Trump Was Right, The Election Was Rigged by Publius Tacitus


I must express my stunned amazement at Donna Brazil coming clean today on what we all suspected, namely, that Hillary stole the Democrat primary from Bernie Sanders. I know that Colonel Lang already gave you a tantalizing taste of the naughtiness. Now, I want to dig in.

Let's start by highlighting some of the more salient points from Ms. Donna:

So I followed the money. My predecessor, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had not been the most active chair in fundraising at a time when President Barack Obama’s neglect had left the party in significant debt. As Hillary’s campaign gained momentum, she resolved the party’s debt and put it on a starvation diet. It had become dependent on her campaign for survival, for which she expected to wield control of its operations.

Debbie was not a good manager. She hadn’t been very interested in controlling the party—she let Clinton’s headquarters in Brooklyn do as it desired so she didn’t have to inform the party officers how bad the situation was. How much control Brooklyn had and for how long was still something I had been trying to uncover for the last few weeks. . . .

Officials from Hillary’s campaign had taken a look at the DNC’s books. Obama left the party $24 million in debt—$15 million in bank debt and more than $8 million owed to vendors after the 2012 campaign—and had been paying that off very slowly. Obama’s campaign was not scheduled to pay it off until 2016. Hillary for America (the campaign) and the Hillary Victory Fund (its joint fundraising vehicle with the DNC) had taken care of 80 percent of the remaining debt in 2016, about $10 million, and had placed the party on an allowance. . . . 

I told Bernie I had found Hillary’s Joint Fundraising Agreement. I explained that the cancer was that she had exerted this control of the party long before she became its nominee. Had I known this, I never would have accepted the interim chair position, but here we were with only weeks before the election.

Holy Mother of Pearl. Donna is ratting on Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. This is stunning. She is not just suggesting that they are some clueless assholes. She is calling them out as self-serving scum who kicked the Democrat Party to the curb in order to have full control and benefit of the millions raised by the Dems. Remember, Donna ain't some Sean Hannity "hoe" who is out turning tricks for the Republicans. This woman is a Democrat homegirl. She is blowing the whistle on bullshit.

This revelation alone is enough for one day, in my humble opinion. But there is more. Twitter admitted that it was burying anti-Hillary news:

It was approximately one year ago, when angry tweeters alleged that Jack Dorsey et al., were purposefully censoring and "suppressing" certain content on Twitter, namely anything to do with the leaked DNC and John Podesta emails, as well as hashtags critical of Hillary Clinton while "shadow-banning" pro-Donald Trumpcontent. We can now confirm that at least one part of the above was true, because during today's Senate hearing, Twitter admitted it "buried", which is another word for censored, significant portions of tweets related to hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta in the months heading into the 2016 presidential campaign. 

In the intelligence world this is called active measures and covert action. Twitter admitted it was meddling in the U.S. election to erase negative information about their preferred queen, Hillary. Well, they failed.

This are just two more examples of the actual meddling that occurred in trying to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President. These attempts failed spectacularly. We're talking a wet fart level of failure.

Worth noting that the Russians are no where to be seen in these lame attempts.

Here is the truth of the last year:

Hillary Clinton and her cronies tried to manufacture a narrative that Donald Trump was under the control of the Russians in order to discredit him. They were shocked when he won and pressed the Russian narrative, with the full cooperation of the CIA and the NSA, to try to derail his inauguration.

Hillary Clinton and her hubby, Bill, willingly received millions of dollars from foreign governments, including the Russians and were beholden to them

This ain't complicated. It is very simple, very corrupt and very alarming.

Any questions?

One final observation. Although the full weight of the U.S. intelligence community descended on Donald Trump, the voice of the people prevailed. That was a shocker for the establishment. The effort to kill Trump politically continues, but seems increasingly desperate and feckless in my opinion. But we should not take comfort in that ineptitude. A genuine soft coup has been attempted and come to naught. The fact that there was a coup attempt should raise the hackles of all patriots. This must not be allowed to pass unnoticed. Trump may be an asshole. But he is a legitimately elected asshole.  PT

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93 Responses to Trump Was Right, The Election Was Rigged by Publius Tacitus

  1. Mathiasalexander says:

    That would be “leaked” emails, not “hacked”.

  2. BabelFish says:

    I live across the river from NAS Jax. Hearing the F-18s yesterday brought a smile to my face.
    The chief emotion I felt was delight at the piranhas beginning to eat each other. Tulsi Gabbard in 2020, please.

  3. jsn says:

    Thank you for this post!
    Trump remains, however, encapsulated in Borg antibodies and is apparently pursuing Borg policy.
    Unless you count re-upping in Afghanistan and saber rattling on Iran & NK, as yet there are no major action on which to judge him on foreign policy. I hope future deeds match more the Trump of the campaign than the post Flynnistration President of recent months.

  4. Lefty says:

    While not individually illegal on their face, I wonder if the finance shenanigans fall under the heading of a conspiracy to violate Federal campaign finance laws? It is my recollection that sometimes the money resided in state accounts for only a few hours before being transferred to the DNC and Clinton campaign.
    Trump is a one man disaster, but he is our elected disaster. ‘Soft coup’, abetted by hysterical, clueless Dems, seems to describe what has been attempted, and continues.
    Next Tuesday will be instructive. In Virginia in 2009 the Dems ran a campaign about nothing (Seinfeld would have approved) and lost. That was a harbinger of Dem losses in ’10, ’12 (at the state level), ’14 and ’16. If Northam loses a similar contest, it will be a measure of the ongoing cost to the Dems from failure to reform.

