Lebanon is dying

“Tonight Lebanon has officially run out of fuel everywhere, hospitals, universities, streets, home, bakeries, pharmacies. The international community is still silent about the criminals who have left 4Million people starving in the dark. This is Genocide, and it is to be treated as such.”

Comment: I had this yesterday from a journalist friend. The originator was a faculty member at the American University at Beirut (AUB). pl

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  1. TTG says:

    Today Hassan Nasrallah promised to import gasoline and diesel from Iran to meet Lebanon’s fuel shortage. Given the current “tanker war” between Israel and Iran, we’ll see how that works out. It seems pretty clear to me that the reason we remain in the Syrian oil fields is to deprive both Syria and Lebanon of fuel. This is all in support of Israel of course.

    In other ominous news, the Lebanese Kataeb Party, the phalangists as I knew them, is calling for bringing down the present Aoun government by all available means. I believe they still control a formidable armed militia called the Lebanese Forces, so this “by all available means” threat can’t be dismissed as political rhetoric. I hear the distant thunder of another civil war. Michel Aoun and the 8th Brigade may be in the thick of it again. This time he’ll be backed by the formidable forces of Hezbollah.

  2. Hugh Midas says:

    TTG, forgive my French, but you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about….. Your knowledge of the situation is antiquated and stale. The surprises are coming soon!

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Hugh Midas

      “The surprises are coming soon!” is not a helpful comment. Please elucidate and share your wisdom re Lebanon’s future.

  3. mccaehin says:

    hi Hugh midas.any relation of Hugh mungus?I love surprises,the bigger the better,
    Do tell

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