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Roast wild boar in Haifa?

“With near-military precision, their snouts seek out the aroma of a discarded pizza, stealing into a public garden for a night-time feast. Others tear into unguarded rubbish bins, gorging themselves on half-eaten takeaways and other tasty detritus, while some even … Continue reading

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Houthi power. Why are we opposing these people?

“The spokesman summarized the operations of the Houthis and their allies in the past six years as follows: The Missile Force carried out 1,348 operations in which 1,348 ballistic missiles were launched. At least 499 missiles were launched at key … Continue reading

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And now, Hizbullah will have even better weapons

“Iran has recently made significant advances in the development of its weapons industry, including precision-guided rockets and missiles, cruise missiles and drones. Israeli intelligence has observed a leap in Iranian capabilities, which are now being extensively distributed to other parts … Continue reading

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“Israel will face 2,000 Hezbollah missiles per day if war breaks out: IDF commander” AMN

“Israel will experience an air raid of 2,000 rockets and missiles per day during a future war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah, OC Home Front Command Maj. Gen. Uri Gordin warned while addressing the B’Sheva Conference in Jerusalem, according to The Jerusalem … Continue reading

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“Deterrent Balance 6”

Comment: The US continues to insist that Ansar Allah (the Houthis) are just a front for Iran. To take this position is incredibly foolish and willfully uninformed. Yes, the Houthis and the rocket and aerospace forces which are allied with … Continue reading

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Without us …

"Officials in Jerusalem believe the Jan. 31 declaration by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that Iran was just months, and possibly weeks, away from obtaining sufficient fissile material for a bomb were exaggerated and deliberate. According to Israeli diplomatic and security … Continue reading

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“Iran’s Flexible Fatwa” WINEP

"The Supreme Leader first issued an oral nuclear fatwa in 2003, and he has repeated it in numerous speeches since then. These pronouncements, which use a religious idiom to describe nuclear weapons as “forbidden” (haram), have the same legal standing as … Continue reading

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IMO Iran will wait for Biden

A journo friend called yesterday to ask my opinion about the course of near term events regarding Iran. The murder of a senior Iranian scientist at the weekend may have been done by Israel or the United States or both … Continue reading

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Moscow Has No Problems With S400 Transfers To Iran Once UNSC Resolution 2231 Expires Oct. 18. by J.

Iran possessing the Russian S400s could prove to be a game changer, especially for Israel. Sources: New Sanctions? Israeli Government egging D.C. on J.

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Gulfies on the Temple Mount? Haaretz

"When Israel and Bahrain announced the normalization of relations, their joint statement included the affirmation by Israel affirmed that "all Muslims who come in peace may visit and pray at the Al-Asqa Mosque."  The Old City of Jerusalem’s Al Aqsa … Continue reading

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