“And Did You See the Dress She Was Wearing?”

All you news junkies out there!!  Count up on your fingers and toes the number of times this week you have heard anchors and "guests’ from the media mention the "White House Christmas Party for Journalists."

Off-hand comments about what the president joked about, what Laura was wearing, who was there, little knowing smiles and insider smugness, that’s what we have been treated to this last week.  Corporate media people and the "newsies" themselves evidently would throw themselves under the wheels of a Metro bus if they did not get an invitation.  After all, how else would anyone in Washington, New York or Atlanta know they were important?  Is that what happened to Hemmer and poor Aaron Brown?  No invitation?  Clearly, the money spent on that (or those) party(ies) is one of the best investments that any White House could ever make.

Amusing, but indicative of the incestuous relationships among the "power elite;"  the "newsies," lobbyists, members of Congress, West Wing types, PR people, and major financial interests.  As the situation in Washington has developed (and now set into concrete) these groups are all really ONE group, and the way they barter, buy and sell the government and the information that provides a backdrop has become so solid that they can’t imagine any other way to "do business." (or bidness) if you prefer)

We now have major broadcast journalists sniggering on the air that "after all, this is how things are done."  (meaning bribery of congressmen)

It will be interesting to see what happens to Abramov.   We should not feel too much personal animus toward him.  He should be seen as merely a symbol of the continuing evolution of the journalistic/financial/lobbying/congressional/executive branch complex.

Pat Lang

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2 Responses to “And Did You See the Dress She Was Wearing?”

  1. 2lucky says:

    Unfortunately, it appears to be at least partially true:
    An Iraqi court has ruled that some of the most prominent Sunni Muslims who were elected to parliament last week won’t be allowed to serve because officials suspect that they were high-ranking members of Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party.
    This is from Knight Ridder, which is the news organization I most trust.

  2. RJJ says:

    Putting this bit of news here as a media question. Is this NEW news, i.e., something people just found out about in the past few weeks??? Text below link is text snip from article at link.
    But it’s worse than that. Deep in the bowels of the CIA, someone must be nervously, but very privately, wondering: “Whatever happened to those nuclear blueprints we gave to the Iranians?”

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