The jihadis reject any chance of peace in Syrua.


"On October 14, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra; HTS) released an official statement, in which it vowed to continue its “Jihad” [the Islamic term for holy war] against the Damascus government and refused to give up its arms or to ditch its foreign fighters.

“We will not deviate from the option of jihad and fighting as a way to achieve the goals of our blessed revolution, first and foremost to bring down the criminal regime, free the prisoners and secure the return of the displaced to their country … Our weapons are a safety valve for the Sham revolution,” HTS statement said.

The radical group added that it appreciates the efforts of everyone who worked to protect its areas in a clear hint to Turkey. However, it warned from the “maneuvers of the Russian occupier and from trusting its intentions.”

“All the attempts of the criminal regime and its allies will fail and will be defeated, just like every other occupier throughout history,” HTS stated."  SF quoting HTS.


 HTS  has conveniently set itself up for elimination in Idlib after the US mid-term election in early November.  As I have said before I think there is a modicum of understanding between Trump personally and the Russian government.  CIA communications to US Embassy Moscow would be a reliable means for that.There is nothing illegal about that.  POTUS is constitutionally solely responsible for foreign affairs.  The US Senate's role is limited to ratification of treaties, confirmation of ambassadors and such other background functions. IMO the Russians do not want to cause a flap in the US before the election.  How helpful of them!  When the election is pat, there will be opportunity to crush HTS into the grease spot on the M5 that it deserves to be.  The jihadi persistence in shelling the western parts of Aleppo City is another matter.  SAA action there can be expected.  pl

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