” … a major bump in the road.” Washpost


"It now seems beyond question that Clinton’s server contained a variety of classified information including some information so sensitive that even now — years after she left her job as secretary of state — it can’t be released. While that fact doesn’t for certain undercut Clinton’s central defense — that she never sent or received any information marked classified at the time — it does raise even more questions about why she chose to be the first secretary of state to exclusively use a private server to conduct her official business.

And, as WaPo’s Roz Helderman writes in her piece on the State Department announcement:

Clinton has said that none of her emails were marked classified when they were sent. But it is the responsibility of individual government officials to handle classified material appropriately, including by properly marking it as classified, according to experts.

For Clinton, the State Department announcement will give credence to the idea that her initial explanations of why she set up the private server and what sorts of material she kept on it are not entirely accurate. And, more broadly, the State Department announcement keeps the story in the news and hands her political opponents a ready-made way to bash her on the eve of what is the most important vote of her political life."  Washpost


Cilizza is a an insider Borgist columnist.  for him to abandon her in this way is indicative of what is to come.  pl  


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