Do the Democrats want 14.7% unemployment?


Having watched the Smerconish left-center discussion show this AM it seems pretty clear that Smerconish's audience wants the economy held down through "mitigation" until a sufficient number of citizens vote  against Trump seeking relief from government induced poverty.

The host was denounced during the program by twitterers for citing real life statistics that show that it is the old and infirm who are killed by the virus.  Oh, sure, ole' Covid-19 picks off a few others but not many.  For pointing that out, Smerconish, a liberal, was accused of promoting Trump's candidacy.  "Just let Joe stay in the basement.  No president can be re-elected with unemployment this high" was the comment of one man.

In his weekly on-line poll Smerconish asked people to vote as to whether or not those who report violations of "mitigation" are "whistle-blowers," or "snitches."  77% voted for "whistleblowers."  There is no doubt that Smerconish's CNN audience is overwhelmingly Democrat in party loyalty.

IMO this pretty much matches the sentiment of Democratic Party leadership, whether it be personified by Gretchen Whitmer, Ralph Northam or the ice cream queen, Nancy Pelosi who obviously  is keeping the House in adjournment to avoid cooperating with the president on more relief bills.

Is it a winning strategy to suppress the economy in order to win politically?  We will see, pilgrims.  We will see  pl 

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19 Responses to Do the Democrats want 14.7% unemployment?

  1. Eric Newhill says:

    There’s a new marketing strategy that accompanies what you have described. That is to call for a new FDR and public works and socialism. Either Biden or his replacement will swing to stumping on those policies. The funny thing is that Trump has been in favor of infrastructure projects all along. The democrats blocked him. Trump can get ahead of this and I think he will. Then his usual jiu jitsu making the democrats look like the hypocrites that they are.
    I know liberals and apolitical types in both Michigan and New York that are blaming their governors for their woes. End of day, the democrat strategy fails, but causes much misery along the way to failure.

  2. walrus says:

    If our recent experience is anything to go by, people will engage in “civil disobedience “ and end the lockdown themselves within a week or two. It then becomes obviously pointless to continue restrictions.
    The citizens of Blue states will break ranks quickly once they see the Red states loosening up.
    On Friday, our Federal Government, in “consultation “ with the states, announced a four stage plan for a controlled reopening. All very planned and prudent in theory, self paced by individual state governments, etc., etc…. It ain’t going to happen that way. It’s like trying to put the brakes on a runaway train. The catalyst has been mother’s day family reunions. Shopping malls are already full today.
    We are in for a wild ride. I think I can contain SWMBO’s gregarious nature for maybe another 24 hours.

  3. turcopolier says:

    In re the picture – There are others photos of this social occasion, ones in which he is not actually clutching her breasts, just other parts. Who is she?

  4. Eric Newhill says:

    She is Stephanie Carter, Ash Carter’s ex-wife.
    Snopes says the hands on breasts is photoshopped (take Snopes with a grain of salt. It’s a leftist information control organization).
    In the video that Snopes shows (see link) Biden is just rubbing her shoulders. It’s still a little creepy and Ash reacts by subsequently placing his hands on his wife’s shoulders; a male reacting to Biden’s touching by reasserting that the woman is his.

  5. Jack says:

    Stock markets up. Non-investment grade bond markets up. Treasury bond market is up. Dollar is up relative to most other currencies.
    Is money printing and massive federal government debt growth so powerful?

  6. Eric Newhill says:

    Correction: The woman is Amie Parnes . Stephanie Ash is a different photo.
    Even Snopes admits that Biden was up against Stephanie’s backside and had hands around her waist. These women being dedicated liberals aren’t going to say anything to harm Biden.

  7. CK says:

    “Who is she?”
    She looks happy, it’s almost as if young women will let rich, powerful older men grab them whenever and wherever. I am sure I have heard/read/experienced that somewhere before; of course I am long in the tooth and could be misremembering previous reality.

  8. TV says:

    I’m not so sure that the mass of people – the lambs (baby sheep) – will figure out the Democrat-media plan for a destroyed economy to get rid of Trump.
    If anything has been clear since March, it is that the huge number of lambs will look to their mommy government to tell them how to live.
    Grown-ups are a distinct minority in the country.
    Throughout history, societies have usually died by suicide, not by an external force.

