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Could Israel drag the United States into war with Iran, starting with escalating the attacks on Iranian positions in Syria?  Speakers at the March 2 conference, the Israel Lobby and American Policy 2018,  convened by the Institute for Research on Middle East Policy (IRMEP) and Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (WRMEA) argued that that is exactly what Netanyahu wants, and that Dr. Strangelove is alive and well in the Prime Minister's  inner security cabinet.  Just a couple of weeks ago, at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, Bibi was seen clownishly holding up a fragment of an alleged Iranian drone in a call for international action against Israel’s existential enemy Iran.  (Recall Bibi's Iran Bomb cartoon at the UN General Assembly).

But on March 2, the day of the IRMEP/WRMEA conference that exposed Israel’s crimes – true crimes, if you accept international law, which as law professor Noura Erakat pointed out, Israel doesn't—there was warmonger Netanyahu over in Israel being grilled for hours by Israeli police.  Not a good day for the Prime Minister's march to war, nor for the Israel Lobby, and its crown jewel, AIPAC, whose annual powwow convenes in Washington on March 4th.

The folks at the IRMEP/WRMEA confab expressed determination to counter Netanyahu, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and the brutal, "sadistic" occupation of the Palestinian territories in the West Bank and to build momentum for the Boycott, Disinvest, and Sanction (BDS) campaign, which Haaretz's Gideon Levy, expressing his deep-seated anti-Zionism, underscored as "the only game in town" that could counter Israel's occupation "addiction."   Even in its infancy, Levy noted, the BDS  provoked hysterical overkill both in Israel and the US.  And if AIPAC and its allies in Congress like Maryland's Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin have their way, it will be a federal crime to refuse to buy Israeli products because of its criminal brutality in the Occupied Palestinian territories.  You can boycott Palestinian products, or the goods from African countries, or from China, or from whomever you want, but never boycott Israel, reported several speakers, citing the Israel Lobby, the Israeli government, and a US based "amen" chorus.  Some of Netanyahu's most ardent supporters are not Jewish at all, they're the Christian Evangelicals.   


Dr. Barry Trachtenberg's speech, Challenging the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, was a wake-up call.  Not only is Sen. Ben Cardin, with AIPAC and other Israel Lobby support, pushing this bill to outlaw the same non-violent, peaceful protest boycott economic action that helped to end apartheid in South Africa, but the U.S. State Department — since 2009 (thank you Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) — adopted the definition of anti-Semitism as criticism of the State of Israel.  Really?  (Shut up, Jewish Dissidents in the USA).

The success of the WRMEA/IRMEP conference, which filled the ballroom at the National Press Club, was undoubtedly not welcome news for AIPAC.  Maybe March 2nd just wasn't AIPAC's day. Or maybe it wasn't even AIPAC's week.  Earlier, last week, Bibi's boychik in the White House, Jared Kushner had his security clearance downgraded.  Now we're seeing reports that buzzards were circling around Kushner, whose business interests were, or are, in desperate need of money.  One of the countries eyeing Kushner was Israel.  No surprise.  The rich Gulf Arabs are also reported to have been hoping to win a piece of Kushner.  

Which brings me back to the conference where journalist Ali Abunimah (who's not from Washington) pointed out that "Russiagate" that dominates every radio, TV, and print MSM 24/7 should really be called "Israelgate."  Great observation.  How does that work: well, incoming National Security advisor Michael Flynn called the Russians to request a favor at the United Nations — veto the resolution on Israeli settlements because the United States was going to abstain from this resolution that Israel  and the Israel Lobby opposed.  Who asked him to make that call?  Boychik Jared Kushner.  On whose behalf?  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  So, who was interfering in US foreign policy? Not Russia.  Not the  hapless Flynn.  It was Bibi Netanyahu through Kushner.  So, why is it called "Russiagate"?  

