U.S. Intelligence Community Already Knows that Covid Came from the Chinese Bio Lab

Why did the Biden Administration suddenly reverse course and order the U.S. intelligence community to “investigate the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic?” Especially doing this policy backflip less than 24 hours after White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki insisted that any investigation should be done an international organization. It can only mean one thing–new intelligence has emerged confirming what many in the intelligence community knew last year. In the spring of 2020, friends in the IC told me that the Covid-19 pandemic was the fault of the Chinese Government. I subsequently wrote about this on 13 April 2020.

Apart from the complaints from both Chinese leaders and U.S. politicians in which each side blames the other for the outbreak and spread of Corona, . . . the simple, horrible truth–the global spread of Corona 19 was a deliberate, conscious act by the Chinese Communist government to weaken the West, especially the United States. But there is another part of the story that has received little attention from the media and most pundits–the US Government, with DOJ leading the charge, is going after some very intriguing Chinese intelligence operatives.

President Trump was hearing the same thing from the IC. He knew from some IC briefings, as did Secretary of State Pompeo, that Covid-19 was not the result of infected “meat” from the Wuhan wet market. It was created in a lab under the control of the Chinese military. But Trump’s repeated attempts to warn the American people were thwarted by many in the print and electronic media who conspired–wittingly or unwittingly–with the Chinese Government to quash the truth. They labeled Trump’s claim as a “baseless” conspiracy theory. But it was not just the media. Key members of the IC also pitched in to sabotage Trump’s credibility on the matter by leaking to the media info intended to debunk Trump’s claim about Covid-19’s Chinese origin. Remember this:

President Donald Trump contradicted a rare on-the-record statement from his own intelligence community by claiming Thursday that he has seen evidence that gives him a “high degree of confidence” the novel coronavirus originated in a laboratory in Wuhan, China, but declined to provide details to back up his assertion.

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  1. Alves says:

    The possibility that covid-19 came from a lab does not necessarily mean that it was released on purpose. It could be a lab accident/spillover.

    Anyway, it is worth looking into it.

    Also, the people/scientists that rushed to charachterize this hipothesis as lunatic way back at the start of the nightmare, before any major research/investigation into the origins of the virus, should be checked too for conflict of interests.

    • Fred says:

      Allow your citizens to fly to Europe and the US and other nations. Forbid them to leave Wuhan and travel inside China. I’m sure that wasn’t an accident.

      • Yeah, Right says:

        “Allow your citizens to fly to Europe and the US and other nations. Forbid them to leave Wuhan and travel inside China.”

        That is a non-sequitur.

        1) Wuhan residents were prohibited from travelling inside China.

        2) Wuhan residents were prohibited from travelling overseas.

        3) Non-Wuhan residents were allowed to travel inside China.

        4) Non-Wuhan residents were allowed to travel overseas.

        To state (1) and (4) without also mentioning (2) and (3) is to mislead the casual reader that something sinister was afoot when it was not.

        When in fact the Chinese authorities were (correctly) making a distinction between Wuhan-residents and non-Wuhan-residents both with respect to domestic travel and international travel i.e. they did lock down Wuhan – and Wuhan alone – but that lockdown was imposed w.r.t both domestic and overseas travel.

        Think what you want regarding the origin of the Covid-19 coronavirus, but the sleight of hand that you carried out is a disservice to everyone.

  2. Hamza says:

    So, the IC knew that it likely came from a lab, but chose to undercut Trump’s assertion anyway? Was it merely to harm his credibility/hurt his re-election chances? Didn’t they realize that it would ultimately come out anyway? I guess he couldn’t declassify the raw intel because of ‘sources and methods’. But this really stinks to high heaven.

    • Deap says:

      If the truth comes out after Trump is defeated, did the Democrats really care?

      Plus they can still blame Trump for shoddy mismanagement if this is now a confirmed biowarfare attack, if indeed he did know ahead of time.

