“FDA panel endorses first COVID-19 pill.”

“A panel of U.S. health advisers on Tuesday narrowly backed a closely watched COVID-19 pill from Merck, setting the stage for a likely authorization of the first drug that Americans could take at home to treat the coronavirus.

The Food and Drug Administration panel voted 13-10 that the antiviral drug’s benefits outweigh its risks, including potential birth defects if used during pregnancy.

“I see this as an incredibly difficult decision with many more questions than answers,” said panel chair Dr. Lindsey Baden of Harvard Medical School, who voted in favor of the drug. He said FDA would have to carefully tailor the drug’s use for patients who stand to benefit most.

The recommendation came after hours of debate about the drug’s modest benefits and potential safety issues. Most experts backing the treatment stressed that it should not be used by anyone who is pregnant and called on FDA to recommend extra precautions before the drug is prescribed, such as pregnancy tests for women of child-bearing age.”

Comment: There will be several more oral therapies for COVID-19. They will break the back of the maniacal leftist drive to achieve population control in the US. pl


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  1. plantman says:

    “Yesterday I wrote about the potential dangers the antiviral drug molnupiravir could unleash by supercharging new SARS-CoV-2 variants. Today, my focus is on the people who may receive the drug as a treatment and the possibility that molnupiravir could lead to cancerous tumors in those patients and birth defects in the unborn.” (Forbes)


    Why is heaven’s name would they approve this??

    I don’t know about you, but the FDA is starting to scare the hell out of me. Seriously.

    • blue peacock says:


      You know this was a political decision not scientific or medical. The vote was 13-10 so you can see how potentially bad this could be where so many voted against despite the political pressure.

      When you have Scott Gottlieb revolving from FDA chief to Pfizer board member and using his media access where he is presented as former FDA head opining about the pandemic. He uses every such opportunity to push for more vaccines. He’s been pushing boosters for quite some time. There’s never a mention on these media appearances of his conflict of interest where he has a personal financial interest in having the government purchase more and more vaccines and forcing it on the citizenry.

  2. Lysias says:

    Is this, like Pfizermectin, a ripoff on ivermectin (at 100 times the price)?

  3. Aletheia in Athens says:

    People do not need meds for an ionfection which has 99% sirvival rate..

    It is clear we are changing business here from oil to pharma…

    I deeply distrust everything pharma now, and all related to hospitals and especially ICUs whose heads are all day in the media promoting mass vaccination for all in spite of the ammounting evidence, and thsu, will, forthe foreseable turn to natural remedies and immune boosts.

    That´s what the Covid plandemic just achieved. I fear we have some millions around the world which the pharma industry definitely totally lost because of its extrem greed and lak of moral conmpass.

    Good luck with the side effects.

    I will see them sink in the stockmarket, may be it will not happne soon, but will happen no doubtm that could be or oreviously or after the Nuremberg trial..

  4. gordon reed says:

    I thought the left wanted open borders and more immigration not population control.

    • Eliot says:

      “ I thought the left wanted open borders and more immigration not population control.”


      They want fewer White Americans.

      – Eliot

      • gordon reed says:

        The biggest driver of illegal immigration over the last decades is the business community hiring them, most of them have jobs lined up and a place to live before they get here. I am not including the current batch who are seeking amnesty.

  5. Aletheia in Athens says:

    Some Australian abroginal people who tested negative escaped the detention facility Howard Springs, to then a few were recaptured and returned to the concentratiom camp…
    I wonde whether they were thrown the dogs also, although, since cosncience and nature is with us, past day I saw a video where a dog a policeman was trying to throw against unarmed and peaceful protesters agsint mandates, suddenly decided it was right to turn against the policeman holding him instead….Good boy….
    Do not you think dogs have a sixth sense?


    Australia, of course, as good vasal satrapy and ofrmer nation state, is also invited to the “Summit for Democracy”…

    • Pat Lang says:

      A in A

      “Australia, of course, as good vasal satrapy and former nation state, is also invited to the “Summit for Democracy”” I have been tolerating you because you have been moderate. Be careful.…

      • Aletheia in Athens says:

        Apologies, Colonel Lang, it was not my intentions to be rude, just thought we were not mincing words wuite time ago here, and thus am letting myself loose..all the more taking into account that we are mostly amongst military people.
        I apologize to dames here if anytime they felt I was a bit rude, like the other day with the memorable ending of “The Unchutable Will Hunting”, but the times are not for finesse.

        Anyway, Colonel Lang, may be its about time to stop talking, go organizing and go underground?