However, for some reason, none of the speakers took time to explain what is involved in the possible indictment of Netanyahu and his Missus.  Cases 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000.  Even though, one of the sugar-daddies for the Netanyahu household was an Israeli spy against the United States.  Gideon Levy dismissed the possible ouster of the "longest-serving PM" hopeful, Netanyahu, because, after all, a left Zionist and a right-wing Zionist, is … a Zionist.  Levy mercilessly ridiculed the "left" Zionists for their self-satisfaction that they are so much "better" than the right wing.  But, still the "left" Zionists ignore the killings, beatings, jailings of children, and sadistic mistreatment of the Palestinians, in and outside the 1967 border. 

Anyway, with AIPAC coming to town, expect a week of high-octane propaganda.  Stay tuned.

–Decameron Field Report 

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50 Responses to Field Report: Is Dr. Strangelove Holding Court in Netanyahu’s Inner Cabinet by Decameron

  1. The Beaver says:

    @ Decameron
    wrt boychik , in Jpost:
    Check Danon’s arguments on that subject and yet he is the one who whispers in the ears of Nikki on topics related to Iran and Palestine.

  2. Tom says:

    Some Evangelicals want the war because they think it will instigate the Israeli’s to take the temple mount, raze the mosque and rebuild King David’s temple. Boom, Armageddon and Game over. Ha, living in the cloud forever. Computer cloud, mushroom cloud, its all the same to those whackjobs. It looks like Bibi has Jerusalem fever.

  3. catherine says:

    The Israeli Fifth Column lost this one:
    Federal court blocks Kansas anti-boycott law – First Amendment …
    Feb 6, 2018 – First Amendment | Judge rules bill shielding Israeli businesses from discrimination violates constitutional free speech protections.
    Beside the I-First Column and the Evangelical fanatics you would have to get rid of 90% of our politicians to get rid of Israel’s grip on the US.

  4. catherine says:

    How insane is this.
    ‘Kasich Proposes New Government Agency To Promote Judeo -Christianity around the world…’…/kasich-proposes-new-government-agency-promote-jude…
    Nov 17, 2015 – As part of a broad national security plan to defeat ISIS, Republican Presidential candidate John Kasich proposed creating a new government agency to push Judeo-Christian values around the world. The new agency, which he hasn’t yet named, would promote a Jewish- and Christian-based belief system

  5. I recall during the issue with the Barbary Pirates two centuries ago, the US Congress passed a Resolution explicitly stating that the US was in no sense a “Christian nation” and that we had no issue with Islam per se.
    Imagine trying to get that Resolution passed in today’s Congress…

  6. Croesus says:

    Purdue U. history professor Randy Roberts stated that “the term Judeo-Christian’ originated in the WWII era.”
    Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg thinks the pair should divorce:
    “his might be a good time to note that “Judeo-Christian” is not a thing and we Jews would like you to stop conflating our tradition with your American Christianity.”

    In Christianity’s earliest days, the New Testament was frequently paired with the Aeneid, and Christianity with Roman culture.

  7. Karel Whitman says:

    I wonder what article by Gideon Levy you might possibly refer to?
    Gideon Levy dismissed the possible ouster of the “longest-serving PM” hopeful, Netanyahu, because, after all, a left Zionist and a right-wing Zionist, is … a Zionist.
    Must be one of his opinion pieces covering the subject:

  8. Decameron says:

    Levy's remarks were at the conference I referenced on March 2. The conference website that is linked on Colonel lang's blog should be transcribing the speeches. They might also appear in YouTube. Thanks for sending the link to the Haaretz article.
    Sent from my iPhone

  9. Karel Whitman says:

    Don’t expect me to look into C-Span’s AIPAC video. I am not that masochist. 😉 But thanks, Decameron.
    If someone recalls the reference though, and by whom it was, I would be interested. Yes, I somewhat expect him to be misused in context, admittedly.
    That said whoever may have referred to another C-Span video linked in that context:
    U.S.-Israel Relations and Middle East Policy, Gideon Levy
    We do have at least one member I recall doesn’t want to subscribe for 5 free monthly articles on Haaretz. Thus here two via open source:
    Opinion Piece. Gideon Levy:
    In the first paragraph he links to an article by Aluf Been, which is worth reading too:
    Could it be that perception of understandable vs to be punished corruption also follows party lines? That’s admittedly from a slightly ironical take of the present US political scene. On the other hand a man working in the field at one point told me the most frequent statement by the suspects when enforcement confronted them. In that context he also referred to a researcher and or her study on matters over here in Europe that found quite a high percentage of cases closed to her interested scrutiny.
    That said, I wonder what percentage of the respectful audience and beyond found Netayahu’s speech in Munich unbearable.

