“Europe is at last waking up to its lockdown folly.” Sherelle Jacobs

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"Emmanuel Macron was the first leader to drop this little bombshell. Last week he said that France can’t cope with the “collateral damage” of a second lockdown, explaining that “zero risk never exists in any society”. Italy joined in three days later, with the health minister hinting that the country will not return to national hibernation. Meanwhile, after lauding China’s draconian lockdown, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is imploring countries to avoid battening down the hatches again.

About time. Lockdowns are officially indefensible. Sweden has won the international experiment, as its firms outperform even the German Großunternehmen while Covid deaths plummet in line with the rest of Europe. Scientists caution that it may take years to develop a vaccine. Economists warn that even the richest economies in the world cannot afford national lockdowns costing up to 3 per cent of GDP per month.

Perhaps even doom-mongering politicians have twigged that civilisation threatens to evaporate into a mushroom cloud of psychoneurotic deliriumPolling reveals that Westerners on average believe 6 per cent of their national populations have died from Covid-19. The real figure is around 100 times lower."  Telegraph


Just read the article and forget about what the dwarf Fauci says.  pl 


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26 Responses to “Europe is at last waking up to its lockdown folly.” Sherelle Jacobs

  1. TV says:

    The Democrat-media party WANT another economy-destroying lockdown.
    Then they can “rebuild” the greedy, sexist, racist society into a socialist “utopia” where they live well and the despised proletariat line up for bread and do as they’re told.
    Anyone voting for Biden is voting for this.

  2. Mike46 says:

    “Sherelle Emma Jacobs is a British journalist. She is the Assistant Comment Editor at The Daily Telegraph.”
    Jacobs & Larry should team up.
    A more nuanced view (and much closer to reality, IMO) of C19 and Sweden: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2251615-is-swedens-coronavirus-strategy-a-cautionary-tale-or-a-success-story/
    TV: Nice try. Biden is about as much a Socialist as Colonel Lang.

  3. turcopolier says:

    In that case Biden should stop backing the socialists.

  4. Mike46 says:

    It’s lip service.

  5. FWH says:

    The mainstream media has been the driver. I found not a single article in six months that presented an objective balanced picture. The propaganda (fair word) is devastating and widespread.
    I once surveyed Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand news and noticed that they seem to use the same sources as US media (AP, BBC, Reuters, NYT etc.). If 80% of Americans believe that Putin poisoned the Skripals, then you can bet that about 80% of Aussies will also believe; if 80% of Americans believe covid 19 is a deadly killer and justifies what happened, then 80% of Aussies will also believe; and so on.

  6. jonboinAR says:

    From all I’ve gathered to date, in an admittedly completely unscientific way, locking down is not really necessary to stop the Virus. Masking and social distancing seem to be sufficient if done with some discipline. I think that Sweden did this. Maybe social distancing comes a little bit naturally to them? (Swedish stereotyping). Have they masked faithfully, too? I don’t know.

  7. Razor says:

    Interesting presentation re Covid19 statistics by Irish engineer;

  8. rho says:

    The weekend in Berlin will be very interesting. Check out the writeup from the German government’s very own state propaganda outlet, “Deutsche Welle”:
    “Berlin bans large weekend protests against coronavirus restrictions, citing health grounds
    The city government of Berlin has called off several planned weekend protests, the largest of which on Saturday expected to draw 20,000 people or more. The organizers plan to challenge the move in court.”
    (The government sources always tend to understate the attendance numbers, at the last such protests, it took them weeks to acknowledge that there were at least 30,000 attendees and even that seems to be a low estimate. And of course all the protesters must be related to “coronavirus deniers, Reichsbürger and right-wing extremists”, can’t have anyone with justified concerns there…)
    These unruly protesters should have registered for a BLM protest in Berlin instead, then the Berlin city government would never ban them and they would get praise from every mainstream media outlet.

  9. Effinghell says:

    Just read the article and forget about what the dwarf Fauci says
    Epic Sir, Epic.
    On another note, there are due to be some demonstrations regarding lockdowns, I suspect you might not hear about them on the MSM, on the other hand, you might, it wont be the first one for Germans, maybe thats why the goverment has just band mass gatherings up until Dec.

  10. TV says:

    Biden is not a socialist, he’s a corrupt career hack with no interests beyond self-importance and what he can take.
    Since he’s entered early dementia he is managed by a coterie of self-styled puppet masters who mouth neo-socialist garbage for the dimwitted followers, but actually are only on a self-enriching power trip.

  11. cirsium says:

    @jonboinAR, 2.36
    “Have they masked faithfully, too?”
    No masks, only social distancing and a maximum of 50 participants in public gatherings.

  12. scott s. says:

    Honolulu’s Mayor ordered a new lockdown for minimum of 14 days, probably will be extended into October. It appears Hawaii’s plan is to hope Biden gets elected and bails out the state. Meanwhile instead of rule of law we have rule by proclamation (don’t know how many there have been so far, I would guess at least 20). The left keeps warning about dictator Trump, while Biden would order masks nation wide on day 1.
    What I find ironic is the people who decry the treatment of Japanese in America in WWII seem to have no problem with any suspension of freedom for pandemic. They laugh the idea of fear of Japanese subversion during the war as irrational, but see no problem with Covid fear.

