Fed-Up Aussies Rally Against Their Totalitarian Masters

What is happening in Australia is truly shocking. The leftist rulers in Melbourne and Sydney are behaving as a 21st Century gestapo. They are attacking unarmed protestors and trying desperately to quash a free press. The Communist Chinese are taking notes and will use these tactics against any Chinese that dare to protest their authoritarian rule.  It is brutal, mindless and ruthless.

Check out this encounter with Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini in Melbourne:


But some right-thinking Aussies are having none of it and are pushing back. Thousands are taking to the streets despite strong-arm measures to prevent the citizens of Australia from assembling peacefully.


There are some aspiring tyrants in the United States who yearn to do here what the uniformed thugs are doing in Australia. I am thinking of the crazy policies of NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, NY Governor Kathy Hochul and California Governor Gavin Newsom. The biggest difference between us and those folks down under? We still have guns and ammo.

The tyrannical, authoritarian behavior of the Australian Government is a stain on what was once an honorable country. Some parts of America have started down this despicable path. Fight the fear people. Fight the fear.

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  1. Deap says:

    Study: Media created hysteria and toilet paper panic buying well before “covid” arrived on our shores. Social media confirmed as the driver of the “covid panic”.


    Cui bono?

  2. walrus says:

    Larry, relax, fortunately for your blood pressure, very little of this is true. The protests, so far, have been driven by a combination of anti vaxxers, nutcase sovereign citizens, the loony left, the fascist right and a percentage of young fit types who just like an opportunity to fight police.

    The washup from the construction industry protest two weeks ago is hilarious:

    1. The poor dears protested because their lunch rooms were closed.

    2. The nurses uniion and nurses got stuck into these precious snowflakes because their working conditions are much worse.

    3. The union leaders (John Setka – not a nice guy, now has covid, as do his followers and the union office is closed for cleaning.

    I say “so far” because our Fuhrere has just done something sill. More to follow.

    • AngusinCanada says:

      Walrus, with all due respect, for you to dismiss the unfolding nightmare that is Australia as ‘anti-vaxxers’ and the ‘looney left’ complainers shows an appalling ignorance of what has happened, to varying degrees, to almost all liberal western democracies. I suppose it’s also a reflection of the tremendous power of state and corporate propaganda, which has been relentless in its screeching of impending viral doom if we don’t submit to outrageous diktats.

  3. Babeltuap says:

    Donald Henderson, the man responsible for rolling out the Small Pox vaccine, the most successful global vaccination in history was against restrictive measures. 2006 He said restrictive measures during a pandemic would create a loss in trust of the government.

    What he should have said is look out for anyone trying to implement restrictive measures. Their goal is to set the planet on fire and watch it burn. There is no science behind any of it. Only thing behind it is madness and evil.

  4. Fred says:


    “The Communist Chinese are taking notes and will use these tactics against any Chinese that dare to protest their authoritarian rule.”

    You have that backwards. The authoritarians in the Australian government are imposing control over their citizens the same way the Chinese already do. They are imposing media restrictions the same way the Chinese already do. Add to that the vaccinations are voluntary, says the federal government.

    Not anymore says the State of Victoria:


    “The categories of authorised workers released by the Victoria government….”
    So the Victorian govenrment choses what is authorized, and what is forbidden. “Infections” being the excuse. It is only going to get worse unless the citizens remove the politicians in office from power.

  5. walrus says:

    Fred is right about the State of Victoria; our fearless leader Dan “this hurts me more than it hurts you” Andrews has decreed that all authorized employees must be vaccinated, period. That means Police, healthcare, teachers right down to the local dog catcher need to be vaccinated to work.

    Folks, there are not enough police in the universe to make that stick. Furthermore questions are being asked by our newly enlivened opposition party (Dan is left wing) like how come despite a very tough lockdown, our cases keep going up? Why are golf courses open but golf course toilets closed?

    Indications are that Dan andrews masterly stratagery is about to fall apart.

    However this is the usual political stupidity. There is no need to invoke the illuminati.

    • smoke says:


      Andrews has decreed that all authorized employees must be vaccinated, period. That means Police, healthcare, teachers right down to the local dog catcher need to be vaccinated to work. …Folks, there are not enough police in the universe to make that stick.

      Jay Inslee seems to be pulling off exactly that in Washington state. Deadline Oct 18 to be fully vaccinated or lose your job. No options. The only narrow way around is a medical or religious exemption, and the government has made it clear that very few medical conditions merit exemption.

      Seven percent of workers in state agencies, thousands, have applied for exemptions, mostly religious. These have to be reviewed and approved by some state authority. There have been demonstrations at the state capital. Some state troopers and other workers are suing in court, for violation of constitutional rights and lack of legal authority, but court cases take time.

      Nevertheless, Inslee’s mandate seems to be meeting mostly reluctant compliance, not mass civil disobedience. People need paychecks, esp after more than a year of covid restrictions on movement and commerce. Disappointing.

      Hope you are right about Australians. Maybe they can remind America how resistance is done.

  6. Sam says:

    The totalitarian state of Australia is now going after people for making social media posts


    Apparently there are only a few conditions under which you can leave your house within a 5km radius. Has the Australian constitution been suspended under the guise of covid fear?

  7. Sam says:

    This is Gladys Berejiklian, the premier of New South Wales, Australia. For two years, she has made people’s lives a misery through senseless and brutal lockdowns. Today, she resigned after it was announced she was being investigated for corruption. We are ruled by dogs.


    Corrupt politicians imposing authoritarianism under the guise of covid fear.

  8. Sam says:

    🇵🇱Polish MPs outside the
    🇦🇺Australian Embassy:

    “What is the difference between totalitarianism in the quasi (Australian) version of democracy?.. Australia has contracted Covid madness.. Australia’s police who oppress, harass & attack peaceful citizens…”

    They’re right IMO. Covid madness has swept Australia. Contrast to Sweden which had no lockdown, no mask mandates nor coercion to take a vaccine that doesn’t prevent infection and transmission.

  9. Aletheia in Athens says:

    I was adressed by walrus on my post on a old thread about police visiting people´s homes in Melbourne to question them about calls through Facebook to demonstrate to protest the totalitarian Covid measures, then posted the videos published by Alex Christoforou from The Duran on these policemen harashing people in their homes and one of this citizens asking how they have managed to get his adress through Facebook..

    Well, now they have gone a step further and have banned every posting on news coming from Australia in Facebook…One would say Biden should gone to liberate those people and bring in democracy again to Australia, as part of the ancient “free world”…

  10. blue peacock says:

    Zero Covid New Zealand brings in MORE lockdowns as Delta outbreak spreads beyond Auckland – which has been locked down for one-and-a-half months in attempt to eliminate virus


    The Kiwis have gone stark looney with fear to allow this type of abuse by their government. New Zealand and Australia are perfect examples of how easily authoritarianism can be deployed in the West. Lockdown harms are massive – economically, socially and personally. Yet these control-freaks are quite happy to escalate the damage, however, what’s mind-boggling is how passive the population have become to a complete shredding of their liberty on the basis of pretension that lockdowns actually provide any benefit.

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