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The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

CNN — Ethnic Armenian fighters in Nagorno-Karabakh agreed to lay down their arms after Azerbaijan launched a brief but bloody military offensive on Tuesday, handing a boost to Azerbaijan as it seeks to bring the enclave under its control. Whether this … Continue reading

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Does the U.S. government really not know where an F35 jet is after the pilot ejected?

By Robert Willmann You cannot make this stuff up. Cost estimates vary, but they all amount to millions and millions of dollars per airplane. Since (at least) Sunday, 17 September 2023, a Lockheed Martin F35 military jet is said to … Continue reading

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Officials say 5 prisoners sought by the US in a swap with Iran have flown out of Tehran

DOHA, Qatar (AP) — Five prisoners sought by the U.S. in a swap with Iran flew out of Tehran on Monday, officials said, part of a deal that saw nearly $6 billion in Iranian assets unfrozen. Despite the deal, tensions … Continue reading

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Dog Days of Summer

Let sleeping dogs lie. So the saying goes. And now, in this summer of content, I will do just that. Yet there’s more, that sense of anticipation, of something that needs to Come out! Yes, yes; it is time, long … Continue reading

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U.S. Hacks QakBot, Quietly Removes Botnet Infections

The U.S. government today [29 August] announced a coordinated crackdown against QakBot, a complex malware family used by multiple cybercrime groups to lay the groundwork for ransomware infections. The international law enforcement operation involved seizing control over the botnet’s online … Continue reading

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Full evacuation for Yellowknife, Ndılǫ and Dettah

Anyone remaining in Yellowknife, Ndılǫ and Dettah must leave by noon on Friday, residents were told in a fresh, blanket evacuation order for the city on Wednesday evening. Hundreds of vehicles had begun streaming down a smoky Highway 3 west … Continue reading

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“Maui nō ka ‘oi” 

LAHAINA, Hawaii (AP) — A search of the wildfire devastation on the Hawaiian island of Maui on Thursday revealed a wasteland of obliterated neighborhoods and landmarks charred beyond recognition, as the death toll rose to at least 53 and survivors … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Congressional hearings on UAPs

Juicy elements ducked, and plenty of questions remain “We are not bringing little green men or flying saucers into the hearing. Sorry to disappoint y’all,” opened Republican Congressman Tim Burchett of Tennessee at the start of this hearing in his … Continue reading

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“Supreme Court strikes down affirmative action in college admissions”

The Supreme Court ruled that race-conscious admissions processes are unconstitutional in a pair of cases involving Harvard University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Here’s what we’re following: Comment: This is clearly the big news story … Continue reading

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In my local newspaper

Veteran awarded Quilt of Valor for place in Marine Corps lore by Cathy Dyson – The Free Lance-Star As thrilled as he was to be awarded a Quilt of Valor, Rick Spooner didn’t feel entitled to any honors, believing his … Continue reading

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