Another “good” jihadi

"Anas Diab, a photographer for the White Helmets organization, was killed in a pinpoint airstrike by the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) on July 21.

According to several pro-opposition sources, Diab was visiting his hometown, Khan Shaykhun, in southern Idlib when a precision Syrian airstrike leveled his house. No one other was reportedly killed or injured in the airstrike.

Army Eliminated White Helmets Photographer Linked To 2017 Khan Shaykhun Chemical Attack

Anas Diab, Click to see full-size image

Syrian Military Capabilities, a pro-government Facebook page that’s known for its sources in the Syrian intelligence, claimed that Diab was assassinated due to his role in the alleged 2017 Khan Shaykhun chemical attack.

“He had a big rule in mobilizing the staged Khan Shaykhun CW attack,” a Twitter account affiliated with the Syrian Military Capabilities claimed.

The U.S. had accused Damascus of carrying out the alleged chemical attack and targeted Shayrat airbase with more than 50 cruise missiles as a response. The missile strike killed several Syrian service member and civilians, including children."  SF


Don't cry for this guy.  IMO he is a "used" member of one of the most sophisticated information operations in history.  Under British and US sponsorship these guys successfully and falsely portrayed the SAG in the worst possible light.  It is abundantly clear that these "civil defense" volunteers were and are jihadis dedicated to this task who have in the past killed Christian and other minority adults and children to use them as props in their film productions.  After all, why would a few infidel lives matter?  This creep was from Khan shaikoon?  How ironic that the Syrian Air Force killed him with some precision at the very place where he filmed local officials sitting in the road with their feet in the crater where a sarin bomb had supposedly exploded. 

mabrook quwat jawia suria!

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  1. Dao Gen says:

    It would seem that the Syrian military were afraid this jihadi was likely to participate in the planning or execution of another false-flag cw attack on innocent civilians in order to give Bolton and Pompeo ammunition to try to stop the ongoing effort to liberate the Idlib area. That seems like a real possibility. Just think of the self-righteous way the jihadis executed dozens of innocent children and adults from a neighboring village in order to get “actors” for the White Helmet fake film about “sarin victims” at Khan Shaykhun. I hold Obama ultimately responsible for allowing the whole war on Syrian and Libyan civilians to go forward in the first place, though others also played a role.

  2. Unhinged Citizen says:

    My sentiments exactly.
    These are people whose efforts are used to prolong the war, delay the inevitable government triumph and prolong the misery of the Syrian people.
    May he rot in hell.

  3. J says:

    You forgot one ‘major player’ in the mix — Israeli/Mossad sponsorship of the jihadi fighting against the SAA. Israeli sponsorship to include training and supplying weapons to the jihadis. Israel want’s hegemony, by hook or by crook, and they’ll use/misuse/abuse anybody (U.S. included) to achieve their quest for total domination.

  4. Stephen McIntyre says:

    Diab was one of key reporters for staged Khan Sheikhoun incident. See, for example:

  5. JamesT says:

    Wow – I just found out that google translate works on transliterated Arabic. Huh.
    It is interesting to me that the Syrians/Russians did this in an Israeli/US styled operation. Makes it a bit more difficult for the western press to complain about “Syrian journalists being murdered”.

  6. jd hawkins says:

    His demise was not soon enough… but hopefully more of his ‘brethren’ quickly follow suit.

  7. confusedponderer says:

    Speaking of ‘good jihadis’, well, since today the UK has a ‘crazy hat jihadi’.
    The certified and incurably insane Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has become the next prime minister, elected by the majority of the Tories, which iirc make up some overwhelming 0,38% of the british population.
    That’s probably about as much popular support as Nero had when he torched and destroyed two thirds of Rome.
    Haloween will become a terrifying real life horror show this year.
    In a recent guardian article Gordon Brown has warned that Boris Johnson could be the UK’s last prime minister, the point being that the “UNITED Kingdom” may come to an end with perhaps Scotland saying good bye or the north irish troubles coming back to ending life again.
    Very likely there also will be some rather severe economic devastation in the rest of the UK. British farmers will surely soon miss EU subsidies.
    I write this because with Johnson’s “win or die” Brexit aproach (if necessary avoiding the parliament) the UK needs all the luck they can get. Ministers are already running away from Johnson, for good reasons.
    I’ve been in the UK a few times, mostly in Scotland, and really like the place. Alas, the more fanatic Brexiteers like Johnson, Farage or Rees-Mogg don’t so much seem to.
    “Brexit or die” is apparently so great an idea – rather obvious to the thinking and thus incomprehensible to Johnson – that the UK has actual plans for troops to react to rebellions and to protect the government and actual plans for military aircraft flying in necessary medicine and food since Dover harbor and the roads down there are very very likely to be overwhelmed by the necessary imports.
    Apparently Johnson didn’t have much time to think at all or to think about that because he was too busy buiding his model buses and lying – and of course kicking Theresa May.
    Being just himself Johnson – the backstabber – of course had the nerve to thank May for her service. I read his retirement text was co-written with Stephen Bannon.
    May the Lord continue to assist you, and give you the courage and wisdom needed to guide the Church country in these our times.
    … because no one sane or sober can seriously rely on Johnson.
    Not just Ukraine just got a comedian as a prime minister, except for the tiny point that the Ukie is funny voluntarily.
    (Of course there are also other Brexiteer geniusses like Raab who once mentioned that it only appeared to him as a grown up Brexit minister that the English Channel, as Britain’s souther border, actually was important in the Brexit context. Con-gra-tu-la-tion-s !!! I daresay that others have learned that in the 3rd class.)
    That written, in face of that and the temperature of 30++°C here, I’ll surely need some ice cream now.

