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“Calls from the front lines reveal morale collapse in Russian army: report”

“Dozens of calls were recorded and shared where soldiers discussed largely with their mothers, wives and girlfriends an intense desire to quit the Russian military. “They gave us the order to kill everyone we see,” one man named Sergey reportedly … Continue reading

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On the military virtue of an army.

“CHAPTER V.Military Virtue of an Army This is distinguished from mere bravery, and still more from enthusiasm for the business of War. The first is certainly a necessary constituent part of it, but in the same way as bravery, which … Continue reading

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“Ukraine Makes Sweeping Advances, Kherson May Fall – Russian Collapse Possible”

“Soldiers from Ukraine’s 128th Mountain Assault Brigade raised the country’s blue and yellow flag in Myrolyubivka, a village between the former front and the Dnipro, according to a video released by the Defense Ministry. Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s … Continue reading

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“Ukrainian forces gaining a foothold in southern Kherson region”

“Ukraine’s forces are gaining a foothold within liberated areas of the southern Kherson region, according to a spokeswoman for the southern military command. Southern command spokesperson Natalia Humeniuk told reporters Monday that Ukraine’s forces in the south are “conducting battles … Continue reading

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“Putin should be worried about Ukraine capturing one of Russia’s new T-90M tanks”

“The T-90M Proryv is the latest modernization variant of the MBT that first entered into service with the Russian Army in 1994. The upgraded T-90 tank has been vastly improved in terms of protection, mobility, and firepower. The Proryv variant is armed with a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Ukraine

On TC’s show last night he had a stand in but the words that came out of the new man’s mouth were exactly what TC would have said. So, I can only conclude that the producers and writers are Russian … Continue reading

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“Putin Sabotaged Pipelines to Escalate Crisis, Top Intel Expert to Newsmax”

“This is what they’re trying to do: raise the temperature, increase the fear level in Europe — both in terms of escalation in the nuclear domain — as well as threaten widening the war into the Baltic and threatening to undermine … Continue reading

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Maybe we did blow up the NS pipelines, but did Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard have to act as Russian partisans?

“TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Every action has a reaction, equal and opposite. Blow up the Nord Stream pipelines? Okay, we’ve entered a new phase, one in which the United States is directly at war with the largest nuclear power in the … Continue reading

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What are the causes and effects of leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines?

By Robert Willmann Both reports and rumors are swirling around confirmed leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines running from Russia to Germany across the Baltic Sea. Although natural gas is not flowing through the pipelines at this … Continue reading

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“Russians Paying Nearly $25K for Plane Tickets to Flee Putin’s Draft”

“Russians are paying exorbitant prices for airplane tickets to escape the country following President Vladimir Putin’s partial mobilization of reservists. Wealthy Russians are paying around $25,000 for a seat on a private plane, and as much as $135,000 to rent … Continue reading

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