  5. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    John 8:32 – And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free!
    Ishmael Zechariah

  6. b says:

    You should put up the numbers of Twitters manipulation. According to its testimony twitter hid 48% of all tweets with the #DNCleak hashtag and 25% of tweets using #PodestaEmails. That was a massive, massive manipulation. It was not against fake news or some conspiracy theory. It was against the spreading of hard facts that spoke against Clinton.
    “A genuine soft coup has been attempted and come to naught. ”
    A coup has come to naught. No paper reaches Trump without having pasts Kelly’s desk. The anti-Russian campaign the military (together with others) are pushing is hitting with full force. The military budget (Senate version) was increased by nearly 10%. These ain’t policies Trump would have pushed on his own.

  7. Seamus Padraig says:

    “Trump may be an asshole. But he is a legitimately elected asshole.”
    Words to live by! Great piece, PT.

  8. Eric Newhill says:

    IMO, Brazile is revealing all of this because she is a leftist ideologue to the marrow. Valerie Jarrett – Obama’s political mother – wants Clinton out of the picture b/c Clinton is just a self-serving plunderer. The true believers need to clear the way for the revolution.
    I begin to think that Clapper is some kind of One World govt true believer who sees the USA, as a distinct and proud cultural entity, a barrier to the glorious utopia. There is something seriously wrong with that guy.

  9. bks says:

    “Brazile’s allegation is over a Joint Fundraising Agreement that Clinton signed with the DNC in August 2015, and JFAs are standard operating procedure for presidential candidates – Trump signed one with the RNC, and Bernie Sanders did, too, in November 2015.”

  10. Barbara Ann says:

    Here here PT for highlighting the right of the Constitutionally elected asshole/moron/[adjective] moron to remain there. Now the ratting has started the swamp appears to be on course to start draining itself.
    My question: Where, legally, can this go from here – how close might we be to actually locking her up? Bets anyone on this now happening before Trump’s impeachment?
    Despite the alarming and distressing nature of the unfolding evidence of shenanigans, IMO democracy and the America will emerge the better for it. And Trump will go down in history as the man responsible – now there’s a legacy Mr Obama.

  11. blue peacock says:

    As you note:

    Here is the truth of the last year:
    Hillary Clinton and her cronies tried to manufacture a narrative that Donald Trump was under the control of the Russians in order to discredit him. They were shocked when he won and pressed the Russian narrative, with the full cooperation of the CIA and the NSA, to try to derail his inauguration.

    Is this role of the CIA, NSA & FBI unusual? Why would they get involved in domestic political matters?
    Another story that is not getting much MSM attention but seems to be gaining some traction in alternative media.

    “…Obama’s approval of the Uranium One deal seemingly landed the Clinton Foundation some $145 million in donations and a $500,000 speaking gig for former President Bill Clinton from a very thankful Russian bank….one thing that you probably don’t know yet, primarily because of the Obama administration’s proactive attempt conceal such information, is that despite repeated assurances from Congress and Obama’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission that U.S. uranium reserves wouldn’t leave U.S. shores, it, in fact, did…”
    This story is interesting because the FBI under Mueller, for some reason closed their investigation on all this.
    My questions to those who have the expertise of how DC and in particular the intelligence agencies work is, is it routine for them to shape domestic political matters and how compromised are the FBI & DoJ? Is Mueller’s special counsel investigation a feint to prevent the potentially more explosive investigation about the roles of the FBI, CIA, NSA in illegal or proscribed activities in influencing domestic political matters?
    Trump is tweeting this morning that there should be a DoJ investigation of “Crooked Hillary”, but how can the DoJ investigate the intelligence agencies when some in the top ranks of government may be implicated? Where do you all think this leads to? A big nothingburger or big enough to shake our political-governmental foundation?

  12. Bill H says:

    And yet the media narrative continues to be that Russia “meddled with” and/or “altered” the election. The Senate parody belabors the horror of millions of tweets and Facebook posts.
    But, if any significant portion of the electorate is using Facebook and/or Twitter to inform their vote in a presidential election, then this nation has problems far, far greater than anything than the Russians can do to us.

  13. jsn says:

    The Election Was Rigged by Publius Tacitus?

  14. Boomheist says:

    I see an article this morning claiming that Brazile referenced the wrong document to support her argument, claiming she was using a 2016 document after Hilary won the nomination and mistakenly believing it was from a year earlier. I have no idea if this might be true, but caution that as in all these things the real truth sometimes is well disguised beneath the froth. I agree with BabelFish, Tulsi for 2020…..

  15. Castellio says:

    You know, it’s actually worse than that. Hillary and Barack might take some of the well deserved blame for consciously weakening the democratic procedures of the nation, but who were their primary financial and media supporters? Those who were the kingmakers of Obama and (both) Clintons were (and are) well aware of what was happening at the DNC and why.

