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He is risen …

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“The Procurator of Judea” Anatole France

“Long did I seek her in disreputable alleys and taverns. It was more difficult to learn to do without her than to lose the taste for Greek wine. Some months after I lost sight of her, I learned by chance … Continue reading

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Today is Friday by Ernest Hemingway

Three Roman soldiers are in a drinking-place at eleven o’clock at night. There are barrels around the wall. Behind the wooden counter is a Hebrew wine-seller. The three Roman soldiers are a little cock-eyed. 1st Roman Soldier—You tried the red? 2d Soldier—No, I … Continue reading

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“Christians Are White Supremacist Extremists: But Don’t Mention the Palestinians” Giraldi

 “A Department of Defense training manual that has been prepared in response to the discovery of “white supremacy” identifies Catholics and evangelical Christians inter alia as “religious extremists,” presumably because they hold traditional religious views that are unacceptable to the implementers of the currently … Continue reading

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Joe Biden’s rosary beads

“President Biden’s supporters repeatedly claim that he is a devout Catholic. In 2005, Biden himself protested those who questioned his Catholicism: “The next Republican that tells me I’m not religious I’m going to shove my rosary beads down their throat.” … Continue reading

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The Huron Carol

    "When we've been there ten thousand years,Bright shining as the sun,We've no less days to sing God's praise,Than when we first begun." Amazing Grace  ————– “Twas in the moon of wintertime, when all the birds had fled,That … Continue reading

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Former papal nuncio to the US. (2011-2016), Archbishop Vigano, backs Trump.

"On this occasion, Attorney General William Barr will receive the NCPB’s Christifideles Laici Award (Christ’s Faithful Laity), named after the Apostolic Exhortation On the Laity by Pope John Paul II. I would like to make myself present on this memorable occasion, in which I … Continue reading

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Haggia Sophia reborn.

" The city of Al-Sqaylabiyeh in western Hama witnessed the foundation of the stone laying ceremony for the symbolic Hagia Sophia Church, which will be a replica of the mother cathedral of Hagia Sophia in Turkey. The ceremony was held … Continue reading

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A return to the cathedral – TTG

A year ago I wrote about the little patch of woods behind my house. It was just before Easter and just after the tragic fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame. As I sat in my gazebo this week, I … Continue reading

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Happy Passover

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