“Achmed (sic) the Dead Terrorist”

5605773 Time for a mood lightener after wandering in the dark forest of post-modern history et al.  pl

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8 Responses to “Achmed (sic) the Dead Terrorist”

  1. Charles I says:

    Cute, but I don’t get the punchline. . .

  2. Walrus says:

    ‘I keeeel you!’
    On a more serious note, the lack of humor and the associated public relations campaign to belittle and make fun of jihadists has been a major pointer to the NeoCons and the Israeli lobby’s intentions.
    It’s no accident that they are portrayed as fanatical killers who will chew their own arm off to kill an American.
    We need more Achmeds….sorry Acccccchmends.

  3. JohnH says:

    Oh, great! We were getting such joy from wallowing in our rancor and despair, and now some spoil sport has to come along and cheer us up.
    Bartender, another round, please.

  4. john stack says:

    Turn the dead man into a dead marine and see who laughs and lightens up.
    Why not?
    Do Achmeds fellow citizens, co-religionists, ‘freedomfighters’ think this unbalance shows a contempt for them which reinforces their attitudes.
    I think you had a christmas glass too many.

  5. W. Patrick Lang says:

    You need to get out more. Repeat after me, “there is a difference between serious and solemn…” pl

  6. Mo says:

    While I fully appreciate your take, as a fellow citizen and co-religionist of Ahmad- How it SHOULD be pronounced (I cant believe I just said I was a fellow citizen and co-religionist of a puppet), I think we have the intelligence to see that the puppet is actually making fun, not of my people but more of the American stereotypes of what a terrorist is – He is in fact the Hollywood version of a terrorist.
    Saying that, if this was an Arab ventriliquist doing the same with a local stereotype of a dead marine, I wonder if people in the US would see the funny side

  7. Sinjinn says:

    I don’t think we need an Arab Ventriliquest, we get to watch them cut off the heads of people and blow them up on TV.

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