  16. kooshy says:

    PT, bravo the last paragraph is the gold, worth a billboard on Sunset Blvd.
    “ A genuine soft coup has been attempted and come to naught. The fact that there was a coup attempt should raise the hackles of all patriots. This must not be allowed to pass unnoticed. Trump may be an asshole. But he is a legitimately elected asshole.”

  17. steve says:

    Can you clarify. Obama is accused of paying back money slowly. This is corrupt why?

  18. semiconscious says:

    ‘Trump Was Right, The Election Was Rigged by Publius Tacitus’
    easily my favorite sst article title this year 🙂 …
    also, strongly agree with your closing remark. it’s obviously the thing that grates the most with these guys…

  19. TV says:

    So is Trump going to clean out the IC and the FBI?
    A lot of those “very important” people need to get real jobs.
    The silver lining though is that no matter how treasonous these people are, their incompetence makes them minimally threatening.
    Unfortunately Trump -with an attention span of seconds – is not likely to clean out this rats nest.

  20. Tyler says:

    Trump’s Luck strikes again.
    I think Mueller has a lot of people running scared, the way they are tossing the Clintons under the bus.
    This diversity visa stuff is really highlighting how the Democrats (and their GOPe allies) are basically the party of third world immigration and they’re more than happy to import zillions of turd worlders with an 8th Century mentality as long as they can be counted on to pull the lever for a D.
    Trump is going to be President Forever if these guys keep it up.

  21. Lars says:

    The headline is misleading, since the election was not rigged in the manner claimed by Donald Trump. As far as Donna Brazile, it seems she is interested in selling her book. Not all that unusual with professional politicos.
    The reality is that Trump won due to about 77K voters, out of 134M, in 3 counties in 3 states gave him a majority there and thus he won the Electoral College vote. He still lost the popular vote with almost 3M votes.
    Now about a 1/3 of Americans approve of him and nearly half (49%) thinks he has committed a crime and should be impeached.
    As they say: Be careful about what you wish for, you may get it. Of course, it now seems that Trump has validated the Peter Principle.

  22. different clue says:

    Reducing aid to the CLEJ ( Cannibal Liver Eating Jihadis) in Syria to the point where they may be rendered comprehensively defeatable is an achievement, even if not totally major. It is a defeat for the Borg and the GAJ (Global Axis of Jihad.)

  23. different clue says:

    If the few Bitter Berners and Sanderistas who live in Virginia were to vote Third Party so that their voting presence could be seen and known, and if their defection could be seen to be the difference which got Northam defeated; then the Bitter Berners and Sanderistas could welcome the hatred of the Clintobamacrats. They could revel in that hatred. They would gain power against the Clintobamacrats from a visible demonstration of their ability to prevent a Clintobamacrat from winning a State gubernatorial election.

  24. different clue says:

    A mere punctuation problem, of course. Still, it did remind me of the long-ago headline . . . ” Truck upset, kills driver.”

  25. FourthAndLong says:

    The CIA was long ago exposed as a serial violator of its legal boundaries — it routinely interfered in domestic affairs in the fifties and sixties, for example, as exposed along with numerous other outrages by Senator Frank Church and his investigations during the Watergate era.

  26. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    New research into the original of that text indicates that a more appropriate 21st century translation of it should be “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall p*** you off.”

  27. Lemur says:

    You should look up ‘negative capability.’ One man can’t change the behavour of a sprawling mass of institutions overnight.

  28. DianaLC says:

    I first became aware of presidential elections as I sat on the chrome bumper of my father’s 1950 Chevy and heard him explain to a neighbor why he liked Ike.
    It’s been a long life and many presidential elections since. I have to admit that this last one was probably the most bizarre presidential election I have lived through. The two previous presidential elections did much to frighten me about the inability of our voters to think before voting, and they also taught me that it is, indeed, hard to think through all the noise of political spin. It’s one thing to be frightened, but it’s another thing to be totally exasperated in regard to both major political parties’ behaviors.
    Now, PT, I should remind you that Ms Brazile’s stock response to anyone who voiced concerns about BHO’s lack of qualifications for holding the office of POTUS was “Stop the hate.”
    I am left with some sense of irony that she may now be paying for that blind loyalty to the party that pretended to be “democratic” but still is really only trying to find a way forward to further her own aspirations to fame, money, and power. After all, isn’t she also just saying “what happened”?
    That doesn’t mean that I don’t believe everything she has written to accuse Obama and Hillary of in regard to the mess the Democratic Party now finds itself trying to clean up. In fact, it’s seems to me to be completely true. I just wonder what her response might be if someone now emailed her and simply stated, “Stop the hate!”
    In politics today, we don’t say what we like–whether it be to name a candidate or an idea one has put forward. Instead, we accuse and besmirch and find dirt (even by nefarious means) and simply try to scratch our way to a winning vote tally.
    I’m becoming tired of it all. I think I’ll just go back to my old practice of reading Thoreau’s Walden every other year and of trying to live deliberately until whatever happens happens.

