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Open Thread – 22 May 2024

No shortage of happenings, but I’m suffering from a shortage of free time lately. Bring up whatever you want. I was surprised the ICC prosecutor is seeking arrest warrants for both Hamas and Israeli leadership. Netanyahu is ready to pop … Continue reading

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Open Thread – 10 May 2024

Whatever blows your skirt up. Big geomagnetic storm hit today. Too bad it’s cloudy and rainy in Virginia today. Might have gotten a glimpse of the Northern Lights. First time I saw them was on an ROTC winter survival weekend … Continue reading

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Open Thread – 1 May 2024

Happy May Day to those who celebrate. I fondly remember those celebrations and so many others in the cities and towns of Bavaria. Beer always flowed freely, except for the Glühwein at the Christkindlesmarkt.

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Open Thread – 22 March 2024

I usually avoid posting articles about our internal politics… it’s been like a religious war lately, at least rhetorically. At least there’s not a lot of actual witch burnings yet. But we have March Madness on the Potomac today. The … Continue reading

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Open Thread – 28 February 2024

Have at it, or as Colonel Lang often phrased it, amuse yourselves. TTG

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Open Thread – 16 February 2024

As SSG Gutierrez would sometimes enthusiastically answer the company phone, no matter who was calling, “Charging Charlie, One Three Five, speak your nickel’s worth.” A piece of big news this morning is the death of Navalny in a Russian prison. … Continue reading

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Open Thread – 25 January 2024

I’ll be pretty much out of contact for a few days. I’ll approve comments as I get to them, so be patient. There’s certainly no shortage of things to discuss. TTG

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Open Thread – 18 January 2024

I’ve been busy with things and the message threads in some of the posts are getting too long. I’m glad we’re engaging in engaging in heated discussion/arguments even though the comments are sometimes ugly. It’s far better than being in … Continue reading

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Open Thread – 5 January 2024

Places to go and things to do, again. Just to switch it up, here’s a few old photos from the album. They’re related to what I’ll post Saturday. TTG

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Open Thread – 28 December 2023

Places to go and people to see, again. As Colonel Lang would say, “Amuse yourselves.”

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