The Ongoing Purge of the Military

“”I don’t believe I was being partisan. It is not politically partisan to expose or attack critical race theory or Marxism,” Lohmeier told Fox News Monday.

“The reason I say that is because Critical Race Theory and Marxism are antithetical to American values. Critical race theory fuels narratives that attack America’s founding documents.”

In that regard, Lohmeier said he is and was not attacking any political party or official.

“I’m being misportrayed online – I don’t criticize any leader, or any person in the DoD (Department of Defense) or any elected officials – but I try to tee up ideas that I think are toxic,” he said.

In February, Lohmeier said, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III issued guidance to every service member which asked them to “stand up for each other” and that every soldier “has a responsibility to say something when they see impermissible behavior.”

“We owe it to the Oath we each took, and to the American people, to stand up against extremist ideologies,” Austin said in the memo, according to Lohmeier.

“That’s what I’m trying to do,” he told Fox News of his concerns regarding critical race theory and Marxism. “And I’m not trying to be politically partisan.”

On Fox News’ “Hannity” later Monday, Lohmeier told host Sean Hannity that institutionally, the Pentagon has had a zero-tolerance policy against any type of discrimination; whether it be race, sex, politics or religion.

While in command at Buckley, Lohmeier followed that tenet as a commanding officer. 

He said, however, that in his time in leadership, communications sent out to every service member at the base in preparation for what Austin called ‘extremism down-days’, which – in the colonel’s words – alleged that “the country was evil, that it was founded in 1619 rather than 1776, and that White [people] are inherently evil”. “

Comment: It is a well known principal, enshrined in UCMJ, (military LAW) that full time US military people on active duty do not make public political statements in support of or in opposition to civilian political entities or figures. This restriction is freely accepted and understood by all. The restriction DOES NOT apply to reservists not on active duty, to former military personnel nor does it apply to retired military personnel even though they are legally still members of the military.

The question in the case of Lt Col Lohmeier USSF is whether or not his utterances constitute political activism. IOW is it “political activism” to voice opposition to Marxism and the teaching of “critical race theory” in schools and in the vetting of the military.

In my opinion it is not. pl

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20 Responses to The Ongoing Purge of the Military

  1. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Well, I guess if you understand that advocacy for Marxist ideology and Critical Race Theory are essential policy planks to the Democrat party, then I suppose that opposing them is partisan.

    /s Heh. Austin and his puppetmasters stand naked as jaybirds.


  2. aka says:

    Well, I guess “critical race theory” and ” Marxism” are part of the unspoken official policy of this administration.

  3. akaPatience says:

    It seems to me that promoting Marxism and CRT constitute “political activism”. Getting rid of Lohmeier is effectively blaming the messenger. It’s hard to believe, unfathomable actually, that the US military has reached the point where promoting Marxism and racism is acceptable. Between that and the INANE advertisements/calls to service that’ve been in the news lately, what kind of bloody hell are we witnessing???

  4. scott s. says:

    Well, I guess so far he has not been charged under the UCMJ, and my thought would be if they offered NJP (we call it “admiral’s mast”, don’t know what the space cadets call it) I would demand trial by court martial.

    But clearly this is an object lesson for anyone else aspiring to command.

  5. Barbara Ann says:

    So Lohmeier is rather wonderfully using Austin’s diktat re exposing “extremist ideologies” against the would be purgers. The publicity is doubtless boosting his book sales. But however he is motivated, this episode is helping shine a light both on the purge itself and the march of Marxist ideology under Biden’s ‘leadership’ more generally. It is also a bold demonstration of open resistance and that is important.

  6. Pat Lang says:

    Pacifica Advocate wrote today to admonish me about the virtues of Marxism. My thought would be that teaching ABOUT Marxism is fine but advocating Marxism is not.

  7. TV says:

    I spent 35 years+ working in the securities industry, “Wall St.”
    Many of you loathe “Wall St.” or more accurately your image of Wall St.
    BUT, Wall St is a hell of a lot more honest than the current military “leadership.”
    Wall St is all about money, driven by fear and greed, and the people “on the street” are totally upfront about that.
    The current military “leadership” are actors dressed up like doormen mouthing their phony platitudes about dedication, love of country and my favorite – sacrifice.
    In other words, just more corrupt, dishonest swamp rats.
    The US once had the world’s best military and MIGHT still be the best only because the bar is so low.

  8. Seward says:

    I assume that by “Marxism,” the author is referring to “Cultural Marxism,” sometimes equated with the so-called Frankfurt School of Marxism ( Cultural Marxism had little or nothing to do with classical, economic Marxism, the theorizing of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, which the polity of most Communist countries was theoretically based on ( Classical, economic Marxism in turn had almost nothing to do with Cultural Marxism, almost its opposite in many ways. Indeed most Communist countries tended to be socially conservative, the Soviet Union under Stalin a good example, where for instance abortion was banned from 1936 until 1955, when it was revived under the more liberal (in Western terms) Khrushchev. In the authors usage, “Marxism” becomes merely a term of deprecation, much as our government uses the term “authoritarian” to deprecate any government it dislikes.

    • Pat Lang says:


      Are you a Marxist? Do you want to destroy capitalism?

      • Seward says:

        No. Neither. I’m a patriotic American Catholic, whose family has been here since 1633 (Boston), and 1645 (Maryland); who served in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WW1 (two great uncles I knew), seven cousins I knew in WW2 (one still alive, a fighter pilot in the Pacific), two brothers were Marines in Viet Nam, myself in the Army 1957-60, stationed in the Aleutians. But what the writers describe as Marxist has almost nothing to do with capitalism or the economy; rather almost entirely with unrelated cultural matters.

    • Álvaro A Athayde says:

      Classical Marxism and Cultural Marxism are very different things, Critical Race Theory os a child of Cultural Marxism.

  9. Leith says:

    Lohmeier is laughing all the way to the bank:

    “On Monday, Lohmeier’s book was temporarily out of stock on Amazon and is the #1 bestseller in books on the site.”

  10. Fred says:

    As Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army Lloyd Austin III was instrumental in ensure the structural ‘systemic racism’ and promotion and retention of ‘white supremecists’. Maybe his spokesperson can prove me wrong.

  11. Jimmy_w says:

    When people start lying on their CoC property inventories, and getting away with it, then you know it’s gone.

  12. Deap says:

    Great point, akaPatience:
    ……..”It seems to me that promoting Marxism and CRT constitute “political activism”…..

  13. Gallo Rojo says:

    Honestly 2 minds about this one. Sucks what happened to him, absolutely.

    OTOH the dude was in charge of a brand new branch of the military and if he was really worried about CultMarx and CRT would have been better to promote allies, stone wall enemies, and bide his time.

    But yeah he’s getting interviewed on Hannity and his book is super duper “popular”. Meanwhile he has no power and even if he gets his command back that’s it for him – he’s chopped himself off at the legs and TPTB will deal with him once Fox News moves on in a week.

    • J says:

      Yeah, TPTB have him by his gonads. He’s too caught up with himself and the cha-ching to realize it.

  14. Mark says:

    I’m glad we still have officers like this. When I was a recruit a colonel spoke to the assembled platoons and I still get fired up when I think of it.Its nice to hear from one of the good guys,thanks mark

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