  10. Karel Whitman says:

    I cannot emphasize enough,I really hate nothing more then people that misspell names.
    Sorry: Aluf Benn.

  11. catherine says:

    Judaism and Christianity divorced centuries ago due to irreconcilable differences.
    Judeo-Christian is really just a political construct. A dog whistle from politicians to evangel voters and Jewish money men…got to keep up the pretense of ‘shared values’ for Israel’s benefit.

  12. turcopolier says:

    Karel Whitman
    And why should we care about your petty peeves about spelling? pl

  13. Karel Whitman says:

    You shouldn’t. 😉

  14. Babak Makkinejad says:

    I agree. Both in practice and in structure, Islam & Judaism have much more in common than Judaism & Christianity. This is a factual observation and not an opiniin. Islam is “Judaism for All”.

  15. Razumov says:

    Without Judaism the central claims of Christianity are incoherent nonsense. God is a Jew, Jesus is a Jew, his mother is a Jew, and almost every text in the bible was written by a Jew about Jews.
    You have to choose between your love of Christ and your hatred of his people. Do you really want to stand before him at judgement day and have to explain all those things you said about his mother?

  16. J says:

    Appears the AIPAC policy conference was this weekend

  17. Decameron says:

    Very important legal precedent. This is exactly why the Israeli government and the Israel Lobby are so freaked out about the very idea of BDS. First, they know how important it was in bringing down the apartheid system in South Africa. Second, they know they are on thin ice in the United States on this question because of the First Amendment. This precedent should be widely circulated in the other foolish states, like “liberal” New York state that adopted that lawless law. Thanks, Decameron.

  18. Decameron says:

    AIPAC is only just beginning this weekend (March 4) Will go on for a couple of days. Recommend avoiding C-Span except for the purposes of opposition research.

  19. Croesus says:

    I’m far more interested in Zoroaster, Razumov. Not sure if Zoroaster/Cyrus were pre-Abraham, but they are certainly not in the Abrahamic mode — “Believe as I demand or I have the right to punish you” — according to the tale of Abraham and the Idol shop, that’s the core holding of Abraham.
    As well, I completely reject the business about Original Sin and All Men are Sinners and can be saved only by sacrificing an “unblemished ram caught in the thicket” — or Jesus. I hold to the Jesus of Jefferson and Jefferson’s Syllabus and bible.
    In Zoroaster-land, “Paradise” is a Persian garden.
    Zoroaster counsels: Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.
    I used to have an exquisite 3-volume set of Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica. I needed money to pay dorm fees so I sold the set. No longer own a ready-reference to the Proofs of God, but I know how to behave a la Zoroaster: Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds.

  20. Razumov,
    Judaism denies the Holy Trinity and Jesus as the son of God. Those are central tenets of Christianity. Granted Christianity arose from among the Jewish people, but the religions are quite different from each other.

  21. Karel Whitman says:

    Decameron: Sorry, the unforgettable horror while watching the AIPAC conference a felt decade ago obstructed my reading of your article.
    It was a huge anti-Iran-Propaganda show. Pretty professionally done, huge screens and all. But yes the AIPAC conference, upcoming, I realize now, was somehow on the back of my mind. Somehow coupled with that earlier horror.
    Will you forgive my apparent mental block preventing me from reading your article more carefully? Or my error/big blunder to realize it after your feedback above?

