Battle for Hodeidah – Part 2


"A military operation of the Saudi-UAE-led coalition and its proxies to capture the Yemeni port city of al-Hudaydah from the Houthis is crumbling.

The coalition’s forces have failed to establish full control of the al-Hudaydah airport south of the port city itself. They have also not been able to outflank the city from the eastern direction. The problems in this advance are mostly linked to the problems of the coalition-led forces’ supply lines."  SF


"On June 21, the Houthis carried out another attack on the coalition’s forces at their supply line in the western Yemeni coast. Houthi forces attacked positions of the coalition in the areas of Mdjelis and Makhliki cutting off a force of the coalition involved in the battle for al-Hudaydah from the rest of the coalition-occupied area.

According to pro-Houthi sources, at least 7 armoured vehicles were destroyed and about 30 fighters of the coalition-led forces were killed or injured in this attack.

If Yemeni forces are able to keep their gains in the coastal area, the coalition-led forces will not able to develop an advance in the al-Hudaydah countryside. Furthermore, the force involved in the operation may be eliminated.

Meanwhile, the Houthis increased their cross-border attacks against Saudi forces. They have carried out a series of attacks on positions in the Saudi provinces of Jizan and Najran."  SF


These ragged assed Houthi tribesmen are men their grandfathers would have been proud to acknowledge as their own.  With a minimum of equipment they are fighting off the Saudi hired coalition in a way that reminds of Lt Col Owen Thursday in "Fort Apache" when he asked at which staff college Cochise had studied.

These qat chewing, Scotch guzzling little hill men are among the great martial peoples of the world.  They live at war all their short lives.  They fight each other over traditional goods; honor, water and land.  When they are not doing that they fight the government, whatever government there be at any time.  I used to visit the tribes from which they come in the territory between Saadah and Sanaa.  They observed a careful code of hospitality and were cautiously welcoming.

Long ago I asked if Saudi Arabia in its present form would survive this war.  I ask it again.  pl

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