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The U.S. Congress as professional wrestling puts on a show about the federal government’s public debt limit

By Robert Willmann As a type of theater, professional wrestling is a scripted performance to entice the audience and coax it to come back for more. With in-your-face interviews before and after a match including insolent insults, and fascinating stunts … Continue reading

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The court system is being pulled off a cliff. An example is the state criminal charge against former president and current candidate Donald Trump.

By Robert Willmann In what are usually called totalitarian governments or dictatorships, an order is given to the police or the internal security organization — the country’s “Interior Ministry” or “Department of Homeland Security” — to go arrest and detain … Continue reading

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The public is entitled to all videos and images relating to the events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021

By Robert Willmann The fix is almost in. The presentation last night (Monday) of several videos and images by Fox News Host Tucker Carlson relevant to the protest and disturbance at the Capitol building on 6 January 2021 is very … Continue reading

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The Ohio train derailment with toxic chemicals is a serious situation with little reporting

By Robert Willmann After a train derailed at East Palestine, Ohio on 3 February 2023, and toxic chemicals were released and burned, there was little reporting on what was and is a dangerous situation. Finally, after 11 days of virtual … Continue reading

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The Cat’s Meow

Happy New Year Everyone! Now sit back and get ready to enjoy a new, new, story from the New CNN, Chat Noir News. Nine lives, many tales. Now I know you are probably wondering just where Ray Epps is vacationing … Continue reading

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Remember. Members of Congress are not cleared for secrets – republished 2023

I have written on this often.  Members of the US Congress do not have vetted information security clearances.  They have access to government secrets because of their constitutional office as elected representatives of the citizens of the US.  This is … Continue reading

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The president is the sole authority on declassification – republished 2023

  I wrote this in 2015 concerning HC’s e-mails but it still applies.  Restating the case, the classification system in the US exists solely by Executive Order.  It does not exist by law.  All classifications of information are derivative from … Continue reading

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Freedom Caucus chair Scott Perry says they have a “framework” for Kevin McCarthy to be Speaker. Is it a framework or an agreement? Is it enforceable?

By Robert Willmann After two more unsuccessful votes today, 6 January 2023, for Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives, the House will start again at 10:00 p.m. eastern time tonight for more voting. However, in the two votes starting … Continue reading

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The resistance against Kevin McCarthy continues as a 6th vote fails to elect a Speaker of the House

By Robert Willmann The writer Gore Vidal said that in the United States we do not have politics, we have elections. This observation has become more and more accurate. The Democratic and Republican Parties have maneuvered themselves into being the … Continue reading

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“NSA Seems to Be Spying on UFOs” – TTG

This week brings a new DoD release through the Freedom of Information Act which opens up a whole new front in the endless “What does Uncle Sam secretly know about UFOs?” debate. Back in July, The Black Vault, which specializes … Continue reading

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