HC wants “open borders”


 "My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere,” Clinton told a Brazilian bank in 2013. She added, “We have to resist, protectionism, other kinds of barriers to market access.”   An excerpt from one of HC's private speech's


Assange says this is the first of a number of releases between now and the election. 

Trump is a buffoon and the GOP should find a way to dump him.  pl 



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  1. kooshy says:

    Just watched the news on DT’ new scandal, just god knows how much more stuff they have on him and in what increments they will pull them out, he can forget getting any women vote. AMF I don’t think Hillary needs to campaign anymore, she can just sit home an wait for chief justice to come and swear her in.

  2. mike allen says:

    Assange, like Trump, is an abuser of women. He refuses to face charges of rape and sexual assault that were brought against him in Sweden. So he hides in the Ecuadorean Embassy. Unfortunately the Swedish statute of limitations will run out in 2020, so he’ll go scot free with only eight years living in luxury behind embassy walls. May he spend the rest of his miserable life running and hiding from his imaginary fear of American extradition.
    And what is his beef with Clinton? It was a Canadian who called for his assassination, and Sarah Palin had some choice words for him too.

  3. esq says:

    Love the blog and Syria analysis.
    With all due reapect, don’t think it’s fair to call Trump a buffoon. He get’s that more Third World immigration will be used by Hillary, etc. to end free speech, free entwrprise, freedom of association, etc. Scary but true. Nothing else matters as much.

  4. Brunswick says:

    Back in the day, Capital was fixed in place, ( took months to ship spece at great risk, from point A to point B, letters of credit reduced the risk, but not the time),
    Labour was pretty much fixed in place,
    Resources were pretty much fixed in place.
    The Adam Smith model of “Capitalism” pretty much worked.
    These days, with just a click, ( If I had them), I could transfer billions of dollars around the Globe in just seconds. I can buy steel and aluminium from China, marble from Italy, and have it here in weeks.
    The only thing that remains “fixed” in place, is Labour.
    “Open Borders” is the last gasp of Capitalism to attempt to fix a system that no longer functions and has rendered many of the concepts of the National State, irrelevant.

  5. Lemur says:

    What is the point of our elites if they want to reduce us all to some dissolved, multicultural morass? Where our highest “value” is rhetoric about ‘human rights’ instead of spiritual organic communities? They want to turn qualitative man into quantitative units that bureaucrats and oligarchs can add up on their calculators.

  6. Pat,
    I know I might be in a minority here, but I would have respected Clinton more if she had stayed true to the sentiments reflected in this quote, instead of pandering to the lowest common denominator of her base. I think freer trade and more open immigration (at least removing the quota on work visas) would be steps in the right direction.
    FWIW, I went to a Gary Johnson rally here in Denver on Monday, and he made the case for more open immigration and freer trade very powerfully. They were some of the topics he seemed most passionate about. I know not all readers of this site agree with that, but his positions on trade and immigration are some of what attracts me most to voting for Johnson.
    To me Clinton’s sin here is hypocrisy–abandoning what could’ve been a principled stance for cynical political expedience.

  7. Pat,
    I forgot to say that I agree with you, the GOP should either dump Trump, or if they can’t, they should bail out for at least this election. At least my fellow Mormon GOPers have shown some backbone by unendorsing him. I’m not holding my breath for a mass exodus to the former GOP governors though. That would require more spine than I think the GOP has.

  8. trinlae says:

    Good points, and the cultural conception of capital has also distinctly varied historically:
    in South and East Asia (among other places) capital and wealth have historically been understood as mere token symbols signifying deeper relationships of substance, and thought to increase in value when circulating (karmic give and you shall receive model), whereas the Western concept seems to have always enshrined capital in the stagnant lender’s interest accounts (trillions in Caymans etc doing “nothing”). I.e., the token signifier is given more legitimacy than that which it is intended to signify.

  9. LondonBob says:

    Bill Clinton is an abuser of women, Assange is not. I hope some day he will go free, but I am not so sure.

  10. LondonBob says:

    Mormon and morality are not two terms that go together. It is rather obvious what motivates the Mormon GOPers.
    Yet another non issue no one cares about that the special interests will seek to exploit, with little success.

  11. jim jordan says:

    Trump is no gentleman. However JFKs and Clinton`s physical treatment of women in the White House was beyond the pale. Remember too LBJ used to expose himself regularly during cabinet meetings. Carter, the only man of virtue to become president, was a dud.

  12. elaine says:

    I’m a woman & if knowing a man has trashed talked about the anatomy of
    females &/or felt lust for females other than his spouse I’d be hard pressed
    to give serious consideration to ever voting for a male candidate.

  13. elaine says:

    “Open Borders” is the last gasp of Capitalism…”??? “The only thing that remains “fixed” in place is Labour.’??? What are you advocating? Open
    Borders could more easily be the battle cry of totalitarianism. Don’t
    let the Masters of the Universe get inside your head.

  14. Lemur says:

    The GOP hasn’t won a normal election since Shrub senior. Shrub junior got in by fiddling the votes in Florida. ’04 was a wartime election. Won’t be long until the democrat coalition of the fringe tip Texas and Arizona permanently blue. Indeed, in many states, the only thing keeping them part of #RedNationRising is extremely proficient gerrymandering and voting rules that deter vibrancy. Trump is the last hope of the GOP. Unless he forges a new majority by unifying the interests of the white middle class GOP voters and the white democrat voting working class, while preventing the dems from importing upgrades to their electorate; you’re on your way to becoming a regional party for good.

  15. MRW says:

    She’s a classifiable idiot. She pledged to have “more than half a billion solar panels installed nationwide by the end of her first term in office [2021]. Clinton also called for a major increase in other renewable-energy sources, saying she wants every U.S. home to be powered by clean energy within a decade, reports Reuters. “I want more wind, more solar, more advanced biofuels, more energy efficiency,” she said at a weekend rally in Iowa. “And I’ve got to tell you, people who argue against this are just not paying attention.”
    Neither is she. She doesn’t know how anything works. The economy. The federal accounting system. Doesn’t do her homework when it comes to foreign affairs. She was head of State and didn’t know that Ukraine gave the legal and constitutional right to Crimea to decide by referendum whether it wanted to be a part of Ukraine or Russia when it wrote its Constitution in 1992; Crimea exercised that constitutional referendum right in March 2014. Russia subsequently voted overnight on accepting Crimea as part of Russia; Russia didn’t “invade” Crimea. So she backs going to war with Russia. You need 1.25 to 1.5 gallons of fossil fuel to create one gallon of biofuels. A solar park or wind farm cannot power one aluminum foundry, not one. Wind turbines are made of aluminum. It takes 40 tons of extracted ore to create the 2.5 kilos of magnets for one wind turbine—ONE—and the USA doesn’t manufacture rare earths anymore, because her hayseed husband killed the industry and the US global supremacy in manufacturing when it was asking for help in 1994. China now controls 97% of it. It would take over a decade to recreate the extraction, separation, and production vertical market processes necessary to produce that capability. And those processes aren’t jack. They are highly complicated and the scientists who knew how to do it are gone.
    How would Florida have handled its power outage these days if it were running on solar and wind turbines in a CAT 2—> 5 hurricane?
    As for Trump? Clinton finds his words “horrific” and rendering him unsuitable to be president, but she didn’t find her husband’s actions the same or worse? I remember how she demeaned, stalked, and destroyed the reputations of those women using the considerable power of her First Lady office. His frat boy braggadocio is, sure, objectionable, but stop clutching the pearls. I’ve heard worse from drunk frat boys, and my nephews. Every parent of rambunctious hormonal teenager boys has. It’s interesting that Mormon men are so offended. They ought to clean up the big secret scourge of St. George, UT before getting all self-righteous: beating their women black and blue because they’re not getting enough sex. (She puts the church and kids first.) The local bankers will even talk freely about it. You can walk through any big grocery store there and watch the women buying groceries with dark glasses on, and their bruises showing underneath. So spare me the Scarlet O’Hara act.

  16. MRW says:

    He refuses to face charges of rape and sexual assault that were brought against him in Sweden.
    Has he been indicted?

  17. LeaNder says:

    Mike, I would like to object in this case. What’s your evidence that he sexually assaulted two women in Sweden? What do you know about the Swedish law and the “rumor” that at least one of them thanked him for the wonderful night via email? If one only knew the future, one sure could avoid that.
    I am pretty fascinated by how many men nowadays are worried about women’s rights.
    And what is his beef with Clinton? It was a Canadian who called for his assassination, and Sarah Palin had some choice words for him too.

  18. David Lentini says:

    Trump is a buffoon and the GOP should find a way to dump him.
    No argument about Trump, but let’s not forget that most of the party’s leadership backs exactly Hillary’s policies, except perhaps for the green qualification (and I’m sure that would be the first thing to anyway).

  19. David Lentini says:

    The élites want to rule. They see the world as a Fabian struggle for supremacy of the “fittest”, which to them really means those who are achieving God-like omniscience and omnipotence (don’t laugh, this is big talk in Silicon Valley). In short, they see themselves as striding over world where everyone other human being is indistinguishable from an insect.