  3. Fred says:

    Why was the US paying millions for “gain of function” viral research in a biological warfare lab located China? Perhaps Hero of the Party – Dr. Death, aka Fauci, could provide an answer.

  4. mcohen1 says:

    Chinese operatives.care to name names.

  5. walrus says:


    With respect, Ifail to understand how we can characterise the IC as a bunch of lying rotten weasels who fed America the Phony Steele Trump dossier one minute and the next be asked to believe their reporting that China gave us Covid – 19? I don’t buy it. Such a conspiracy theory is too involved.

    I know supporters of the Rosenbergs didn’t know about Venona and had to eat their words years later, but I don’t buy it. As I reported on my briefing last year, our researchers laid out what they knew and then speculated on the time and place of its release – speculation that has been proved correct in part so far.

    Further genetic work has apparently demonstrated that the viral sequences and trajectory appear natural in origin and there are no “smoking gun” genetic sequences that would indicate deliberate tampering.

    I have read what I consider to be the relevant EcoHealth Initiative emails released under FOI and can see nothing more than a diligent organisation pursuing perfect justified and beneficial research funded in part by the US Government no less, with the Wuhan Lab for the good of humanity. I’ve read the research papers quoted as being “smoking guns” and to my eyes they are nothing of the sort.

    I am getting more and more alarmed at the disinformation being peddled to Western citizens, for example the Belarusian aircraft diversion, which to this pilots eye was a perfectly ordinary response to a bomb threat. However advance such opinions and you get howled down. I think we are being driven to war with Russia AND China and soon.

    I consider it my duty be skeptical of claims such as this one and I will be the first to apologise if I’m proved wrong.

    • LeaNder says:

      Appreciated, walrus, we no doubt come from to some extent/on some issues from opposing political camps, but that’s no problem really. Highly appreciate your rationality at points where it matters, lately.

      What’s the exact difference between a cool-aider and a hypnotized supporter, someone that saw all his hopes incarnated in a political savior, I seem to wonder for some time now. It may of course only be the desire to stay on message, in search of bits and pieces that fit neatly into earlier analyses?

    • Fred says:

      You mean that Australian ambassador involved in launching that story is no longer to be believed?

      ” a perfectly ordinary response to a bomb threat”

      I agree, however having gone to high school where there were multiple false reports of bombs in the building I would never suggest that no one ever made a false bomb threat report in order to force a diversion of a plane.

    • Deap says:

      Gangs run amok in California because of their highly disciplined “code of silence”. Even indirect witnesses know to say – they didn’t see anything.

      Those that run the deep state are of similar mind-set. Enforcement thugs on the top so those below, and even out of the thuggery food chain, know the smart thing is to just look the other way and keep their mouths shut.

      So yes, I can believe a few can take over the many when they alone own the internal levers of deep state power.

  6. BillWade says:

    So it’s a PRC bioweapon, seems to me rather than a vaccine, one who has it should get the antidote, no?

    I read yesterday that the nation’s funeral directors saw only a slight improvement in “business” year over year the past few years.

    • Deap says:

      That funeral directors observation comports with the Johan Hopkins CDC morbidity data analysis – no excess “all-cause” deaths over the past 10 years, which included the deadly year of the 2020 Trump “Covid” mass murders.

      The Johns Hopkins data analysis discovered a curious correlation between deaths due to standard causes of death (cancer, heart disease, CPOD, diabetes) were reduced in numbers to the same proportional increases in deaths now labeled due to “covid”.

      Johns Hopkins quickly pulled this study, claiming its outcome findings would “be too confusing for the public”. (aka – did not conform to the Democrat TDS narrative)

    • Deap says:

      Here is –anecdotal– evidence the life insurance companies also were not affected by …..”the increase in ‘covid’ deaths….”. No increase in payouts or premiums, no demands for a covid test for pre-insurance check up. Business as usual in the life insurance world, even though we just experienced the Zombie Apocalypse?


