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“Michigan Republicans find no voter fraud and say Trump claims ludicrous” – TTG

An investigation into the Michigan election by state Republican lawmakers has concluded that there is no evidence of widespread fraud and dismissed the need for an Arizona-style forensic audit of the results. The news comes amid a broad push by … Continue reading

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Bill Maher and John Stewart

“Liberals are becoming way too snide. Liberals are paralyzed by woke culture. Liberals keep sounding apocalyptic alarms about the dreadful state of society when things have actually gotten much better. Those aren’t my words, though much of it boils down … Continue reading

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Catholic Bishop’s Conference considers Biden’s fate.

“American bishops will discuss whether the Catholic Church should bar pro-abortion and pro-LGBTQ politicians from receiving Holy Communion.  Church leadership remains divided on the issue as Biden, only the second Catholic U.S. president, holds stances that are contrary to church teachings. VATICAN LAW CRIMINALIZES SEXUAL ABUSE OF … Continue reading

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Rather than visit the SW border, Harris prefers to cavort with gay constituents.

“Vice President Kamala Harris made a surprise appearance at the Pride event in Washington on Saturday but it was one of her protectors who drew the attention of many Twitter users. Any time a president or vice president mingles with the public becomes a … Continue reading

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AOC is repudiated by her aunt

Comment: AOC is a Far Left radical who was infected with Marxist ideas at Boston University. BU is a third tier university where socialist indoctrination takes precedence over all else. Her laughable, but nonetheless frightening ideology evidently extends to flat … Continue reading

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“Mirror, mirror on the wall”

“To use the analogy of criminal law, that would mean that all the federal government would have to do is accuse a defendant of committing a crime, and at that point it would be up to the defendant to prove … Continue reading

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“Where are we?”

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“‘Racist’ Hunter texts more proof of Bidens ‘projecting their White privilege’ onto America: Miranda Devine”

‘Newly-uncovered text messages from first son Hunter Biden are another example of the Biden family’s history of White privilege and derogatory attitude toward African-Americans, New York Post columnist Miranda Devine said Tuesday on “Hannity.” In damning texts reported by the London Daily Mail, the … Continue reading

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CNN Ambush interview

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Soros loses one

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