  20. Bill Wade says:

    We’ll know more tomorrow after the 2nd debate. Trump has apologized for his remarks of 10 or so years ago, he probably shouldn’t have and should have brushed them off as “just stupid guy talk”.
    When Hillary mentioned half a billion solar panels, that was just plain ludicrous BS. To me, both her and Kaine are a couple of loud mouthed petty people, with neither fit to be President.
    In my neighborhood there were about 40 or so Trump/Pence signs up in yards, not a single Clinton sign to be seen. Those signs are now gone, all stolen in the dark hours. It appears some entity is determined to stop Trump. Based on this alone, due to my contrary nature, I’ll vote for Trump if he’s still running by election day.

  21. Amir says:

    There are no charges but allegations!
    The prosecutor has refused to read him his rights.
    The Swedish government has refused to guaranty that he will not be delivered to the hand of Obama’s Injustice Department for unrelated charges by a third country that are not even crimes under Swedish law. I am sure you can not guaranty that he would not be tortured a la Guantanamo, be mistreated like Manning, nor not receive adequate medical treatment when “suffering a heart attack” (wink wink, imaging this would happen in the Dictatorship of Putin or the Mullahs) in the prison like Jeffrey Sterling.
    Basically The Oh So Liberal Sweden, has condemned this man to imprisonment in an Embassy without any conviction. This is in line with their Nobel Committee giving a Pre-emptive Nobel Peace Prize to President Hopey Changey Obomby.
    The Swedish prosecutor has done so many ludicrous shenanigans that a Charlie Chaplin movie would look like a tragedy in comparison. Assange’s crime is “ejaculation with a torn condom, during the act, without the permission of the women who willingly went to bed with him”.
    Trampling the law by the maker of the laws, has it’s consequences too. There will be no collaboration with Obamites or for that matter whomever copies him in the future.

  22. Bill Herschel says:

    In the case of Lewinsky, she flashed her thong at him. She went out in the rain to get wet.
    A woman I know was in an elevator in a New York hotel and the door opened at a floor that wasn’t hers. Clinton was standing there with his entourage. She said he was incredibly good looking in person. Magnetic. I don’t think he had to grope women to get them into bed with him.
    Is he an abuser? Define abuse.

  23. Ghostship says:

    Perhaps the GOP should dump Trump and throw its weight behind Gary Johnson – he seems more electable that any of the Republican candidates who lost to Trump in the primaries.

  24. Edward Amame says:

    “People of faith are voting on issues like who will protect unborn life, defund Planned Parenthood, defend religious liberty and oppose the Iran nuclear deal. A ten-year-old tape of a private conversation with a talk show host ranks low on their hierarchy of concerns.” — Ralph Reed
    No GOP pols have un-endorsed him either. Trump’s name will remain on the ballot.

  25. Jack says:

    There is a concerted effort to derail Trump and coronate the Borg Queen. This faux outrage over his locker room trash talk is so hypocritical. I don’t know about all these holier than thou media pundits but I’ve heard worse when guys get together.
    I am not surprised that there are thieves stealing Trump yard signs in your neighborhood. I’m sure that’s not gonna increase their support for the Borg Queen.

  26. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    Yves Smith had a nuanced comment on a thread yesterday about this this issue. Hee’s an excerpt:
    “So yes, this comes off as as rich, famous guy bragging he can get tail. And a lot of men, even supposedly well-housetrained men, talk like this (I can name names but will spare you).
    “I saw plenty of men on Wall Street who made good appearances, as in I am sure you would give them your Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval regarding how they spoke about women, but were very adept at exploiting the power imbalance and getting women to sleep with them (getting them to drink too much when they are on the road helps a great deal).”
    For readers not familiar with that blog “Yves Smith” is the nom de plume of Susan Webber, the host of the Naked Capitalism.
    There was another comment in the same thread pertaining to Hilary’s history as an enabler of sexual predatiion:

  27. Jack says:

    There’s no way Trump can be dumped by the GOP. I’m sure in many counties ballots have already been printed. In any case it is to be expected that the media are hyperventilating on his lewd comments. This is all part and parcel of the continuous media assault on Trump. IMO, this election will be determined by which side can turn out their supporters. I think since any Trump voter is labeled Les Déplorable, many are keeping their voting intention to themselves. It is quite possible that we have a Brexit like turnout where polls got it wrong as working class Tories and Labor voted to exit the EU.

  28. Jack says:

    Oh! It seems Assange has hurt your partisan feelings. Hypocrisy is coming on thick and fast.

  29. mike allen says:

    Half a billion solar panels is not ludicrous. It is easily doable requiring only the will to do it.
    A lowly 5kW residential solar array typically uses about 20 solar panels. If you consider only those 5kW systems that suggests 25 million homes (500M divided by 20 solar panels). That is only about one third of the single family homes in the US.
    And that does not count the many homes that have a larger system; i.e. my daughter’s neighbor in Seattle uses 8kW. And it does not count multi-unit apartments or businesses or municipalities that need hundreds of solar panels. Nor does it count the tens of thousands of solar panels already installed in arrays by power companies and the hundreds of thousands of solar panels being installed on military bases.

  30. Jack says:

    Did you vote for known philanderer Bill Clinton?
    Now, you must know that if your yardstick is any man who feels lust for women other than his spouse then you would likely never vote for any man.

  31. mike allen says:

    18 November 2010, Swedish Director of Public Prosecution ordered the detention of Julian Assange on suspicion of rape, three cases of sexual molestation and unlawful coercion.

  32. mike allen says:

    Evidence? Ask the Swedes about evidence. They are the ones who ordered his arrest.
    Tom Flanagan, senior advisor to former Canadian PM Harper in 2010 on a CBC broadcast said “I think Assange should be assassinated, actually,” when asked to expand upon his answer, added that he “wouldn’t be unhappy” if Assange “disappeared.”
    Also in 2010, Canadian author and columnist Ezra Levant wrote in his column: “Why is Assange still alive? Why is he being treated as a journalist or political activist? If someone had published the intimate details of the D-Day plans during the Second World War, he would never have been seen again.”

  33. DC says:

    Re Trump — My wife, who favors Hillary despite (or because of) my reality-based bantering, listened to the Trump/Billy Bush tape and was not offended at all. We all knew he’s a pig, and boys will be boys, she said. I suspect the incident will fail to move the needle one way or the other.

  34. rjj says:

    irony? if not,
    how many cats hast thou?

  35. MRW says:

    [OT! LeaNder, I answered your last question on The 1st Debate post at 30 September 2016 at 06:11 AM two days later.]

  36. rjj says:

    Women trash talk something wicked.
    Wonder if HRC ever made Lorena Bobbitt jokes.

  37. Kooshy says:

    More likely, it sounds like, the reason you dislike him is because of his beef with Clintons. I don’t know if he abused women or not, but the reason I like him, is because he brings out the truth that Borgs try to hide, which could be the truth you dislike. And besides no matter how luxury that embassy is, it’s still a jail since he cannot leave at will.

  38. mike allen says:

    Amir – ” I am sure you can not guaranty that he would not be tortured a la Guantanamo,…”
    I guaranty it!

  39. MRW says:

    The faux chivalry of a Reince Priebus or Paul Ryan doesn’t impress me either. If all these govvie Sir Galahads really gave a damn about women, women would have equal pay.
    If you’re going to respect women, you start with their money. I don’t see Paul Ryan ever suggesting a way to help single mothers who work for minimum wage. (Or helping young families stave off the distress and hopelessness that working two jobs with a four-month old infant can beset new parents.)

  40. Kooshy says:

    Yes, like colonel said from the get go, he is a buffoon. But I think in this case, like most Americans, he miss calculated on how nasty slick Willy can be, no doubt Willy is the one who is pulling the strings behind the stage, and IMO has done him in, IMO no longer and no matter how much more of hilly billy emails Assange pulls out.

  41. A Vet says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t open borders a big part of the whole libertarian program?

  42. Edward Amame says:

    GOP “leadership backs exactly Hillary’s policies?” Since when? David Frum spells out exactly what the party leadership favors:
    “Repeal Obamacare; end the Medicare guarantee for people under age 55; offer big tax cuts to corporations and the richest taxpayers; pass constitutional amendments to stop abortion and same-sex marriage; back immigration reform that increases the flow of low-wage labor into the economy; take no action on climate change or other environmental concerns…”
    None of those policies (except perhaps to a degree on immigration) are favored by Clinton.

  43. turcopolier says:

    A vet
    Yes, and that is a problem for me. pl

  44. MRW says:

    Or LBJ holding cabinet meetings in the john while he was taking a dump.
    (OT. I remember cowboy bars with a lidless john at the end of the bar to keep the piss off the furniture and walls.)

  45. Nancy K says:

    Trump was not a frat boy or a hormonal teenager, although he acts like one. He was a 60 year old man, the father of 4 children and had recently married his third wife.

