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30 April 2121

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  1. Fred says:

    I wonder just how many “white supremecists” General, now SecDef, Austin served with during his 41+ years of service and which ones he held to account for failing to do their duty. I’m sure we’ll see some questions along that line in his next appearance before Congress, or the ‘press’.

    • Deap says:

      ITed Cruz offered the breakthrough moment when Democrats keep slinging out …..racist, far right, and white supremacist….. slurs:


  2. Deap says:

    What San Fran Nan and Heels Up Harris did to their own formerly wondrous city by the bay. This city formed my own childhood as well, always eccentric but alway accessible. It was The City then, and you dressed up with hat and gloves when you visited.

    Today it is a national cesspool. Democrat politics cannot escape full blame:


  3. Deap says:

    CRT at Cornell triggers tribal, internecine food fight – two bodies kicked to the curb. Is Kamala Harris black or is she asian – who gets first dibs?

    Or is Harris culturally misappropriating Chinese culinary traditions? Is she sending secret reconciliation messaging with her red sparkle jacket? Or does she just want this event to be all about her – for media distraction.;utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=63red

    America should be sliced and diced using only Occam’s Razor; not a surgical dissecting scalpel. E pluribus unum. Or, we all hang together or we hang separately is the message of the hour – 100 days into the Biden chaos.

    • Le Comte says:

      Some of the French have always been right on target. Jean-Marie Le Pen and Dominique Venner have always had huge balls.

    • PRC90 says:

      Will France save Western civilisation ? The letter seems to be an appeal, prior to a call to arms, to save France rather than Western civilisation per se.

      Will the French military save France ? Given the poll figures quoted in the article, if accurate, a coup may well have enough popular support in the ranks to succeed and result in a new government with both a policy and physical means of sending tens of thousands of deportees south across the Mediterranean.

      When ? The letter is current and no doubt fervent whispers (in Conspiratorial French) are happening within their military.

      I nominate 14 July, Bastille Day !

      It’s the high water mark of the psychological tide table, the place will be full of military in any case, and the important figures of government will be in known locations and relatively easy to grab. Also the weather will most likely be good and many people will be on July/August European summer holidays and amenable to, well, doing something different such as joining in a supposedly popular coup.
      Three months to go, but if nothing happens then, the letter and the thoughts behind it will be just more soggy French toast.

      Would Le Gouvernement Français Libre Intérimaire ever think about the secrets hidden within the International institutions in Strasbourg ?

  4. Leith says:

    Interesting point on GiulianI investigationi: It’s possible the 2020 DOJ countermand of the SDNY search warrants cost Rudy a Trump pardon.

  5. Peter+VE says:

    I heard a revealing comment on NPR while driving today. On the Boston based program Here & Now, the host was interviewing Colin Clarke of the Soufan Group, a “global intelligence & security consultancy”. Clarke was opining about the death of Bin Laden, and the future of Al Quaeda and ISIS. He mentioned that Bin Laden has surpassed his status as the leader of Al Quaeda, and has become an icon to all sorts of anti government groups worldwide, and is “Even worshiped by White supremacists.”. It was only a matter of days from Biden’s speech warning us about rightwing white terrorists to the usual suspects spouting the new official story. I guess I can get rid of those Che T-shirts now…

  6. Deap says:

    Former GOP Congressman Doug Ose throws his hat in the ring for California Governor – worth a second look:

    With a lot of unknowns showing up, this should make it a good race based on on platforms, experience, and overall charisma and public personality.

    The California recall has two parts: First part: Recall Newsom: yes or no.

    Second part: If Newsom is recalled, then who is your choice for governor. Newsom is prohibited from being on this second list. A mere plurality wins.

  7. Deap says:

    TDS-riddled brains are imploding: Nobel Peace Prize goes to proponent who first recommended hydroxychloroquine for “covid”.

  8. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Colonel Lang,

    Here is another data point to add to any speculations on your several-times-posed question, “Who is Juan Williams?”.

    Remarkable, but not in a good way.

    • PRC90 says:

      It’s merely the furtherance of the ‘nothing matters, nothing is real’ mass hypnotic suggestion.
      If nothing is real, then anything can happen without cost or consequence (unless you are a newly identified White Supremacist, of course).

  9. J says:

    Biden won’t rule out ordering MANDATORY Covid-19 vaccinations for US troops amid reports of hesitancy in the ranks

  10. Le Comte says:

    The Florida Panhandle (central time zone) is similar in look to that photo of Cabo. West of Panama City and East of Pensacola is where you want to be. White, silky sand and water like the Caribbean. Conservative with very low crime rate.

  11. BillWade says:

    Place your bets, it’s Kentucky Derby Day!

  12. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Meanwhile, back at the Stupidity Mine, the USA is cranking up its production of nuggets, as Patrick Armstrong might say:

    The Russians, tired of the full employment/recruitment activities for disloyal Russians that is run by the US embassies and consulates, has eliminated their permission to hire locals to do this kind of work, and just as their compatriots in foreign-run NGOs, to act as agents of nefarious influence within their nation. Given that, who can blame them; they held off for a long time on taking this action, to no little criticism from some in Russia for this forebearance against addressing these long-running provocations, but now their patience with this is over.