        Just saw a communication in Telegram by allegedly Michael Yeadon on which the plans are from now to March 2022, it seems they are accelerating pace, and martial law is not far from today.
        We are in phase 5 now, of 6, for what it seems…

        Who knows, anyway, thanks a lot for your hospitality, take care.

    • Peter Williams says:

      Howard Springs is a quarantine facility, and those type of facilities have existed for centuries. Look up the origin of the word “quarantine”, it is from the middle Italian for 40, ie the 40 days of quarantine. They are not “concentration camps” and even Aboriginal Elders support the quarantine. Go to an Aboriginal camp, they are in the middle of nowhere, overcrowded, with bad roads and limited medical facilities – by choice! The ADF was called in to remove infected persons, all 20 ADF personnel, because they have vehicles that can negotiate the “roads”. ADF personnel do not carry weapons in these activities. They do not have Police powers. They cannot remove people by force. Stop believing the BS promulgated by antivaxers and other idiots. And by the way, I am not vaccinated, and have no intention of getting an mRNA vaccine, all that I am currently offered in Australia. Sputnik or Sinopharm – probably.

      • Fred says:

        That is not the Australian government but the government of the Norther Territories.

        They have lots of mandatory vaccinatinations, checks for vaccinations, refusal of service for lax of vax, etc. It’s right on their own website.
        Refusal of service to the unvaccinated:
        There’s more, too.

        “Look up the origin of the word “quarantine””

        Unlike the word ‘vaccine’, which in the US meant something completely different until the Federal government decided to change the definition.

        ” ADF personnel do not carry weapons in these activities. They do not have Police powers. They cannot remove people by force.”

        Does anyone with police powers accompany them? That’s what happened in Tampa in 2021 when the health department and code enforcement went around enforcing local occupancy mandates. They had not police powers, the cops with them did. The later didn’t enforce the mandate, they just enforce other laws once the health or code people complained. A nice administrative trick. Oh, look, yes that’s what they do, per the BBC:

        “stop believing the BS promulgated by antivaxers and other idiots.” Like RT. And unlike the reliable sources you linked to.
        Meanwhile in completely unreliable Australia news, protests. https://www.rt.com/news/541490-australia-massive-protests-mandates/

      • Aletheia in Athens says:

        The fact that you are unvaccinated does not conferes you any more credibility in asserting anything, just shows you are either a bit more intelligent than the mass, or have a bit better survival instinct, although it could well be that you are one of those officials exempt from vaccination, as it is the case of members of US Congress and Senate, FDA and CDC personal, Pfizer, Moderna and J&J personel, WH and its staff and workers, plus, Pentagon high ranks.

        I bet the latter since, how otherwise can you explain this video by Australian aboriginal people, mostly in their medium and elder age, asking for help to the peoples of the world? And why the youngsters would had escaped from such luxurious and comfortable resort once they knew they have tested negative, thus understanding that keeping spread of infection controled is not the real goal there, why they were returned againts their will once hunt and captured, which equates a summary detention? Have the basci human rights been suspended in Australia?


        If I got to know from this little corner, how is that you do not?

        Australia is being the ground test for what is coming, if you are not able to recognize what ius being unleashed there you are in for a shocking awakening.

        • Peter Williams says:

          You use a foreign language twitter comment that most Australians, and probably no Aboriginal Australian would understand. How do I not know about this? I only understand English, Latin, German and Russian. No Aboriginal Elder has reported this.

          As to being exempt from vaccination, I am not. Come 17 December, I will be prohibited from pubs and clubs, open air concerts, and a few other places. Ho-hum, I don’t frequent those establishments. I can go to all the places that I go to.

          • Aletheia in Athens says:

            The video inlcuded in the twit by aboriginals is in plain English with down under aboriginal accent, you luminaire…

            Tha fact that you willingly ingore it shows your intentions here…

            You will not prevail….we are many more…

          • Aletheia in Athens says:

            And, you do not want to hear ot from a foreign language Twitter account, go looking for Alex Christoforou´s channel from The Duran which offers a whole coverage of this “incident”, of course, mincing words, as they have already seen some bans on them.

            You can find it in Telegram The Duran channel and alos on YouTube for a while…although I very doubt you need any added clarification, you are aware of the slightest detail I fear…

  6. akaPatience says:

    It’s all about money and mutual back-scratching. This is the drug the US Government already paid Merck $700 per 5-day course per patient. God apparently forbid the FDA to allow physicians to treat their Covid patients with much-cheaper therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

  7. Babeltuap says:

    Covid is similar to the Black Plague. The only difference is instead of “bring out your dead” it’s “bring out your dead Constitutional Rights”.

    I tell you what though, if people don’t snap out of this trance we will be bringing out our dead fighting to get all our rights back.