  46. Tom Cafferty says:

    Not an apologist for Trump or Bush…but it’t interesting that W Bush responded “Pussy” when reporter Howard Fink’s asked what non politics subjects he and his dad talked about during 1988 campaign. Nothing came of it. The messenger can decide how and what to tell. Corporate media wants Trump for some ratings but will play it so he loses. The Borg always wins.

  47. Fred says:

    “felt lust for females other than his spouse” The purity of womanhood heard from. It is refreshing. How does this play out given the conduct of Hilary’s spouse and his ongoing popularity with women?

  48. turcopolier says:

    After thinking it over and talking to SWMBO I realize that you are correct. There is no way to replace him. I think the GOP best course of action would be to renounce him as the party candidate and switch all support and resources to support of congressional candidates. pl

  49. Imagine says:

    An aluminum foundry requires roughly 600 kWh/ton of aluminum. Standard 100W solar panels (roughly 2’x3.5′) are approaching $100 but good ones can easily be gotten for $150@ off Amazon. Assume 5 hrs a day of good sunlight, that’s 500 Wh/day/panel. Let’s shoot for a 100-ton/month foundry, assume a 30-day month. Requiring 60MWh/month. One panel gives 15kWh/month, assuming no rain.
    The main thing about electricity is that it’s fungible; it scales trivially; and there is both a liquid market and a growing demand for it. You can simply buy as many panels as you need. Just keep turning the crank.
    Then a field of 4,000 panels would be able to power your foundry for as long as you’re going to live. This would cost $600,000 for the panels, maybe another $600,000 for the installation. Throw in another $300K for converter boxes and cabling. We’ll put our panels 40 x 100 if laid flat on the foundry roof that’s 80′ x 350′, roughly the size of one football field. So that’s $1.5M for power. The building is going to be a larger expense than the power, roughly $2.5M, depending. So we’re looking at $4M to start a foundry that can do 100 tons / month.
    L.A. pays $0.21/kWh but other places might be $0.10. Our 60MWh/month foundry would cost $6,000 or $12,600 a month for power to run, if we bought electricity on the open market, depending on where we live. That’s ~$70K to $150K/year.
    Looking at our original install cost of $1.5M, this gives a 10% payback per year on our investment, or 5% if electricity is amazingly cheap.
    Lifetime of solar panels is rated at 25 yrs, but they really are a “rock that gives electricity”, no moving parts, and ones from the 70’s are still working. Barring terrorism, hurricanes, tornadoes, or vandalism, they last longer than asphalt roads, i.e. pretty much indefinitely for practical purposes.
    States are about to collapse from exploding pension funds which were supposed to give 5% but are now yielding 1%.
    U.S. population, and electricity demand, is still expanding at about 3%/year.
    Washington can solve the state bankruptcy problem by having the states create massive solar fields that power the country, and its electric cars, returning up to 10% on investment. The states can sell bonds which are backed by the income from the power provided by state-owned power companies. And the states can open it up by setting up a market for private entrepreneurs, who can make 10% on the dollar, if pricing is kept fair. Since electricity scales down, even small homes can afford $300 for installation, make back $30/year, and become independent.
    Energy independence will also save $6T a decade blown in needless wars for energy-rich Middle-East far-right theocracies. Energy independence is critical for the grand-strategic power of America.

  50. Eric Newhill says:

    DC, It’s a stupid attack on Trump for a couple reasons. 1) It makes his opponents (and the media arm of the Borg) look like giant ninnies going all apoplectic over locker room banter and that causes the deplorables to dig in even deeper. 2) It opens the door for reminders about Bill Clinton – was he a good President? Why is Hillary still married to him if such behavior is so awful and, more importantly, unforgivable?
    Agree. The needle might make a temporary shift, but then goes back to baseline.

  51. LeaNder says:

    Sorry, MRW, I often “don’t look back”.
    1st debate? Want me to surrender? OK, I’ll check

  52. turcopolier says:

    You are quite right. The level of puritan hypocrisy in this business is appalling. My conclusion about p—y gate is entirely a political one and I think Trump cannot survive this master stroke on the part of Ft. Brooklyn. Their timing was well done. pl

  53. Old Microbiologist says:

    I suggest you do better fact checking before you post something this lame. The rape was because consensual sex in Sweden requires a condom, even among spouses. Not wearing one without permission of your partner is statuatiry rape. He wore one the first intercourse but not the second. She came back for more after that so rape is a strange thing to be accused of. The same thing happened with the second woman. Assange then after being notified by the police, reported to the police and was let go, given permission to travel, and he departed the country. Only later, under US pressure, was the charge reinstated by a replacement prosecutor. By then, in fear of his life as the US has capital punishment for treason (a hard case to make as he is an Australian) so he has sanctuary in the a Ecuadorian embassy a place HRC dreams of hitting with a drone. The US, Sweden nor the UK have said he will not be extraditied to the US for other unspecified crimes. In the US a secret court met to indict him and it remains secret what it is all about.

  54. MRW says:

    Ezra Levant isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to appropriate analogies. D-Day plans do not equate to the US public’s right to know what the government is doing in its name and behind its back.

  55. MRW says:

    Not looking for an answer, but you keep asking me the same question whenever the issue comes up and I finally decided to address it.

  56. b says:

    A short introduction to life:
    ALL MEN have at times talked this way “boy to boy”. It’s called bragging.

  57. Cee says:

    I refuse to be distracted by the crude comments that Trump made. I’m concerned about what is coming out from Wikileaks as Col Lang pointed out. I do think that we owe a debt to those displaced by our illegal wars but make them whole where they LIVED. I agree with Barbara Jordan in that regard. No more more economic immigrants and no open borders.
    HRC says one thing in public and another thing in private.
    I hope Trump focuses on that tomorrow. He can also mention that she supports slashing Social Security and that those in the financial industry should write the regulations! WTF?!
    But noooo, we’re talking about what many powerful men try to do and what many women accept as normal to get ahead!
    I don’t care about Clinton’s oral office either, unless Trump makes the accusation that Monica was a Mossad honeytrap.
    Enough of this silliness! We’re being played!
    Btw, did you folks know that the US is painting our F/A18’s to match the paint schemes as the Russian jet? What is the worst that can happen with THAT?

  58. Fred says:

    If this idea worked as well in reality as it does in college classrooms this would have happened long ago. The Europeans have been saying they could do the same thing with solar electric fields in the deserts of North Africa for years. Here’s one of many examples:
    It appears more Americans want to invest in things like legal Colorado gold than in the magic of solar electrification. Otherwise investors wouldn’t need massive tax subsidies to install all those solar energy cells.

  59. MRW says:

    I’m a woman & if knowing a man … felt lust for females other than his spouse . . .
    Then you don’t know male anatomy.

  60. hemeantwell says:

    Thanks for bringing in the NC coverage.
    When I saw the trash talk report this morning I spun the wheel of Borgmedia outlets and went to the Guardian to witness their artwork. The presentation was duly apocalyptic, final. But if they’d wanted it to have that effect, the story would have had to air the day before the election. Yes, what a shmuck, but what are the norms out there? Further, if Trump could bear to say “God, I can’t believe what a shmuck I can be sometimes, I apologize” >>> +1, and on we go.

  61. Fred says:

    As a taxpayer I’d be happy to end all the solar subsidies since you are implying they aren’t needed. I humbly suggest that you put your money where your keyboard is. With enough like minded investors this will happen in no time.

  62. windy says:

    Well, the idiots in Iowa have 6 GW of wind turbines and just approved building a thousand more of them.
    > and my nephews
    No doubt.

  63. Nancy K says:

    It isn’t Trump saying the word pussy that is upsetting, it was his belief he had the right to grab any women’s pussy because he was rich. That isn’t just being crude it is also sexual assault. I agree that Republican and Democratic politicians reaction to the word is political.

  64. OIFVet says:

    LOL, if a man ever tell you that he hasn’t lusted for a woman who isn’t his wife, then there is a 99.99% probability that he is trying to get into your chastity belt.

  65. mike allen says:

    old micro –
    Blaming the victim is an old but effective defense of rape. If his case is that solid then he should go back to Sweden and fight in court. He has millions $ so lawyers are not an issue.
    There is no secret indictment by the US. We are not asking to extradite him, only Sweden is. Yet the conspiracy borg seems to think that the US wants him dead. Strange, as it is only a couple of Canadians that said he should be killed. But there are many other countries that wish him ill: Brazil, Argentina, Israel, KSA, and many many others. So I would guess if he is offed it will be blamed on Uncle Sugar? Ok, no biggie, we have big shoulders and can stand being lied about.

  66. b says:

    Here is Trump tape
    Normal boy’s club talk – pretty harmless. I’ve had WAY harsher talk in the U.S., at home and elsewhere.
    What is the fuzz about it?
    Trump should just stand up and say: “Hey, that’s how boys talk, all boys. Just ask Bill Clinton.”

  67. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Milan Kundra, in “Book of Laughter and Forgetting”, related an analogous incident whereby the Communist Government in Czechoslovakia recorded a private conversation between 2 deposed former Prague Spring government leaders and broadcast it on national radio in order to discredit that entire Prague Spring movement.