  13. Mike46 says:

    Razor: Cummins The ‘Irish Engineer’ ignores (perhaps intentionally) the mitigation efforts and the learning curve physicians went through in treatment – in many cases through trial and error – that were implemented in Europe and elsewhere. What would those curves look like if nothing were done? Many more would have died before C19 would ‘just go away’.
    There is a time tested strategy for controlling infectious disease that works but it requires some sacrifices among the population. Those who are willing to make that sacrifice to protect themselves and their neighbors have slowed the spread – call it a delaying action until reinforcements can arrive (in the form of an effective vaccine). I don’t think that it is too much of a sacrifice to make. If more Americans had got with the program we could have managed this better and quicker. In fact, I think those who’ve done this are the real Patriots, not the phony flag waving hucksters that inhabit the internet.

  14. guidoamm says:

    The premises for instituting blanket confinements were:
    1 – This is a “novel” virus never encountered by man, therefore all are susceptible
    2 – Because of 1, the health system will be overwhelmed
    3 – Precautionary Principle. Till we have more info, let’s lock it down
    Today, we know that 1 and 2 were wrong. 3 no longer applies because we now have overwhelming evidence that tells us blanket confinements are, at best, unnecessary if not counterproductive.
    Continuing with the same policies should be treated as a criminal offence.

  15. Mike46 says:

    scott s.: My two grandchildren are handling this with more maturity than you appear to be. Frankly you sound like a Snowflake.

  16. Mike46 says:

    TV: Don’t try to BS me. I know who Biden is and I know who Trump is, I’ve been around long enough to know that they are not leaders. Yeah, Biden is a partisan operator and Trump is in it for his ego. Neither is good for this country. We have become a nation of pampered, spoiled children destroyed by our own good fortune. God help our children because we have failed.

  17. confusedponderer says:

    re the prohibited corona or so called “hygiene demonstrations” – it may have been silly to prohibit them but …
    … it has been used by … various nutters, aluminium hatters, people afraid of Bill Gates chipping them, yet short of violent anti-vaccineers, commies, skinheads, Reichsbürger (nasty people, often armed, and legally tricky – one went to trial for speeding and declared he was there to arrest the judge) and Nazi folks to spread their visions and variations of alternative reality.
    One guy, a book sale successful vegetable cook, is proud that his first name starts with A and and his surname starts with H (18) and he ran there around screaming with an black white red imperial flag, with iron cross on it and “Ehre und Ehre” written on it, sais he wants to be Reichskanzler (we don’t have one since Adolf) and – to top that – he wants to lock up for a long time a Green politico for something (legal but disliked) said 20 years ago – and he, literally, wants to have his balls stomped to mud on a market place with boots (humiliation & destruction?). Add to that a too large number of daily insults and threats and the loud declaration that he is armed and willing to fight to the end. Violent attitude aside, he is not criminal yet.
    Apparently being named A.H. and being a vegetarian is not a healthy combination. When I want to see blood I eat a good rare steak. Alas.
    Other folks ran around with, literally, an aluminium foil around the head to protect them from mind control rays. Others feel limited in their liberty (to infect randomly?) by having to wear masks (which has many side advantages with ugly poeople or adults who need to hide their pacifier). Practical advice: Don’t wear them over the eyes, chin, nose, or ellbows. Etc pp.
    A funny part was on a PEGIDA (right wing, anti muslim when not too busy to be anti semitic) demonstration in iirc Saxonia, where a lady told a reporter that she was deeply, deeply, DEEPLY concerned concerned CONCERNED with people replacement of Germans by muslim foreigners. The reporter told here that, by the way, muslims made up just some 0.2% of the state’s population, making that people replacement thing unlikely. Pause, answer: “Ahem. Well, I see that differently.”
    In terms of potential or latent violence all of that is about as clever, honourable, sensible and reasonable as the screaming heavily armed people called on to “liberate their states”. That’s an IMO somewhat dubious way to ‘help’.
    I for my part am more practical and lawful – I will help in a polling place with the next local election in two weeks, with mask.

  18. Fred says:

    It looks like Macron will have to fight his own bureaucrats as they are now mandating masks everywhere in Paris due to ‘cases’ spreading.

  19. rho says:

    It was not only silly to attempt to prohibit the demonstrations, it was illegal and in violation of the constitution. The administrative court in Berlin has already overturned the ban.
    I am not sure what you are trying to achieve with the rest of your carefully crafted polemics. Are you trying to argue for the view that all the people who attend a protest, which is a public event by its very own nature, should be held responsible for the political views of each and every nutcase who also attends the protest?
    Interestingly, such standards of collective responsibility are never raised when left-wingers organize a protest. I wonder why?
    The “A.H.” guy that you so cryptically write about is obviously Attila Hildmann, a vegan chef and a minor celebrity in Germany before he started to go insane. He is of Turkish ethnicity and was raised by German adoptive parents. Quite an unusual personal background for a Nazi, don’t you think?
    Of course, if you had mentioned that, it would undermine your carefully crafted Nazi Germany framing.