  8. Niels Laughlin says:

    Since there is now a pill for COVID, the legal basis for the emergency use authorization for the vaccines is nullified and should be withdrawn. Actually, there was no legal basis in the first place because we had always Ivermectin and other therapies.

    • different clue says:

      As a mere layman, I feel like the “studies” I have seen of Ivermectin have been carefully engineered to produce the desired “failure”, which could then be trumpeted as
      ” There! You see? Ivermectin doesn’t work!”

      I would like to see studies of Ivermectin designed to see whether in fact it does work or could work, or not. I would hope there is a way to begin giving Ivermectin to people very early in the course of the covid infection to see whether it could delay or deny the explosive growth and spread of covid within the body to begin with.

      The best way we could do that ( and this might only work within countries which have a genuine viable effective protocol for contact-tracing and contact-warning) would be to begin giving the experimental-protocol Ivermectin-dosing to people who have been exposed to people who present with covid, as soon as those people can be identified and so advised. That would give Ivermectin a fair chance to work ( or not) before the virus has a chance to achieve runaway levels within the body of contact-traced and so-advised people as soon as they are known to have been in the room with covid.

      • TTG says:

        different clue,

        A lot of the ivermectin studies I’ve seen are inconclusive or flawed, but I finally found a review of clinical studies that shows ivermectin in a good light. I know nothing of the journal or the study’s author, but it states:

        “Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.”

        And the final line:

        “Ivermectin is likely to be an equitable, acceptable, and feasible global intervention against COVID-19. Health professionals should strongly consider its use, in both treatment and prophylaxis.”


        • Deap says:

          Cochrane Studies offer respectable reviews of published studies, if you ever run across one. They evaluate the credibility of the study parameters, before they weigh the validity of any one study’s conclusions.

          NIH National Library of Medicine online search engine PubMed offers Cochrane Reviews on various topics, but by all means not on all of them. Great when you can find on on a topic since they do the heavy lifting on any chosen research topic.

  9. Fred says:

    “he antiviral drug’s benefits outweigh its risks, including potential birth defects if used during pregnancy.” The risk to infants from Covid is essentially zero. The risk to child bearing age women is also close to zero.

    Why aren’t they approving Ivermeticin and the rest as a treatment?

    The risk of

  10. Barbara Ann says:

    It will be very interesting to see how the availability of oral treatments for home use impact existing Vaxx mandates. I tentatively agree with your comment Colonel. For those of us who suspect the mandates were/are primarily about controlling the populous, an alternative which may be taken (or not) in the privacy of one’s home would seem to be a step in the opposite direction. I am thus wary of where this will go. Will the oral versions be tested for and thus mandated in the same way as the Vaxx?

  11. JK/AR says:

    As ‘plantman’ above has it, “I don’t know about you, but the FDA is starting to scare the hell out of me.”

    For me the FDA managed that back in September when, although the voting members overwhelmingly voted “No” they were overruled by the three ‘heads of department.’


    And so here we are. We should rather, demand how we got here.

    Shall we review? (This link goes to a friend’s site – I do comment on this one, unlike all the other blogs I have thus far placed here in comments. Albeit the shorter just ‘JK’.)


  12. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Colonel Lang, and others,

    I did a quick query at my go to search engine, DuckDuckGo, in quest of the name of the original patent holder for Ivermectin to confirm my belief that this had been none other than Merck. It was, and in the course of that, I found this very informative article from the two gentlemen who had written a prior published opinion in the Wall Street Journal about the disparagement of Ivermectin as a possible treatment, and potentially even as a prophylaxis, against the Coof. This article supplied some very interesting information about “off label” prescribing of and the permissable promotion of FDA approved “safe and effective” drugs for other diseases and maladies. I learned some good information.


    Incidentally, one of the authors worked at Merck as they modified/improved the original Avermectin to Ivermectin, and was involved in this endeavor. I recommend this article, not only for the way it revealed the deceitfulness of the FDA (with specific examples), but also for insight into the gamesmanship involved in the pharmaceutical industry and the reasons why for these activities.

    • Mal says:

      Go back to when the Sherman’s were murdered in 2017, when covid inoculation patents were being applied for. Apotex, the Sherman’s company, made inexpensive (off patent) HCQ and Ivermetcin. Who needs expensive untested meds, when cheap off patent drugs are readily available.

      Cheers Mal

  13. MapleLeaf says:

    The FDA exists primarily to ensure that the myth of government sponsored monopolies (drug patents) for Big Pharma continues… or at least that seems to be its present occupation.

    A majority of these companies’ drug research funding comes from government coffers, yet they are allowed to inflate the prices of the drugs and horde such ill-gained profit.

