If You Want to Understand the Origins of Covid, Watch This

This video will take a little more than an hour of your time, but if you care about your family or your life, it is a must watch. You will learn that Bill and Melinda Gates, via their foundation, sponsored a “war game” in October 2019 that is a dry run for the pandemic that hit the world in January 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic was a planned operation.

The man behind this video is David E. Martin, Ph.D. He is not your typical academic. His presentation of the material is simple and factual. It is amazingly cogent and will open your eyes.

It is clear with the benefit of hindsight that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates share a heavy burden of guilt for the chaos the unfolded in 2020 and continued into this year.

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  1. Sam says:

    The Lancet set the ball rolling…

    The Lancet letter of Feb 18, 2020, sent a message to scientists the world over: Investigate a lab leak, and you will be tarred as conspiracy theorist. Was it a honest outpouring of support? Or astroturfing? To start, of the 27 signatories, 7 were affiliated with EcoHealth…


    But, amateur sleuths under the banner DRASTIC by May 2020 had already poked enough holes in the story put together by Peter Daszak and Fauci and provided sufficient circumstantial evidence of an engineered virus.


    An Indian science teacher
    An Indian researcher
    A Spanish business consultant
    A Russian-Canadian entrepreneur
    A French data analyst
    Various anonymous people

    These are the amateurs who have found stuff that well paid scientists, journalists, intelligence agents failed to find


    This scrutiny should have started a year ago, but media partisanship derailed fair discussion. Many “experts” made political calculations and fell prey to groupthink rather than following the science.


    Reminiscent of Drinking the Koolaid.

    Why didn’t Trump’s White House pick up on it? Incompetence? Or just played by Fauci as Luigi Warren one of the researchers who helped develop the key mRNA technology believes?

    You are a vaccine salesman… You can sell people a vaccine even if it’s crap, like Trump University… You are getting sleepy… You will forget about the lab leak story and my role in it… I am now in control of all things…


    Luigi who knows something about the mRNA technology had this to say about the vaccines.

    So, can we expect widespread use of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, which express only the Spike protein, to drive mutational escape and perhaps even undermine the more heterogenous immune responses provided y natural immunity?

    Mutational escape? Hmm??

    How much money did the federal government provide Moderna and Pfizer in direct grants? How much did they pay in advance to purchase the vaccines? This is Moderna’s first real commercial product and a blockbuster.

    Meanwhile, Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine candidate has already transformed a virtually unknown company into a $62 billion powerhouse. Shares have skyrocketed nearly 700% this year and Morgan Stanley estimates that around half of the company’s market value is attached to the vaccine.
    Moderna is expected to rake in $13.2 billion in Covid-19 vaccine revenue next year, according to Goldman Sachs. Others are more bullish. Morgan Stanley said Moderna’s skyrocketing share price implies investors expect the company will make $10 billion to $15 billion off Covid-19 vaccine sales in both 2021 and 2022, followed by billions more in booster sales.


    Note that Moderna received $25 million in grants from DARPA early in its existence.


    Now, DARPA funding of cutting edge technology is good. Everything from the internet to satellites originated from DARPA funding.

    The question that needs to be asked is cui bono from the pandemic and the resultant lockdown and now the push for digital vaccine passports?

    • Christian J. Chuba says:

      Just commenting on the mRNA tech vs the Louis Pasteur style vaccine part of your post.
      The idea of creating a vaccine that attacks one protein on the surface of a virus originated with the Ebola adenovirus vaccine. not the mRNA Covid19 vaccines. The one below was authorized on an emergency basis in 2016, had a 97% effectiveness and was approved in 2019. I do know why this approach is so interesting to researchers and manufacturers but while it is new, I would not dismiss it as something unique to this situation.

      “VSV-EBOV or rVSV-ZEBOV, sold under the brand name Ervebo, is a vaccine based on the vesicular stomatitis virus which was genetically modified to express a surface glycoprotein of Zaire Ebola virus”

    • Deap says:

      Didn’t Amazon and Bezos holdings profit more from the “pandemic” than perhaps even Moderna, Pfizer, AZ and J&J? Lockdown, stay at home, order everything online.

  2. walrus says:

    Fake news.



    From the fact check report: “ The gist of Martin’s video was that wealthy philanthropists like Bill Gates, technology companies, pharmaceutical companies and global health organizations colluded to create a virus that would force governments to fund research and development of vaccines and therapies in order to enrich themselves.

    For “Plandemic,” though, Martin shifts his focus away from “the software, data sciences and social media industry.” Instead, he takes aim largely at government entities.

    Martin claims that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saw “the possibility of a gold strike” when the SARS epidemic arose in 2003.

