Why Alec Baldwin Had His Finger on the Trigger

Even people experienced in handling a pistol can inadvertently put their finger on the trigger and not realize they are doing so. The following video shows you why it is impossible for the 19th Century revolver Baldwin had in hand could not fire itself.

Baldwin’s acting job with George Stephanopoulos may have persuaded people who know nothing about a single action revolver. But as the expert interviewed on CNN (I am shocked they actually did some real reporting) demonstrates, Baldwin cannot blame the gun. The fact that is beyond dispute–Baldwin pointed the gun at the cinematographer.

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15 Responses to Why Alec Baldwin Had His Finger on the Trigger

  1. Teddy says:

    Game, set, match! That video is devastating.

  2. Babeltuap says:

    He could be facing reality soon when prisoners tell him his Trump impersonation sucked and was not funny.

  3. exiled off mainstreet says:

    It is obvious he is lying and is faking it.

  4. O.B. says:

    If they did such a similar act of reporting to each of the major crisis unfolding around, our collective heads would be clear in half an hour.

    But then again, weapon experts do not have to answer to a deranged pyramid of corrupted officials who have the power to define what their object of study is and is not, do they?

  5. Fred says:

    At least the press isn’t talking about Waukesha and what motivated that terrorist that killed six and injured 40. Now we all know which lives really matter.

  6. plantman says:

    Colonel Lang,

    Would you give your opinion about Ron Desantis plan for a civilian military force? He is being viciously attacked by the media, but it makes sense to me.


    • Pat Lang says:


      The Florida NG (like that of all the states) is both grossly overworked and susceptible to federalization. The Left fears eventual armed resistance to federal overreach.

  7. TTG says:

    Larry, unlike you, this firearms expert does not insist that this kind of single action pistol is incapable of malfunctioning. He correctly states that only an examination of the interior parts of the gun would reveal the possibility of a physical malfunction. It’s an old wives tale that revolvers don’t malfunction. All three notches on the hammer of a Colt SAA are subject to wear or breakage. The clone SAAs are even more prone to such damage due to inferior metal and heat treatment. If such guns are subject to fanning or other mistreatment, that damage is accelerated. The CNN firearms expert has never seen it happen in all his years of experience. However, this Montana gunsmith specializing in Colt SAAs and clones has seen it often enough to offer this particular repair as one of his listed services.

    “Weld and recut broken hammer notches, one or all three notches. Refit back into gun and retime (my welder is great but he’s not a gunsmith). Welds are TIG and A2 tool steel is used. Price includes me fitting back into gun and I have to say, I highly, strongly, insist actually, having an action job done along with this repair to keep it from ever happening again (I wont do it otherwise)………………………………….$245”


    I still see the possibility of a malfunctioning pistol as one of the several contributors to this tragedy as real because I have seen such mechanical malfunctions in other weapons. I had a Colt 1911 go full automatic on me once and I’ve seen it happen one other time. I’ve also seen M-60 and SAW machine guns run away. It’s rare, but it happens. The FBI lab at Quantico probably already knows if that Pietta SAA is damaged and knows whether Baldwin either doesn’t remember holding the trigger or is flat out lying. If he’s flat out lying in the face of indisputable physical evidence and eyewitness testimony from everyone in that building, he is truly a criminal idiot.

    • Eric Newhill says:

      I still say that the “notches” on the hammer could not have been in too bad a shape because those are the same notches that would have caused the hammer to stay in half-cock position, which is necessary to load or unload the piece. Maybe, just maybe, the final full cock “notch” could have been worn down to the point where it wouldn’t hold the hammer, but the half cock notch would have caught the falling hammer and stopped it from striking the primer on the round if the trigger hadn’t been pressed.

      So, for your scenario to be true, all of the notches would have had to fail through wear (presumably) at the same time. Exceedigly unlikely. Making a scenario with a miniscule chance of being true even more unlikely is that people involved said that revolver had been used for target shooting earlier in the day. They would have noticed a catastrophic failure of all of the notches at that time.

      OTOH, if there’s anything to your speculations, it would probably be case of sabotage, wherein someone filed all of the notches down to the point where they couldn’t hold the hammer. As you say, the DOJ lab would see that.

  8. akaPatience says:

    Great demonstration. Very damning. If CNN isn’t even buying Baldwin’s tearful, remorseless performance on ABC, then only those who really really WANT to believe him are (like fans of his Trump impersonations, who unfortunately may amount to many).

  9. Vince Turner says:

    My only problem with the CNN expert is he did not take the time to show the camera that the weapon he was holding was unloaded and therefore posed no threat anyone. When I handle a weapon in front of anyone I ALWAYS take the time to demonstrate that the weapon is unloaded just to put their mind at ease.

  10. JK/AR says:

    And the always excellent barrister Andrew Branca weighs in with his legal analysis.

    (Tempted as I was to excerpt, I think it the better to weigh it in complete.)


    Coupled to watching my above linked ‘Rumble’ video containing the word alibi I consider that all I’d require to charge. (It’s probably fine to skip the first twenty minutes of that Rumble video.)

  11. JK/AR says:

    I noted this on the 8th but as I’m in the midst of a move (and my girlfriend is very intense about moving) I neglected adding this to the comments.

    Not, myself, familiar with the version of the gun in question I found this to be extremely helpful:


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