  7. Let me see if I’ve got this straight. The Chinese create a virus and then infect their own population in a big city just before everybody in China goes home. But that’s OK because they can contain it and it will be all gone in a month or two. But they know it will spread to the West and, because of the West’s incompetence, corruption, stupidity and political wrangling, the Westerners will alternately under-react and over-react until, a year and a half later, they are still locked down, yelling at each other with their economies crippled and the Chinese are cruising along.
    Sounds like a great plan to me and there isn’t the tiniest chance of anything going wrong. Xi & Co would sign off on it immediately.
    Or have I missed something?

    • Mal says:

      Patrick, everyone is ignoring the virus samples being shipped from Winnipeg’s L4 Viro Lab. Sending unauthorized virus samples from Winnipeg to Wuhan with no security oversight. It was CSIS that twigged the RCMP on to the breech. That was going on for at least a year before the Wuhan outbreak……Live Exercise Pompeo knew what was going on before hand. Are there rouge elements within the CCP or PLA one can only guess, but to me it looks like China was set up by the usual three letter Bad Actors. Accidentally released on purpose in Wuhan, gave perfect cover for seeding…….hmmm, Iran Russia and anywhere else that CV19 popped up ‘unexpectedly’…..international travel my ass!

      Cheers M

    • Deap says:

      China did not have the West’s Zombie Apocalypse media machine ginning up hysteria, fear and doom 24/7, so they just had a regular bad flu season.

      No reports of any great toilet paper shortages in China either, which gripped the West ‘s panic psyche from day one, that turned our bad flu season into a full court press to get rid of Donald Trump.

    • LeaNder says:

      Sounds like a great plan to me and there isn’t the tiniest chance of anything going wrong.

      Irony alert, parts of another grand plan, the Russian plan (my favorite core of the larger Russiagate plan?) seems to be working out quite well too. At least considering a piece here and one over there. They all seem to fit nicely into the larger puzzle.

      One cannot expect of course of one’s plans to work out neatly … Can one?

      Except in this case? Is that the ultimate argument?

      staying on message. Larry may pick up on the hint:
      that turned our bad flu season into a full court press to get rid of Donald Trump.
      We really don’t care where it came from, but we do care how they managed to create a pandemic out of nothing more than a simple seasonal flue …

  8. blue peacock says:

    The covid case is another example that Trump was a weak president. No courage. Just like the Russia Collusion Hoax case he just didn’t have the balls to use the power of his office to declassify and expose how rotten it is in DC. IMO. all he really wanted was to be in the limelight. His presidency was one of the more hapless.

    I know all the Trumpsters will have dozens of excuses why he couldn’t use the powers of his office to expose the collusion between the national security apparatus, the media and both political parties.

    • TV says:

      Absolutely correct.
      We need “Trumpism” without Trump.
      Terrible manager and awful reader of people.
      He set the stage; now we need someone competent to carry it out.

      • English Outsider says:

        “Terrible manager and awful reader of people.”

        Harsh. You try being the President of the United States and see how you get on. Fact is, you just can’t get the staff these days.

      • Fred says:

        Trump was terrible! Give us low energy Jeb! Or some other institutional RINO just like the GOP has done for decades. How about give us Trump and give him 2 twitter accounts this time.

    • jld says:

      I have a different theory about Trump weakness: he was ALSO a candidate of the Deep State to somehow discover all the true opposition and “inoculate” it against any serious action.
      This matches pretty well his actions upon the 2020 elections.
      Other clues are his policy in the middle east and being supported by Peter Thiel who is on the steering committee of Bilderberg.

    • Deap says:

      Trump knew how to read a room. He actually had very few powers to exert since the threat was the mob hysteria ginned up by his deep state and high tech enemies. There are few defenses against that – the French Revolution Reign of Terror taught us that.

      Trump was already under threat of obstruction of justice and impeachment again for just breathing, so what do you suppose would have happened if he intentionally released classified intelligence data.

      He did what he could within the constraints our tri-partate governance structure allowed. Disclosure of intelligence gathering methods is fraught with terror too. Unclean hands and “covid” was both metaphor and fact.