  29. Lemur says:

    Trump foreign policy achievements:
    1. negotiated a truce with Putin in southern Syria and de-facto went along with the other de-escelation zones Russia implemented, which permitted the maximal concentration of forces against ISIS.
    2. Ignored Israeli attempts to subvert his Syria policy.
    3. Successfully played a Nixon ‘madman’ strategy against Fat Boy Kim in NK.
    4. Fulminated against Iran, pleasing GOP hawks and the anti-Iran GOP base but has done little that suggests he’s about to launch a war. If Trump was determined to push back against Iran, he would have blocked the assault on Iraqi Kurdistan. Given the animus against Iran, especially on the Republican side of the aisle, I think we should give Trump credit for sticking with sanctions and rhetoric (games that have been played for a long time).
    5. Decisively acted to defeat ISIS in US area of operations, unlike the diffident Obama.

  30. kao_hsien_chih says:

    “Trump may be an asshole. But he is a legitimately elected asshole.”
    Indeed, and the mark of a properly functioning democracy should be that it can survive a few legitimately elected assholes now and then without resorting to extralegal/illegal shenanigans that the self-claimed do-gooders of the left and right want to do. No one said democracy is easy. Those who think it should be are no democrats (note the lowercase d).

  31. Mark Logan says:

    The question being begged is if party pollings are elections. Many, especially our MSM, consider them so now but this is a very recent development. They like drama and party pollings give them more “elections” is my WAG as to the reason, but see the nominations of Garfield and Ike for examples of how it used to be. Allowing a candidate to be selected by the tiny percentage of the population who bother with party primary polls carries risk.
    The D’s were the first to allow this and felt the pain with the nomination of Gene McCarthy. They changed their party rules to include “super delegates” and such to check a small but highly energized populist base from utterly controlling them. This is the conundrum the R’s are dealing with now with Trump. It would be logical for the RNC to follow suit due to the problems created by that nomination, I suppose. We will see. I find it difficult to damn a political party for favoring someone who is both a member and their biggest fund raiser over Bernie myself.

  32. jsn says:

    Yes, I agree and am familiar with the term. Concerned, though, the only information that reaches him is from Kelly.

  33. Ramojus says:

    Having just read a profile piece on Rep Gabbard in the latest New Yorker, I would advise to be “careful for what you wish for”.

  34. Barbara Ann says:

    Lars, I applaud your tenacity. No SST post is complete without your contrarian input.
    I think PT’s key point is – to use a couple of your own words; “Trump won”. Thankfully the Presidential selection process does not operate on the Hilary principal; that the one who feels most qualified and entitled to the job, gets it.

  35. paulj says:

    Having read a profile in the New Yorker, I would be skeptical of the characterization of any individual that was the target. The New Yorker seems to have become a mouthpiece for the credentialed class, including the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party (Republican-lite).
    No one is perfect, every one of us has a unique worldview. More data please.

  36. Babak Makkinejad says:

    He is lucky and barren, breft of any new ideas.

  37. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Precious little.

  38. Babak Makkinejad says:

    He is a very representative speciemen of many in the United States. And like then, I think he does not know the path forward. He fulminates and blusters publicly, but then what?
    Yes, he got US out of a number of harmful traties and did limit H1B visas. But Mccomb County did not send him to US Presidency for those.

  39. Fred says:

    “diversity visa stuff” They deserve our civilization. It’s not like they want to live in the one thier forefathers made.

  40. Fred says:

    “the election was not rigged in the manner claimed by Donald Trump.”
    Then in what manner was it rigged?
    “he won the Electoral College vote” Yes, which is what is required by the Constitution.

  41. TonyL says:

    Yes, Trump is a legitimately elected asshole. That says quite a bit about the State of the Union we are in. We might have elected an asshole that will start World War III.

  42. “Is this role of the CIA, NSA & FBI unusual? Why would they get involved in domestic political matters?”
    Russia’s not domestic.

  43. Incredibly, Thierry Meyssan, a socialist, is still on the Trump Train, too:

  44. Peter AU says:

    3… no success there. Situation US vs NK is still the same.
    5… ISIS changed hats in the Deir Ezzor oilfields to become SDF so US could claim control of Syria’s largest developed oilfield.

  45. Peter AU says:

    Punching search terms like Syria, or Russia into twitter search is a good way to see what line of propaganda the hegemon and its groupies are pumping out at any given time.

  46. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    ex-PFC Chuck,
    The day might come when those being “p***d off” might translate their resentment at being lied to in such a massive scale into kinetic action. IMO this started in the last US election and Brexit. More such will follow (Amen!). Then John 8:32 applies with a vengeance: we will be free and free of these scum.
    Ishmael Zechariah

  47. Dabbler says:

    I read the piece on Tulsi too. Have been following her rise for some time and was therefore able to discern that the New Yorker article was a soft hit piece intended to associate her gently with a lot of negative issues that are hot button for mainstream liberals. The New Yorker is a once-reliable mainstream magazine that was among those to “abandon objectivity” during the last election. The DNC and the Hillary folks are actively shedding and tarring Gabbard and any other Democrats who are anti-Hillary or (shudder) progressive.
    I suppose it’s a compliment that Gabbard has become sufficiently significant to warrant a hit.