  68. greg0 says:

    Voting has begun and it would be nearly impossible to effectively replace Trump. Electoral-vote.com had something on this today, and a great link to a more detailed discussion: http://prawfsblawg.blogs.com/prawfsblawg/2016/10/gop-repudiation-of-trump-before-118-if-so-then-what.html

  69. Freudenschade says:

    Nope. Certainly never bragged about my ability to sexually assault women and get away with it because of my status.

  70. rjj says:

    not necessarily. remember WJC’s approval numbers in 1998-9? This time the Clintons are in the glass house.

  71. Babak Makkinejad says:

    “unlawful coercion”?
    Then, pray do tell me, what would be meant by “Lawful Coercion” under legal codes of Sweden?
    Or is it another fatuity like “Innocent Civilians”, to be distinguished from “Guilty/Sinful Civilians” who, clearly, would be deserving of being maimed or otherwise butchered.

  72. rjj says:

    you know about power, prestige, and celebrity groupies, right?

  73. Babak Makkinejad says:

    I think she is almost certainly ignorant of the security situation in the Western Hemisphere.
    Excepting Cuba, Costa Rica, Canada, and Chile, public security has been declining rather rapidly everywhere in the Western Hemisphere. Places in Montevideo (as an example) in which one did not use to lock doors are not sporting iron bars on all windows 2 or 3 stories high.
    Open borders in the Western hemisphere means that the few places that Law and Order still prevail to a greater extend would be overwhelmed by the Continental Riff-Raff; think about an ocean of criminality from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego.

  74. MRW says:

    Then listen to one of the world’s acknowledged rare earth experts explain it to you: Jack Lifton.
    The main thing about electricity is that it’s fungible; it scales trivially
    Naive. Every solar farm requires a backup energy plan equal to the output of the solar farm because the solar output is limited by the hours of sun, clouds, storage capacity, land use, and distance to grid. These are not trivial.
    Currently, the largest solar farm in the world is Topaz in California–just went online. And currently generating 40 megawatts. When it’s full operational, it’s supposed to produce 550 megawatts, enough to generate enough electricity to run only 160,000 average homes. That’s it. (The population of CA exceeds 35 million.) It has 9 million solar panels spread over 9.5 square miles. It cost $2.5 billion. (Do the rough math for Hillary’s half a billion solar panels.)
    In 2007, Google threw all its resources behind a project to beat, best, and conquer the renewables problem. Scientists from Stanford (all religious about the environment) had carte blanche to solve this problem. They quit in 2011, and in November 2014 decided to publish their findings. No respectable science or environmental journal would publish their paper. They finally published in the IEEE journal, the journal for electrical engineers. Not one major newspaper covered their findings. Only one British computer publication would. The headline:
    Renewable energy ‘simply WON’T WORK’: Top Google engineers
    Windmills, solar, tidal – all a ‘false hope’, say Stanford PhDs

    Their conclusion:
    Even if one were to electrify all of transport, industry, heating and so on, so much renewable generation and balancing/storage equipment would be needed to power it that astronomical new requirements for steel, concrete, copper, glass, carbon fibre, neodymium, shipping and haulage etc etc would appear. All these things are made using mammoth amounts of energy: far from achieving massive energy savings, which most plans for a renewables future rely on implicitly, we would wind up needing far more energy, which would mean even more vast renewables farms – and even more materials and energy to make and maintain them and so on. The scale of the building would be like nothing ever attempted by the human race.
    Your argument and computations don’t show the common sense and detail of a lowly army supply/logistics clerk. You left out availability of resources, sources, political considerations, transportation of those resources, interruption of supply lines, etc etc….all exogenous necessities and constraints.

  75. Allen Thomson says:

    > Their timing was well done. pl
    Well played indeed. The KGB term “active measures” (активные мероприятия) comes to mind. I imagine Putin appreciates this on a technical level, though it probably runs counter to his own purposes.

  76. MRW says:

    the idiots in Iowa have 6 GW of wind turbines
    All paid for with government subsidies. A great way to get rich these days with no financial risk. No wonder Warren Buffett has bought up as many utilities as he can. Elon Musk isn’t a financial genius. He’s just another immigrant who figured out how to take advantage of the US government contract business and with an initial investment from his software business earnings and great bank loans has a sure thing.

  77. Walker says:

    Elaine, I apologize for the obtuseness of others of my gender who missed the sarcasm in your post.

  78. MRW says:

    He didn’t say that Nancy K. He didn’t mention being rich. He said that stars can get away with it because they’re stars.

  79. MRW says:

    I agree, Cee.

  80. Walker says:

    Neither have I, and I despise it. However, that kind of talk – if not behavior – is common among quite a few men. Also, I suspect Trump’s comment that Bill Clinton said worse to him on the golf course is probably true.
    It’s really sad that a Presidential campaign has descended to this. The decline of civilization may be partly to blame, but also the fact that more of our lives are recorded than ever before.

  81. MRW says:

    Trump should just stand up and say: “Hey, that’s how boys talk, all boys. Just ask Bill Clinton.”

  82. johnA says:

    abuser = POTUS vs. 20 something intern?
    sounds about right.
    do that in corp world??? bye bye/

  83. Walker says:

    Thanks for the highly appropriate context.

  84. johnA says:

    “I don’t know anything about what [WikiLeaks] is talking about, and I don’t recall any joke. It would have been a joke had it been said, but I don’t recall that,” Mrs. Clintonsaid of a report published Sunday by the website TruePundit.
    The website claimed, citing “State Department sources,” that Mrs. Clinton said “Can’t we just drone this guy?” in November 2010 as WikiLeaks was preparing to release 250,000 secret U.S. cables.
    Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager was asked about the report Monday with a local Fox affiliate in Washington, D.C., but he too sidestepped the question and blamed it all on politics.
    “I’m reticent to comment on anything that the Wikileaks people have said. They’ve made a lot of accusations in the past,” Robby Mook said, Mediaite reported.
    Sounds like the former SOS alzhemiers.
    She really can’t recall much of the past.
    Bad trait for a POTUS, right Ronald?

  85. johnA says:

    Long haul, but the vast majority of the country is red , only the large cities hold the blue cohort.
    As they crumble, Chi-town, Detroit, you name it what will the old city dwellers vote for???
    dont’t know, but it may be something diff from where they ran from.

  86. Jay says:

    I do not know why we are even discussing an 11 year old tape? This is just bull-sheet-rock! The imperial hubris of the likes of Paul Ryan and his bunch.
    We have more deadly matters at hand.

  87. johnA says:

    Very nice!
    The nbrs don’t add up.
    Maybe in a Hillery utopia when we are all living in the power footprint of Haiti.
    for goodness sake, it burns.

  88. MRW says:

    Just listened to the whole thing through and through. Harmless.

  89. Martin Oline says:

    If you will…
    A ton of aluminum measures about 27″ square. 100 tons of aluminum a month would be less than 4 batches a day every day. I have never worked in a foundry, but I’ll bet the furnace are larger than 1 square yard.

  90. VietnamVet says:

    I have never seen anything like this. The establishment has one candidate, Hillary Clinton and one ideology; the free movement of goods, capital, services and people. All stops are being pulled out to make sure she is the next President. Probably due to old age and the restart of the Cold War with Russia; but, this sure looks like the final seizure of power by the oligarchs and their top 10% technocrat servants. For the Deplorables all that is left is whimpering. With the end of democracy, communication and hope; the rise of a separatist American Taliban in the middle America is inevitable. Disaster capitalism and the stockpiling of wealth is splintering the world apart.

  91. Nancy K says:

    It isn’t the talk, it is the grabbing. One is annoying the other assault. Do you really not get that. To then cast blame somewhere else but teacher Billy does it too, sounds like a 10 year old boy, not a 70 year old man running for president.

  92. eakens says:

    Well, I just read Trump’s Wikipedia page, and according to it, Trump was a democrat in 2005 when these statements were made.

  93. mike allen says:

    Babak –
    I respect your opinions. I cannot answer your question, but am sure you were asking it with tongue-in-cheek, as my grandmother would say.
    Although I do suspect that there are many examples of psychological coercion that although norally wrong would never pass the bar as being unlawful.
    Nobody, no matter whether guilty or sinful, deserves to be maimed or butchered.

  94. johnA says:

    If Trump……..
    Would electors not vote the way the pop vote went??
    Why not , this carnival needs another tent.

  95. Mike says:

    “An aluminum foundry requires roughly 600 kWh/ton of aluminum.”
    I am assuming you are talking about an aluminum ‘smelter’ Having worked in the business for 25 years, your numbers looked wildly off the mark.
    “According to Alcoa, the world’s largest producer of aluminium, the best smelters use about 13 kilowatt hours (46.8 megajoules) of electrical energy to produce one kilogram of aluminium; the worldwide average is closer to 15 kWh/kg (54 MJ/kg).”
    Which converts to 15000KWH/tonne (average). (1 Metric tonne = 1000kg.)
    Perhaps you have ignored both the energy required to produce the carbon anode, which is consumed in the chemical reaction taking place in the Hall-Heroult process, and real-world efficiency?