      Public health response always rested within the states and Trump did plenty to help them. But Trump had no powers over the High Tech media hysteria machine. The choice to listen to the hysteria or not resided in each individual. Trump had already complained “covid” just might be one more Democrat hoax intended to box him in. How can you forget the avalanche against him that comment triggered.

      Trump read the room. He understood when the mob wants blood, very little can stop it. He did what he could, which was exceptional. Monday morning quarterbacking is very unbecoming this late in the game. Trump did live and act as voice or calm, reason and moderation, even when he himself contracted “covid”. Where were you then? Where was the feeding frenzy media then?

      Of course “covid’ is now winding down because getting rid of Trump was the sole agenda. Who can forget the LA County Public Health Director’s slip of the tongue admitting they would revisit opening public schools …… “after the election”. How much more brazen about the deep state TDS-Covid agenda can you get than that?

      • Murali+Rao says:

        I agree with your comment but this is what I find difficult to understand. He made a terrible mistake with say the appointment of his first AG, but what did he learn? Why go for another swamp creature like Bill Barr rather appoint some one who is fighting for truth like Guiliani or even Sydney Powell? Then why choose another swamp creature like Chris Wray for FBI honestly it doesn’t show me that he is a fighter for what he believes.

  9. TV says:

    The “intelligence” community strikes again.
    Once again proof that most bureaucracies are generally corrupt and incompetent.
    Let’s see more recruiting commercials about the dysfunctional dimwits who make “intelligence” into an oxymoron.
    We need an intelligence capability.
    Outsource it to the Mossad.

  10. Christian J. Chuba says:

    I will say that I am more likely to trust something Biden publishes than anything sourced from Pompeo but I’d have to see the evidence. Given the MSM’s blind allegiance to U.S. Intel sources and that this conveniently plays into to Cold War many have been craving for, I’m more than a little skeptical.

    For the record (not saying you have to believe it) the WHO report said the following:
    1. It claims that Wuhan screens their workers and no one had CoV2 symptoms in that timeframe. ( This contradicts U.S. Intel, interesting that our MSM now considers this fact, does not care about a public statement that says otherwise; all hail govt sources.)

    2. Wuhan did not have any samples that matched CoV2, they had a sample that was a 96% match. (again just repeating what they wrote, this is why they rated lab scenario unlikely)

    Regarding the argument, ‘We’ve been looking at this for a year, an entire year and we still have not found the so-called natural source yet!’
    This is a scientific study published in 2016 about the origin of H1N1 in 2008 being in Central Mexico and they did not even find the smoking pig. They extrapolated using comparative genetics, ‘this virus has a piece that gets us closer, yeah, it must have come from here’

    My point is that searching the entire food chain, and all of the farms of a wet market is not easy. The WHO report called that out as a TODO item.

  11. Deap says:

    The “sudden” reversal with the requisite Democrat echo chamber amplification was an immediate red flag – (1) was this a false flag for some other sinister agenda, or (2) were they sitting on their own landmines that were about to explode in their own faces and they wanted to get ahead of it.

    Verdict still out, but one more very curious and coordinated deep state and deep media move that aroused immediate suspicions something was not on the up and up.

    Or (3) is this timed to deflect from emerging voting fraud audit findings? They would know that outcome up front too.

    • akaPatience says:

      I’d pick Door #2, kind of…

      St. Fauci’s culpability in this mess is gradually being revealed. He’s been caught lying about providing indirect (or should we call it underhanded) funding for “gain of function” virus research in China. And now, archives have come to light in which he PROMOTED the research in spite of risks of lab leakage. To its credit, the Obama administration put an end to funding it here because of the risk. Thus, the move to and partnership with Wuhan occurred, presumably.