  48. Freudenschade says:

    And it all falls apart. Nice try though, PT.
    Primary Error: Donna Brazile Mixed Up Two Different Clinton-DNC Agreements

  49. Tel says:

    “Trump may be an asshole. But he is a legitimately elected asshole.”
    I was quietly hoping for a giant meteor, but the asshole is roughly the same shape and looks like doing a similar amount of damage to the Washington establishment.

  50. johnf says:

    “Lebanese PM Hariri resigns, saying he fears assassination plot
    …He has had a complicated political career, moving to and fro between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia – his family’s key backer.
    His resignation follows recent visits to the Saudis, raising speculation that their influence is likely to be at play.
    Certainly, his ferocious denunciation of Iran and Hezbollah, which his own militia once battled unsuccessfully on the streets of Beirut, is in line with Saudi policy.”

  51. Tel says:

    The old ideas have worked before and can work again in the hands of someone who knows how to use them.
    Do you wear shoes? What an old and outdated idea, huh, to put some animal skin on your feet. Surely because it’s an old idea it must be bad, you should be wearing iPhones on your feet instead of shoes. Bananas perhaps… it’s a new idea, you should try it.

  52. turcopolier says:

    So Brazile was a “Clinton stooge” who couldn’t get this right. I see your point. She is Southern, Black and a woman. How could she possible get it right? (irony) pl

  53. Croesus says:

    Isn’t that the Scriptural verse on which Frank Capra based the Why We Fight propaganda films, whose purpose was to “educate” Americans on the necessity of going to war in Europe?
    In “How the Jews Defeated Hitler,” Benjamin Ginsberg wrote:

    “To be sure, not all wartime movie propaganda was produced by Jews. The Italian-born Frank Capra’s Why We Fight series . . .is an obvious example. But most of the great propaganda films of this era were written, produced, or directed (or all three) by Hollywood’s Jewish filmmakers. Indeed, even several of Capra’s films were written by Julius and Philip Epstein. [who were Communists].” p. 63

    Will the real Truth please stand up.

  54. Morongobill says:

    Interesting that a lot of people seem to think this.
    I don’t recall Trump being the impetus behind Nato expanding to the bear’s doorstep or the vaunted “pivot to Asia.”

  55. Morongobill says:

    Unlike HRC would have, was not willing to attempt a “No Fly Zone” over Syria.

  56. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Which old ideas is he invoking?

  57. rjj says:

    But in our Age of Dis-/Mis-/Pseudo-information “pisses off all the right people” constitutes an informed vote.

  58. Bobo says:

    Yes, they were loud but beautiful against that picture perfect blue sky up here at the end of University Blvd, N.
    Donna B’s excerpt is just another of the many D’s attempts in burying the Clinton’s before their time. Bernie has stirred something in them and the cleansing is ongoing. Hopefully Tulsi has a strong hide as she will need one.
    Now here we are ten months later with the economy moving along so nicely, people are working, tax cuts a coming, ISIS a running and what else could a citizen want in such a short time. Now contrast that with a few years back of 1% growth and all that other crap going on there is now a big light at the end of the tunnel. I know some listen to Morning Pinkos or Cancer New Network and the other MSM and see a different picture but come on you know that those people are the real Boogymen of our present time.
    There is hope.

  59. Dabbler says:

    We do live in an Age of Dis-/Mis-/Pseudo-information, but I don’t get the balance of your comment. Who is pissing the right people off, Tulsi? Who are the “right people”?

  60. Phodges says:

    And the the next round of destabilization in Lebanon begins.
    Israel, Wahhabistan, what cancers upon humanity

  61. kooshy says:

    The Saudi’, MBS childish scenario in Hariri’ resignation is to agitate the Lebanon’ Sunnis against Iran and Hezbollah. The perceptive scenario for this is, after Iranian Special advisor’ Velayati meeting with PM Hariri yesterday, he immediately scrapes to KSA seeking sanctuary there, and resign there in safety, since presumably he was threaten for his life by Velayati? This suppose to make Iran a rouge state sponsor of terrorism and brings more sanctions to Iran and Hezbollah.
    Something europeans can also sign in to.
    There is an Iranian proverb for this “these too wouldn’t add up to a pant for Fati.”
    American version of it is ‘these too wouldn’t cut it.’

  62. Bill Herschel says:

    I think it’s very important to identify the New York Times as a propaganda organ for, well, Hillary Clinton.
    In their front-page, lead article today entitled “‘Very Frustrated’ Trump Becomes Top Critic of Law Enforcement”, buried way down in the text in the 21st paragraph is the following, “And [Trump] cited a book excerpt by Donna Brazile, the former interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman, who wrote that last year’s primaries were tilted by a fund-raising agreement that the committee made with Mrs. Clinton… Earlier in the day, Mr. Trump tweeted that Mrs. Clinton “stole the Democratic Primary” from Bernie Sanders and asserted that there was “major violation of Campaign Finance Laws and Money Laundering.””
    Trump asserted. No, that’s not quite what happened. Donna Brazile asserted. This article is pure Bernaysian propaganda intended to hide the truth. Peter Baker must be the domestic Andrew Higgins, and he’s good, but his editors are the best.
    I am a liberal Democrat. But this sort of thing and the fact that the only difference between what is happening now and what happened to France under Louis Napoleon is that our foreign policy is dictated by two tiny nations thousands of miles from our borders (“We must stand up to North Korea because if we don’t it will send the wrong message to Iran.”) predict a very difficult future for the U.S. “Issue” after “issue” screams across the headlines and the Congress approves $600 billion for “defense” unanimously. That didn’t work for Louis Napoleon and it won’t work for us.

