What does “humanitarian crisis” mean for the Democrats?”


The Democrats in the US Congress claim they support "Border Security."  Apparently they believe that the public will accept the idea that they support the US government's right to limit immigration however it chooses to do so.  Their unwillingness to reinforce the CBP on the border and to change the Asylum Law to make treatment of Central Americans equal to that of all others, including Mexicans, makes that assertion an absurdity.

The truth IMO is that with few exception. the national Democrats seek the collapse of US government control of immigration and an inundation of illegal immigrants that they hope will give them permanent voting majorities in elections across the country. 

The tactic used in California of illegally voting illegal immigrants through control of local election boards and devices like "motor voter" registrations was shown to be effective in HC's popular vote win in California.  This is why California resisted so strongly the proposal for an audit of the election after 2016.

The Democrats have become a minority and left Globalist Party hostile to the traditional American structure of government and to the people who built this country, and I don't mean by laying bricks when the WH was built.

The behavior and statements of the Democrats demonstrate that what they really want in the SW is a collapse of US government authority.

Seeking agreement with them is futile.  pl

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