Wolf Blitzer Continues to Embarrass Himself

“Wolf”, I said, “We’ve been trying to locate Waite for four years. We’ve met with the CIA every week for the last four years pouring over intelligence and running down tips trying to find Waite. We had no idea where he was until today.”

Wolf responded, “Okay.” Within thirty minutes, Wolf was on air standing in front of the White House and reported, “According to the State Department, the U.S. Government had been unable to locate the Reverend Waite until today.”

At least back then Wolf was a legitimate newsman. But this also gave me a glimpse of how the “news” business worked behind the scenes. I did not clear my comment to Wolf with anyone at State Department. But, with Wolf’s words, I was now anointed as the voice of the Department of State.

I am sad to see Wolf now debase himself with juvenile antics like his latest tweet. I doubt he will ever find the courage to rediscover his roots as a genuine journalist. He has become one more cog in the Deep State media machine. A real journalist would be reporting on the staggering hypocrisy of the media covering for Antifa and BLM terrorism while parroting DOJ lies that the American citizens who entered the Capitol on January 6 were terrorists hell-bent on overthrowing the Republic. It is a damnable lie and Wolf’s silence on this makes him complicit in the injustice.

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8 Responses to Wolf Blitzer Continues to Embarrass Himself

  1. Pat Lang says:

    I used to know Wolf well. I was on his air a lot. We lunched and dinnered frequently and then as CNN continued to move Left, the relationship withered. I would say of him that like a lot of Jewish people who lost family in eastern Europe in the Shoa he is fearful and hyper over the thought of emergent nationalism. Sad.

  2. Babeltuap says:

    Hard to believe he would be fearful of US nationalism. Unless of course he was fearful of the left losing Black American voters and minorities in general in the last 3 elections which is what happened. If he’s scared of that then yes, he should be terrified.

    • Pat Lang says:


      People like him are afraid that we are all secretly Nazis waiting for a chance to seize power with the help of the “deplorables.”

  3. Deap says:

    Wolf Blitzer’s behavior on the 2016 election night broadcast was desperate and frenetic. He kept running back to the projection screen and demanding the projection guy to keep running scenarios where Clinton could still win. It was clear he had only one agenda that night – see Clinton win and Trump lose. Nothing neutral about him that night at all.

    Always fun to re-watch the videos of those fateful hours, when MSM pundits had to accept the inevitable election night 2016 – which included also much of the rest of the nation who either enjoyed or were appalled by the totally unexpected outcome that defied 99% of the prior polling. But it all now sounds….. so long ago…….

    • LeaNder says:

      Deap, as a foreign observer watching not only every US election night, no matter what time it was over here since 2004. I have to admit I would have been in a very, very serious twist as an imagined voter frustrated with US politics, no fan of a new American dynasty, or Hilary more generally, but equally while stunned how easy it was ‘for an outsider’ to reduce players on the election stage to pawn by a US TV …

      Question: what would a Clint Eastwood movie based on Trump’s central arguments during that campaign (ok, that may not be easy to figure out, but should be possibly via content analysis) look like? What approach would Clint use to deliver as a more general rule of what the ÚS is and was? Historical setting, thus far it seems that was not his favorite genre, a science fiction setting?

      • Deap says:

        “Paint your Wagon”? Old fashion values with a happy ending. And Clint sings as well. Who knew.

        I remain stunned at the craftsmanship in all Clint Eastwood movies – layered so deeply and often so indirectly, that they can be viewed over and over again with new insights.

  4. Outrage Beyond says:

    Wolf Blitzer, or Ze’ev Barak, as he is known in his Hebrew language articles, is a former AIPAC operative. The word “former” should probably be considered moot as he has always dropped the mask a bit when bombs are dropping on putative enemies of his beloved so-called state of “Israel.” He just can’t contain his glee and blood lust. Apparently his FARA registration isn’t up to date. Sad.

  5. jim ticehurst says:

    His Master…writes his checks…and Nods in Approval..

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