  96. mike allen says:

    johnA –
    Assange’s apparent paranoia re assassination by the US State Department relates back to an email by Anne Marie Slaughter. He published it in wikileaks. In that email Slaughter proposes “legal & nonlegal strategies re wikileaks”.
    Now I can already hear Babak laughing about the term ‘nonlegal’. But in fact it is my Merriam Webster dictionary and I assume in many online dictionaries. It does not mean ‘illegal’ such as assassination. It is as simple as doing PR or public relations instead of the ‘legal’ strategy of going to a court of law.
    I do not believe Assange is paranoid. What he does is spread the lie that he is wanted dead or alive by the nasty Americans in order to solicit large dollar donations, sympathy, and groupies.

  97. mike allen says:

    Jack & Kooshy –
    Partisan has nothing to do with it. If Hillary loses the election to Trump, then Assange will be a dead man walking. But probably not until Trump gets finished waterboarding him.

  98. mike allen says:

    MRW –
    Then why are Red State governors flocking to wind and solar? You may believe the hype from the oil and coal barons. Apparently georgia and texas and rizona and others do not.

  99. mike allen says:

    MRW –
    We subsidize oil. Why not solar and wind too? Or are subsidies only allowed for what Rush Limbaugh considers “politically correct” industries like oil?

  100. mike allen says:

    Bill and Jack –
    If you ask I am sure you will find that those signs were taken down by the same people that put them up. My cat lady neighbor has not yet taken her Trump signs down. But the family up the street from her, devout evangelicals, took theirs down.

  101. mike allen says:

    Fred –
    I hope you would be just as happy to end all fossil fuel & nuclear subsidies which amount to three times more than what renewable energy gets.
    I’m 73 and am not planning on being around long enough to get any payback on a solar investment even with the stingy tax credits available from the feds and state. But thanks for the idea, I will extend an offer to my children to help pay installation on their homes. When their electric bills go down drastically, I’ll ask them to think of you while they are laughing on the way to the bank.

  102. mike allen says:

    Thanks for the link. Well worth reading!

  103. mike allen says:

    VV –
    In all probability it was the Bush family that released the tape. Their intent was revenge on Trump, even if it benefited Hillary.

  104. MRW says:

    Since electricity scales down, even small homes can afford $300 for installation, make back $30/year, and become independent.
    This is straight out of Yellow Brick World thinking. In my neck of the woods, it costs $50,000 for installation, the energy utilities do not want to buy back the excess capacity from homeowners. (1) They don’t need it. (2) They’d rather produce the solar energy themselves at far less cost.
    And then there is the Net Metering Agreement (NMA) that each solar customer who wants to sell his excess capacity back to the grid must sign with the utility to get the bidirectional meter. NMAs are ubiquitous in every utility across the country. They allow the utility to trigger tariffs and other fees in order to offset operational demand. With no advance warnoing, I might add. After all, it’s their grid. They own it. They own the lines, and they have upstream costs to wholesale suppliers of energy that 99.9% don’t even know about. These tariffs and fees can double and triple the cost of solar to an individual customer.
    Further, NMAs have no cancellation clause. None of them. Cancellation agreements are non-existent. In my state, the dominant solar supplier purposely does not tell prospective customers about this fact. I know this because my best friend is one of their senior technical managers and he explained it to me. He said the whole industry is such a scam that he would walk out if it weren’t for the medical insurance he gets for his daughter who has a serious medical issue that he couldn’t cover while looking for a new job at his age. He took the job initially because he wanted to do something for the environment. He was a true believer. On top of it, he’s religious and full of ‘do the right thing-ness’. His talks with me now are full of derision and venom. He says that if people knew what he knows they’d never go near solar.
    When you sign a NMA–and this is the same nationwide, because my friend and another employee verified it–the NMA is tied to the homeowner. It doesn’t go with the house. Remember, the utility makes the solar customer sign it if he wants to sell his excess juice back to the utility. So if you sell your house, the NMA stays with you and you are legally bound by it for as long as you live, or the house stands. The new owner is not legally required to pay for it. Right now solar customers in some states are getting earned income tax credits to entice them to buy solar. But the moment that disappears, your electricity could cost you the price of a good university education every year.
    My friend talks to me about base loads and utility upstream costs that the enviros and activists have no clue about in the generation of commercial energy. It’s dizzying to listen to him, but he needs someone to talk to. His despondency at having being duped takes a big chunk out of him.

  105. rjj says:

    perhaps you are overthinking this. seems more theory than praxis of grabbing.

  106. robt willmann says:

    The plot thickens.
    The other person with Trump in the explicit talk and bragging about sexual matters that was assumed (at least by Trump) to be private, is Billy Bush. Who is he?
    It turns out that he is the son of Jonathan Bush. Who is Jonathan Bush? He is George H.W. Bush’s brother. Quite a coincidence–
    We know that Bush sr (Geo. H.W.) is against Trump and has said he is going to vote for Hillary. What about his brother Jonathan? Well, he might have been at a fundraiser this year for Hillary Clinton in France, where one of George Bush jr’s daughters was, as well as, you might expect, Huma Abedin–
    The sex talk was back around 2005. I do not know what NBC’s standard procedure was with microphones. But the conversation of 11 years ago was buried in the cold storage of old NBC tapes. Did NBC use its employees to go back through old tapes to find wild talk by Trump, and therefore make a corporate in-kind contribution to Hillary’s campaign? Did NBC let Hillary’s operatives into its archives to look at all the old Trump tapes, which obviously included footage not on the air, to see if they could find some “dirt” on him? Or did a young member of the Bush family recall a conversation with Trump from the past?
    Regardless — or, irregardless — of the source and how it was passed to the Clinton campaign, the cat is out of the bag. But Trump regularly hits back, especially when someone else throws the first punch. He released a video statement about the issue–
    In the last part of Trumps’ statement he says: “Hillary Clinton and her kind have run our country into the ground. I’ve said some foolish things, but there is a big difference between words and actions. Bill Clinton has actually abused women and Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims. We will discuss this more in the coming days. See you at the debate on Sunday.”
    Stay tuned.

  107. jerseycityjoan says:

    Has anyone else noticed that no one — no one — is talking about how we are going to handle the greatly increased population the Census Bureau predicts we will have in 2050?
    The Census Bureau says we will go from about 325 million people today to 400 million.
    That’s a lot of extra people — on top of a lot of extra people already here that nobody in 1970 thought we’d have. Back then we were talking about Zero Population Growth and stabilizing our population.
    In any case, why aren’t people who are pushing for lots more people telling us about the new American this growth would create in real and practical terms?
    Why support open borders if you are unwilling to discuss the result?

  108. different clue says:

    mike allen,
    I remember reading at the time that the women in question had non-coerced sex with the Lefty Rebel-god Assange and later claimed various criminal actions because “the condom broke” and yet Assange kept going . . . or some such thing.
    One of the women involved had a history of working for CIA front-groups. The suspicion arose that the two women were part of a CIA-type honeytrap set up for Assange to walk into, and then be accused of.
    The Swedish authorities could have “interviewed” Assange outside of Sweden just as well as inside of it. Assange ( and others) suspect that the reason the Swedish authorities wanted/ want Assange physically back in Sweden is so that they can then give him to the US DC FedRegime authorities so that he can be Padillafied and Guantanamized. And of course Assange won’t make himself available for that kind of juridical kidnapping and dungeonization.
    Even after the Swedish statute of limitations “runs out”, Assange should not think he is safe. He will always be subject to the danger of kidnapping for transport across national boundaries ( “extraordianry rendition”) for the purposes of Padillafication and Guantanamization. If that can’t be achieved, he can always be targeted for outright assassination attempts . . . if he ever steps beyond the protection of an Embassy or a First-World-Quality intelligence-counterintelligence service belonging to a supportive regime.

  109. jerseycityjoan says:

    Hillary Clinton’s remarks here are just concrete evidence of the complete detachment of our elites from reality and the rest of us.
    There’s no First World country that wouldn’t be overwhelmed if it made itself available to a billion people.
    She cannot believe the whole Western Hemisphere is going to become First World and that therefore there wouldn’t be a big stampede to the US and Canada.
    I am all for abstract thought and speculation but I don’t that’s what’s going on here: I think she mentions this because she thinks this is theoretically doable and would be a good thing for America.
    This is just nuts.
    This kind of talk makes me thing we are going to need a second revolution in America.

  110. different clue says:

    Edward Amame,
    The brand-name GOP candidate-possibilities all support Free Trade Treason agreements, just like the economic treasonists Clinton and Clinton. The only Republican officeholder I personally know of by name who objects to Free Trade Treason is Senator Sessions of Alabama . . . who would THEREfor Never never NEVER be nominated for Presidential candidate by the pro Free Trade Treason GOP.

  111. Qoppa says:

    you realise this was *talk* about grabbing?
    And “grabbing p****” can mean many things, usually it just means being successful. Full stop.