  63. dilbert dogbert says:

    Pro Tip: Clinton lost the election.

  64. dilbert dogbert says:

    Been reading up on the Electoral College and what Hamilton thought of the concept.
    My reading of #68 is that Hamilton thought it would protect the nation from candidates like Trump. YMMV

  65. FourthAndLong says:

    “The New Yorker is a once-reliable mainstream magazine that was among those to “abandon objectivity” during the last election. ”
    They publish Masha Gessen, who has been very skeptical about the Russian hacking thesis. And she remains so, see her piece today on

  66. FourthAndLong says:

    According to latest tweets from Donna Brazile she never said that Hilary rigged the election:
    Kevin Drum has an analysis here:
    his concluding text:
    In the end, then, this strikes me as almost classic Hillary: she did nothing wrong, but practically went out of her way to make it look like she was doing something slippery. I have never seen another human being do this so frequently. But, in fact, it looks like she really didn’t do anything seriously unscrupulous here, and nearly everyone agrees that, in the end, the primaries weren’t rigged in any serious way.²
    So the more interesting thing about all this is: why did Brazile write this? Her prose is so melodramatic that you’d think she had discovered Hillary was a child molester. Finding the JFA “broke my heart,” she says. She called Bernie Sanders to tell him about all this, but first “I lit a candle in my living room and put on some gospel music. I wanted to center myself for what I knew would be an emotional phone call.” (In fact, it turned out not to be an emotional call. Apparently Bernie didn’t care much.)
    In the end, I’m more curious about this than I am about the facts of the case, which turn out to be fairly pedestrian. Obviously Brazile wrote about this the way she did for a reason, but what is it?

  67. Dabbler says:

    The New Yorker also has good literary and cinematic criticism. It is not without merit. Most of what it has said or omitted about “Russian hacking” or recent politics in general, however, has been immensely more partisan and less objective than anything I remember in the last 50 years (yes, I go back that far; before then, I mostly looked at cartoons. : ~ } )

  68. sid_finster says:

    I would treat being the subject of a New Yorker hit piece as a badge of honor.

  69. Tel says:

    Trump seems to believe that government should be responsible for guarding the borders of the nation.
    He put an end to Obama’s illegal executive payments to insurance companies, thus restoring the power of the purse to Congress, as the US Constitution intended.
    Trump believes that the EPA only needs minimal regulation where absolutely necessary to protect the environment, rather than being a universal obstruction attempting to take control of all industry.
    With luck, Betsy DeVos will quietly get the school system back to the old idea of teaching practical knowledge helping get people into jobs; instead of generational socialist indoctrination and perpetual victimhood. That last one is going to be a long, slow process but it has to happen.

  70. Charles says:

    His old ideas are rather powerful. He is not exactly bereft of effective ideas.
    40 years of successes is not really “luck.”
    He has 5 children so barren is not an accurate description

  71. Charles says:

    “Precious little.” = infinitely more than his predecessor.

  72. Ramojus says:

    paulj, Dabbler et al.
    I don’t see a hit piece, I just see more of the same, a new product…
    She’s a pre 2008 candidate Obama; half Samoan, Hindu (follower of a Hare Krishna spinoff group), originally socially conservative but recently turned progressive and the offspring of a political father.
    To paraphrase Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass; a new brand of “Hopium”.
    I would also add, (at the risk of being a male boor), she is very pleasing to the eye and would get my vote for that reason only.

  73. charly says:

    His achievements depend on what his goal is. As i’m not privileged to his goals i can’t say if he is successful. One example in were this is very obvious is him supporting the Saudis in their fight with Qatar. Depending on what you think Trump’s goal is it is or more brilliant than going to China or dumber than Bush invading Iraq.

  74. Eadwacer says:

    The issue is that there were two agreements, and she presumably had access to both documents, and she chose the one that supported her case. You know, cherrypicking. Or maybe she hadn’t found the second document, which smacks of incomplete research. Nothing to do with demographics, everything to do with bad analysis.

  75. robt willmann says:

    The book by Donna Brazile (and perhaps a ghostwriter helper) will officially go on sale on 7 November, and is published by the Hachette Book Group–
    For those who study television news and mass media, what is said, if anything, on the Sunday morning talk shows tomorrow, 5 November, after daylight savings time ends, about Brazile will be of interest.
    Regardless of exactly what words are in the Brazile book, something is going on inside the Democratic Party, and also, I am guessing, among some large donors to Democratic politicians and to the Democratic National Committee.

  76. Babak Makkinejad says:

    If you suffer from blockage in your left anterior descending artery and have no emplyer-supplied insurance, then Trump, like the other Republicans, have this advice gor you:
    “Please kindly go die so that we have more money gor bombing Iran as well as building a wall against Mexicans. We do not need sick poot prople like you in America.”

  77. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Like what?