  22. Croesus says:

    In the past there have been marches to protest the AIPAC conference.
    Seems this year Putin ‘stole a march,’ releasing a declaration of Russian military capabilities that, according to one Russian military analyst, trumps any and every American DoD capability and plan.
    Is it possible the Russians really have influenced American politics to the extent that this will be the last AIPAC conference Americans will have to endure?

  23. LondonBob says:

    I find it hard to believe the anti BDS laws will stand up in court, even allowing for the state of present day judges.

  24. Razumov – this Judeo-Christian thing. It doesn’t really matter in this context. The expropriation of private property without compensation and without legal recourse is wrong. We call it theft and it’s frowned upon. That’s a rule everyone in the West, Jewish, Christian, Rastafarian, lives by.
    The Palestinians, Christian, Muslim or plain secular, are entitled to live by it too.

  25. LeaNder says:

    catherine#4, Rsh#5, Croesus#6,
    like it how you passed the ball on to each other. Never mind Razunov’s “exquisite” response. Slight irony alert.
    Special thanks to Croesus. Not enough time for Randy Roberts, although his publications look interesting. Strictly it’s understandable that Judeo-Christian would surface in the US at the time of WWII and beyond.
    Concerning Steve Sailer: from my perspective he is misguided in his judgement. I responded over there directly to him. Maybe it will show up? Comparable Pavlovian response to Ruttenberg’s? Interesting discussion he triggered anyway.
    Misguided? I think he may miss an important point in the Coen Brother’s sequence. Beyond reference to the 50s they have had a more recent on in mind. For me the sequence triggered a memory from 2003. A quite heated pre-release debate about Gibson’s The Passion of Christ. I found myself in at the time. Heavily puzzled, then. Admittedly. But interestingly references to debate/s at the time surface in the discussion. Apart from some “standards”. I noticed after I posted my comment. Interesting short review of Cohen’s film by Bishop Robert Barron.
    Denis MacDonald, I have to try to keep in mind. Reminds me of my old theological favorite, Anders Nygren.

  26. Decameron says:

    On the upcoming AIPAC conference: don’t expect AIPAC to fade out. They, like Netanyahu, believe they’re “Too Big To Fail.” In 2002, at the first conference after the inauguration of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, Ariel Sharon was Prime Minister, and there were 3-4 satellite fed live interviews from the different military positions into the AIPAC ballroom. I recall especially the one from the North (Golan). The military officer interviewed said that Israel was fighting its “second 1948, the second War of Independence.” That statement, IMO, ripped the veil off the legal fiction that everything Israel does militarily is “in self defense.” They are out to expand territory. Permanent occupation of Golan is a buffer, expansion into the West Bank is another buffer.
    Palestinians today are talking about an ongoing Nakba — drive them out of all Israeli and Palestinian territories, then Israel doesn’t have to take responsibility for the lives of people in annexed lands.
    Some good trends to watch:
    Catherine reported back (see comments) that a Kansas court overturned the anti-boycott state law, based on the rights under the First Amendment.
    In Congress there is a bill introduced against child prisoners — a brutality in which Israel stands like a giant.
    Reports last week are that Jared Kushner faces questions from the special prosecutor over discussions with foreign governments (Israel included) to intervene in the United Nations Security Council.
    AIPAC conferences are interesting, not for the propaganda, but especially for seeing what the Israel Lobby wants to accomplish. They are on the defensive in some areas. The willing funders and cheerleaders packed into the ballroom are getting their script for the next political actions. Stay tuned this week for short updates from Decameron on anything noteworthy from the conference.

  27. J says:

    So if I read things correctly, American Jews who protest the State of Israel aka The Israeli Government, thanks to Sen. Carden are now in legal peril because of Carden’s legislation.
    Neutra Karta Ultra Orthodox who constantly protest against the State of Israel aka The Israeli Government, are now in legal peril because they dare to protest, am I correct?
    Since when does the State Department define what is what?
    So if Neutra Karta dared to call the Israeli Government a pig with lipstick on, they then would fall into legal peril thanks to Cardin?