    If the universities and public institutes are doing most of the funding and research, then such developments should be for the public good…

    But as an old economics professor of mine once said “someone’s cost is another’s income”

    • different clue says:

      One of my mental disabilities is my extreme literality of linear thought. Given that, it looks to me as if the actual words of your comment are saying that ” it is a myth that the government sponsors monopolies ( drug patents) for Big Pharma.

      I suspect I may not be understanding your real meaning, but that is what the literal words seem to say to my literal mind. Could you clarify your meaning for me in a literal-minded way, if you think I even deserve that level of literal clarification?

      • MapleLeaf says:

        I have a habit of jumping between ideas as I compose sentences, and sometimes I don’t update what I’ve previously written correctly on my system because the text boxes are cut off and/or I’m in a rush.

        The best way to read it would be to strike out the word “myth” entirely, and instead read the statement as if it were instead “gift”…

    • Deap says:

      Remembering your old econ prof’s one line reminds me of the SNL comedy skit – Father Guido Sarducci’s Five Minute University. He claimed he could teach anyone in five minutes what the typical college graduate still remembers, five years after graduation.

      His one line Five Minute University econ course was “supply and demand”. I think your remembered one liner is even better: “someone’s costs is another’s income.”

      As a kicker, he handed out a glass of orange juice to cover a college spring break in Florida. Back when SNL was funny.

  14. akaPatience says:

    IF I’M UNDERSTANDING THIS CORRECTLY, it seems the FDA’s attempt to conceal the entirety of Pfizer vaccine data supporting its EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) until several decades hence, DUE TO A FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) DEAL made with a requester, it must nevertheless release 500 pages per month of the approximate 360,000-page report.

    I’ll leave it to others who may be more adept at sifting through data, but I noticed in a table of adverse vaccine events on pg. 7, of the 42,086 cases in the study, 1,223 of the events are labeled fatalities. Since I’m hardy a statistician, I very much welcome anyone else to take a look at this and correct my interpretation if I’m wrong, as 1,223 (2.9%) seems significant to me:


    • akaPatience says:

      I should note that these are instances of reported adverse reactions — not that 2.9% of all people who were vaccinated died during the study period. Still, when I had a recent “wellness” visit with my primary care physician and balked at getting a booster, he claimed that only 1 person has died from a Covid vaccine, which is obviously wrong.

  15. ISL says:

    Dear Colonel, apparently revised data suggest 35% efficacy, so IMO: Scam for fed $$ with no impact on the effort to impose mandatory bi-monthly boosters (the logical end result of current policies) that will muck up the test subjects (all US vaccines are experimental) immune systems driving a rise in common cold mortality from negligible to major.

    Interestingly, the number of “safe and effective” drugs and medical devices approved by the FDA and recommended for recall per year (I looked this up) is around 4200.
    Four thousand and two hundred.
    Every year.
    And that is only recommended recall – the FDA cannot recall anything – that takes lawsuits winding their way through the courts.

    >>>The FDA is the US pharmaceutical marketing division.<<<


    • Sam says:

      The FDA receives 45% of its budget from the pharmaceutical industry.

      Mull that one over.


      No conflict of interest. The regulator paid by the regulated.

      • JerseyJeffersonian says:

        There is a name for this; it’s called regulatory capture. And it is augmented in its effects when the Revolving Door goes into action when the executives of pharmaceutical companies are tapped for executive positions in the FDA. Got it all sewn up, so it would seem.

        Of the people, by the people, for the people…

        Say what?

      • Deap says:

        I would also venture Big Pharm gets 90% of its underlying drug research from government agencies.

        (Speculation only, but not far off)

  16. Deap says:

    For the whatever file:

    Democrats, with help from China, turned on covid in 2020. Got rid of Trump. Mission accomplished. Now Democrats don’t know how to turn off covid. It is biting them now big time.

    China rushes in to help Democrats yet again – China now claims they can neutralize all strains of covid.

    Just like that – covid is crushed thanks to Democrat’s BFF – the Chinese. Biden lives another day.


  17. Deap says:

    Dr Oz, now running for Senator from Pennsylvania makes an excellent op ed statement in today’s WSJ about the government’ s past two years response to “covid”. “When you mix medicine with politics, you get politics.” (WSJ 12/2/21)

    He correctly identifies the major government mismanagement issues and political exploitations of “covid”. He articulates a very impressive grasp of the issues and impacts of this misguided political takeover of national health policy.