  112. different clue says:

    Bill Wade,
    I am not a Trump campaign worker in yours, or anyone’s neighborhood. But if I were, here is what I would do.
    I would replace all the Trump signs again, right back where the stolen ones were.
    And if they got stolen again, I would replace them again.
    And if they got stolen aGAIN again, then I would know that the sign stealers have become used to stealing the signs.
    So what I would do next would be to harvest a whole bunch of poison ivy leaves, soak off the poison ivy oil from the surface of the leaves, replace the signs yet aGAIN again again . . . and then apply the poison ivy oil to all the relevant touchable surfaces of the signs. And then wait to see who itches.

  113. different clue says:

    Eric Newhill,
    It also gives the Trump Campaign an opening to publicize whatever is suspected about Bill Clinton’s possible frequent flights on Mr. Epstein’s private Pedophile Express jet plane down to Mr. Epstein’s private Pedophilia Island in the Caribbean. Is the Trump Campaign smart enough and mean enough to bring this up?

  114. Tyler says:

    This Trump thing reeks of an ambush set off early. This was supposed to be Machado II with a supine media covering for doddering Hillary, but the Wikileaks thing freaked them out.
    The polls will not change, no one will not vote for Trump over this who wasn’t going to anyway. I’m amazed at the feckless cowardice of the RNC and others who think war with Russia and a 3rd World horde swarming in is preferable to a man who uses blue talk in private.
    Personally I’m so sick of the deceit and hypocrisy of these globalists Trump could go full Sulla and proscribe every one of his enemies and I’d be fine with it.

  115. Qoppa says:

    This is hilarious:
    CNN Panel Explodes During Trump Tape Segment: Stop Saying Pussy on Air!!
    So surely this is no well coordinated campaign to prevent Trump from speaking about his policies tomorrow …….

  116. Tyler says:

    As far as I know Trump didn’t engage in sodomy in the Oval Office or defend a child rapist so your pearl clutching is absolutely hilarious.

  117. different clue says:

    I do not know a lot about Electoral College Engineering. I know that one of the candidates must reach or exceed a certain thresh-hold number of Electoral Votes in order to be declared Elected.
    Is there a way to hold at least Clinton ( and ideally both) candidates below that Electoral Thresh-hold number? Could some small states of Libertarian tinge ( New Mexico? New Hampshire?) be saturated with Libertarian effort to get Johnson awarded the EVs of those two states? Could some other small states ( Vermont-at-least, maybe others) be saturated with Green Party efforts to get their EVs awarded to Stein? Could the Leaderships of the Green Party and the Libertarian Party get together to see which states might be Greenable and which states might be Libertarianizable?
    And both jointly help eachother get the more supported Third Party Candidate EV-elected in his/her respectively more support-leaning states?
    A first step to blunting and turning aside this Borg Charge To Power might be to get the election thrown into the House of Representatives by denying each candidate the Magic EV Number.

  118. TV says:

    Yes, men DO think about sex 25 hours a day.
    And any man who has not at least witnessed, much less participated, in talk like this has been living in a cave.

  119. Thirdeye says:

    Sweden has some of the flakiest, most blatantly political, and least credible laws on rape and sexual abuse in the world. If there is any jurisdiction to select for a kangaroo court on such matters, it is Sweden. Not that their laws actually make women safer; they’re too politically correct to focus on the actual perps.

  120. LeaNder says:

    only one more peep more on that topic.
    is at the top of the heap that’s because we suck the lifeblood out of all the others you list. Especially the cradle of European philosophy, everybody around here knows.

  121. Imagine says:

    1) IEEE’s the top EE trade mag. The actual paper had two main conclusions: (1) converting over to alternative energy is not going to stop the increase of CO2 nor global warming, and thus THE CO2 PROBLEM is “not going to work”; (2) alternative energy (at $0.065/kWh local, assuming 25-yr lifetime) is not going to be cheaper than coal production (at $0.04-$0.06/kWh remote, not including distribution) and therefore no sane entrepreneur would build a solar plant instead of a coal plant “because it would be unprofitable”.
    The Register goes off on a tangent, but it’s actually trying to make the point that net energy production seems negative. This was true up until 2014. We’re now net positive. That is, even today, even when you count in the energies required for excavation, fabrication, transportation, and installation, the energy generated still comes out ahead. Today. After thin-film low-weight solar comes online, plus massive economies of scale in distribution, it goes up. Double the lifetime to 50 years, and you half the price right away.
    Your numbers point out half a billion panels will cost $140B at current prices, half of which will be for labor (jobs). Since the economy needs a stimulus package anyway, and since we’ve been willing to print $3T for banks, this is literally a drop in the bucket. Unfortunately they will only power 8.8M homes. It’s a good first effort but will need 10x more after it’s shaken out.
    Your sources assume rare-earth materials, current technologies, and scarcity. If solar cells switch over to stable organic materials, the rare-earth requirement would go away. I can’t speak to scarcity nor how often new mines are discovered when demand goes up.
    None of these efforts calculate the knock-on strategic effect of going energy-independent. If America gave up having to own the Middle East, $6T/decade in unneeded war spending would free up a peace dividend of $60,000 for each of 100K households. That’s a huge chunk of change.
    Solar cells are very doable in massive quantities even when using current technology, assuming raw materials supplies hold up. Although they do not solve the CO2 problem, the need for job stimulus and strategic energy independence, coupled with a 10% ROI (which admittedly is less than the ~12% ROI of building a new coal generator on your roof), makes this a substantial policy direction.

  122. Imagine says:

    Mr. MRW stated “A solar park or wind farm cannot power one aluminum foundry, not one.” The categorical negative seems inaccurate. Please happily feel free to provide your own BOE SWAG.

  123. Imagine says:

    I completely agree with you that the current political/economic structure, in America, is totally hosed when it comes to home solar. Big Power got there first, and has literally bought Inspectors General in a few states. A revolution is needed for this portion to become feasible in America.

  124. Imagine says:

    ummm, “Russian jets bomb kindergartens”? How about “Russian jets rock the Kaaba”?

  125. Prem says:

    Assange has always been willing to go to Sweden provided that they guarantee that he won’t be sent on to the USA. The Swedes refuse to give this guarantee.
    Ever since Olaf Palme copped it, Sweden has been firmly Borged. Carl Bildt is a fairly typical specimen of their establishment.
    I don’t blame Assange for not wanting to do 50 years in a US supermax.
    The rape charges against him are probably total BS, btw.

  126. Prem says:

    I can’t see the Canadians going for this. Whenever I’m in Vancouver they seem to complain a lot about the (AFAICS) well behaved Chinese influx.
    Brexit showed what happens with free movement between countries with very dissimilar GDP. We might have hit Peak Liberal in that issue.

  127. mike allen says:

    Different clue –
    I cannot say I agree with your comments. But you gotta like the choice of words. “Padillafication” “Guantanamization” “dungeonization” Is that from you or from Wikileaks?

  128. Brunswick says:

    I miss the days when could write up, not down.
    What part of “last gasp”, “failed system” and “the State irrelevent” did you not understand?

  129. Prem says:

    “don’t think it’s fair to call Trump a buffoon. He get’s that more Third World immigration will be used by Hillary..”
    The two things aren’t in opposition, unfortunately, both are true.
    I follow US politics but from a distance. Was it really not possible for the GOP to find another candidate that advocated a sane foreign policy and tough enforcement of immigration laws?
    Why didn’t Pence stand? Why did they go for a crazy roll of the dice on Trump?

  130. Mike says:

    You cannot produce Al from raw materials (alumina) in an induction furnace.

  131. MRW says:

    “Or are subsidies only allowed for what Rush Limbaugh considers “politically correct” industries like oil?”
    Do you even know what you’re talking about?
    The Surprising Reason That Oil Subsidies Persist: Even Liberals Love Them

  132. Martin Oline says:

    Mr. Clue:
    I had the same problem with my home made Jim Webb sign in Des Moines. After the second time it was trashed I wrapped Poison Ivy around the base and no one fooled with it after that. Maybe it was too obvious?

  133. charly says:

    He didn’t wear a condom when he claimed he did. That is defined as rape in Sweden. I’m not sure if that is also the case in the US.

  134. charly says:

    Sane foreign policy == no money to campaign > not elected

  135. MRW says:

    So I left out the word “industrial” for the foundry, like the ones that supply our necessary industries. Not your uncle’s scrap metal business.

  136. MRW says:

    You may believe the hype from the oil and coal barons.
    I don’t believe anything one way or the other, from anybody. I look at available physical resources and who owns them, something I’ve been watching since 2007. jack Lifton is a highly, highly respected rare earths expert. Travels to every site producing them in the world; advises major manufacturers using them from China, Japan to here at home. Science exploration teams put him on their studies because his knowledge is so vast.
    And who said being a Red State Governor gave you any heads-up on smarts?

  137. Jonathan House MD says:

    Born in Greenwich Village, and still living in his home town, Robert Deniro calls Trump a “bozo” – not that different from ‘buffoon’ – quotes Colin Powell and also uses some other words.