  8. walrus says:

    Confusedponderer, with the greatest respect, well you would think that, wouldn’t you?
    Most of the MSM don’t support Brexit and therefore run these constant scare stories about medicine shortages, etc. You are obviously not a Brexit supporter either.
    The European Union idea has been a disaster for many people – and they are sick and tired of taking orders from teutonic technocrats in Brussels. The gilet jaunts are also a symptom of the same thing, as is the Italian dissent as was Greece.
    To put that another way, not all Europeans want to be Germans.

  9. confusedponderer says:

    it’s not that I seriously want Johnson to be a German or to take orders from France, Germany or the EU.
    I am actually rather conservative in my expectations here.
    A politician being rational and realistic is something I do expect. Honesty I do expect. Planning and attention to details I do expect – from a mayor, foreign secretary and a prime minister.
    Instead Johnson is a essentially rolling it out with a dice when he’s on the way.
    I don’t think one should rule a nation and its international relations and treaty benefits like a drunken gambler in a casino.
    Recently Johnson was interviewed by Neil on his happy “Brexit or die” thing and he seriously told the interviewer hat Brexit is no problem since the UK can easily rely on paragraph 5(b) of Article 24 GATT (no, it cannot).
    Neil then asked Johnson if he knew what paragraph 5c of Article 24 GATT was about. Johnson didn’t know. If so, it’s liklely he didn’t know about what paragraph 5b is about either. Oopsie, and just some more babbling.
    To me that means the man doesn’t even know (or have) an actual plan of his own yet. Johnson is all about himself and his ego. I feel that his problem with May for him is that she sat on his place.
    He is, if that is possible, about as vain as that orange American man who likes to say that Johnson and Farage are fantastic people. They certainly are not, nor is that orange American man.
    Johnson IMO is about to run Britain over the cliff while cheering. Maybe it gives him some fun but it’s a pity for all the other Brits.
    Rees-Mogg apparently has the view that Brexit is great for the other Brits but has iirc moved his business to Ireland (perhaps because of lower taxes and EU subsidies? How … patriotic that if so he is essentially betting against the UK). Another pity for all the other Brits.
    There is IMO nothing particular German in being deeply sceptical about all that.

  10. confusedponderer says:

    And as for “orders from teutonic technocrats in Brussels” – there were brits at the table too, actually very influential and effective in getting UK interests into these “orders” from (not) teutonic technocrats in Brussels.
    They were co-writing these “orders” (IMO something that you are writing on yourself is not exactly an “order”) before they had to implement them. The UK got a rebate under Thatcher that the UK would have to pay less. That’s not exactly a “teutonic technocratic order”.

  11. walrus says:

    Thank you for your reply. I guess we will have to wait and see. From where I sit, there are suggestions that Boris Johnson should not be underestimated although I understand that perhaps his clownlike behaviors must be deeply unsettling to Europeans who expect “rectitude” from their leaders. I don’t think the British mind.
    I believe there is a suggestion that Brussels may be prepared to soften its stance and then if Britain can do something similar we may yet see an amicable divorce.

  12. Joe100 says:

    The Col Cassad website had photos (from social media) up a couple of years back showing that several White Helmet members were clearly Jihadis.

  13. confusedponderer says:

    if he expects some soft EU position, he should smoke less of the funny stuff.
    The interesting point is what does Johnson expect, more precisely, what does he still have to offer to the EU – nothing new but perhaps the threat of him being … himself?
    He’s gambling, short of a plan, relying on … being himself.
    Why Trump likes him is probably that he sees in Johnson an advantage for the US – if a hardcore Brexiteer leaves the EU, then the UK and the EU becomes weaker – and the US will have the UK as a new, more dependent and cheap Untertan trading partner, and a EU easier to handle.
    That’s likely how Johnson got Bannon as an advisor. That’s likeley also why you see Bannon in AfD land, Le Pen land, Orban land and Salvini land and Poland.
    From Trumps point of view it likely is “the dumber the better” (for the US).

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