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Fly the Friendly Skys, the Bandon Way.

There appears to be a major Biden Presidency Coverup operation underway in the press. Over 600 flights cancelled in Jacksonville. It was that attrocious weather, so ‘experts’ say, you can see it here:  7,699 total views,  12 views today

 7,699 total views,  12 views today

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Yo’ Jus’n Cain’ Get No Good Conch Frittahs Nor’ a Marathon

Stars were beginning to fade in the Western sky as the first gleams of the new day began to beat back the darkness. A fin broke the surface off the port bow up near the shallows on the edge of … Continue reading

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Don’t Fauci My Freedom

You might be thinking that those “Democratic” Texas legislators abandoned their oath of office when they flew to DC in an attempt to prevent a vote on legislation they didn’t agree with. You are wrong! There is only one reason … Continue reading

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Open Thread 3 August, 2021

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 12,488 total views,  8 views today

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A Dispatch from Club Tropical Excellent

Hello, hello. I’ve been busy tending to my harem of illiterate exotic beauties in between two hour gym sessions by the beach, and lost track of what was going on in the rest of the world outside of keeping an … Continue reading

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Gringo! Migra a Baja California!

Mexicans and other foreigners want to live in the US and the Bidenistas want that for them as well. Que bueno es la situacion! Hey! We can do it to them better than the Mexicans can do it to us! … Continue reading

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The Everglades Challenge 2021 – TTG

The Everglades Challenge 2021 is on. Covid be damned. I had no doubt it would carry on. Florida certainly was not going to stop it. More importantly, sailing and paddling in one or two man small boats across mostly wilderness … Continue reading

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News Updates From Inside The Forbidden City

The heeling is heading our way. Over the last few days I took a little time off from the 'net. Caught a re-run of Rumpole of the Bailey. "The Golden Thread" that runs through English common law. Good stuff, not … Continue reading

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Stolen, a holiday post by Fred

You are probably thinking this is a post about the election, what with that "I voted" sticker in the photo. But if you take another look you'll see something you can really sink your fangs into. MMM mmmmm. Yummy. Speaking … Continue reading

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Rough Men – TTG

  On this day in 1776, General Washington led his cold, ill fed and ill equipped army across the Delaware River to attack and decisively defeat the Hessian garrison at Trenton, New Jersey. It was a morning of bloody footprints … Continue reading

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