      Because he’s been such a good soldier for partisan Democrats by helping to facilitate their Covid policies designed to thwart Trump, he’s been protected. But now that the virus is winding down and there’s certain to be a postmortem, I have a feeling China doesn’t want to take the sole blame. SO, we may be witnessing the jettisoning of St. Fauci. Just a hunch, I could be wrong.

      I’ve just read an article about how Fauci and other Establishment figures prevented a cheaper and effective Covid treatment (like Hydroxychloroquine) that could’ve saved thousands of lives. This report chronicles the travails of doctors trying to get the word out about the efficacy of Ivermectin:


      MANY people suffered and died because of partisan, greedy, obstructionist assholes who should hang for it. Big Pharma has made multi-BILLIONS from the vaccines while enjoying exemption from liability. They likely didn’t want cheap, effective drugs to cut into their profits.

      • Lysias says:

        If ivermectin (or anything else) is indeed an effective treatment for covid, the law would prohibit issuing the emergency use authorizations for covid vaccines.

        • Deap says:

          Lysias – That explains the total black out imposed on talk of any possible “covid” therapeutics. Making this “covid” debacle even worse than what we have encountered so far..

  12. Deap says:

    What transmission role was played by the Nov 2019 Wuhan International Military Games – who tracked the post-event disease incidence in those thousands of military athletes from around the world?

    • smoke says:

      Been wondering that from the beginning.

      An early article reported that, at the Games, the living quarters of Iran and Italy were close. (Alphabetical arrangement? Skip Israel in between for obvious reasons?) I’ve found no way to check this. Those two countries did have some of the earliest outbreaks, after Wuhan itself.

      We are told that a few U.S. athletes were sick enough with something (no indication that symptoms were covid-like) to seek care in Wuhan. They were reported to have recovered while still in China.

      The athletes at the Games, being young and healthy, would have been likely to suffer relatively mild symptoms, even if they had been exposed or infected while in Wuhan. So no one would notice, other than perhaps that a nasty cold or virus seemed to be going around the gathering.

      One would expect that medical detectives, early-on, would have investigated this possibility as a vector for worldwide spread. Athletes exposed to a virus beginning to spread around Wuhan, then going home. Maybe they did investigate. If so, I have been unable to find any report on it.

      Such an investigation would not identify the origin. It might help explain the dispersion.

  13. Bobo says:

    Lab Leak, Bat to Human or intentional bio-weapon seeding.

    A) Lab Leak – Happens more than one would want to know. Odds of COVID-19 ground center within 25 miles of the Bat Ladies Level 4 lab adds to the suspicion.

    B) Bat to Human – more logical thought process but where is Human #1, should be relatively easy to find with all the money and scientists involved or at least Human #100 or less. We do not hear much about these efforts.

    C) Bio-Weapon seeding – scary thought but if the Chinese believed the USA seeded their World Military Games in late October 2019 then is COVID-19 a retaliatory attack that got out of hand? We keep hearing the Chinese talking about our Fort Dietrich which follows this line of thought.

    Millions have died and/or been deathly ill (so they say) and billions have been spent so why hasn’t our government or the worlds governments not told us how COVID-19 originated. We need to demand an answer and a 90 day BS investigation will not cut it.

    • Deap says:

      Why was there such a concerted effort to mock, ban and/or cancel all talk about “covid” therapeutics? Only now is some discussion allowed for Invermectin and even our good old friend hydroxycholoquine. As well, as other URI palliatives.

      Why did Fauci and CDC insist hydroxycholoroquine was practically lethal to even put on the table, while CDC continued to praise its long-term history as a preventive when traveling to malaria prone countries.

      Something very odd in the deep state was driving this we are all gonna die and it is Trump’s fault “covid” agenda from the very beginning. Trump tried to insert common sense and blunt responses. The fall out from that approach obviously is now history. Very odd.

    • Deap says:

      Indeed, current story is about Fort Dettrich which is getting replayed in China right now:


      Shall we assume this is Chinese flak indicating someone is getting close to the target? Norwegian scientist has some pretty strong opinions about the “spike proteins” indicating nothing other than a lab-made virus, which ironically also drive the magic “vaccine” to mimic only the “spike proteins”.

