Mueller’s Whiplash – by J


Has Mueller come up against a Russian brick wall as it were?  In a U.S. Court no less. 

Mueller seems to have forgotten that those Russian Corporations are protected under U.S. law as 'Persons', and have the same legal right to speedy due process that a living breathing human being has. 

Back in February even at that time, it surfaced that Mueller's 'Investigation' was nothing but a farce.

Seems that Mueller's team was hit with Rule 12 Saturday morning

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 12 deals with Pleading and Pre-trial motions.    In essence, Mueller has been hit with discovery after discovery after discovery, that the accused Corporate Person-hood is entitled to under U.S. Law.  Mueller probably has whiplash by now. 

Mueller IMO needs to pack his bags, and get a day job, cause he is doing nothing more than chasing his tail. 



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