  28. Sid Finster says:

    The Holocaust was the event that made anti-semitism something that could no longer be expressed in polite company.
    Before WWII, social clubs, white shoe law firms, country clubs, many Wall Street banks and investment houses, did not admit Jews, whether explicitly or by gentlemen’s agreement.
    Even Columbia University first instituted standardized testing as a way to keep Jewish applicants out (Columbia had to reverse this [policy after it backfired spectacularly). Other Ivy League universities were similarly inhospitable. This is one why CUNY was an academic powerhouse for a time – because it was affordable and admission was merit-based.
    After WWII, such policies were seen as unspeakably retrograde, largely because of the association with Hitler.

  29. Thomas says:

    “…according to one Russian military analyst, trumps any and every American DoD capability and plan.
    This Russian military analyst posts here as SmothieX12.

  30. Decameron says:

    The legal peril from Cardin's proposed bill is still in the planning stage. It has to pass Congress before it is law. But some states have already passed laws that make boycotting illegal. For example. It is illegal to advocate for your church.   School.
    Or business to boycott Israeli compAnies  due to its discrimination of Palestinians. Calling names would be considered a "hate crime", and not be in Cardin's bill. 
    Sent from my iPhone

  31. Croesus says:

    I’m not sure what you’re responding to, Sid Finster, and this blog is not the place to tackle your comment claim-by- claim with evidence I have gleaned over ten years of research.
    However — consider this exchange between Mona Charen, guest on C Span Washington Journal on Sunday. Charen had harsh words for CPAC for having invited Marine LePen to speak at their meeting in Maryland (a meeting where Charen also spoke and was booed). Charen said LePen was the “granddaughter of a racist and an antisemite,” and if that wasn’t reason enough to exclude her from CPAC, LePen was also on friendly terms with Putin!
    A male caller said he thought Charen was unfair, that LePen was a French nationalist; “Nothing wrong with that,” he said. “Marine is for the French, for France, as Israel is for Jews. I do have a question,” he continued. “I wonder how you feel about the forcible expulsion of 60,000 true war refugees–African war refugees. Apparently there is very little opposition: any European country who would [so criticize] what Israel is doing with this forced expulsion, imprisonment of these true war refugees — I mean you wouldn’t hear the end of it, yet the Israelis are fully proceeding with this uh proposition.”
    Charen’s immediate response was, “I think you are an anti-semite because the first thing you want to talk about is Israel, so I think that sort of suggests where you are coming from.”
    I checked: the caller was correct on the facts: Israel IS forcibly expelling 60,000 war refugees: under threat of imprisonment if they do not accept $3500 and one-way travel out of Israel, already 20,000 Africans have left Israel and the rest are being processed.
    Why are facts about racist and hypocritical behavior by Israel “anti semitic?”

  32. Croesus says:

    Good to know. I thought Smoothie was Iranian.

  33. mcohen says:

    That is funny.”war refugees” in israel being “expelled”.

  34. Decameron says:

    Israelis accuse their government of racism all the time. Former Speaker of the Knesset Burg, just last week, said Israeli is NOT a Democracy. And, yes, Croesus is absolutely right. War refugees from Sudan and Eritrea are being forced out, NOW, or face indefinite imprisonment. Some links that could tell you more.
    Irish Times:
    Earlier this month Israel began implementing a new policy to deport African asylum seekers. Immigration officials handed out letters to Eritrean and Sudanese nationals, offering them a chance to leave Israel within 60 days in exchange for a €2,800 grant and a plane ticket. Those who refuse face indefinite imprisonment.
    Haaretz (Israeli newspaper):

  35. J says:

    Isn’t Israel behaving towards the Palestinians like the Nazis did to them? Sure looks like it.

  36. LondonBob says:
    This was a court case a friend’s father presided over, so there is hope that a lot of these laws will be rebuffed by judges or juries. In the case of my friend’s father he was born in Palestine during the mandate, he was retired and he comes from an old aristocratic family that still holds old fashioned concepts of honour etc. as principles to guide one’s behaviour. So we won’t always be so fortunate, but we can reasonably expect some sense to prevail.