  9. Artemesia says:

    @ Eric Newhill, regarding “Infrastructure projects” a la FDR:
    If what is actually happening in Montgomery County, MD and Fairfax – Arlington, VA is any indication, “infrastructure” = erecting surveillance cameras and WiFi towers in every conceivable location.
    GW Memorial Parkway and Canal Road, among others, remain scrub boards of potholed, patched, corrugated roadbeds.
    My particular municipality has husbanded its water resources prudently, but the same cannot be said for, i.e.Baltimore and DC, where winter water-main breaks occur regularly.
    I’ve been healthy all my life, until 2020 when what had originally been a “simple” cancer — Basal cell — recurred and transmuted to squamous: There followed 3 surgeries, the last just days before surgical centers were shut down & my surgeon was reduced to answering e-mails. For the past 4 weeks & the next 4 weeks I make daily visits to a cancer center for radiation treatments — Yes, Virginia, there are other health issues, treatments, and revenue-producing medical centers busy at work.
    I’ve been referred to four or five of the major hospital or treatment centers in the DC-MD-VA region: every one of them has major construction projects in the works that are still fully engaged: only the clang of the MRI drowns out the sounds of the cranes and earth movers just across the way.
    Medicine is big business, and at least one segment of medical treatment — cancer care, likely as not involving tremendously expensive radiation generation machinery & sophisticated computers to control them — is booming. With good reason: cancer is the #2 cause of death of Americans, second only to heart disease. Similar to heart disease (and based on a tidbit from oft discredited Dr. Shiva Ayydurai of Massachusetts & ), there are behavioral aspects to the prevalence of cancer, diet high in sugars chief among them. (It is my present belief (belief — based on my imprecise understanding of the details of the technology of electromagnetic fields) that the prevalence of towers carrying radio frequencies also plays role in the numbers of cancer cases, my own included. That Trump “quietly” signed legislation favoring greater use and monitoring of 5G only feeds my suspicions: why “quietly”? Since when does Trump do things “quietly”? Is there a connection between Trump’s “quiet” legislation; “contact tracing;” US conflict with China over Huawei; the spurt in construction of cell towers & surveillance systems on public thoroughfares? Is Covid 19 a cover for these activities that the populace just might question if they were allowed to discuss uncensored online or in neighborhood or community gatherings?
    US is at 75,000 so-labeled Covid deaths, but for the last 10 years, at least 600,000 Americans have died of cancer each year, 33% to 35% of those who are diagnosed and treated for the disease (numbers that do not include basal cell cancer: it’s worth noting that treatment of my basal – squamous cancer is approaching the $75,000 mark; I’m >65, so Medicare aka taxpayers aka my children & grandchildren cover a percentage of that cost).
    Tara Reade aside, whatever happened to Joe Biden’s Cancer Moon Shot?
    After the Obama admin. declared and funded the government’s effort late in 2016, in July of 2019, Biden “quietly” shut down the foundation he had created to fight cancer
    Why invest in eradicating cancer when treating it is a revenue- producer?

  10. Eric Newhill says:

    I’m probably posting too much, but I have to say that Washington must be a very weird place. In the corporate world, I have female staff that report to me, I have female peers and I have female superiors. I would never even think about putting my hands on them, let alone do it. Not on the waist, not on the shoulders, not on the arm. Sure, there are single employees (no doubt some married ones too) that might date and become lovers outside of the office, but never a public display. It just isn’t done.

  11. jerseycityjoan says:

    I do not know what the Democrats are doing. I am still not over the sudden reversal of Fortune that made Joe Biden the loser into Joe Biden the winner. I got a fundraising email recently that said a poll that had only been wrong once in decades showed that Trump would win.
    It seems that it’s the Republicans who want a time-out on more coronavirus so spending. Senators Harris and Sanders have a bill now that proposed giving monthly payments of $10,000 for a family of five to people making $100,000 or less from March until the coronavirus emergency is over. This money would go to all residents including illegal immigrants.
    What kind of message are they trying to send with this? This is a ridiculous fantasy that should not be coming from people who want to be president. Not when you want healthcare for all and other big ticket programs after the coronavirus virus is over. Not when we don’t know how much more necessary spending we’ll have to do before we can distribute an effective vaccine.
    From all I’ve seen I think unemployment is going to remain high for a long time. I am even more worried about the future. I wish the way forward looked more clear.

