Green Berets drawn into the Saudi – Yemeni War — by J

Gereen beret logo

(3rd SF Group)

The Saudis better be damn glad to have GB's on their side, and not piss em off!

Why is it that every-time the Saudis say jump, D.C. says how high?  Chihuahuas really bark don't they.  Just cause the Saudis have U.S. Petro-dollars, guess they're calling the shots regarding U.S.  Foreign Policy.  

The Saudis have been reportedly involved in CW, Bio W, and Genocide against Yemen.  Why do the Saudis have such a hard-on regarding the Yemenis?  Tribal? Oil?  It appears that D.C. doesn't care the Saudis reason, if the Saudis call them their enemies, then D.C. follows suit. 

Now the GB's have been drawn into the Saudi – Yemen fray.

How long will the tail (Saudi) wag the dog (D.C.) before there is a U.S. Foreign Policy correction?


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