“The Man Who Outlived His Lieutenant” Farrell

By Alan Farrell

Download the_man_who_outlived_his_lieutenant.pdf

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One Response to “The Man Who Outlived His Lieutenant” Farrell

  1. Gauntlet says:

    This is a True Story..Its what Combat Veterans Really have to see and Endure in thier Life times .. They have Served in the Armed Forces of the UNITED STATES..
    They Have Been there and Experienced what this Story is.. About..
    There are Hundreds of Thousands of Storys Like this in the Pages of American History..and in the Lifes of Our Military Men and Women..
    Let Us Remember them and Thank them on November 11th..
    The 11th Month..11th Day..11th hour..
    VETERANS DAY..God Bless them All..

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