  78. gaikokumaniakku says:

    Matthew 5:5: Mακάριοι οἱ πραεῖς, ὅτι αὐτοὶ κληρονομήσουσι τὴν γῆν.
    Blessed are the πραεῖς, for they will inherit the earth.
    Note that “πραεῖς” does not mean “meek.” It means “disciplined, trained, tame,” like a war-horse or an attack dog.
    See also Saint John Chrysostom.

  79. Eric Newhill says:

    This is fun. The Democrats cannibalize themselves. Cult of Bonnie Clinton versus the true believer socialist anti-European culture/anti-white left wing.
    Obama never did like Clinton. At least Clinton is merely a greedy, cynical, corrupt oligarch. She is still western civ, albeit the ugly underbelly. The Obama faction truly seeks the destruction of America as we have known it. I hope the likes of Kevin Drum keep spinning away in Clinton’s defense. Keeps the progs divided between soccer moms and their cuck husbands and the real radicals; which should just about give the Rs a super majority in 2018.

  80. LeaNder says:

    DianaLC, the last US election surely was beyond bizarre. But then, I only had ‘the pleasure’ (slightly ironic) to watch US elections or election campaigns after the Bush43 2000 election. Admittedly my curiosity may have been triggered by an odd US acronym, I forget, that, it feels, must have referred to the Florida recount.
    There had been only one early 2001 German article that had left traces on my mind, in hindsight trying to alert to the “hawks” in the Bush43 administration. Neoconservative hadn’t made it into the current dictionary at the time. In hindsight hawks may have been vaguely as synonym.
    Now, PT, I should remind you that Ms Brazile’s stock response to anyone who voiced concerns about BHO’s lack of qualifications for holding the office of POTUS was
    What precise qualifications did the all time hero of the GOP, Ronald Reagan, have to offer?
    But, yes, Thoreau’s Walden and Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass? …

  81. LeaNder says:

    people, need their hero’s.
    Babak, in detail we surely disagree on many things, but on most matters you seem to be pretty reliable. 😉

  82. ked says:

    I’ve long believed the current party system was long past its shelf-life, and a change was a-comin’. I used to think that after the ‘16 election, the party out of power would implode before the one in power – for obvious reasons. However, with an ineffective non-Republican at the top of the Executive Branch, a war between factions in the Legislative, and a USSC playing small ball while checking the obits regularly, I think the GOP could very well come apart while at the apex of power. Such things can happen.
    Meanwhile, the Dems have gotten around to launching their own purification ritual.
    The details are interesting, occasionally important, but the greater theater that’s unfolding is what I find most meaningful.
    The grand drama in this theater is fire in our crowded one… shouted-out, hot, or both.

  83. LeaNder says:

    What did he say about Nato, Morongobill,
    other then the no doubt effective, as far as audience appeal goes, that the US should be paid more money by its respective subordinates?
    Even Wolfowitz suggested at one point that Iraq could pay for being freed via its oil. Thus, is it anything new?

  84. Morongobill says:

    Talk about irony. Ms. Brazile sure took a hachet(t) to HRC and the DNC!

  85. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Trump is guarding the borders of the United States in the Persian Gulf?

  86. Croesus says:

    “Cuck husbands” have parents.
    Whole new category of family dysfunction.
    Medea does not quite fit.
    Richard III?

  87. FourthAndLong says:

    I’ve come to regard Obama simply as an opportunist. Inserted by Chicago oligarchs such as the Pritzker family. As someone here recently pointed out he was supremely unqualified for his job at the time. Part of a very discernible trend. Bush II — Obama — Trump. From ex drunk TX governor ignorant of FP to do nothing IL senator, to .. the hallucinatory mass hystericia nightmare phenomena summarized as “Trump.”
    And Obama ‘opposed’ the Iraq war before he was elected? Sure, he said he thought it ‘was a mistake.’ No objection on principle, say, that it was an outright invasion of a foreign sovereign country — which the Nuremberg tribunal characterized as the supreme crime of crimes, no — more like a tactical error or something. Similar to a Wehrmacht general of WW II who might have objected to Barbarossa not remotely on any moral grounds, but because maybe they thought Britain should be finished off first.

  88. FourthAndLong says:

    Eric N.
    But you’re right. The democrats haven’t any idea what they are doing. I happen to give Mr. Drum a little more credit, though. He’s tactfully managed to say things there which are essentially unsayable regarding certain orientations toward power. And yes, it is a spectacle. Just not one from which I any longer derive enjoyment.
    He’s correct in the legal sense. The Clinton’s are too clever to blunder by committing actual prosecutable crimes. They just can’t seem to help appearing to enough people, a critical mass or something, to appear so. Eminently vulnerable to smear campaign tactics. I’ve become schizophrenic about it actually. I despise myself for how much I despise them.

