Israel doesn’t like the the S-300


"Israel opposes Russia supplying Syria with S-300 anti-aircraft systems, former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon told RIA Novosti on Saturday."

“Of course, we do not like it,” the former Defense Minister said. 

“The S-300 is a more powerful system, and we do not like its appearance there, but just as we are ready and able to overcome the entire existing air defense of Syria, we should be ready to deal with the S-300,” Ya’alon said.

According to him, Tel Aviv did not want the complexes “fell into the hands of the Syrians”, and earlier, when such questions arose, the Israeli side discussed them through channels of communication with the Russian leadership.

“I believe Russia is receiving signals from our authorities about the undesirability of such supplies,” the former Defense Minister added."  AMN


 The level of arrogant presumption on the part of the Israelis with regard to the world at large and the Russians in particular is breathtaking.   For Yaalon and presumably the Israeli government behind him to imply that Russia will bend to Israel's displeasure seems to be reflective of a collective hubris born of assumptions of innate superiority and an even worse assumption that the fell power of the United States can be employed by Israel against Russia.   Natanyahu said on tape that "the Americans can easily be pushed." 

Yes, we can easily be pushed by Israel using every IO technique available to them, everything from illegal manipulation of electoral financing to the memory of Paul Newman's blue eyes in "Exodus."

Well, we will see if Putin and Russia are as "easy" as we Americans.  pl

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