” … Abbott bans ground transport of potentially infected migrants into communities”

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed an executive order Wednesday banning the ground transportation of migrants who are potentially infected with COVID-19 into communities within the state. 

The move comes amid rising coronavirus cases among migrants detained at the U.S.-Mexico border. 

“Governor Greg Abbott today issued an Executive Order restricting ground transportation of migrants who pose a risk of carrying COVID-19 into Texas communities,” the governor’s office said in a release. 

“The Executive Order also directed the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to stop any vehicle upon reasonable suspicion of such violation and reroute such vehicles back to its point of origin or a port of entry. DPS also has the authority to impound a vehicle that violates the Executive Order.”” foxnews

Comment: My impression is that the feds (various) have no idea how to deal with a Bidonian policy of open borders and uncontrolled mass immigration from the whole world. Their agencies; CBP, DHS, etc. were built to prevent illegal immigration not to facilitate it. Adding to their disarray is the underlying reality of Democrat hostility to them as groups. Well, not the Cuellar types who are actually from the border, but the Squaddies and their pals. In desperation Abbott is going to try to use laws other than those on immigration (federal jurisdiction and responsibility – however unfulfilled) to hold back the tide. Good luck pal. pl


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  1. Babeltuap says:

    Abbot showcased what he is about during the power outage. 3 electric companies. 2 weatherproofed their systems on their own. The main one scoffed at it and they were all his buddies, most of which did not live in TX. At that point he realized he had a problem and went on this phony border chorea dance. He could have done all this when Trump was in office. He never said a word.

    • Walt Jeffords says:

      The border wasn’t open under Trump. The insane Democrats in control have simply ceased enforcement of immigration law.

      • Pat Lang says:

        Walt Jeffords

        In a sane world Biden would be impeached for failure to execute the law as he swore to do.

  2. Gallo Rojo says:

    I met Rep. Cuellar. Not a bad guy. One of the “stay on your side of the river” sort in many ways.

    Senior leadership in CBP dealing with this at the tip of the spear either being forced out or leaving – Rodney Scott, Chief of the Border Patrol given a 3R letter in the middle of the crisis. Same with the former #2 of CBP, an old Customs hand.

    It’s all Potemkin government at the federal level. Abbott has backed down before when the big hats in Austin have other priorities (see the bill banning child castration). This one may be too big and ugly for the cheap labor lobby to get their way on, especially with LTC West to his right. I know you don’t like him but he’s the kind of “mad lad” who might very well start arresting federal mandarins in HHS and ORR enabling this.

  3. Fred says:

    If Abbott arrests the heads of a few charities moving these illegals around he will at least have done some good.

  4. Babeltuap says:

    Going off the arrest made for voter fraud barely looking into it, he should have demanded a full forensic audit. There is massive cheating going on in Dallas, Houston, Austin. One low level operative, they don’t even know how much fraud she committed 100’s or thousands of fraud ballots. They would have not caught her if not for Project Veritas catching her on camera in the act and admitting she was in fact cheating. This is one person in a much large thieves guild.

  5. Ghost_Ship says:


  6. TV says:

    If the Democrats can turn Texas and Florida “blue,” they will have a stranglehold on the Presidency.
    Flood those states with illiterate, welfare-taking third worlders, grant amnesty to get them “out of the shadows” and presto – America is no longer.
    The Democrats have a plan.
    The Republicans?
    Their plan is …..lunch.

    • Bill Roche says:

      The Republicans have no plan b/c they don’t care. In ’48 the Libertarians (Coolidge) and Conservatives (Taft) were thrown out and replaced w/prof. pols. The party b/c Dewey, Eisenhower, Nixon, Rockefeller, Romney, et alii. They were and remain the “empty men” devoid of any ideology b/y they’re own profit. As long as they keep a place at the groaning board its all ok. They are not the stupid or cowardly party. They are the “I really don’t give a slip party”. Men w/o any passion can never prevail against the impassioned no matter how evil the latter are. So we live in a political landscape of the would be communists and the would be, “whatevers”. This is depressing and, I am afraid, w/o solution.

  7. Polish Janitor says:

    If there are no solutions to the illegal immigration crisis at both the federal (Kamala’s lackluster performance a while ago) and the state level then what else is left to do?

    Bribing the governments of the triangle didn’t work; the “Wall” never saw daylight, and good luck trying to stabilize Central America through multilateral development plans.

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