    “They saw that a virus they knew could be easily manipulated was something that was very valuable,” he says, pointing to a patent filed by the CDC that year. The patent covered the isolated virus that causes SARS and ways to detect it.

    Skimming across the screen while Martin makes that claim is a headline for a November 2003 news story about the race to patent the virus. However, that story doesn’t support his argument. It actually explains that the CDC wasn’t pursuing the patent for profit. Rather, it was doing so to keep others from monopolizing research.

    “The whole purpose of the patent is to prevent folks from controlling the technology,” the story quotes CDC spokesman Llelwyn Grant as saying. “This is being done to give the industry and other researchers reasonable access to the samples.”

    Similarly, the director of the CDC at the time, Dr. Julie Gerberding, told reporters that filing for the patent was “a protective measure to make sure that the access to the virus remains open for everyone.”

    “The concern that the federal government is looking at right now is that we could be locked out of this opportunity to work with this virus if it’s patented by someone else, and so by initiating steps to secure patent rights, we assure that we will be able to continue to make the virus and the products from the virus available in the public domain, and that we can continue to promote the rapid technological transfer of this biomedical information into tools and products that are useful to patients,” Gerberding said in a May 2003 telebriefing.

    So, Martin’s claim is at odds with the CDC’s publicly stated motivation, and he offers no evidence to support his argument.

    Next, Martin claims that federal law wouldn’t have allowed for a patent on that isolated virus.

    Again, he’s wrong.

    Instead of reading from U.S. patent law, as he says he is in the video, Martin reads from a 2013 U.S. Supreme Court decision. That’s an important distinction since the decision, which changed one aspect of patent law that’s relevant here, came 10 years after the CDC filed for a patent related to the virus that causes SARS.

    “Nature is prohibited from being patented,” Martin says, claiming that he was quoting from a section of patent law. Building on that, he claims, “either SARS, coronavirus, was manufactured, therefore making a patent on it legal, or it was natural, therefore making a patent on it illegal.”

    But that’s a false dichotomy.

    While the Supreme Court did find that “[a] naturally occurring DNA segment is a product of nature and not patent eligible merely because it has been isolated,” that decision came a decade after the CDC sought the patent.

    “Isolated genes (that is, genes extracted from a longer DNA sequence) used to be patentable in the past because the courts decided that just the act of extracting them and removing the non-coding segments caused enough of a modification to turn them into patent-eligible things,” Mario Biagioli, a professor at UCLA School of Law, told FactCheck.org in an email. “No more. A few years ago the Supreme Court decided that simply isolating a gene did not change it enough. It remained a ‘product of nature’ and therefore unpatentable.”

    So, claiming that the patent is either illegal or the virus was “manufactured” is wrong.

    After that, Martin takes his claim one step further, saying: “If it was manufactured, it was a violation of biological and chemical weapons treaties and laws. If it was natural, filing a patent on it was illegal. In either outcome, both are illegal.”

    • notlurking says:


    • blue peacock says:

      The circumstantial evidence including the viral sequence is very strong that the virus was engineered in a lab. What we don’t know is if it was an accidental leak or deliberately leaked.

      The Chinese military scientist who filed for a patent for the vaccine is now dead. Okidokie…

      Moderna and Pfizer have also filed patents for their vaccines. How come all these commercial entities could file patents “so quickly” on a “novel coronavirus” when they’ve not been able to do that in the past? Did these entities have any role in engineering the virus?

      If these vaccines are safe, why did the US government provide the pharma companies immunity which is unlike any previous vaccine or pharmaceutical product?

      Something clearly smells here. Fauci’s emails suggest things were not on the up & up. What were Zuckerberg & Gates discussing with him? Why did both corporate media and Big Tech silence and cancel the dissenters, but even worse attempt to discredit them as conspiracy nuts? Why did “peer reviewed” publications like Lancet use their platforms to push propaganda? What role did government research dollars have to play in the circling of the wagons among the virology research community around the Daszak talking points? What was actually going on laundering US taxpayer dollars to Chinese labs where military scientists also work? Why did China shutoff access to all the data at the Wuhan Virology Institute in late 2019? Why was the WHO investigatory panel staffed with conflicted individuals like Daszak? Why this push for vaccination passports in the west, when we have an experimental vaccine that has not been approved by the FDA?

      The facts are – several million people have died. Constitutionally protected civil liberties were abrogated under “emergency” draconian rules that favored Big Business particularly Big Tech. The judiciary towed the line and did not provide a bulwark against the executive power grab. The media were in unison in creating hysteria and fear. Now hundreds of millions are being injected with viral spike proteins in an experimental vaccine that has yet to be approved by the FDA. The pharma companies not only have legal immunity from future adverse events but were paid billions by governments to procure these vaccines and say to their investors that booster shots will be required annually.

