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Epstein had tapes on Trump and Clinton?

“Ghislaine Maxwell admitted that Jeffrey Epstein had secret recordings of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, a CBS News producer has claimed in a new book. The British socialite, who is awaiting trial on charges of procuring girls for Epstein to abuse in … Continue reading

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Shakespeare is not “woke” “William Shakespeare, thou hast been getting canceled. An increasing number of woke teachers are refusing to study the Bard — accusing his classic works of promoting “misogyny, racism, homophobia, classism, anti-Semitism, and misogynoir.” A slew of English literature teachers told … Continue reading

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Colonel Lang has eloquently stated the dilemma facing the Republican Party. As Senator Lindsey Graham admitted following the events of January 6, the Republican Party cannot live without Donald Trump, but at the same time, the Party must look to … Continue reading

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A political purge that will drive people into militias.

" … the sorts of beliefs that lead to the kind of conduct that can be so detrimental to good order and discipline and in fact is criminal." Still, Austin said in the meeting with military leaders that while the … Continue reading

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Will the non-monoparty majority of the GOP be outlawed?

  "The Republican Attorneys General Association was involved, as were the activist groups Turning Point Action and Tea Party Patriots. At least six current or former members of the Council for National Policy (CNP), an influential group that for decades … Continue reading

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Friedrich Hölderlin on Life’s Course

Hölderlin's Poem on The Course of Life (Lebenslauf) Translated by Steven Willett     Note: Friedrich Hölderlin (1770~1843) has been called "the most German of Germans" by Norbert von Hellingraf. I consider him one of the three greatest European poets … Continue reading

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The Death of Cleopatra VII in Horace Ode I.37

Cleopatra VII Philopatar in Horace Odes I.37 Translated by Steven Willett   Note: The first photo shows the head of Cleopatra VII in a Roman sculpture of the mid-first century BC about the time of her visit to Rome in … Continue reading

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Theognis On How Evil Men Destroy Cities

Theognis 39~52 Translated by Steven Willett Note: the word "city" (πόλις) here means a city state. The phrase "corrector" (ἄνδρα εὐθυντῆρα) of hubris probably refers to a tyrant who might reform the city (see the last line). Cyrnus, this city … Continue reading

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Theognis on The State Sailing to Disaster

Theognis 667~82 Translated by Steven Willett   Note: Melos is on the southwest edge of the Cyclades, beyond which is open sea.   If I had possessions, Simonides, such as I once had,    I wouldn’t be grieved associating with … Continue reading

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Truth and Falsehood in Greek Contradictions

  Translated by Steven Willett Plato Republic 389b~c Certainly we must be highly concerned about truth. For if what we were saying just now is correct, and falsehood quite useless to the gods, to men it’s serviceable as a form … Continue reading

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