  37. notlurking says:

    Absolutely….old testament=Jews…new testament=Christians…very difficult to reconcile…

  38. Decameron says:

    To LondonBob:
    The British court events you mention date back to 2010 in the aftermath of the 2008-9 Gaza war, but as you say, they are well worth remembering. Judge George Bathurst-Norman’s charge to the jury is reported by the Guardian as follows.
    “It may be as you went through what I can only describe as horrific scenes, scenes of devastation to civilian population, scenes which one would rather have hoped to have disappeared with the Nazi regimes of the last war, you may have felt anger and been absolutely appalled by them, but you must put that emotion aside…. You may think that perhaps ‘hell on earth’ would be an understatement of what the Gazans endured at that time.”
    Despite the “put that emotion aside” disclaimer, the description is dead on.

  39. LeaNder says:

    Decameron, I’d be pleased to get your in-a-nutshell-take on present AIPAC talking points.

  40. Decameron says:

    Working on that. 
    Sent from my iPhone

  41. Decameron says:

    As the AIPAC conference unfolds, providing a grand soapbox for Netanyahu, veteran Israeli journalist, Ronen Bergman, a veteran security affairs reporter provides a great expose of recent Israeli assassination operations. The Mossad at work against Iranian scientists. An excerpt: “The last component of Dagan’s plan—the targeted killing of scientists—was implemented by the Mossad on its own, since Dagan, according to several sources, including some high-ranking officials in the CIA, was aware that the United States would not agree to participate. The Mossad compiled a list of 15 key researchers as targets for elimination.” And then, in 2007, it began.

  42. Cee says:

    I have his new book but don’t know if the following is in it. Since they’re rolling out a new movie on entebbe I think everybody needs to look back at what really happened
    In documents recently released and now sitting in the National Archives in London, D.H. Colvin—a British diplomat working in Paris—wrote that, according to sources he knew, “the hijacking was the work of the PFLP, with help from the Israeli Secret Service, the Shin Bet.”
    “The operation was designed to torpedo the PLO’s standing in France” and to prevent a “growing rapprochement between the Palestine Liberation
    Organization (PLO) and the Americans,” he said. “My contact said the PFLP had attracted all sorts of wild elements, some of whom had been planted by the Israelis. .. . Their [the Israelis’] nightmare is that after the November elections, one will witness the imposition in the Middle East of a Pax Americana, which will be to the advantage of the PLO, who will gain international respectability and perhaps the right to establish a state on evacuated territories and to the disadvantage of Israel, who will be forced to evacuate occupied territory.”
    The hijacking, or the “Entebbe Incident” as it is popularly known, gripped the attention of the world for nearly a week at that time. Hijackers seized an Air France plane bound for Paris via Athens shortly after it took off. The plane was diverted first to Benghazi, Libya, where it was refueled before going on to Entebbe, Uganda. In Entebbe, the hijackers released most of the hostages but kept 98 people, most of them Israeli citizens, and threatened to kill them unless Israel met their demands of releasing some 50
    Palestinian prisoners held in Israel
    and in other places around the world.
    In a dramatic rescue that has been the subject of several books and at least 4 films, Israeli commandos flew to the airport where shortly thereafter a 36-minute battle was fought with the hijackers and Ugandan soldiers.
    In the end, six of the hijackers, 45 Ugandan soldiers, three hostages, and Col. Jonathan Netanyahu (commanding officer of the Israeli commandos and elder brother of Benjamin Netanyahu) were killed.
    In the recently released document, the British diplomat went further in his analysis of the event, saying that Israel wanted to poison French opinion with regard to the Palestinian cause, for which the French had traditionally held a certain amount of sympathy. According to his analysis of the situation, Israel wished to make the threat—implicit but nevertheless clear—that terrorism is something that can happen in Europe just as easily as it happens in the Middle East.
    The PFLP said to be responsible for this incident was founded by a Lebanese-educated Palestinian Christian named Dr. George Habash. Unlike the larger, centrist and more nationalistic Fatah movement of the PLO, the PFLP is a far left, Marxist-Leninist movement designated by several governments including that of the United States as a terrorist organization. Since the late 1960s it has been credited with dozens of high-profile events, including hijackings and bombings.
    Along with the United States and Britain, Israel has a long and well-established history of assisting individuals and groups said to be responsible for acts of terrorism since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948.
    Individuals such as the famed Abu Nidal and groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Hamas in the Occupied Territories and now, Fateh-al-Islam operating in Northern Lebanon all have at some point been creatures of Mossad, CIA and MI5 intrigue.