      Are the walls closing in on China? Or some other player.

  14. Personanongrata says:

    U.S. Intelligence Community Already Knows that Covid Came from the Chinese Bio Lab


    Or Perhaps we have yet to have our fill of anonymous Intelligence Community proclamations.

    How did weapons of mass destruction or Russia-gate (to name but two recent Intelligence Community disinformation campaigns pan out?

    the simple, horrible truth–the global spread of Corona 19 was a deliberate, conscious act by the Chinese Communist government to weaken the West, especially the United States.

    So the Chinese Communist government diabolical plan for world domination was to release a virus in China in hopes of infecting the West, especially the United States in order to lay us low?

    Horse cocky! Any person familiar with biological warfare agents should know the unpredictability in using them. There is no way to guarantee any beneficial out come as biological agents released into the wild have a “mind” of their own.

    Is holding a trillion dollars worth of US treasuries part of the the Chinese Communist government diabolical plan for world domination?

    What about investing trillions of dollars in US corporations, real estate and or stock holdings?

    PS the West, especially the United States is quite adept at harming ourselves (eg fiscal irresponsibility, total surveillance state, wars based upon lies, torture, indefinite detention without charge, cult of wokeness etc).

    President Trump was hearing the same thing from the IC. He knew from some IC briefings, as did Secretary of State Pompeo, that Covid-19 was not the result of infected “meat” from the Wuhan wet market.

    President Trump a carnival barking ego-maniacal publicity hound in search of a camera/microphone to sate his wanton lust for an audience – can hardly be considered a quality source.

    Secretary of State Pompeo – “we lie, we cheat, we steal” – falls into the same category as a carnival barking Trump – a weak source – in search of a camera/microphone – the eruption of Mount Pompeo continues unabated.

    Any investigation into the origin of any virus should begin and end within the medical community with open debate/research not anonymous Intelligence Community disinformation campaigns or carnival barking liars, cheats or thieves with ulterior self-serving motives.

    • Deap says:

      Always believed if you want B to happen, you take step A that is known to make B happen. But it is both folly and peril to take step B and expect C to happen.

      Though I suspect Unleash Covid (A) to get rid of Trump (B) paid off.

      But what is not paying off is finally getting out of the “Covid” scenario – they are now stuck in the downstream flack of the very monster they themselves created. Even though Mission B (Get Trump) was accomplished.

      However, the ongoing election audits are proving it is still hard to capture Trump and keep him locked up in their glass bottle.. Is it possible Arkancide will be next put on the table -at rallies with no full protection? Does one dare speak this.

  15. Deap says:

    Babylon Bee settles speculation about which team Trump was really hitting for:

  16. mcoheen4 says:


    covid 19 and bitcoin were born under the same roof.they are strategic financial weapons developed by the younger generation of ccp smartiepants in there 30,s and 40,s who are jockeying for leadership positions in 20 years time.They have not been battles tested in hard times like xi’s generation so they need to make there mark now through the tech war.bitcoin mining in Iran is a classic example of how this generation helped Iran to move around sanctions and finance its various activities.

  17. j.+casey says:

    Yes, and the gain of function work in the Wuhan lab came right out of Baric at UNC and and when they moved the work to Wuhan to avoid the “pause” on gain of function work in the US, Fauci paid for continuing the Baric work through a cutout, EcoHealth Alliance, with help from Gates. It was always a joint DNC/Gates-China project.

  18. Gerald says:

    Worth a read. Appears that Biden is trying to take control of the narrative. US company using Chinese labs to do ‘gain of function’ research, it goes wrong, non intentional escape. Fauci is involved with the company doing the research. This would also fit into a timeline which accommodates Bill Gates Exercise 201 if the escape was Sept 2019. Gates exercise is hurried response to the potential global outbreak which is coming from intel?


    There is also a less detailed but equally interesting account on Jonathan Cooks blog:

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