One Web 15 Launch

A batch of 40 satellites for the OneWeb satellite constellation, which is intended to provide global Internet broadband service for individual consumers. The constellation is planned to have around 648 microsatellites (of which 60 are spares), around 150 kg each, operating in Ku-band from low Earth orbit.

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3 Responses to One Web 15 Launch

  1. Lars says:

    Looking forward to watching it with grand daughter. It will be her first launch.

  2. KjHeart says:

    For those interested the re-entry of Orion can be watched on a NASA live stream on Sunday, Dec 11th.

    more about the Orion mission

  3. The proliferation of satellites in earth orbit will inevitably cause big problems:

    Ars Technica: Space debris expert: Orbits will be lost—and people will die—later this decade.

    At some point, the heavens above will reach a breaking point.
    Yes, space is big, but there is so much junk out there.

    [From an interview:]
    Ars: Given what has happened over the last few years and what is expected to come,
    do you think the activity we’re seeing in low-Earth orbit
    is sustainable?

    Moriba Jah: My opinion is that the answer is
    no, it’s not sustainable.

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