Speaking of Delusions, Russia, Russia, Russia by Larry C Johnson

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Move over Wile E. Coyote. Your feckless, futile efforts to kill the Roadrunner have been displaced by Jim Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper and legions of faux journalists. One of the leaders of this parade of bewilderment and buffoonery is my old pal, Chris Matthews (I did his show multiple times). How can such a smart guy be such a dummy?

If you want to get to the heart of the matter of whether or not Donald Trump was in bed with Putin and received vast, secret Russian help to vanquish Hillary Clinton in 2016 you only need to ask one person–FELIX SATER. Go back and read my previous pieces on Felix. He has been an FBI informant since December 1998. His specialty? HELPING THE FBI MAKE CASES AGAINST RUSSIAN MOBSTERS AND RUSSIAN SPIES.

So, why does Felix matter? He started working with Donald Trump in 2003. When Donald Trump started his campaign for President, he and Sater had worked together for 12 years. Sater’s job was to line up real estate deals that, if successfully concluded, would carry the name Trump. Trump was not really building anything. He simply put his name on projects and was paid for doing so. Sater helped broker those deals and was the principal, along with Michael Cohen (Sater’s boyhood friend by the way) in negotiating for the Trump Tower Moscow project which never came to fruition.

If Trump really was engaged in conspiring with Russian mobsters and Russian spies Sater, who was the guy the FBI used to lure Russian bad guys to their doom, would have known or could have been used to gather incriminating evidence against Trump.

The latter would be real easy–Felix would wear a wire and/or have a meeting with Trump in a room replete with hidden cameras and microphones. The FBI either never did this or did it and got nothing. There is only one other possibility–the FBI did record Trump and got the goods on him. Had that been the case Jim Comey and Andy McCabe would have leaked that info quicker than a man with dysentery dashing for the toilet.

And one other little reminder–Felix Sater helped the FBI’s Bill Priestap nail three undercover Russian spies in January 2015. Priestap subsequently was promoted to run all of the FBI’s Counter Intelligence efforts in December 2015 because of the case he did with Sater.

Jump ahead to July 2016. Priestap’s deputy, Peter Strzok, with the support of Priestap’s bosses, opens up a counter intelligence investigation of Trump and his team. WTF???? Why didn’t Priestap immediately dispatch Sater to have a sit-down with Sater’s business partner aka Trump? Hell, even Barney Fife could have figured that out.

No such evidence was ever gathered. How do I know? The public testimony of both Jim Comey and Andy McCabe. They had plenty of suspicions because they moronically accepted the so-called Steele Dossier as reliable intelligence. These clowns make Wile E. Coyote appear to be a genius problem solver.

Here’s what should scare the living hell out of you–people such as Comey, McCabe, Clapper and Brennan were allowed to be in charge of America’s preeminent law enforcement and intelligence agencies. And their solution to take out a President they didn’t like was Rube Goldberg scheme that is starting to unravel with lightening  speed. If there is such a thing as Karma, those boys may have a prison boyfriend in their future.

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