Only Two Sexes, Male and Female by Larry C Johnson


I was reminded of the genius of Monty Python the other day. I introduced my 85 year old mother to their classic, The Life of Brian, and stumbled across this gem. I had forgotten completely about this riff on the transgender nonsense. I am not sure they would be allowed to shoot this scene if they were making this movie today. Anyway, enjoy the brilliance and truth:

I think it is appropriate to re-focus on the truth underlying the humor of Monty Python in light of the growing pressure to force people to accept lies about biology as truth. The latest incident comes out of Colorado, where a columnist for the Denver Post was fired for having the audacity to declare that there are, as God created, male and female. There is no such thing in nature as a “shemale.” Jon Caldara, a libertarian, writes about this flap:

“What seemed to be the last straw for my column was my insistence that there are only two sexes and my frustration that to be inclusive of the transgendered (even that word isn’t allowed) we must lose our right to free speech,” wrote columnist Jon Caldara, the president of a libertarian think tank known as the Independence Institute, in a Facebook post announcing his departure from the paper.

“I don’t care who uses whose bathroom, what you wear, or how you identify. People from this community have rights which we must protect,” Caldara went on, “But to force us to use inaccurate pronouns, to force us to teach our kids that there are more than two sexes, to call what is plainly a man in a dress, well, not a man in a dress violates our right of speech.”

Yes, the transgender movement is a freak show that denies science and biology. Humans are the only animal species that enjoy the luxury of denying their biology. If other animals followed suit, imagine a male chimpanzee insisting he wanted to be impregnated and give birth, they would soon be extinct. The only good news in this nonsense is that these transgender kooks will not be reproducing and spreading their questionable genetic material around the globe.

As John Cleese so presciently observed, “It is symbolic of his struggle against reality.”

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