President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr have been pilloried for making frequent reference to "Antifa" as a terrorist threat that was involved in much of the violence that accompanied the protests over the killing of George Floyd.  The problem is that there is a genuine growing terrorist threat, Antifa is one manifestation of the threat, and too few people are looking deep enough to see what is actually happening.

The mass protests that exploded following the death of George Floyd provided the perfect opportunity for a long-established network of terrorists to exploit the opportunity to foment violence.  Unlike the past where there were clear lines of distinction between "left" and "right" the New Violence 2.0 is less focused on ideology or outcomes and more focused on accelerating chaos.  There is a movement and an ideology that promotes the use of violence.  Antifa is one group name they have adopted.  Bugaloo Bois is another monacle, which openly promotes violent action to instigate a civil war in the United States. The mass killer in Christchurch, New Zealand, Brenton Tarrants, openly spoke in his Manifesto about seeking to provoke civil war in the United States.

These different groups have mastered the digital revolution as a means of coordinating among seemingly isolated "lone" operatives and small decentralized groups.  How did the vast Western intelligence services miss the telltale warning signs that preceded the emergence of the Islamic State (ISIS)?  Simple answer:  They ignored the sophisticated social media recruitment efforts that ran on a global scale.

A starting point for understanding this new phenomenon is to look back at the 1999 and 2001 riots in Seattle and Genoa around the G-8 events.  A traveling network of highly trained provocateurs showed up at both locations.  At that time, one of the key funders was the late Teddy Goldsmith, a wealthy proponent of the 
"Green Revolution" who bankrolled travel and set up purportedly non-violent training camps in preparation for the mass protests.  Similar financiers and structures exist today on an even more sophisticated, digitally-enabled scale.

There is a need for competent counterintelligence to, in effect, crack the egg and isolate and take action against the hardcore network of trained provocateurs who have the capacity to hijack genuine protest to further their goal:  Chaos and civil conflict as the endgame.

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  1. TV says:

    Anyone see the photo of the FBI agents kneeling at the “protest” in DC?
    Think this FBI is going to find out ANYTHING about these scumbags?
    If they (accidently) did, they’d bury it.
    Only thing preventing the FBI’s corruption from doing real damage is their massive incompetence.

  2. Diana Croissant says:

    Thank you for making all this clearer. I’ve been completely confused as to why there is such hatred and violence going on.
    I don’t understand an organized effort simply to cause chaos. Who wants that and why? What besides creating chaos is their end game?
    I’ve long felt that the failure of our educational system was setting us up for severe social problems. However it always thought the failures were failures of flawed thinking and stupid ideologies. I could not believe that someone would really want our country to fail.
    What’s in all this for those young people causing the mayhem and violence? What could they possibly gain from it? Nihilism is a denial of life, as far as I can tell.
    Antifa is not really again Fascism as far as I can tell. It’s against hope, life, and a higher good.

  3. Jose says:

    Regretfully, our intelligence agencies are too busy participating in the coup-revolution to act on your great advice.

  4. Deap says:

    After reading the BLM Manifesto, there is only one conclusion one can reach. BLM is little more than a internecine front for the SEIU and teachers unions war against the police unions. We demand our “fair share” of OPM because the police unions are taking too much of it. Period.
    Nothing in the rest of the Manifesto makes sense and virtually none of it sounds in fact. But the demands are classic union stuff: defund the police unions and hire more teacher union members and government social and health services union members.
    Much like the last pages of the Green New Deal suddenly demanded all jobs be union jobs and the SCOTUS ruling against mandatory government employee union membership must be overturned by constitutional amendment. Huh, what did that coda have to do with the physical state of the “environment”.
    Don’t let the outside agitators, fires and looting distract you from the real agenda operating from day after Trump announced his candidacy – the deep state will protect itself at all costs and use every arm of the US government to carry out this task.
    Until that does not work (and so far it has not – the guy is Teflon), and they have to bring on their armies of Saul Alinksey chaos thugs – no matter what name they call them. Too much OPM is at stake for them not to put up a good fight, by any means necessary. BAMN!
    Plus this is an existential war for the deep state. They have the most to gain and the most direct interests in winning. Just don’t be blind to the underlying motivations – there are no coincidences, right?
    Past is prologue – get a copy of the 2012 Breitbart documentary “Occupy Unmasked”. The similarities exposed to what is again happening in 2020 will give one pause.