  12. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    In consideration of the fact that, if one runs the numbers on the bulk of the reported deaths from CoVID-1984, these are from Democrat strongholds, perhaps launching a meme naming this the Blue Death (as opposed to the Black Death), and enthusiastically employing it is in order?
    My state of New Jersey would be a whole lot better off if it were not butted up against the plague-spewing sink of NYC. (And not only biological plagues, but also moral, behavioral, and attitudinal plagues…)
    We live in the southern part of the state, but despite that it’s not far enough away, particularly given that our governor, Murphy, is a NYC metro boy, and we all know – don’t we ever – that NYC is the navel (or something) of the world. Or so we have been propagandized to believe, seemingly from time immemorial.
    I was driving my stepson up to North Jersey a while back so he could complete his purchase of a used Volkswagen Passat, and as we began making passage through the urbanized zones with all of those highrise apartments to either side of us as we were driving up the Garden State Parkway, we agreed that the contemplation of living in a hive such as this was a vision of hell. Oh, I am sure that there are many good people who live there, but the sheer numbers of complacent – and compliant – bugmen in this conurbation makes it a certainty that our views will never, ever prevail in this state.

  13. J says:

    I wonder if Biden ever groped Pelosi? Photos of him continually hugging/groping Hillary are on the net.
    This photo-shop is interesting

  14. Grumete Elora Danan says:

    In case Biden wins the election, next time any woman asks in a restaurant, or wherever, -“dónde está el tocador de señoras?”, she will be sent to the WH…

  15. ambrit says:

    The view from down here in the working classes is that the unemployment figures are going to keep going up for some time to come. The several small business owners I have known and spoken with over the last few years have been worried about their economic survival for several years before the Pandemic hit. This is the “icing on the cake” for American small business. The positive outcome arising from the Dreaded Pathogen is that the global supply chain model may have taken a serious and permanent body blow. It will take some years to re-establish local manufacturing of many items, but it will happen. If for no other reason than the fact that this disruption is exposing so many viable business opportunities for ‘local’ small businessmen.
    As for the ‘blame game’ about who will “benefit” from the present downturn; consider that the next administration will be saddled with the worst economic conditions in nearly a hundred years. A canny politico will hope that his or her opponent ends up being blamed for the ‘hard times’ to come. A true CT Conspiracy Tinfoil Hatter would wonder if the DNC was running Biden, hoping to lose, thus, saddling Trump and the Republicans with the onus of dealing with the opening phase of the New Great Depression.
    Stay safe everyone!

  16. Fred says:

    “matches the sentiment of Democratic Party leadership”
    That matches what I see too. If anyone has a FB page take a look at at what your congressionmen/women posts. Debbie Dingel is a good example. She’s transformed herself from corporate GM lobbyist to lefty liberal all set to enact the Green New Deal. Only part of that is due to the weight Ann Arbor weilds in a democratic primary election and ought to give an idea of what the leadership actually thinks. She has also been a Clinton supporter (both of them) and as influential with the DNC and Democratic fundraising for decades, much of it due to her husbands length of service in the House.
    As to rank and file voters, one of the mainstays of leftism, Universities and Municipal school systems have layed off just whom and how many? The President of the University of Michigan took a whopping 10% pay reduction – all the way down to 750,000 or so, plus the home, travel expenses and university police protection. What a big sacrifice in the “We’re all in this together”, and oh, please be sure to buy some meals for all those “first responders” getting all those overtime hours; don’t complain either or we’ll publicly shame you in a social media struggle session. Lots of anger out there, but other than partisans I don’t see too much of it being directed at Trump. I suspect that is a major reason for the vote by mail and same day registraion, they can’t win close elections unless they are rigged, and I don’t think they can rig this one the way they want to.

  17. Seamus Padraig says:

    If that’s the DNC’s plan, I could see it backfiring spectacularly. After all, it’s been the Democrats and media that have been most aggressive in pushing the lockdown; Trump only agreed to it reluctantly and has since, apparently, turned against it.
    And as Eric Newhill pointed out above, there’s all sorts of opportunity here for Trump to outflank the Dems to their left, if that’s what he wants to do. What will the voter think if it’s the Dems holding up a ‘new New Deal’ for all of us over UBI payments to illegal aliens? That’s exactly the sweetspot where Trump needs to be.

  18. Grumete Elora Danan says:

    The sttategy is way eyond winning any elections, and even way beyond the Democrats….
    Look at this seen in liberal paradise Singapore…which every liberal puts as example of everything…
    Wait for one of this anytime you are grilling your steak in the outdoors cuisine…

  19. Fred says:

    Grumete Elora Danan ,
    The left dreams of the police state paradise. We have something even better in America than an over priced robot: Busy bodies with nothing to live for. Now is their hour of glory. Otherwise know by their nickname: Karen.

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