“The Motorcycle Diaries” Movie Review

I may well have know Alan’s captain.  I was in the 8th SFGA at the right time.

Pat Lang

This is Alan Farrell’s "take" on the Guevara film

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4 Responses to “The Motorcycle Diaries” Movie Review

  1. Awesome flick! Gael Garcia Bernal delivered an amazing performance as he did in “Y Tu Mama Tambien”, another great film.

  2. Hannah K. O'Luthon says:

    I saw the film in Italy and liked it. Of course it’s an exercise in mythmaking, but why shouldn’t the left have its own Rambos? Fighting for justice ought to require knowing what justice really is, but, of course, that’s the tough part.

  3. azteckeagle says:

    In today’s surreal America, as we spread freedom and democracy by dropping happy WP clouds on civilian cities, what defines me as an American? What does it mean to be an American?
    “The Mortorcycle Diaries” was not just a mythical peek into Che’s transformation, but showed us a world we probably didn’t know about, or ignored. It shows Latino prejudices aganist one another(not prevalent, but relevant). I’m am an American of Mexican descent, and there is always an abrasive attitude towards Cubans or Puerto Ricans. This movie showed this common friction and leaves one to decide if these national divisons serve more as a hinderance for all the people. Empowerment of the state translates into the betterment of the people, right? Was Che simply selling a ‘Latino Unity’ political theme to serve himself? I’m very pleased this aspect was brought into the movie.
    Poverty is prison. Money is freedom. Money can’t buy happiness? Money buys freedom, freedom brings happiness. Are these people already prisoners of another system? We asked if capitalism or communism would help them. Everyone should have asked which state would only help themselves. I like the campfire scene and the mining company scene. Great contrast.
    Religion exists to serve the people, then behaves to serve itself. Who are the bad men? Many argue George W. Bush is the bad man, while others say Hugo Chavez is the bad man. Why do we have a strong disliking towards Saddam Hussein because he argued that he must do what it take to keep the insurgents at bay that want to topple the Iraqi government? Isn’t Cheney simply Hussein’s successor of the same terrible regime?
    This movie is very relevant for today, just as Che is very relevant today as well. The same perceptions of imperialism exists today, the imperialism that Che spoke of at the U.N. that earned him some applause. The same voice bellows from the Zapatistas to Venezuela.
    Can we honestly look in the mirror and say America is doing good after discovering a cover-up of news that people were killed by burning them to death with chemical clouds?
    I love this country and we can serve ourselves and the rest of the world in a much better way. America truely does have the power to change the world. I don’t the the cost is worth it. Many, many lives have been lost by our hands for a war carried out under false pretenses. Let’s dump those cornholes in the Bush administration and get some real leadership that really does America proud and not just a slogan on a Faux news channel.
    Anyways, nice blog here Mr. Lang. I was kinda wondering “Who the hell puts their real name on the internet?!”, then I looked at your bio and well… I guess a former Green Beret wouldn’t be all too worried about it.
    Peace out. Cool site.
    By the way, I liked the movie also, I thought it was really cool.

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