  5. exiled off mainstreet says:

    If the deep state can’t pr won’t handle it, perhaps vigilantes can come in from the surrounding areas to liquidate the seditious secession move. It is obvious that the official elements of the imperium have left the reservation so an unofficial initiative is necessary.

  6. elaine says:

    Take a look @ Seattle in real time: 5 or 6 blocks are under occupation with barricades including a police precinct. They’ve
    already taken over city hall. I’ve spotted a few AR-!5s. Look fast
    before all the footage goes dark as usual.

  7. Diana Croissant says:

    The current state of affairs in our country makes me so frightened for the futures of my four elementary school grandchildren.
    I wish my sons and their wives could find a way to home school them or find charter schools nearby that they can attend.
    As a retired public school teacher, I don’t recommend public schools run by teachers’ “associations”–they refuse to say they are unions, though their behavior says they are unions.
    We had a sort of parental coup recently in a large school district. The School Board election put in enough members to take the maajority who worked to make charter, private, and home school co-ops more of a possibility for parents.
    The teachers’ “association” then picketed all along a major Street that runs the entire length of the distric of more than 13 large high schools; and the parents sent their kids out there with the teachers to hold signs and “protest.”
    The school board was ousted and new teacher “association” members were put in their place.
    I understand the need for unions in manufacturing. I do not understand parents allowing teachers to form unions and drag their children into them.

  8. Fred says:

    I suspect that particular group was “just following orders”, like the CIA people at Camp Chapman. Their careers would be over if they didn’t.
    “A traveling network of highly trained provocateurs showed up at both locations. ” Yes, it sure looks that way.

  9. John Merryman says:

    The fact is that reality is a function of energy and the forms it manifests, so society is both the raw social energies driving it, as well as the civil and cultural forms it adopts. Effectively the heart and the brain. Youth and age, liberal and conservative.
    That our cultural models and methods really are just a several thousand year old patchwork, in thrall to a predatory economic circulation system, is it any wonder that debt and technological infatuation haven’t solved the deeper issues?
    Remember democracy and republicanism evolved in pantheistic cultures, as the Ancients were not ignorant of monotheism, but equated it with despotism. As in one god, one ruler. While pantheism was their version of multiculturalism, as the more nomadic tribal social structures settled into city states. Constantine adopted Christianity, with its tripartite god, as a cultural role model for the Roman Empire. which evolved into feudalism and “divine right of kings.
    When the West went back to populist forms of government, it required the separation of church and state, culture and civics.
    Logically a spiritual absolute would be that essence of sentience, from which life rises, not an ideal of wisdom and judgement, from which it fell. Consider for a moment, the inevitable consequences of assuming one’s political and cultural ideals to be absolute and it goes a long way to explaining the profusion of ideologies that have manifested as the political extremes we have had over the centuries, especially the last hundred years, as monotheism faded.
    Are we just going to a police state, to solve these problems bubbling up, or is it possible to map culture out as a tool, like language, not a god, like religion? One which recognizes this duality.
    Given the degree to which the old system required exponential debt to sustain its ever growing corruption, the options are limited. We have reached the end of the line of money as the secular god. It’s a contract between the society and the individual, not another commodity.

  10. Mark Logan says:

    The east precinct police HQ isn’t city hall. Yes, now there are only a couple dozen protesters whose remaining opponents currently are pissed-off locals who are pulling down their barricades. The police have a plan in this. In basketball it’s known as “pulling the chair”.

  11. blue peacock says:

    When the quality of counter-intelligence is Peter Strzok and Bill Priestap how can any of these organizations be infiltrated and crushed?
    If these two epitomize the apex of US counter-intelligence, it is no wonder that the 9/11 terrorists operated under their nose. And the Pulse nightclub shooter or the Islamic couple in San Bernadino. They’ve spent their lives playing politics and kissing ass to get up there. They don’t seem to have any skill in their actual job function.
    How can these guys keep track of these global roving groups of provocateurs and bust them?

  12. Mathias Alexander says:

    ” A traveling network of highly trained provocateurs showed up at both locations. At that time, one of the key funders was the late Teddy Goldsmith,”
    Are you sure Teddy Goldsmith was behind the provocateurs?

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