  89. shepherd says:

    I think there is a central confusion in this post around Twitter. It would have been bad—though perfectly within its rights—if Twitter had suppressed discussion or dissemination of the Wikileaks material. But it did not do this. In fact, the materials were widely shared, etc. on Twitter, not least by our current president.
    No, Twitter suppressed specific hashtags used by Wikileaks, which constituted a tiny fraction of the full discussion. This was a correct thing to do and here’s why:
    1. When you create an advertising campaign on social media platforms, you create a hashtag. This is a unique identifier for your advertising platform; it is not a generic designation of content.
    2. You promote that hashtag and encourage its use, typically by tweeting it frequently to your followers and retweeting any other person’s use of it. We call this a “hashtag campaign.” It is an advertising tactic, used every day by Wendy’s and McDonald’s.
    3. Wikileaks created its own hashtags around political content and engaged in promoting them by retweeting uses of them to encourage further tweets. News organizations do not do this. In other words, Wikipedia was actively engaged in a politically damaging campaign that targeted HRC. It knew what it was doing.
    4. Wikileaks is not a US organization. Foreign actors are not allowed to advertise in US elections. Twitter may be an unregulated platform, but it should follow that rule to the best of its ability.
    5. Twitter did not suppress any other hashtag associated with the content, nor did it suppress every instance of the hashtags’ use. It merely suppressed the improper campaigns generated and promoted by Wikileaks.
    It is really important that people get a much better understanding of these platforms and how they work. Otherwise, you can be easily fooled by things like this. These are sophisticated tools for influence, and it’s very easy to be fooled by things like this.

  90. Eric Newhill says:

    It goes beyond family. It’s a cultural dysfunction. I can’t think of any literary precursors wherein weakness and suicidal self-loathing was identified, let alone celebrated. We are in uncharted waters.

  91. Anna says:

    Absolutely agree with paulj that the previously honorable New Yorker have become a “mouthpiece for the credentialed class.” Note the vile comments towards Gabbard and Assad in the hit peace about Garrabd’ proposal to not support the terrorist organizations in Syria; one can sense clearly the Israel-firsters irritation with her idea of the US disengagement in the ongoing dishonest, illegal and slaughterous war in Syria. In addition, the same issue of the New Yorker features a deeply dishonest article on Holodomor, which omits the name of the main organizer of Holodomor, some Lazar Kaganovich, who was the closest associate of Stalin. Kaganovich was accused in the death of 20 million Soviet citizens.
    Kaganovich (the Wolf of the Kremlin) was pronounced guilty of the Holodomor tragedy by Kiev’ court in the 2011.
    “Holodomor in Ukraine
    In 1925, Kaganovich was sent to his homeland to head the Ukrainian Central Committee of the Communist Party. He was a rather harsh leader, choosing extremely violent means of bringing the population under the Communist rule. His methods included the collectivization of private farms, the expropriation of wheat, and the ruthless arrests of the kulaks. This led to what is known as Holodomor in Ukraine – the massive starvation of millions of people (up to some 7 million by some estimates), which the current Ukrainian government has ruled genocide.
    In 1930 Kaganovich became a full member of the Politburo, which formally and practically made him the second man of the USSR for the next five years. Stalin trusted him so much that each year when he was on vacation, he left all affairs of the country in the hands of Kaganovich.
    Kaganovich also launched a major reconstruction of Moscow. He destroyed the magnificent Cathedral of Christ the Savior, as well as many other historical monuments of the city. Rumors have it that he even had suggested demolishing St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square, however, Stalin decided it was not necessary.
    Like all of Stalin’s supporters, Kaganovich played his part in the mass repressions, deportations, and purges. He signed nearly half of all the death sentences.”
    Lazar Kaganovich was born in November 1893 in Ukraine, near Chernobyl. His family was Jewish, living within the pale of settlement established by Catherine the Great nearly a century earlier.”
    Kaganovich name did not come in the New Yorker article about Holodomor even once! The New Yorker has been converted into a presstitute outlet.

  92. Eric Newhill says:

    If it’s any consolation, the Rs are in the same fix, though to a lesser degree. Trump supporters, such as myself, voted for Trump, I part, so he would “drain the swamp” – the swamp includes corrupt Rs like McCain (and his office wife), Ryan, Corker, Flake, anyone named Bush, etc, etc, et al. So far so good, btw.
    The big difference is the that Trumpers seek a purified Republican party that truly represents the interests of Americans outside the coastal elite enclaves, whereas the Ds must chose between crazy America hating revolutionaries or a thoroughly corrupt, but more moderate, Clintonian wing. It’s lose/lose for progs, leftists, liberals and moderate Ds.
    The lesson should be that before you start something, you should give a lot of thought to what would happen if lunatics picked up the ball and ran with it. Obama doubled down and then quadrupled down on the identity politics and One World agenda. That cat is not going back into the bag and it’s crapping and pissing all over the house, tearing up the furniture and yowling so loud all night that no one can get any rest. Brazile is on the cat’s side.

  93. Anna says:

    The development of policies is domestic.
    “By 1953, with Allen Dulles running the C.I.A. and his brother in charge of the State Department, the interventionists’ dreams could come to fruition. …the “six monsters” that the Dulles brothers believed had to be brought down: Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran, Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala, Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, Sukarno in Indonesia, Patrice Lumumba in the Congo and Fidel Castro in Cuba. Only two of these, Ho Chi Minh and Castro, were hard-core Communists. The rest were nationalist leaders seeking independence for their countries and a measure of control over their natural resources.”
    Before that there was the Dulles brothers’ close collaboration with the Nazi Germany.
    Every time when driving near Dulles airport, I wonder, how come that the US celebrates these two operatives?”

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