  138. Babak Makkinejad says:

    I agree, women do not understand lust, when it runs like a flame in a man…

  139. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Yup; they do not even have bail in Sweden; Islamic Iran does.

  140. Babak Makkinejad says:

    That is why he lives in the Ecuadorian Embassy; living in the lap of luxury – women running to him all the time, etc.?

  141. MRW says:

    If solar cells switch over to stable organic materials, the rare-earth requirement would go away.
    If. If. If. Lifton doesn’t assume. Lifton reports that the US military, GE, Japanese car manufacturers, and other countries are scrambling to find a replacement. But as he explains in that video I link to above (I think, I’ve lost my place), new processes go through multi-year quality control procedures before they can go online officially. It takes a decade. Lifton’s point is that we are dumping millions of tons of precious technology metals and rare earths in the landfills and not recycling them. 85% of all steel and lead in the US comes from recycling, but we don’t do that for 1/2 ton electric car batteries or all our electronics that contain phase-four fabricated rare earths and technology metals that we could recover immediately.
    OK, I found it. Lifton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRdHJsypbgg Watch it. It’s interesting and only lasts 18 minutes.
    Lifton talks about the Tesla. Lifton says that we don’t produce enough lithium, cobalt (there’s now a real worldwide drought), and spherical graphite to produce ”even a fraction of the the cars Mr. Musk tells us he’s going to be making in 2018.”
    Maybe I’m just too practical. I don’t jump up and down at coulda-shoulda-woulda worlds. I go digging for the processes and facts. Name the steps. Show me you have the resources and show me they’re secure. I find statements like this suspicious: “even when you count in the energies required for excavation, fabrication, transportation, and installation, the energy generated still comes out ahead.” Not even Germany believes that anymore and they’re green motorheads. They’re using brown coal.

  142. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Differences in GDP is a minor item, in my opinion; culture is much more significant.

  143. MRW says:

    Big Power got there first
    In my state, solar got there first. And the solar company told customers that the utility would automatically buy their excess electricity at retail prices. But people didn’t realize that if you didn’t sign that NMA and just stay off the grid, disconnect from it, you need batteries to collect the solar energy.
    My friend said the average rooftop solar array alone cannot power your AC or a frig. You either need utility grid backup, or batteries. AC drains a whole battery in 1.5 hours. So you need to buy 5-6 batteries at a minimum to cover the hottest part of the day in the desert areas that mike allen touts. Each battery costs $5,000.

  144. MRW says:

    An industrial aluminum foundry does at least 6,000 tons a year. Who knows what Alcoa does. Using the calculations at your link that would make it around 300 Mwh a month. (500 tons a month). The largest solar farm in the world, Topaz, is currently doing 40.

  145. apenultimate says:

    Hmmm. I’m making money off of the solar on my house and have been for many years. Why is that do you suppose? All the coworkers and friends I know who have solar are experiencing the same (and have been for years).
    Maybe it’s specific to your state?

  146. apenultimate says:

    Yeah, we subsidize everything–nuclear, oil, coal, etc. Even crops that make fuel. I know it’s an easy negative talking point for those against solar and wind to harp on how “government subsidizes” it, so therefore it’s not a valid choice. But, really, there isn’t anything out there that isn’t subsidized, so that argument falls flat.

  147. gowithit says:

    Now at rock bottom, even Tic Tac dumps Trump:
    “Tic Tac released a statement denouncing Donald Trump after a video leaked in which the Republican nominee said he used the candy to freshen his breath before forcing himself on women he found attractive.”
    Sorry, for this comedy intrusion, but it is “breathless”!

  148. charly says:

    Don’t be perfect be the enemy of good.
    Renewables don’t solve the CO2 problem but it is a start.
    No sane entrepreneur is going to build a coal plant as the risk that it will be unprofitable is to high. A gas plant is much cheaper and while the fuel costs are (very likely) higher you don’t have to deal with the uncertainty of what the gas price is as you only sell electricity if it is more than the price of the gas you burn.

  149. Phil Cattar says:

    Mike,Follow the money…………………Ive lived in all of the states you mentioned.I have a strong hunch the above Red States are flocking to it because there is serious money to be made for some of the states elite.

  150. charly says:

    An aluminum foundry only melts its aluminium when the price of electricity is really low. That is at night so number of solar cells is not important as the sun doesn’t shine at night. A smelter makes aluminum from raw materials but that uses a lot of energy. 600 Kwh/ton sounds way to low for me

  151. charly says:

    hottest part of the day is i assume when the sun is shining. Why would you need batteries than?

  152. Castellio says:

    that’s an interesting issue in itself: Olaf Palme “copping it”

  153. charly says:

    Difference between British and Polish culture isn’t particular large. especially because most Polish speak English so it is much more likely that it is GDP and not culture.

  154. Fred says:

    “got mine” heard loud and clear.

  155. Tol Tapen says:

    Here is a suggestion that seems reasonable if any pretense of “democracy” is to be maintained – introduce the “against” vote or some minimal percentage for a runner-up to (dis)qualify for the post.

  156. Dubhaltach says:

    In reply to Babak Makkinejad 08 October 2016 at 10:25 PM
    “they do not even have bail in Sweden”
    Yes they do. There is no right to bail in Swedish jurisprudence granting it is wholly discretionary.

  157. Tol Tapen says:

    Dear Elaine, your post is the best thing that is written in this entire blog. It provoked such an intense pissing contest among the male participants that exposed them all as utter fools who believe that their electoral votes matter and the USA is a great democratic country and not a deeply oligarchical system that poisons American people’s minds like a venomous parasite.
    There is another post somewhere in this blog that is related to the prospect of HC becoming the next American president. It expresses the feeling of “…no hope but no fear” probably in relation to the fact that the US President is a mere front person for the ruling oligarchy and it wouldn’t be up to HC to spark the nuclear war. But I would be very scared. This oligarchy is quite capable of experimenting on the American people – they now have science and militarized police at their disposal. Call me paranoid but I think that the nuclear war is not the worst thing that can happen to the Americans – how about a little doze of chemical lobotomy for a starters. USAF can be the testing institution.
    This “Brave New World” is… unbelievable, isn’t it?

  158. elaine says:

    After a few tickled giggles reading the responses to my response to kooshy’s opener
    on this thread I actually reflected on my voting history: once voted for a woman in a mayoral race & other than that one lone vote I’ve always voted for men, not because of their gender but because I thought they were the best qualified.
    Totally open borders IMO would require a true police state apparatus to avoid anarchy; The uber rich would no doubt benefit & the bottom 99% would struggle like rats chasing crumbs. I think the result would ultimately resemble feudalism, i.e. capitalism for the elite & repression further down the economic ladder.

  159. LeaNder says:

    OM, to the extend I recall, his Swedish lawyer claimed that the two women may not have been too fond of the idea he had sex with both women in a period of 4 days. Australian media reported extensively at the time. One women was involved in hiring him for some type of event and offered him her flat, the other was a fan that managed to draw his attention, some kind of groupie, if I may put it like that.
    He had tried to get a living and working visa and the registration as journalist in Sweden at the time. Larger networks, see below. Which was denied slightly after the first attempt at proceedings, if I recall correctly … The woman managed to get another judge to take a second look based on Swedish law. Pending.
    For the record I am not an Assange fan, nor do I consider him my enemy. If I was the latter I would have read the revelations of a German Wikipedia “insider” published, I forget when precisely.

  160. LeaNder says:

    One of the women involved had a history of working for CIA front-groups.
    I vaguely recall the rumors. You recall where you picked that up?
    There were a lot of stories floating around at the time.

  161. Bryn P says:

    Yes, Trump may be a buffoon and a crude locker room jock, but in my estimation the worse obscenity was Clinton’s crowing over the death of Gadaffi who was anally raped.

  162. LeaNder says:

    The Olaf Palme’s assassination and Carl Bildt special involvement in actives seem to have inspired some of the best Swedish thrillers. Consider me a fan. The former event no doubt had a somewhat traumatic effect.
    Admittedly I somewhat assume that some matters Carl Bildt was involved in, inspired some of the best Swedish thrillers:
    e.g. via the in the English Wikipedia version not linked “Swedish submarine incidents”

  163. turcopolier says:

    Toi Tapan
    Ever been to the US? It is a long way from West Australia. pl

  164. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    Yesterday Raul Ilargi Meijer, who blogs at The Automatic Earth and who I believe is a citizen of The Netherlands, had a powerful post arguing that globalization has peaked because the non-elite people in countries throughout the industrialized world have realized that it is hurting them more than it is helping. Hence the rise of the likes of Trump, Le Pen, de Grillo, Alt Fur Deutschland, Brexit, Corbyn, etc. An excerpt:
    “There‘s not a thing wrong with protecting your control of your own water and food and shelter, and these are indeed things that should never be traded or negotiated in global markets.
    “So claiming that ‘do no harm’ equals NOT protecting your basics is nothing but a self-serving and dangerous kind of baloney coming your way courtesy of those people whose sociopathic plush seats and plusher bank accounts depend on your ongoing personal loss of control over what you need to survive.
    “It’s what any ‘body’ does that has reached the limits of its growth: it starts feeding on its host. Be it a cancerous tumor, the Roman Empire or our present perennial-growth driven economic models, they’re all the same same thing because they are fueled by the same -thoughtless- principle.”
    And he further argues that the elites remain clueless and think that the problem can be solved by doubling down what hasn’t worked. The unwinding ain’t going to be pretty, he argues, because the no one on the scene, including the afore-mentioned sentinels, have a coherent plan for how to go about it.