  18. Sam says:

    Australian Hayley Hodgson was placed in a Covid internment camp despite testing negative for the virus

    She was confined to a box for 14 days, offered valium when she complained about confinement, and lost her job

    “You feel like you’re in prison…”


    “And that’s how it is done … step by step … slowly.”
    – Auschwitz survivor 94-year-old Marian Turski


    Watch the 2 videos linked above. The juxtaposition… Now think about what’s happening in Austria, Australia, Germany and New Zealand. And what our Dear Leader is attempting here in the Land of the Free.

    My dear committee we’re at a crossroad. Step by step as Marian Turski articulates. Who will each of us be?

    • blue peacock says:

      The Aussie internment camp official is reminiscent of German railroad officials making the trains run on time knowing the cattle cars are loaded with the “unvaccinated” being sent for the gas treatment. I know nuttin. Just following orders.

      Australia and New Zealand and now Austria are really good examples of how easily totalitarianism slips in with the full acquiescence of the majority of the people and even cheered along by so many. Until of course they get loaded on the cattle cars themselves, when it is naturally too late.

      As Marian Turski notes – step by step. Where we are today did not come overnight. We were silent when warrantless surveillance was introduced. We were silent when the Patriot Act was enacted. We did nothing when the Iraq WMD hoax was known. Recall how many on the right attacked those that questioned the invasion of Iraq on false pretenses as unpatriotic and Fox News was mandated in most government offices as they cheered the destruction of Iraq and the breeding of ISIS. We then did nothing when the Russia Collusion hoax was perpetrated and the left media created hysteria of a Manchurian candidate. We did not demand accountability when the intelligence & law enforcement apparatus attempted a coup on a duly elected President. Instead most of the left cheered it.

      Now we have lockdown. Mask mandates and in some cases forcible injection of biologics at penalty of losing a job or accessing public services. And in Australia internment camps. How long before detention for Pre Crime?

      • Sam says:


        The German railroad officials exemplifies the complicity of the majority towards tyranny. The response to this man-made virus and the manufactured hysteria shows us all the totalitarians in our society and the complicity of the majority. To not believe this is just one more step is to live an illusion.

        The South Africa President refuses vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.


        Euronazis doubling down on failed vaccines as America wakes up, led by pro-freedom red states.


        This should come us no surprise as Europeans return to their fascist proclivity. What is staggering is the speed of descent of Australia and New Zealand into totalitarian apartheid.

  19. Sam says:

    Marketed as life-saving public health measures, lockdowns triggered death and economic devastation on a global scale while doing little to slow the spread of Covid


    Lockdown had nothing to do with public health. It made no sense from the very beginning. It disproportionately impacted the working class and poor adversely. It also has had huge costs for kids who couldn’t go to school for over a year and those ill who couldn’t get treatment. It exacerbated the situation with those with mental illness. It has had longer term costs with all the supply chain disruptions we see today, not to mention all those small businesses who had to close.

    The lockdowners need to be held accountable.

  20. Deap says:

    Strict lockdowns recently imposed re-creates the reach of the Third Reich: Germany, Austria, Italy now under severe restrictions, as this author points out. Is there an internet love for fascism that still exists today among some leading nations in Europe?


  21. Deap says:

    Both covid data analysis and covid policy decisions are finally getting the long view: what appears to be a good book explores the “covid hysteria” which has taken over our past two years:

    Pandemia by NYT Reporter – Alex Berenson

    …”The most important fact about the coronavirus pandemic that turned the world upside down in 2020 is that our response to it has been an epic overreaction driven by a disastrous confluence of public and private interests–all of them purporting to “follow the science.”

    Since the lockdowns began, millions of Americans have relied on the reporting of Alex Berenson. Exposing the hysteria and manipulation behind the worst failure of public policy since World War I, this clear-eyed journalist has been a critical source of reason and truth.

    The product of relentless investigation and research, Pandemia explains how an illness that many people will never even know they had became the occasion for economically ruinous lockdowns and the suppression of personal freedom on a previously unimaginable scale. Dispassionate, factual, and untainted by any agenda other than telling the truth, this is the account that pandemic-weary Americans desperately need.

    Regnery Publishing, Incorporated, an Eagle Publishing Company

    Pandemia : How Coronavirus Hysteria Took over Our Government, Rights, and Lives
    Alex Berenson
    Publication Year
    350 Pages…”

  22. Deap says:

    Mandatory covid injections are simply not out-running the accumulating data.

    CDC all cause mortality reports now claim elderly are dying at even higher rates this past year (2021) than last- the first Year of Covid (2020) with no vaccine. The elderly rank as top vaccinated demographic. Something else is happening.


    NB: Trust, but verify since this article claims 99% of elderly are vaccinated – don’t think it is that high – but maybe 99% in many congregate care facilities are vaccinated.

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