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Israel’s Syrian Strike

"After Israel shared its intelligence with the Bush administration in recent months, which included satellite imagery, the United States provided Israel with some confirmation of the original information before Israel went ahead with the night air raid on September 6, … Continue reading

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Iran- Whose “existential” threat?

This is the estimated range "fan" for the Iranian Shihab – 3 missile.  pl ———————————————————————- "The scale of the US miscalculation is striking. Before the Iraq war began, its neo-conservative architects argued that conferring power on Iraq’s Shi’ites would serve … Continue reading

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What will be Bush’s Decision on Iran?

"One member of Cheney’s national security staff, David Wurmser, worried out loud that Cheney felt that his wing was "losing the policy argument on Iran" inside the administration — and that they might need to "end run" the president with … Continue reading

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Alexis Debat, Noted Scholar (and fraud)

"The credulity of the first feeds the next one. "We relied on ABC News for his credentials", says Anne Bell, publicist of the Jim Lehrer Newshour on PBS, where Debat appeared, depending on the news, as an expert on terrorism … Continue reading

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Clinton says that America will be back!

Appearing Sunday at a mini-Democratic convention of sorts in a field, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton declared that if she is elected she will not wait until her inauguration to begin acting as president. Clinton said that, the day after winning … Continue reading

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Fouad Ajami, an Eloquent Weathervane

"We liberated the Anbar, we defeated al Qaeda by denying it religious cover," Sheikh Abdul Sattar Abu Reisha said with a touch of pride and impatience. This was the dashing tribal leader who emerged as the face of the new … Continue reading

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Availability Statement (Press Release)

In response to popular demand (Montag, Walrus and ..?) I wish to say that if nominated by acclaim on the SST ticket, I will adopt a McClellan like stance of restrained pomposity and await the verdict of the states.  He … Continue reading

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An Iraq Program

I sat through the president’s address on Iraq last night as well as the commentary that both followed and preceded it.  The commentary was of surprisingly high quality with Christopher Matthews making a reasoned appeal to the public to see … Continue reading

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Calhoun on 3-D Chess

"There are so many questions, many pointing to paradoxes and contradictions, that the thing that mitigates my own thinking for myself is a kind of drowning feeling. Nevertheless. It seems to me our strategy should be well informed and liberated … Continue reading

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Anbar Conundrum – Charles I

"Jonst re: "I have not, and do not, understand the, apparent, strategic contradictions present in the ‘Anbar model’. It has to, so it seems to me, weaken the Shia position. What benefit they get from seeing their new tormentors hunted … Continue reading

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