      Is this the next example of the nexus of Big Business and Big Government? Has the Party of Davos taken the next big step in their commanding control of all levers of power?

      • akaPatience says:

        EXCELLENT points and questions blue peacock.

      • Sam says:

        Spot on BP.

        There’s more than meets the eye here. From pandemic that suddenly shows up worldwide. Lockdowns and evisceration of small businesses and workers who couldn’t Zoom. To magical vaccine development and manufacturing in record time. And now we’re finding out the possibility of a cover-up of the origins with governments, virology researchers, pharma companies, intelligence agencies, media and big tech all involved.

        Russell Brand has the take that many of us have.


      • Deap says:

        All excellent questions blue peacock, and serve as a valid rebuttal to prior points made attempting to discredit issues raised in the video. Lots to consider from that video – bigger themes than isolated “fact-checking” some of the relatively more minor points.

        Comeuppance for Bill Gates was also appreciated, working hand in glove with some of the more notorious grifters of the 21st Century.

        Maybe we will even learn more about the public record Hilary Clinton’s email, touting the use of Dominion voting systems in Haiti, which she claimed to the email recipient, the system provides “happy elections”.

      • David says:

        Agree. With the track record of all the “usual suspects” it is not a giant leap to believe all these events-going back in some cases for decades-are interconnected.
        Assiduously from the blatant evidence in front of of we also have Scriptural prophecy that warned us of what is happening right now: global governance. We are fools to believe that any of these people, from Schwab to Gates to the Clintons, et al have the least bit of concern for anyone but themselves.

    • Fred says:

      Fact Checkers are transcendant. Especially when funded primarily by the Annenberg Foundation, best known as the organization that fund Billy Ayer’s programs as part of the Chicago Anneberg Challenge, which had an obscure laywer as CEO while that was going on: Barack Obama.


      Thanks for the legal review. So did the Wuhan lab recieve millions in funding that originated in the US? Did the Wuhan lab conduct experiments on Corona viruses?

      • Mal says:

        No, the experiments were conducted in Winnipeg’s BSL4 civilian lab. Public knowledge in this part of the world. But, shhhuuuucccch no one wants to look there, a place were real live corona viruses were being shipped illegally between Wuhan and Wuhinnapeg. The things they hide in plain sight.


  3. English Outsider says:

    Larry – I’m finding the gap between what the politicians and cronies say and what they do ever widening. That is, if it’s ever possible to find out what they’re doing. No trouble finding out what they’re saying when they talk to us deplorables but that not’s much of a start.

    So I’m prepared to consider anything these days. Might just turn out that you’re the one on the left. You were with the Steele affair –


    But I don’t think so in this case. They’re simply none of them clever enough.

  4. Deap says:

    Covid: Democrat 2020 election game plan
    Covid “vaccines”: Requisite 2020 election counterpunch

    Both way oversold by a willing media and 2020 election operatives. Tragic consequences all around.

  5. Desayuno con diamantes says:

    Well, after all what I have read, and in agreement with some over there, it is very suspicious that, all of a sudden, they, the elite at the top, are willingly ( as it proves the fact that the leaks have been covered by mass media…) throwing both, Dr. Fauci and Billy Puertas, under the bus.

    Of course, they bvoth are involved, but according with this excellent and ( one would say ) twisted ( by the facts involved..) report by Whitney Webb, the planning on all this dates from long ago, with our Epstein involved, and probably pushing the thing, all the way, through funding and recruiting.

    This seem to be an exercise with several goals, one of them testing new medical technologies on humans so that to get a cure for the elités elders´diseases ( like those affecting brain, or cancer..), and. if in the way, they get to wipe out a whole bunch of humans, meat eaters and poliuters, that´s right for them..Two birds with one shot..

    Take a look, it will take you some time too…but read to the end to see the connections..where high tech connects with medicine and Big Pharma and both with the intelligence services and government..A whole conspiration indeed, not a “conspiracy theory”, as they try to discredit as…


  6. Deap says:

    Back to the AVAAZ paramour of the fellow from the Imperial College of Medicine who used an outdated and faulty modeling process to very publicaly scare the pants off the world that we were facing the Zombie Apocalypse.

    AVAAZ claims they are a “clicktavist” operation -using the internet global network to gin up support for their progressive “causes”, complete with trails to Soros influence funding.

    What a remarkably sinister connection between these two key operators. Time to revisit both of them.

    • Alves says:

      0.56% of Peru`s population died thus far. In other words, the early models were not that bad.

      • Penelope Marshall says:

        Peru had ivermectin early though which slowed down the death rate until Stalin took over and banned it, then the death rate climbed.

        • Alves says:

          If that worked, Brazil would have no deaths by now. It is hard to find people that do not use IVM, hidroxicloroquine and another half a dozen medicines that do nothing for COVID-19.