  165. rjj says:

    WTF??? this is a link to some guy who works in the movie industry.
    Lo, it is written:

    Actors who speak with the tongues of men and of angels, without writers become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

  166. LeaNder says:

    Hmm, interesting:
    chemical lobotomy

  167. LeaNder says:

    or felt lust for females other than his spouse
    Are you serious? Did the recent revelations tell you anything about Trump you didn’t know before?
    Personally I found this passage by his communication partner the most amusing part of his exchange:
    Sheesh, your girl is hot as shit. In the purple. Whoa! Yes! Whoa! Yes, the Donald has scored.
    Admittedly somewhat assuming that’s what the whole talk aims at.

  168. johnA says:

    There is no doubt he is wanted by U.S. auths.
    As to the dead or alive , you will need to consult Mr Obama and his drone papers for that.
    There are many who would wish him detained.
    Perhaps a Webster dive on that “new age” term is needed.

  169. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Yes, that is what I thought too but, evidently, the English people did not find them so congenial to have in UK – specially after 2008.

  170. rjj says:

    A few recordings of HRC’s wealthy gay supporters’ “Turkish Bath Talk” would put this pussy thing in perspective.

  171. Babak Makkinejad says:

    We will need to see the result of the experiment that Germany is performing; they are trying to switch to all-renewables/all-green.
    I expect them to fail miserably and then to fineness that failure – but – I could be wrong.

  172. Babak Makkinejad says:

    “another immigrant who figured out how to take advantage of the US government contract business ”
    How very true…but seldom mentioned in polite company lest the red necks get encouraged.

  173. Babak Makkinejad says:

    And that battery lasts no more than 15 years…all the while with performance degradation.

  174. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Thank you for correcting me, the distinction had escaped me.

  175. oofda says:

    Absolutely concur that Trump is a buffoon- however dumping him is a ship that left the quay a long time ago. It is way past too late to legally and logistically change. Over half a million people have already voted and all the ballots have been printed.

  176. johnA says:

    The last I saw “Stratfor e-mails released on 29 February 2012 revealed that a sealed indictment has been issued by a secret grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia, for Julian Assange. The email is dated 26 January 2011. This means that there has likely been a sealed extradition order for over a year, which will be activated (unsealed) against Assange in Sweden, Australia and the UK when the US Government gives the order.”
    Sweden will not give assurance of no extradition.
    Of they are interested in rape charges , this would be easy.

  177. Hillary recently said about Assange, “Can’t we just drone him?”.

  178. kooshy says:

    Colonel, IMO and perhaps yours (from what I understood) this election is over, to my dismay, although I knew the outcome from the get go. I live with 4 females (no not that islamic privilege) wife of 37 years, daughter and two felines, except for me and the felines, no one wants to even hear the name Trump anymore in this household. IMO females everywhere are offended, and no, regular male bathroom talk will change their anger. As you said, the timing of leak was perfect, the turkey is fully cooked, I expect a few more of incrementally time bombs like this to come between now and election. I can live with anything Clintons can do to make more mess in this world except, I pray and hope, they stay away playing with nukes.

  179. mike allen says:

    johnA –
    I can find no such claim from StratFor about “sealed indictment” emails other than what has been claimed by Assange and his clique.

  180. MRW says:

    [Sorry. clicked post too fast.]
    hottest part of the day is i assume when the sun is shining. Why would you need batteries than?
    Air conditioning.

  181. MRW says:

    Maybe it’s specific to your state?
    Or specific to states with either extreme summers or extreme winters. I know people in CA who are happy as hell with their solar setups.

  182. We have almost 95,000,000 adults NOT in the workforce and the rest of the people that are working are paying for their benefits when they don’t work. Tell me why we need to import workers who take the jobs of American citizens?

  183. Well, one good thing about him is that he says he WILL stop smoking pot if he wins the election!

  184. charly says:

    They “steal” British jobs and unlike in France, Holland, Sweden etc. the speak the language so they don’t only steal the shit jobs but also the “work is oke but pay is to low” jobs. (retail, dumb office work etc) which hurts much more. That is the reason for Brexit and also why Scotland didn’t vote for it as the English they speak in Scotland isn’t exactly Standard English

  185. Stephanie says:

    Trump won the nomination because he received more votes than the other candidates. In Trump’s case, many more votes – it was a decisive win. Pence is a dull man who only looks good (to some) because he is running with Trump.
    The problem for the Republicans is that Trump is strongly supported by the party base and he repels most everyone else. But he isn’t some sort of male succubus on the GOP. Trump is the GOP. They cannot dump him now even if it was possible, which it isn’t, and if they tried the base would not have it (ask Paul Ryan, who got a taste of Trumpista pushback the other day).

  186. different clue says:

    mike allen,
    I made up the words Padillafication, Guantanamization and dungeonization. I made them up all by myself. I have fun with the language that way and offer the words if I think that other people might find them useful and worth using here and there, now and again.
    The process is kind of like what the old time Madison Avenue people used to call: ” Let’s throw some jello at the top of the flagpole and see who salutes what sticks.”
    And I’m not the only one. George Orwell once wrote an essay about how we should invent new words for new things or concepts. And in our own day, Bart Simpson invented the word “embiggen”, and when told that “embiggen” isn’t a word, was supported by Lisa Simpson who pointed out that “embiggen” is a perfectly cromulent word.

  187. different clue says:

    No, by this time I can’t remember where I read them at all.

  188. different clue says:

    Trump won the nomination fair and square through the primaries. A better question might well be: why was the whole brand-name establishment Republican field so utterly awful that Trump struck so many people as the best and most plausible choice?
    And at least the Trump nomination set me free to vote for Not Clinton in the election. If the R Party had nominated one of its brand name figures, I would have had to vote for Clinton in a spirit of festering bitterness.

  189. different clue says:

    Martin Online,
    If no one fooled with it after that, then the poison ivy worked. Your method is kinder and gentler than my method would be. You actually prevented further theft. I was more focused on “getting even” and seeing “who diddit”.

  190. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Might be worthwhile to give the link to the 2014-11-18 article “What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change” in the IEEE Spectrum by Ross Koningstein and David Fork:
    (that link is in the UK article MRW cited, but a more direct link seems worthwhile).
    The money quote:
    “To reverse climate change, our society requires something beyond today’s renewable energy technologies.”
    And yes, it really seems a crime against humanity that the media “elite” doesn’t publicize their findings.

  191. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Let me add a postscript to my earlier comment:
    It seems to me the urgent need is to pump as much money into research into generating electricity by fusion power as that research can reasonably absorb.
    Sure, I know that some people have investigated that and said it is an impossible challenge.
    But I somehow doubt that there is really no way to contain the astronomically high levels of temperature and pressure required for fusion to take place.
    As much as we need a clean energy source,
    why is so much money going into (UGH!) health care research,
    and so little into fusion research in particular, and energy research in general?
    The world has gotten by since its beginnings without a cure for cancer,
    and we have no reason to believe it cannot continue without that cure.
    But global warming is truly going to destroy the environment for our descendants, if any.
    Why is Biden pushing his “moon shot” for cancer, but not a “moon shot” for energy?
    And so on.

  192. ked says:

    certainly, let’s not let actors get involved in politics.

  193. rjj says:

    actors are citizens. their vacuity is what makes them good actors.

  194. LeaNder says:

    Sorry, should have chosen this link:
    linked it now. Does not perfectly link to the commission but at least the larger context.

  195. Deap says:

    Thanks for the trip down the 2016 memory lane – now in the very sobering 2021 – was not posting back then, but will offer my own confessions of extreme physical distress at the thought of Trump as president. Which I held until the very day of his Inauguration 2017. I was hoping the “verified” pee pee dossier would take him out before he was sworn in. I was hoping the Electoral College would “vote their conscience” and not call their votes for him.

    Then the day of Inauguration, everything changed for me – I saw the rabid pink kitty hat teachers unions and nurses unions and I finally knew Trump was the right person at the right time and MAGA is exactly what should be guiding our nation’s future.

    I knew astro turf when I saw it and was happy Trump was going to protect us from it. Trump really was speaking for the people and Democrats were locked into the same special interests that ran the Obama administration. Clinton would have been a disaster – I was never moved by a need for a “first woman president”. But she had my vote because she was not Trump.

    Trump remains a buffoon, but what unexpected bonuses we got out of his administration during the other 23 hours and 50 minutes when he was not being a buffoon on Twitter. God bless Trump and God bless the United States of America.

    Thanks for the reminder of our own punditry miscalculations.

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