Ukrainians Who Celebrated WWII Victory Day, Can Expect 5 Years In Prison For Promoting Soviet Symbols. — J

Victory day parade

From the Ukraine to Riga Latvia, there is a lot of animosity towards the former Soviet Union and today's modern Russia.  

Russian Vesti News had a small segment showing some of that animosity on display. 

In the Ukraine that animosity is taking on many forms, some that border on Nazism, from the Nazi salutes of Pro-Kiev Ukrainians, to now outright banning of song lyrics because they dared to honor the bravery of the (9 million plus who perished) Soviet/Russian soldiers who fought against the Nazis.  Some Ukrainians who displayed red flags with the hammer and sickle in their window sills to small flags displayed in vehicles moving through traffic, to Saint George's ribbons can expect a lot of flak from the Kiev Regime.  

An Uzbek Russian-American singer named Nargiz Zakharvoa (who songs are some of my personal favorites to listen to especially when she pairs with Maxim Fadeev), sang a song that was performed by her fans honoring the bravery of soldiers who fought the Nazis, the song's lyrics now banned in the Ukraine. 

The Ukraine government is pressing Felony charges for those daring to display the red flags, and Misdemeanor charges for those who displayed the Saint George's ribbons that are worn every year.

Saint george ribbon SovietPictures068

Imagine the Ukraine censorship, five years in a Ukraine prison cell for honoring war dead.  What could those Ukrainian bureaucrats and politicians accomplish if they channeled that energy into fixing their crumbling economy and national infrastructures, instead of worrying about song lyrics and Saint George's ribbons.  

Anyway, enough of the bad news, now for some IMO good music to listen to.  A good day to one and all.



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