          I myself am doing early treatment with pizza, hamburguers and soda, though. 100% effective thus far.

          But that is beside the point I made.

          Early projections used a infection fatality rate of up to 1%, adjusted for population age. That is not far from what is actually happening (Brazil will hit 0.25% of death of the whole population pretty soon, by the way).

          It did not spread as fast as the early models projected on their worst cases, though.

  7. Bill H. says:

    And they aren’t giving up yet. California governor Newsom has violated his promise to surrender his emergency powers on June 15 and appears set to keep them until the legislature takes them away. That won’t happen soon because the Democrats have a lock on the legislature. Despite the federal opening on June 15, San Diego is still in the “Red Zone” lockdown and is MAYBE moving to the “Yellow Zone” next week.

    • Deap says:

      Our Calif county just moved into the arbitrary yellow zone. City council in response is now finally considering moving vagrant camps under an emergency order, which were setting fires almost daily including a recent massive one taking down a hillside and endangering homes. City council members concluded providing them fully paid hotel rooms was the best option, now that “covid restrictions” allowed them to clean up the camps.

      When one city council person asked, what if they refuse to move, the Homeless Inc. social worker replied it takes at least ten visits ($$$) to gain their trust to talk them into leaving their filthy, polluting and public fire hazard squatters camps.

      Breaking up one tent camp found not only thousands of needles and dozens of stolen bikes, but an entire tent filled with “Amazon packages” presumably the work of a very ambitious porch pirate.

      Greetings from this “election reform” HR-1 poster child Democrat super-majority state. What Yellow Tier looks like for us.

  8. akaPatience says:

    I thought David Martin’s input was compelling (I’d read other of his reports about Covid patents, etc., in the past), but some of the other narration, by whoever it was, and testimony of some of the interviewees kind of diminished the impact. For example, from what I can tell so far, the Gates Foundation hasn’t been kicked out of India entirely. Instead, controversy related to it has resulted in the Indian government now funding some aspects of its vaccine programs that the foundation used to pay for. And while it’s way beyond intriguing that Bill Gates had some sort of a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, if and until we learn the nature of that relationship (a big IF, since mystery always shrouds anything Epstein), I thought it came off as an unnecessary distraction to include it in the video. Still, it’s not difficult to perceive Bill Gates as a greedy megalomaniac with a God complex…

    Would vaccine-caused disease be tolerated (without consequence to vaccine makers) in First World countries like it has in Third World countries in Africa and Asia? I hope it’s not something we’ll experience here in the wake of mass Covid vaccination. And considering the downsides of some vaccination programs, pointed out in the video, which have resulted in paralysis and death, it’s no wonder there is hesitancy among some, especially blacks, about being forced to comply.

    One thing I want to know and couldn’t easily determine from this video and other reports I’ve read by Martin, is who exactly is benefiting financially from the various patents obtained, and how? It wasn’t clear to me if and how Bill Gates, or anyone else associated with mass vaccination programs (aside from drug makers), is profiting. I recall reading in the past that the Clinton Foundation had very high “administrative costs”, essentially meaning a large percentage of funds donated were available for personal use by the Clintons. Could this be how the Gates Foundation profits? It’s hard to tell unless I missed something.

    With all due respect in reply to what Walrus wrote, no matter the legal distinction made about patents, there still remains the highly questionable and possibly criminal mismanagement of research, and the glaring fact that it was surreptitiously shipped offshore to a security level 2 instead of 4 Wuhan lab, which is turning out to be the likeliest cause of the world-wide havoc, death, undue suffering, poverty – and so much more – that ensued this past year.

  9. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Add Snopes. Oh, what the hell, add the ENTIRE MSM, ’cause they are all part of the lying and ass covering.

    Truthtelling is left to citizen journalists anymore.

  10. Sam says:

    IMO this will be the outcome. As a State Dept official said while they were “investigating” the origins – Don’t open a can of worms.


    Isn’t this how the government-big business nexus operates when they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar?

    • blue peacock says:

      So true. No one will be held to account. They’ll wait for the next hysteria and media cycle and bury the whole thing. Notice that the NYT has not had one article on the Fauci emails. Those in power have only contempt for the average Joe. And they should, since we allow them to get away with all this – re-electing the same guys over & over. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum.

      Check this video of Daszak claiming exactly the opposite of what he pushed in the “peer reviewed” Lancet.


  11. j.+casey says:

    Sure looked like Rand Paul set up a perjury trap for Fauci, who stepped right on in it. If Fauci sings and the email trail leads up to Zuck and Billy G, could that result in, with some investigation, a special prosecutor whose work could be dragged out a glacial pace for years, like the last one?

  12. Sam says:

    Staggering! As Orwellian as one can get. Questioning Fauci is now attack on science.


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