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Colin Powell’s E-mails – Re-posted 18 October 2021 on the occasion of his death

When I was in the government in one capacity or another I had various interactions with Powell.  He was always very decent to me, and often refused to let the various generals, admirals and other potentates in the room silence … Continue reading

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And then, there is this …

“A former federal election official on Thursday called the $400 million-plus that Mark Zuckerberg spent to help finance local elections a “carefully orchestrated attempt” to influence the 2020 vote — and recommended that all states ban private funding of election offices. Hans … Continue reading

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Who is running the White House?

“Judge Jeanine Pirro questioned who was really in charge of the White House Saturday on “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”  JUDGE JEANINE: In case you didn’t know it, Joe Biden is the president of the United States in name only. Someone else is running … Continue reading

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I am inclined to think the Clintons’ pal McAuliffe will win.

“GOP Businessman Glenn Youngkin holds a razor-thin lead over former Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor’s race, according to a new Trafalgar poll. When asked, “If the election were held tomorrow, who are you most likely to support?,” 48.4% said … Continue reading

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“Docs Show Biden Admin Opening Border, Handing Out Work Permits” newsmax

“Border Patrol documents show at least 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the country under the Biden administration with little oversight, monitoring, or risk for deportation — and have even been granted a level of legal status through temporary work … Continue reading

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Is Jake Sullivan a target for Durham?

“Washington was rocked last month by the sudden indictment of Michael Sussman, former counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee, for his alleged role in spreading a false Russia conspiracy theory. Special counsel John Durham – who is variously … Continue reading

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“$100M in unused border wall materials …” foxnews

“More than $100 million worth of border wall materials are going to waste in Texas after the Biden administration terminated all border construction contracts. Fox News’ Bill Melugin reported that there is enough steel for over 100 miles of border wall, but only about 14 … Continue reading

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Fly the Friendly Skys, the Bandon Way.

There appears to be a major Biden Presidency Coverup operation underway in the press. Over 600 flights cancelled in Jacksonville. It was that attrocious weather, so ‘experts’ say, you can see it here:  7,703 total views

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Appeals court upholds Texas abortion law.

“The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed to a request from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton that an injunction imposed against the law be lifted. On Wednesday, a lower court had temporarily blocked the bill for the “offensive deprivation” of … Continue reading

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“Could Democrats’ Pressure on Sinema, Manchin Lead to Party, and Senate, Swap?” newsmax

If Manchin or Sinema decided to switch parties, the fallout would be seismic. Such a move would hand the GOP control of the Senate and likely render Biden’s flailing agenda officially dead – but, Davidiuk points out, a swap by … Continue reading

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