  20. Razor says:

    @Mike46 at 12.37AM
    Mike i’m not sure we’re talking about the same video. Clearly the presenter is referring to the supposed second wave epidemic arising from the huge increase in PCR testing; thus his coining of the word “Casedemic”.
    It seems to me the point he is making is that all this testing is doing now is identifying people who are asymptomatic and those who have already recovered from the virus. The real take away is that people are not getting ill, and especially that the death rates have fallen off a cliff. The clear implication is that the renewed panic is totally unnecessary.
    Your comments don’t seem to recognise this point or even argue with it. It’s as if you’ve actually missed the point he is making. Am I missing something?

  21. Artemesia says:

    @ confused ponderer: re “nutters . . . aluminium hatters.”
    There’s a strong case to be made for copper hats and other items of apparel as well as copper used in filtration elements in HVAC systems and in other ways.
    Betsy McCaughey appeared on C Span this morning to discuss her book, The Next Pandemic, “and how the U.S. can battle future pandemics without an economic shutdown.”
    McCaughey stated that her organization’s primary interest had been in preventing infections that plagued hospital settings (a 2007 study noted nearly 100,000 deaths from Health-care associated infections. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1820440/ ).
    Among effective measure to mitigate these problems, that now include Covid19, McGaughey listed:
    — use of copper door knobs and push plates
    — dry / dilute hydrogen peroxide room purification system, as developed by Kansas City company Synexis https://synexis.com/meet-the-team/
    One of the most pernicious aspects of the propaganda behind Covid19 is the way that it has pushed the totality of other causes of harm to the populace, and the impression that no means of ensuring one’s health exist outside of government mandated measures that, at least in my opinion, are counterproductive but have become fetishes.

  22. Leith says:

    Artemisia – Our ancestors going back thousands of years knew of the anti-bacterial properties of copper and copper alloys. There is a researcher in England who has found it also can be ant-viral.
    But your copper doorknob or faucet handle has to be cleaned constantly or it loses that property.

  23. semiconscious says:

    razor –
    if you’re missing anything, it’s the fact the mike46 appears to be a bit ‘excitable’…
    &, btw, thanks for the video link!…

  24. confusedponderer says:

    re: The “A.H.” guy that you so cryptically write about is obviously Attila Hildmann, a vegan chef and a minor celebrity in Germany before he started to go insane. He is of Turkish ethnicity and was raised by German adoptive parents. Quite an unusual personal background for a Nazi, don’t you think?
    Nope. It doesn’t need a skinhead, wearing a KKK hood, holding a burning cross, wearing a SS belt buckle or a swastika to make a nazi.
    It’s a thing in the head, often chosen. So to speak, the fish rots from the head.
    Take Geert Wilders: He’s … a peroxide blonde half indonesian, self declared agnostic who still likes to babble about europe’s judeo christian tradition threatened by Islam. He was tried for the crime of incitement of the masses but oddly generously acquitted for a little extreme free speech. Why I wonder: In 2007 he demanded prohibition of the quran in the Netherlands, comparing it to Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”. He’s a buddy of the recently accused Bannon by the way.
    Mr. A.H. calls himself ultraright, and proved it today when megaphoning a call to resistance against ‘corona tyranny of the government and its enforcers police‘ on a (naturally prohibited) spontaneous demonstration in front of the russian embassy.
    He talked like that for 3 minutes before being arrested for a prohibited demonstration (reason – no masks, too many people too close = super spreader party; the occasional throwing of bottles and bricks at cops was another reason).
    For A.H. the arrest naturally is just another proof of his fictitious tyranny. Likely he’ll learn from that that the next time he wants a broken nose. He’ll do it gain.
    He went there likely because he previously failed entering the blocked Reichstag area – too many cops and the fence was probably too high too (at least three feet). That guy is IMO a dangerous nut very close to criminal and staging himself as a wannabe revolutionist.
    But – I have a simple explanation about the simple mind: Even a bad reputation is better than no PR at all. Buy my books! You’re likely by current routine familiar with that effect.

  25. turcopolier says:

    “Even a bad reputation is better than no PR at all. Buy my books! You’re likely by current routine familiar with that effect.” Who are you referring to?

  26. rho says:

    you think Wilders and Hildmann are both “Nazis”? The only thing these two have in common is that they are both in opposition to the governments in their respective home countries. All their other views are wildly different from each other – and do not align very well with the ideology of national socialism either.
    Why are you putting up all these distractions? Is it because you do not like to acknowledge the reality that people with many different political views, and the overwhelming majority of them not nutcases like Hildmann, oppose the Corona restrictions and see them as government overreach that is massively damaging our economies to protect us from an infectious disease that is not severe enough to justify these measures?
    “Even a bad reputation is better than no PR at all. Buy my books!”
    Are you trying to promote your own book here? I did not know that you are an author…

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