  43. Decameron says:

    Interesting. Would love to see the actual document from the archive in London. I recall that the Entebbe saga was very instrumental in launching Benjamin Netanyahu’s career with US support. There was, after the incident, a non-profit organization created in the United States called The Jonathan Institute in memory of the older brother Netanyahu. Bibi was presented in various Washington DC circles as a hero (once-removed) in the fight against terrorism, and thus began his steady rise.
    The Jonathan Institute was pre-Internet, so it is hard to find information about it. Any pilgrims out there with long memories or hard copy mementos from the 1980s who can provide information? Thanks. Decameron.

  44. Croesus says:

    The Jonathan Institute was formed in Israel, by (father) Benzion and (son) Benjamin. You may recall that the raid on Entebbe was July 4, 1976 — not by accident: zionists sought to portray them as somehow linked in their quest for freedom and independence with the USA.
    The Jonathan Institute convened The Jerusalem Conference on July 4, 1979, under the title, International Terrorism: Challenge and Response (the book is still available thru used booksellers). Benzion’s opening speech focused on PLO and Arafat as the terrorists who threatened international peace. (It is significant, imo, that Benzion was Vladimir Jabotinsky’s acolyte and later took up his role as spokesman for Revisionist Zionism in USA; Revisionist Zionism advocates for the use of terror and violence in pursuit of its decidedly expansionist and ethnocidal agenda). George Herbert Walker Bush delivered the conference’s closing speech — it was bland.
    In my opinion, that Conference, in 1979, rolled out the Netanyahu-drafted blueprint of the Global War on Terror.
    There is a monument to Yonathan in Philadelphia, PA at a synagogue quite near to Independence Hall, which is the location where, in 1918, Rabbi Stephen Wise and Louis Brandeis and dozens of Jewish leaders gathered to form the American Jewish Congress whose goal was to create a delegation and policies to present at the Versailles peace negotiations. Zionists seated the largest delegation at that conference. In the past decade or so Jewish Americans built a museum to Jewish American history on Independence Square in Phila.

  45. Decameron says:

    Very much appreciated Croesus.

  46. LeaNder says:

    I still wonder why Jonathan Institute rang such a strong-synaptic-bell. Maybe it was history Commons. But that pretty much overwhelmed me at the time, admittedly. Thus it is unlikely:
    Concerning the event obviously triggers one of the German-Palestinian Red Cell cooperations. Add to that the controversy around attribution – PFLG, still or independent commando? From Dawson’s Field hijackings, Black September (ME), Munich 1972 … to 1976 … the German Autumn? as far as I am concerned:
    I wasn’t an insider ever. Not even close. But curiously enough around the time of German Autumn (a year later really) was visited by The Services. … 😉
    Curious experience.

  47. LeaNder says:

    Missed the link.
    I doubt I can expect you to know:

  48. Cee says:

    Read the following book and links and then think about who supports ISIS
    Patrick Seale
    Abu Nidal : A Gun for Hire : The Secret Life of the World’s Most Notorious Arab Terrorist
    Maj. Gen. Herzi Halevy, makes more sense. Halevy had stated that Israel does not want to see Daesh defeated

  49. Decameron says:

    Thanks Cee and other responders for tracking down the Jonathan Institute history. 
    Sent from my iPhone

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