    So, instead of bringing on more USians at embassies and consular offices to do this sort of staff work, as they have plenty of latitude to do, this pissy little reactive action is taken, further cementing the – valid – notion that the US is a hostile power to Russia and Russians along all dimensions.

    The neocons must be rubbing their hands, and gloating that that’ll show them Rooshins to interfere with their subversive activities.


  13. Sam says:

    “As the old virtues of thrift, honesty, and hard work lost their appeal, everybody was out to get rich quickly, especially as speculation in currency or shares could palpably yield far greater rewards than labour.”

    Financialization of the economy, leveraged speculation where profits are privatized and losses socialized, massive debt growth across every segment from government to corporations and enormous money printing by central banks today is so reminiscent of post-war Germany during the Weimar period.

    • Sam says:

      “The rallies of Viacom, Baidu, Discovery, GSX, Tencent Music Entertainment Group, Vipshop Holdings, Farfetch, and IQIYI Incorporated — all targets of institutional short sellers — were at the center of an elaborate, multi-billion-dollar short squeeze play by a single SEC-sanctioned Jesus freak of an investor: Sung Kook “Bill” Hwang, head of a fund called Archegos.“

      The Archegos blowup has caused $20 billion loss for prime broker Credit Suisse who had provided Bill Hwang a boat load of debt for financial market speculation. A ton of leverage has been piled on seeking outsized financial profits from speculation.

  14. J says:


    Looks like the ASIO is trying to mimic one of their tv shows, where the tv series plot involved Australian intelligence officials secretly masterminding terrorist attacks on their own nation in order to force new laws through Parliament to give them new police powers.

    Has John Brennan been to Australia lately? Looks like one of his white supremacist whinge dings.

    Australian intelligence predicts terrorist attack ‘in next 12 months,’ police seek new powers to combat ‘extreme’ ideologies,internationally%20on%2026%20June%202018.

  15. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Col. Lang, and others,

    A link to a post concerning the recent search warrant executed on Rudy Giuliani. It seems as if there may be a connection between this event and the recent hiring of Mary McCord as amicus curiae by the presiding head of the FISC, Judge Boasberg. More Deep State manuevering, ass covering, and most of all, systemic corruption designed to circumvent Constitutionally-protected liberties. Read carefully, and follow the internal links for crucial background information.

    No amount of Febreze, or soaking this stuff in borax could alleviate the stench of The Swamp in practically anything these vermin touch. Warrantless searching of Mr. Giuliani’s iCloud when he was acting as a lawyer (attorney/client privilege be damned, apparently) for Pres. Trump and fighting against an impeachment on his behalf, and likely doing so on a pretext that Mr. G was somehow a foreign agent? Come on, man.

  16. J says:


    Guess who testified to a Congressional Committee that the U.S. needs to ‘stay forever’ in Afghanistan?

    IMO two ugly mugs (Condi and HRC) that shatter a camera lens:

    Guess Who’s Testifying In Congress US Troops Must Stay In Afghanistan Forever?

    Side note: IMHO — ALL the members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee need to be told in blunt terms — ‘YOU want our kids to stay in Afghanistan?’ Then ALL members of the committee MUST ante up THEIR OWN children and grandchildren and send them to Afghanistan.’
    Watch how fast those acorns on the committee shuffle the leaves to get Americans out of Afghanistan.

  17. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Vaccine hesitancy? There’s an app for that! They’ll vaccinate your dilatory ass without consulting you, peon.

    Scientists are working on vaccines that spread like a disease. What could possibly go wrong?

    This post has a link to an article from The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, famous back in the day for their continually updated Doomsday Clock, as in how many ticks is the world from a nuclear holocaust. Now, they worry about another kind of “nuclear” holocaust. The article points toward the hazard of “dual use”; i.e., weaponization. But also toward the danger of viral mutation once the supposedly “beneficial” yet infectious vaccine gets out into the wild. This sounds like a nightmare version of gain of function.

    This puts me in mind if a thread comment I saw recently: Wear your mask. “Socially” distance. Take the jab. Get in the boxcar.

    Catchy, huh? Except the decision to “take the jab” would be out of your hands. Nice, and oh so useful to The Great Reset crowd, particularly if it could confer sterility and thereby lessen the number of “useless eaters”.

  18. Deap says:

    Biden now claims he “chased Bin_Laden into the Gates of Hell”, when in fact it was McCain who made that famous statement .

    Old Joe plagarizing someone else’s again and forgetting completely he opposed going after BidLaden. Media, of course, ignores both the lies and the truth and are too young to even know why this even matters or where Afghanistan is on a map.

  19. J says:

    China is Trying to Break up the Five Eyes Intelligence Network

  20. J says:


    Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Rubber Stamps Mass Surveillance Under Section 702 – Again

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