caperings of a degenerated stock…"  The British love'em or hate'em or whatever.  A mystery, but their mystery.  The year Diana died people … Continue reading

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